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Weekly Chat Thread Dec 30 - Jan 6 - Page 5

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Oh Laura, I'm so sorry to hear about DH's job!  My DH was unemployed for over a year a couple years ago and it sucked.  It was pretty stressful but he eventually got a new job and it's really good now.  I hope he finds something soon and that in the meantime you can be as unstressed as possible. 


Now this is my DH's second week of being out of town for work.  Luckily my mom came to stay with me all that time, which has been a godsend.  She's just about as helpful as someone can possibly be and DD1 just adores her.  In fact, she went to the coast for a few days last weekend and DD1 spent one night out there with her- her first time without mom or dad with her!  She was SO excited about it and had a great time.  Today's my birthday and my mom left early this morning and DH doesn't come home until 10 tonight so I'm a little bummed that I have no one to celebrate my birthday with.  This will also be the first night I'll have to do bedtime with both kids by myself and I really hope it goes well.  DD1 gave up naps a week or so ago  and she's been really cranky in the evenings now.  She's also starting to get a little more frustrated with her sister and isn't always as nice to her as she's been up until now.  I'm not sure what to do about that.














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Happy Birthday, Casey!


What's the concern about your dd, Desiree?  I hope your appt goes well.


Great to hear about Ian's colic/reflux being gone, Catie.  

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Casey, I hope your birthday was OK. Scks to have no one to celebrate with on the day. How did it go putting the two kids to sleep on your own? I had to do that Wednesday for the first time, and it went better than I thought it would. Not great, but better orngtongue.gif  And I keep forgetting to reply to the fact thatI only just realized you live near me! I'm in Milwaukie. Are you close enough that we could meet up sometime? Both our kids are close in age, so it could be fun.


We seem to have turned a corner with nursing in the past week or so. I'm not sure when it happened, exactly, but things are so much better! Now the only thing we're having trouble with is daytime sleep (thank you big brother who always wants the baby to be awake!), but I think it will be another 2 months before sleep is really regulated, so...


grouphug.gif to all, just for being you!

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Catie-so glad that colic is a thing of the past! 

Happy Birthday Casey!

Karen-yay for nursing going well!

Bobbie-hope you all are feeling better, all the sickness going around this year is just unreal.


Well, the nice thing about DH being laid off is that I have lots of help around the house now...and mid week skiing.  Always look at the bright side?  I'm going to take my chance to get the house clean from top to bottom and maybe we can de-stress a bit.  It's been a rough couple of months, and I hope this is the last calamity for a while.  Going skiing tommorow, and I really hope I don't break my leg, although that sounds about right at the rate we've been going, eyesroll.gif


Baby has been sleeping for 8 hours at night....it's bliss but I'm a little worried about my milk supply, I don't feel like I'm making as much, but then I've been so stressed and not eating right...I really have to remind myself to drink more water and eat before 2 pm.  By the time I look after everyone else I wonder why I'm starving. 




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nak.gif I have pretty much given up on trying to keep up... bag.gif

Laura, so sorry to hear about your DH's job. greensad.gif I hope it's a period of renewal for you all! Getting the house completely cleaned and relaxing both sound wonderful! smile.gif Hope skiing was fun, too!

Catie, so glad Ian is doing well!

How are all the sickies?

Julie, when do you see the breastfeeding doc? I'm amazed such a thing exists and hope s/he can help you!

Sasha, the best probiotics will be refrigerated. Other than that, whatever brand is fine. But the refrigerated ones will have a higher active component. I hope you find relief!

Eliana is 10 weeks old today. bigeyes.gif I took her for her 2 month check up Friday (a week late) and the doc's scale had her at 9-14. I know from her first week that the scale runs low (my MW confirmed that hers was accurate), but even compared to their own readings, that's falling way down on the growth curve. While kellymom.com says BF babies should average 5-7 ounces gained a week, their calculators show she's averaging (from only pedi's scale measurements) around 3.6. greensad.gif The only thing I can figure is that it's allergies. She has the mucousy stools and some other signs, but is only occasionally fussy. I'm to take stool samples in and have a weight check early this week, so hopefully that will give a better idea.

I did weigh her here on our home postal scale yesterday (10 even) and today (1.5 ounce gain), so I'm at least encouraged that she is gaining (and a reasonable amount). Though I had weighed her on that scale 1.5-2 weeks ago at 9-14-ish, so that's, again, not so good.

In better news, I was playing with her a bit earlier and got the idea she might be ticklish, finally. Sure enough, tickling her neck elicited big laughs and cackles! love.gif This is such a wonderful stage with her being very interactive and smiley and cooing tons. She particularly loves DH and will look for him across the room and coo at him when he's talking. Anyone else's little one seem to love daddy the best? lol.gif There are times when she couldn't care less about smiling at me, but lights up when she hears daddy! love.gif Then again, I am getting milky smiles now, which are awesome! joy.gif

She has been sleeping a ton today, but now it's 2am and she won't crash. eyesroll.gif She's been hanging out, doing neat things like grabbing onto my pajama sleeve, chewing on her fingers, sucking on fingers, etc. But I'm kinda wishing more than 30 seconds of sleep would come, too. lol.gif

We found out recently that my sister is pregnant! joy.gif Then she found out it's twins.gif twins!! She lives in Chicago (we're near Houston) and so we're a bit nuts trying to figure out how to help and be available and see her and all that. I'm contriving plans to get up there to help before the babies are born, but I would really love to be there for the birth, too. (Not sure she wants that, though. redface.gif) Of course, all of this with my own little one who will be 9 months old when they come! So it's all exciting and anxiety-producing and stressful and wonderful all at once... dizzy.gif

Hugs to all! grouphug.gif
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Yay, Heather! Congrats to your sister!

