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Question for wool users

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Does your baby wear crotch-snapped onesies?  We, of course, have received a million of them, and are planning on using exclusively fitteds with wool covers.  Do you just use onesies and change them often so that babe doesn't smell like pee all the time, or do you not prefer not to use things that snap at the crotch at all?  Thanks!

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We don't use them snapped.  In fact, we cut all those onesies just above the snap line.  For some reason, the snap ones are heavier than the little t shirts I have found and when we had DS in them when he was little, little, he would soak them.  Think they made his diapers ride in a way that would make them leak. 


We have a saying around here...  onesies suck!

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We don't use onesies either. I prefer to use t-shirts with our wool.  As a tiny baby she often wore one piece jammie type outfits with a soaker underneath. With longies I'd pair it with a t-shirt. As a toddler I just do t-shirts or dresses over her longies and soakers.

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I haven't had a problem with odor when using regular pants over my baby's wool covers.  I have not been able to use onesies because the cloth diaper and cover cause too much bulk, and the onesies won't fit over them.


I like onesies b/c they keep baby covered so well in the back and tummy.  I hate it when his little tops ride up all the time.  It is near impossible to use onesies when you cloth diaper because of the bulk.  The baby clothes in stores are designed to go over a very thin sposie, it seems.


So, yes, I in general avoid tops that snap at the crotch. 

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Thanks for all of the replies!  I'm sorry, I was dashing this off and should have been more clear.  What I meant was using a onesie between the diaper and longies, like you would with regular pants - but now I realize that was a total placenta brain question because as I type it out, it's totally ridiculous ;).


I think we'll be cutting the onesies, too - I might see if I can send them to my mom and have her hem them so they just look like t-shirts!  Right now I'm so busy knitting (because I need to make four pairs of pants and at least a couple of soakers in the next five weeks, oh sweet lord help me) that I can't also take on that project, but it'd be really nice to have done!

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We don't use onesies. I like the idea of cutting/serging them at the waist, though, as another parent suggested ;) Kimono tops worked best for us and we restocked for our next baby, due any day.

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We didn't use onsies often, but when we did, we didn't snap them.  Or just used them occasionally when we used a pocket diaper (although, I found they didn't really fit right with those, either.  I have one newborn set that's a wool soaker with a little tee that snaps onto the soaker.  I love it and wish I could find more, but haven't seen them again.

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I was wondering about this myself, we have a million onesies and they fit over nothing. I like the idea of cutting them above the snaps. And OP, my DH must have placenta brain too, because he put a onesie on DS between the fitted dipe and the wool cover and thought it was fab...for 5 minutes til he soaked it! lol.gif

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Yep, we don't get much use out of our onesies here either, although I agree, sometimes it's nice to have something on DS that doesn't ride up. I do use them with pockets if we're going out and I want to make sure he stays warm - I bought some onesie extenders so that they fit better, and I use the size up from his regular clothes. In some state of post-natal lunacy, I actually bought some onesies and diaper shirts for some reason I can't fathom now, so I try to use them on occasion just to justify buying them, but overall they're pretty useless.

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