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sao- cute undies!!


Zebra- cross stitch, you know you want to..


Im going to try to do some sewing today but no promises.. Im lacking in the motivation department!

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sao- cute undies!!


Zebra- cross stitch, you know you want to..


Im going to try to do some sewing today but no promises.. Im lacking in the motivation department!

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Oh boy. I have become far more active in my daughter's Girl Scout troop this year. I am the Troop Treasurer, which has been super easy, and the Troop Cookie Manager, which has suddenly started to resemble a full-time job, and one of four Troop Camp Leaders, which has turned into one of two. I attended my first service unit meeting tonight and everything is converging. We have to change banks, cookies start really soon and I haven't gone to training, and our first official tent camping trip is coming up in April and a bunch of deadlines/meetings are approaching. THIS is taking up my crafting time!!!

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Sunny- I use to lead a troop (volunteered when they were going to close down the troop due to no one wanting to help out, I didn't even have a daughter old enough since my oldest was only 1 1/2 at the time) and cookie sale time SUCKS big time. I really disliked every minute of it, I was kind of relieved when one of the new moms were willing to step up and take over the troop since I couldn't have lead with a newborn and a toddler.


The sewing board I usually post on is having a 30 yards in 30 days challenge so Im going to try it out. Only I want to get it done BEFORE the baby comes. Heres what I have planned for it:

Red dress (5 yards)-partly done
flower skirt (4 yards)
Red top (1 1/2 yards)
purple skirt (4 yards)-partly done
purple top (1 1/2 yards)
flower nightgown (4 1/2 yards)- need to get fabric for it
nursing cover (1ish yard)
diaper kit (1/2 yard)
Oldest daughter's birthday outfit (1/2 yard for the top, 2ish yards for the skirt)
Hair tie organizer for daughter's present (1/2 yard)
Hospital gown (2 yards)
long sleeve nightgown for oldest (2 yards approx)
long sleeve nightgown for youngest (2 yards approx)

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Heather - I admire those women who take on troops when they don't even have a Girl scout! What a treasure you are!!!! The troop leader is a good friend of mine and we've decided (today) to split up the cookie manager job. She and her DH are going to have their home be the Cookie Cupboard for our troop and handle the physical cookies and receipts and collecting of money. I'm going to handle all the rest, which I originally thought was very little. HA!!! The paperwork in GS is akin to the government.... Anyway, we're going to training tomorrow night and will refine our plan, if needed. I just started this "job" last night (got paperwork and "stuff" at service unit meeting 7-8 pm) and I already have about 25 emails clogging my inbox. The good news is she and I are on the same page about simplifying as much as possible, so we'll be cutting some of the fluff from the official program. It is still intense, though. Sigh.


Meanwhile, that 30 yards in 30 days challenge sounds exciting and such a stash buster! I won't have time in the next 30 days, but I might do that on my own later in the year. I'd love to lighten my stash by 30 yards and end up with some finished items! thumb.gif

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I want to join. I don't have any stash to reduce since I got rid of almost everything when we went fulltime but I do have a long list of projects that I've been meaning to make. Here's a list to start with and I'll update as I finish projects or remember more: For new baby: crocheted blanket wipes (4 dozen - may lower this though to 2 or 3) breast pads (6 pair) car seat cover (unsure if I'm going to make or buy this just yet so it's a maybe project) ring sling mittens ( 2 pr newborn, 2 pr small) booties (1 pair) cotton sweater/jacket hats (2 newborn, 2 small) cocoon sleep sack Other projects/gifts for 2011: waldorf doll doll accessories (sling, cloth diaper) finger puppets (3 sets) magic elves or fairies (3) quilt (1 each for DD & DS, maybe one for baby?) scarf (1 each for 3 kids) mittens or gloves (2 each for 3 kids) hats (2 each for 3 kids) sweater or jacket (1 each for 3 kids) 2 plant slings for mom Scarf, gloves, and 2 hats for dh

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Sunny- the paperwork stinks! I was totally lost, luckily at the time we had decent leadership above me who helped with that part. Really you need at least 2-3 people that are just dedicated to doing the cookie sales if you can find the volunteers. I don't know if Ill get the 30 yards challenge done but Im going to try to. Its gotten hard to get anything done since DH has been working so much. Im hoping his work schedule evens out soon so I can get some baby prep done.


crazy- Welcome! I don't have a very large stash so what I do is only count what I impulse buy against myself. So, if I get fabric/yarn for a specific project I don't count it as a demerit.. however, if I get something without any plans for it, just because its cute I add an extra project to my tally. Since Im trying to stop myself from impulse buying it is a good thing for me to do. Ive gotten better.. or maybe its because Ive gotten better at saying no to the girls and my husband who like to add things to the basket when we are at the craft store.


I got another 1/2 a project done today. Finished up the undies I was tie-dying and stenciling for my youngest. Shes very happy now that she has monkey undies to wear. The other half the project is the big sister/little brother shirts. They are 1/2 done, already tie-dyed, Im hoping to stencil them this weekend. Then they can get put away for he baby's birth. Im due in 24 days now dizzy.gif

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I sewed up 3 pairs of pants and one shirt the other night.


Today I'm trying to teach myself how to crochet. Trying.

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Okimom that's how I'm going to do the count, just counting any impulse buys. I have done some work so far I finished on baby hat and half a pair of mittens. I got about a 6 row start on the baby blanket too. Being a larger project I'll just be working on it in between other projects so I don't get bored and stop. I hope to start on a wool cover or soaker today. I want to dye the wool soakers & covers once they are done.


