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Straight to the toilet?

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My son (who's now almost seven months) has been EC'd strictly on the toilet (sitting facing the wall) and doesn't know what to do when I cue him on a potty. The problem though is that he's getting big and not only is he heavy to hold, but he pushes off with his feet (which can knock me right over backwards if I'm not careful). 


I've been careful to let him off as soon as he gives me the signal that he doesn't want to sit there, but often that ends up with a miss. We've had so many misses in this manner, that catches during the day (the first morning pee/poop is always in the toilet) are hard to get. 


He's been crawling since 4.5 months (army crawled for a few weeks, then full hands/knees since 5+ months), so I'm sure he just wants to go. He WILL sit still for a few seconds if I sit him on the baby bjorn, but it won't be long before he won't (he already knows he can throw himself off, he's just not quite big enough yet). 


I like to continue using the toilet (I've tried a reducer and he will sit (albeit trying to grab the toilet paper the whole time), but I won't get a catch until I remove the reducer and flip him around.


Any suggestions? 

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Have you tried giving him something to play with while he is on the little potty or the toilet with insert/reducer? speaking of toilet paper... I give my boy the empty toilet paper roll or some other bathroom item to entertain himself with. I think this helps him not feel like he is being forced to sit still.

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Yes (giving my daughter something was the ONLY way to keep her on it), but he wants to move. All our catches have been on the toilet. He seems to understand better (even if he doesn't need to eliminate) that the sooner he eliminates (sometimes it's literally a grunt and a drip) that we'll be done and he can go back to playing. The problem is when he's not in the mood, the fight is pretty staggering. He's a strong little bugger. 

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Yeah,my boy can be resistant when he doesn't want to go and he is very strong too. i just don't fight it anymore. if i start to lower him down to the toilet and he arches his back and whines i immediately just leave the bathroom. i do this as much for my sake as for his.


good luck. hopefully this will pass soon.

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