Could the weight gain be just evening out? Otherwise I would hazard a guess it's allergies, too, if she's otherwise fine and obviously healthy-enough wet/bm dipes, etc. Molly gained 2 lbs. in 2 weeks and has since evened out more and is dropping on the curve. My 4th did this, too.
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Awesome about your sister, Heather!


This breastfeeding doctor is the only one in our area, and I think that's really cool that there even is one!  We're seeing her tomorrow.  Maia has a weird diaper rash that comes and goes, it's little white bubble things that leave a divet when they pop...?  I originally thought is was related to the thrush and was treating it with Nystatin cream, but now I don't know.  It's easy to clear up, and comes and goes... I'm really so confused about what's going on with us....  dizzy.gif   This doctor works with a DO who does cranio-sacral therapy, and I'm excited about that because it's something I've been wanting to look into more for Maia , based on her speedy birth and the fact that she was crying for hours afterwards and so full of fluid, etc.  There are so many issues that I want to address, like pieces of a puzzle...  I'll report back after our appointment!

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Heather, Nicholas really does prefer me over dh, which is frustrating for dh, because a few weeks ago, N would give him the biggest smiles!


Julie, I'd be interested to hear what the dr has to say about your rash...my dd2 had a similar rash when she was little (it definitely wasn't yeast)...The "bubbles" of her rash were quite big thoiugh.  The biggest one, which was just above her labia, left a scar after it healed.   We ended up using antibiotic cream, and that slowly made things better.  Please report back when you have a diagnosis.

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My oldest had a rash like that, bubbles that popped...she still has a couple scars.  She got it during the summer, I wasn't sure if all the fresh fruit wasn't agreeing with her or if it was yeast, I used several different yeast creams and antibiotic cream and it eventually went away, me never really knowing what it was.

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Ugh, thought dh, baby and I had dodged the flu.  Dh is miserable sick, headed to the doctor tomorrow to get swabbed for the flu.  Baby is acting strange.  Not feverish but congested and vomitting mucous-y type spit up.  This is so not cool.  I feel like I need to spray myself with lysol.  However, I'm now a big believer in the tamiflu that ds took.  His flu was SO MUCH shorter than what dd1's was.  It's been really going through ds's school.

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yuck, Ellen.  I hope you all feel better soon!  We've avoided the flu so far but have gotten pink-eye recently.  Actually, amazingly, my 3 yo is the only one of us to not have gotten it!


I was just realizing on my birthday on Thursday that exactly 1 year ago I had gone to the dr to get my iud taken out (what a fun birthday activity huh?) and was praying that I'd get pregnant soon!  Wow, a lot has changed since that day a year ago! 







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Wow, Casey - it didn't take you long to get pregnant after having the IUD out!


Ellen, we've had a nasty stomach bug here lately, too - I got it the worst in our family, but ds1, dd1, and dd2 all had variations of it.  The only one not to get sick at all was Nicholas.  Phew!  I've never had a newborn with the flu, and I hope I never will.


Yes, Laura - our rash was like that with the bubbles popping.  I didn't go to the dr to get it looked at, though.


OK, kids are stirring and I have to get going on the day.  Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Ok.  So we're back from seeing the breastfeeding medicine doctor.  Basically, I wish I could've see her from the beginning, because I think we could've avoided months of pain and suffering, but by the time we saw her, we'd pretty much worked most of our issues out.  From what she said (and I agree), Maia may have had some birth trauma issues but she's mostly worked them out (newborns are very good at working through their own musculoskeletal issues if they're not too severe, especially by spending time on their tummies and having the opportunity to move their head and neck freely).  We definitely had thrush for a long period of time, but it's gone now, and we may have had a a secondary bacterial infection but that's gone too.  If I were to continue having problems or if I'd seen her even a week ago when I still had nipple pain and such, she would've cultured my nipples and breast milk and treated accordingly.  I think using the grapefruit seed extract and APNO probably cleared things up.  And she said the trauma from the thrush and sore nipples may have caused the vasospasms, which are also almost gone, but that I can use heat on my nipples after feedings until that's gone entirely.  Maia didn't suck well on the MD's finger -- she kept biting.  And the MD said that Maia raises the back of her tongue when she sucks.  She said this could be due to something musculoskeletal, but if it wasn't bothering me then I probably didn't need to do anything about it unless I wanted to, because her assessment of Maia's head and neck showed only mild tightness.  She did give me some tips on latching and such, especially because I have an overactive letdown, and probably some over supply of milk as well.  Maia seems to not be bothered by excessive spitting up, so again, I shouldn't worry about that either!  Her weight gain is good (she's at 9 lbs 11 oz at 10 weeks, up from 7 lbs at birth).  And as far as her rashy bottom goes, it was almost all cleared up and hard to see, but the MD said it didn't look like or sound like yeast.