AtYourCervices - Learning to crochet is fun. I did a side-to-side baby hat when I started. It was an easy quick project to learn with. I love crochet! Now if I could ever teach myself to knit...

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Oy.  I still have barbie patterns spread out and haven't been in my sewing room, except to pass through, in a week.  And my sister just found out she is having a little girl so I want to make baby dresses. :)

So I am going to use this thread this year, by posting one project at a time and getting it done. I stopped from pulling out pink fabrics and need to finish with the barbie patterns and put them away.  So project 1 for the year will be a barbie fashion show on my blog, and I want to get this up quick and move on...i don't need to make EVERY barbie pattern now; a small wardrobe for a fashion show will be enough to count this as project 1. 

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I finally shortened DD's jammie bottoms and put a patch on a pair of yoga pants. Normally, I wouldn't count two relatively small tasks like these, but nowadays I am lucky to get *any* project done so it is more noteworthy that I actually did it. thumb.gif Plus, I had DD helping me, which everyone knows takes 2-3 times as long as when you do something yourself. lol.gif

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1. Desk assembled (Jan.) 

2. Pink blanket (Jan.) 

3. Completed hanging pictures (Jan.)


OMG!  those beautiful pictures my son recieved from santa for Christmas are actually up on the walls. The last one was installed today.  Its less than a month and I completed that task.  This counts a project, (that I started last year) because I had to buy the prints, find matching frames, put the prints in the frames, and hang the darn things. For 3 prints, this may not seem like much, but for ME, this is totally impressive!


In other news I've been working away on a scrap yarn blanket and really feeling the urge to get back to cross stitch as well.  DS is on the 'homeschool valentine swap' here so we should be making 20 valentines- a project in itself soon.  I was going to buy some to assemble but we have so much craft stuff, color paper, stickers, foamies I put the packets back and said NO, we can use our stuff, we are on the 'compact' again!

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 well I was at 1/52 after a shopping trip- but I have made some progress!

I finished a cowl and 2 super cute hats.  One for me and one for my mom.

I also made half of my crazy quilt blocks for my cousins quilt.  So I am counting that as 1 since there were 14 of them and they are all 12" squares.


I am busting butt on finishing up my painting detail.  DH patched the bathroom and dining room so there is all that to finish up.


I also planned out my dining room wall quilt and will hopefully start that as soon as the other crazy patch blocks are done.


Oh and I have a skirt for me almost done. 


So I am now at 5/52. 

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I finished a wool soaker. It's so cute. So with the hat and the soaker I'm at 2/52. I'm not counting my poor lonely little mitten until I make his buddy. I got a couple more rows on the blanket also so that's good. Now to do the other mitten and then I'll start another small project to work on while I'm doing the blanket.

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I made the mistake of going to the fabric store with DH and the girls and not monitoring what was thrown in the cart.. so I ended up with two fabrics that I have NO clue what I'm doing with so I'm back to 0/52... I think I need to work on sitting on them more, only thing I went into the store for was to see if they have what I needed to make the birth necklace I'm making. Although my husband had me laughing, "It wasn't THAT expensive and the dino fabric would be so cute for the baby"..

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Okay I'm adding another project to the list. DD had a little stuffed pig she won at the fair a couple of years ago and it's been lost. She is pitiful without her 'piggy' and I need to make her a new one. I'm going to look at the little stash I do have though and see what I can do to make the piggy. I think I can make it with what I have here may just need some dye to color it when I'm done because I don't think I have anything pink.

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Welcome, Crazyms! 


I'm a little belated with my tally.  But here 'tis:


Week 50:  5/52.


What  I did --


1.  finished tying the second lap quilt,

2.  mended a sweater and put new buttons on a pair of corduroys whose waistband is too big (it was an easy fix, I didn't have to remove the waistband etc. to fix, yay!),

3.  sewed a pair of flannel pants (belated Christmas gift, finally had niece here at the house to get her measurements).


I don't know that I'll get a lot done this week - we're going to be on the road for the next couple weeks; so whatever hope I have to complete projects will need to be embroidering dish towels.  I've got three more prepped, and need to get my remaining ones prepped for this set (they're "days of the week" towels, and will be accompanied by about 10 seasonal/holiday towels).  I'm going to try to get all 10 prepped before we leave for the trip, in the delusional hope that I can get them *all* embroidered while we're traveling.  lol.gif 


So, won't be checking in for a couple weeks probably.  Happy crafting/sewing/quilting/knitting/crocheting/embroidering/etc., all!  And, Happy Nesting to Okimom! 

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OK- did my taxes and FAFSA, and have a couple more letters on the felt banner for my son's birthday. Steady progress on that one!


Am adding to the list: get new glasses (a huge bureaucratic nightmare, as I am on medi-cal), freecyle old unwanted books and outgrown baby things, organize file cabinets, and 10 blog posts into my queues.


7/52 done!

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I haven't posted since the thread started, but I'm 1/ 52 as I got a batch of cold pressed soap made.  I haven't been in my studio in weeks, and I really need to get my act together because we'll be heading to the ILs in a few weeks and I need to have their projects done.  My goal for this week is to:


-cut 4 potholders for MIL

-cut grill mitt and grill roll for FIL

-cast on for BIL's hat

-bind DH's quilt

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