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What to do about a sore, red bottom?

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My 4yo DD has been complaining about her bottom being sore/itchy for a while now, and i'm not sure how to help her.

When i checked it was quite red, and i put some rash cream on but it didn't help at all. I looked for worms, but didn't see any - could they still be there? Or do you always see them when they're there?


After doing a search for this problem, i noticed a lot of people talking about an allergy ring... is this what they were talking about maybe? She's always been one of those "itchy" kids, with eczema as a bub, and very sensitive to certain materials on her skin, but i'm not sure of any food allergies. I tried her ( and me) on a strict ED when she was about 12mos, but it never helped with the eczema and nightwaking, eventually she just grew out of it. (Although she still doesn't sleep very well sometimes)


What can i do to give her some relief from the pain, and how do i help it to clear up completely? Any advice would be such a help!


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Without knowing it's cause it would be hard to know what to give her to cure it.


As form possible worms, you would may see them, you may only see them in the stool.

Id ask her how long it has been itchy like this. If it is an allergy, it likely wouldn't have started out of the blue, but would have been a growing issue for a while. Has she been constipated lately?


For relief, I would put some calendula lotion on it and if that didn't work, I would just put pereration h or something like that, since that would likely help with the itch. Witch hazel pads are also very soothing

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Thanks Marnica. It has been going on for a while, on and off, but last night it was pretty bad.

Is there any side effects to giving a worm tablet even if i don't see worms? Or what would be the treatment for them instead?

As far as allergies go, i have suspected them since she was 3mos, but never figured it out. And now it kind of feels too late and too hard to start! But if that's what the next step is, then of course i'm willing to try it for dd's sake.


I'll try the calendula, and see if that helps. Thanks!


ETA: she's not constipated, don't think she's ever been. Actually, her BM's are consistently quite loose

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My dd complains of this sometimes. When I brought her to the dr she said that she didn't think it was pinworms (and I checked dd several times over a few weeks and didn't see a thing) but she thought that maybe dd was not wiping herself well enough. She said that it was very common in young kids. She also suggested more baths and if we used some sort of soap, that we should rinse her bottom area off with fresh water. And to use wet wipes when dd poops. I usually do a double check after she wipes. It seems to have helped.


Have you thought of taking gluten out? When you said her bm is consistently quite loose, I thought of that.


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It's never too late to change diet. What did you eliminate when you did the ED the first time? Just top 8? Corn is one that's not top 8, but a common offender for food intolerances (one of the top 4).

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many persona care products can have very harsh ingredients.  You could try switching body wash/shampoo to the Soothing Baby Wash Bar by Noli N Nali Organics.  I use pure shea butter on my and my childs skin, it is very soothing and moisterizing.  I get it from ebay, the seller "summitcraft" has excellent ivory shea butter.

 Bridgit organics has a calendula oil that is awesome too for healing.

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