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Welcome to the baby...definately put that kiddo to work knitting and sewing asap  (joking of course)... shes adorable.

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Faye may be the most beautiful project I've seen!  joy.gifWhat a lovely little chub.  Congratulations!  I think we're going to have a few baby pics this year.  thumb.gif 


Hurray for all the productivity!  I've decided the lap quilts will work best if I hand-tie them.  So they are taking longer.  Ugh. I might complete ONE by the end of the week?  I had hoped to have both done, and another project or two as well. 

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Thanks so much for the baby love.  love.gif


I started Boneyard Shawl today, using stash yarn: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/boneyard-shawl

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Originally Posted by AtYourCervices View Post

And because this thread inspired me, I went ahead and did another craft with a vinyl record (notebook):



AWESOME!  That would be a killer gift for my Dad.  Can you give me a tutorial?  I'm fine with the cutting and using an old notebook, but replacing the cover...what did you use to make the little holes on the side for the binding?

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Originally Posted by AfricanQueen99 View Post

Originally Posted by AtYourCervices View Post

And because this thread inspired me, I went ahead and did another craft with a vinyl record (notebook):



AWESOME!  That would be a killer gift for my Dad.  Can you give me a tutorial?  I'm fine with the cutting and using an old notebook, but replacing the cover...what did you use to make the little holes on the side for the binding?

I used a rotary tool, however I found the holes were rather small, so I slowly moved the rotary tool around to make the holes larger. I'm looking to find a new technique, though, maybe use a different accessory.


For those of you who want to know the other parts of making a vinyl record notebook:


Buy a cheap 9 1/2" x 6" notebook from the store, and a trashed record from a thrift store. Carefully take the ring binding off the notebook. Use the front cover as a pattern on the vinyl record. I used a crayon to draw the pattern on the vinyl. Heat the record up (220 degrees for a few minutes on a cookie sheet or pizza stone). I just used sturdy scissors to cut the record, and it seemed to work just fine. The record will most likely not be flat after this. Just put it in the oven for a few more minutes. When I took it out of the oven I placed a glass chess board on top to keep it flat while it cooled. Then, I put the notebook cover on the rectangular piece of vinyl, and marked with crayon where the holes would be. I used a rotary tool to drill the holes. Then, I just put the binding back on, and there you go!

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Thanks!  I'm going to give it a shot. :)

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Originally Posted by boogiemonster View Post

Thanks so much for the baby love.  love.gif


I started Boneyard Shawl today, using stash yarn: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/boneyard-shawl


She's gorgeous! I love the Boneyard Shawl, too.  Are you enjoying knitting it?


I just finished up the destroyed cowl I started yesterday.  I think I need to block it and retake photos but I was just excited to get it off the needles:




This makes 4/50.


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Oh wow what a happy new thread!

Congrats to the mamas of the new babies.  The baby girl pictured in the thread is an especially beautiful baby, mama!  And Iowaorganic, I see from your sig that you had a little boy, congrats to you, too!  (It's been a while since i have stopped by mdc).


Also, purplelotus I am SO GLAD to see you are back to crochet!  Told ya so ;)


I LOVE the album art, especially the mobile and the clock.


No way I am listing future projects because then I probably wouldn't do them, lol.  My big projects right now are not arts and craft projects, as I have been picking up freelance writing assignments, including one to write my first ebook (for someone else). So i am staying busy.


But I do have a sewing project going that's just purely for fun.  I was browsing the pattern catalog online in december and for the first time noticed Barbie doll patterns.  The little girl in me got so excited it really surprised me.  I never really liked playing with Barbie that much, but I LOVED Barbie clothes, lol.  Everytime I got a dollar or two I would get my mom to take me to buy a new barbie outfit.  I remember having some cloth scraps from somewhere and draping her and using like rubberbands and tape to try to fashion a dress.  I don't remember ever imagining that I would actually be able to sew one day, though.  Anyway, I just couldn't stop thinking about those Barbie patterns and asked Santa to bring me a brunette barbie doll!  Then I bought every pattern envelope for clothes for her that they had!  I am working on making every single one of them, some of which I am making many multiple times in different fabrics.  I have completed probably a dozen Barbie garments thus far.  My faves are a purple plaid pleated skirt and a coat and matching hat.  Been thinking about building a little wardrobe and making little hangers, too!  Yesterday i started thinking about how to make her a bed and then thought goodness I might be going a little crazy here.  LOL  But after I make all the patterns I am going to try my own designs...I am thinking trying new designs on her scale first will save me a lot of fabric on designs that don't work out (not to mention using up scraps).  I am thinking I might can sell them on Etsy once I finally open my shop.