So I was almost embarrassed because there wasn't a crack in sight on my nipples and Maia's tongue is perfectly pink, but like I said, I guess everything I was doing was working!  I'm still glad we saw this doctor because it was good for me to hear that everything's fine.  I did think it was interesting what she said about supposed "resistant" cases of thrush often being a secondary bacterial infection and not even thrush.  Again, I wish I would've seen her a month ago when we were in the trenches and I thought we were never going to be rid of the thrush/cracked nipples, etc!  


I came home and ate Oreo's to celebrate!  biggrinbounce.gif




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that is great to hear Julie! So glad things are looking up! :)

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What a great opportunity to see a doctor like that.

You said Maia's tongue is pink now. Does everyone's lo have all pink tongues? Clara still has a milk coated tongue, or so I thought. There is nothing on her cheeks and I have no symptoms, so I didn't think thrush. Could it be- maybe that is part of her gas issues.
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Hooray, Julie! So glad to hear the doctor visit went well!  Interesting about a second bacterial infection...thrush is such a fickle monster.


We have had a couple of sunny days here lately. Hooray! It's so nice to see the sun and have some outside-friendly weather. So sorry for all of you stuck in the frigid temps of the east coast! I don't envy you at all. I've been in -40 degree weather before; it isn't any fun.


DS (4yo) recovered from his antibiotic reaction (they actually diagnosed serum sickness-like reaction) and now seems to have another cold. And possible an eye infection - his one eye is very watery, but not red or crusty, so maybe it's just part of the cold. I wonder if he'll let me dose it/him with breastmilk??  orngbiggrin.gif   We boiled all the toothbrushes yesterday, and now need to wipe down surfaces with something...possibly bleach, even though I'm not big on bleach. It just seems like we've all been sick in an endless cycle since before Christmas angry.gif

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Originally Posted by chambom View Post

You said Maia's tongue is pink now. Does everyone's lo have all pink tongues? Clara still has a milk coated tongue, or so I thought. There is nothing on her cheeks and I have no symptoms, so I didn't think thrush. Could it be- maybe that is part of her gas issues.

Paige's tongue is still white at times, but not all the time. Try to wipe off the white - if it comes off, it's milk, if it doesn't, it could be thrush. fingersx.gif that it isn't!

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That's awesome, Julie!!!

And I just got my period on Sunday. Not cool. I never get it this early and it is painful and severe. eyesroll.gif
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Oh that sucks, Desiree.  I got AF back at 3 months pp with dd1 and felt totally ripped off.

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Julie, sounds like an awesome doc! I'm glad things are going better!

Kitty, ugh! That's awful. greensad.gif I'm praying for another 2+ years this time... fingersx.gif Though there's always that fear in the back of my mind that I could go against all of my previous experiences and get AF earlier and, ya know, you can always ovulate *before* AF... eyesroll.gif

If anyone else has input, I have a thread about Eliana's weight, bfing, and possible allergy issues:

And one question specifically about allergies which also brought up BFing discussion:

Today is my first day dairy-free, as well as first full day trying to reduce the amount of foremilk by some combination of block feeding and pumping/expressing. My left breast feels like it's been beaten. greensad.gif It's weird because, on the one hand, I feel like I need for her to eat more, and on the other, like I'm taking away all of her milk. headscratch.gif I realize the point is to get her to take more of the higher calorie hindmilk, but there is something rather counterintuitive about it! And when I weighed her tonight, she's gained nothing since Sunday night. greensad.gif Obviously, we're talking about half ounces here, but I'm hopeful she'll keep gaining, even if it's slow...

Anyone else feeling like they still need to process their birth? I've written my birth story and all of that, but I find myself reading others with almost a resentment at how my own birth happened. headscratch.gif Then, I'm feeling weepy about it. When my MW came yesterday to check up on Eliana, she asked if I'd been thinking about it and surely could tell I was trying hard not to cry. She's coming again next week to talk more since we ran out of time. I am feeling really dissapointed both in things I couldn't have affected and in those I (or others) could have. I worry about talking to her about it and doing so without laying blame... There wasn't anything done wrong, it just could've been done better, you know? As it is, I didn't get some of the things that were most important to me to get, and it's a combination of factors that caused that. Given that I don't expect to give birth again (nor do I believe I can endure it, as horrifically intense as my births have become), it's also sad for me and my children who won't get another chance to see a sibling born. Anyway, clearly, I've got some issues surrounding the birth, but I don't WANT to have issues. I want to let it go and be done with it and over it and just happy for the good things and okay with the not so good ones. But, of course, really, I want to go back and fix it all. greensad.gif Anyone else still trying to process?

Sweetest baby girl woke up... So much for thinking she was down for the night!
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