Happy belated New Year everyone!

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I love all the pictures this year!!! love.gif


This isn't a real exciting picture, but I was excited about all the sharing going on this year. So, I took a picture of the products I made (project #1) and my scrawled out notes are in the background (pen was my plan; pencil is how I adapted the plans...LOL).




Left to Right: rejuvenating eye oil blend (amber bottle), facial toner/light moisturizer (tall cobalt bottle), face cream (plastic jar), pick-me-up body spray (small cobalt bottle), flu-fighter blend (small amber vial AND in the diffuser), and antiseptic spray (for cleaning hard surfaces and to spritz around the house). They are all wonderful!


ms.shell - so nice to see you here again!!! Reading about your Barbie obsession reminds me of my DD. She is nine and as long as I can remember she has always LOVED to play with fabric and fashions! As an infant, I would wash her little hands as soon as we walked into any fabric store and she ADORED touching every single fabric she could get a hold of. She still loves fabric! She takes my "tablecloths" (I just serged the edges of fun fabrics for various parties) and drapes them every which way to create clothes on herself. She also loves creating paper doll clothes! She spent hours today (she's on break from school for over a month) designing and cutting out paper clothes and adding sparkle and glitz to them. She has a book she glues them all in now because she used up all the tiny metal hangers long ago. It started as a Klutz kit from Michael's and we've added fresh supplies. She could use paperclips for hangers, but she doesn't bother. She likes her book to glue them all in now. She creates collections on each page and goes back and adds details at later dates. She has taken a few sewing classes and we have a few machines here, but I haven't really encouraged her sewing anything she wants yet because fabric is a lot more expensive than paper and we have TONS of paper already. winky.gif

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Somehow I missed the baby pic!  So cute!  Congratulations!


Ms Shell- my dd has found the barbie love (I had barbie love when I was a little girl- it lasted for about 25 years!  So we are having a lot of fun making furniture!  I made her a bed for Christmas and it was just made of plywood and I upholstered it and put on a pretty ruffle- she loves it more than the plastic furniture she recieved from gma.  Oh- I also made it a pretty comforter and pillows.  And I finally upholstered the Barbie couch (which was also just plywood covered with quilt batting and fabric). 


I finished DS's mittens- but I think they will be plenty big- the small is so tiny  and now they are huge!  I don't get it.  I am still in the process of felting them- so hopefully I can get them alot smaller. 


And I finished up my nursing pads- out of a fabulous merino.  They are awesome!  And my shawl is dry- so I am trying to find something to wear with it tomorrow to church.


I believe that would take me to 5/52.........  But yesterday when I was in town my new lo had to eat at hobby lobby- so I cruzed the clearence racks- so I need to add on 4 for new fabric for 2 dresses for DD for spring- I am going to go patternless this time- so good thing it was only $2/yd.  And yarn for a sweater and had for DS3- amazing that angora/bamboo was only $1/ball!


So that takes me to 1/52- Bummer.

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Originally Posted by lapoli View Post

She's gorgeous! I love the Boneyard Shawl, too.  Are you enjoying knitting it?


Thank you!


It's a great pick up/put down pattern, really easy to memorize, and it's turning out quite pretty.  I'm doing YOs instead of M1 increases, which I think makes it a bit more feminine.


Your cowl is gorgeous!

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I finally replaced the half broken lamp with a lamp that is more baby-proof (My son pulled it down and broke 2 of 3 lamps on it and that's dangerous. So we braved Ikea today and figured out a best solution: a lamp that hangs from the ceiling, with the cord running down the wall and under the sofa.)! It is hung up and I am "working" by that new light. The old lamp is now near the back door to take out. Woot!


After he broke the lamp, we were blocking off access (kinda) by blocking it with his now unused exersaucer. huh.gif Now we can take that downstairs into storage before freecycling, too! And then re-organize his play areas.


While at Ikea, I bought 4 storage boxes that I can label (they are actually for files, but are colorful and cute) for his bibs, blankets, jammies, etc. Since he uses these so often, we have them out (the rest of his clothes are in a chest of drawers in the closet). Now the paper grocery sacks that were holding these items can be used for recycling, and it looks so much more organized!

I tried to do my taxes and FAFSA online today, but for some reason the IRS won't let me e-file until the 14th? WHY? af.gif It makes no sense to me.


So that makes 5/52. Woulda been 6, but the government blocked my productivity. Boo.

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The desk is fully assembled and placed where I want it.  Project #1 is done- Its a miracle.   I'm just about done with my pink blanket that I started way back in 2010.  I had a friend over today and I crocheted and she knitted, we gabbed, the kids played... Those were very productive hours for us!


1. Desk assembled (Jan.)



I have lots of UFO/WIP's to finish this year.

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Lillitu- my husband tried as well and got the same thing. He wants to have everything filed before Feb so we don't have to think about it after the baby. He almost forgot to file the taxes the year our oldest was born.


Zebra- Awesome job on getting the desk assembled.. I love when I can get together with other people who like to craft, I use to attend a group once a month before we moved to Japan. The only half way weird thing about it is it was for singles at our church (I was friends with the lady that was running it and she knew i wanted to learn to knit so she invited me out) so here are all these young ladies talking about their dates and me pregnant and married. It was fun though, I miss that group.

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Updating my list, and love the "made a baby" project!!!  :)


DONE 1)  My alpaca Norwegian fair-isle knitted gloves

2) Thrummed slippers for DS (first one is done)

3) Thrummed bunny slippers for DD (bodies of both are done, need to add the detailing)

4) Thrummed bunny slippers for... a gift or to sell (bodies are done, need to add the detailing)

5) Thrummed slippers for me

6) Something with the purple silk wool yarn I bought -- decided to make pretty fingerless gloves

7) Something with all the acrylic yarn scraps I got for free at that yard sale...

8) Something with all the fabric scraps, maybe learn to quilt

9) The soap-making project SIL and I have been talking about doing for ages

10) Beeswax candles

11) Seasonal canning (IMO jam and salsa are most certainly "projects!" *grin*)

12) Knit scarf for DS

13) Fix DS's winter gloves (torn shell)

14) Fix the rip in the bedskirt

15) Iron the old Starry Night poster, mount and hang

16) Get back into making hemp jewelry, make a bunch of necklaces.

17) Knit Christmas presents for cousins

18) Make more gift bags for birthday and Christmas presents

19) Finish the knit cushion in the project drawer

20) Finish my knit socks (first one is almost done)

21) Finish DD's knit socks (second one is half done)

22) Knit the cobblestone scarf for DD (about 6" done so far)

23) Shorten bathroom curtains

24) Shorten bedroom curtains

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Tank girl- acrylic yarn scraps make the best 'scrap yarn' blankets.  Im working on one right now and DS has yet again laid claim to it. He is such a blanket hog.  I just start with a color and go, either make a rainbow pattern, vary it up light, dark, light, dark, etc... take a look at your scraps and see what 'comes to you'.


I might've just inspried myself to go back to that project and attempt to finish it HA!

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1. Desk assembled (Jan.) 

2. Pink blanket (Jan.)


I finished the Pink Blanket this evening.  I am now working on finishing a coral and creme blanket. Ya I have alot of WIP's that are blankets.  I forsee Blankets as presents this year LOL...  I am also subbing tomorrow and hopefully lots this week and I found more 100% cotton yarn in my stash so I can work on more 'hot pads'.   So far I'm doing well on completing those WIP's....  Keep me motivated ladies!  Eventually I will need to get started on those needlework projects too.

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Hi all!


Week 51:  2/52.


I finished tying one of the lap quilts.  Need to rip out the machine quilting which I started to do on the other quilt, before I can tie it. 


Dd1 got a terrible case of stomach flu Thursday - I was up all night with her, and disinfecting everything.  Thought the rest of us were out of the woods, but Saturday felt worse and worse and it hit me that afternoon.  UGH.  I am just now starting to feel human again.  The worst part is that you feel too lousy to do anything - you're trapped on the couch or wherever feeling miserable, and all the projects you were going to work on are just slipping away!


Dh has done a good job of picking up the slack, but no Dish Fairy has appeared in the kitchen - so tomorrow, when I should be back to 100%, I will need to get the dishes caught up again.  It's the first week that all our Y swim and art lessons kick in on top of the homeschooling, so it's going to be a busy week! 


My hope is to get the second lap quilt tied, and finish another embroidered dish towel.  I'd really like to also get some clothes sewed for the dds but am not holding my breath.  I wouldn't be surprised if dd2 and/or dh succumb to the stomach flu in the next couple days .... I think we caught it playing with the toys at the library. 

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I am never going to be able to keep up with you guys!


I got 8 pair of underwear sewn up, but only had enough elastic for 4 :(  no more elastic until next week....maybe I can snag some from a pair of dh's that are ready to go...hmmm


here is a pic...I think that they turned out super cute :)



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Do I want to crochet or cross-stitch?  oh such a quandry...

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