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Carrier for larger baby/toddler other than an Ergo....

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I have a ring sling that we absolutely love but DD is about 28 lbs and just turned 1. She is walking but has her moments when all she wants to be is held. The ring sling is killing my shoulders. I'm looking for something that can spread her weight out a bit more, maybe a Mei Tai. Opinions? I've looked around on Etsy and found a couple that I like but they are recommended to 30lbs only. I doubt she'll hit 30 before the spring but if I'm going to invest in a carrier I'd like it to last a bit longer than that. Money's a bit tight since we just bought a house.

I was looking at an Ergo but I think it might be a little out of our price range.



Thoughts? opinions? TIA!


Edited to add: I've only used the Ring Sling in the hip carry (didn't buy it till she was about 5 months). And I'm looking for something to wear her around the house and maybe for longish walks (30 to 60 minutes at a clip).

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we have a boba..love it. Very similar to an ergo but a taller body and holds baby snugger to yourself os you don't feel like baby might fall out. right now they are 10% off and free shipping.


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Connecta and toddler patapum have bigger bodies than ergo, though they're about the same price. Kozy or almost any mt would probably work and most will be less.
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The BOBA looks so cool, someday I want to try one of them.

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FYI the price of a soft sturctured carrier may seem a bit steep. They are useable for a good length of time. I have 2 Manduca's my son is 3.5 years and weights about 30# we wear him often. Also most babies as they start to walk and be more mobile either loose weight or stay about the same weight they are at for longer periods of time. You will get your monies worth.

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Other than Ergo I love the Boba. We have a 22 lb 8 month old and a 29 lb 3 year old. Both fit comfortablly in the Boba.

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I just made a baby ball over all mei tai for someone for Christmas.  If I have another kid I will make one for myself.  We have an Ergo and I like it, so I'd keep that too. :)


There are free instructions online - it's a great carrier because it's easy to make, wide shoulder straps, front or back carry.  It does have long straps that wrap around, so you have to be okay with that, but I tried it with my almost 30lb son and it was like he was a feather on my back!



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I like the Bjorn - it distributes the kid's weight on your shoulders and back like a backpack.  


You can probably get used carrier on craigslist or something.  

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I like my Kozy Mei Tai or a woven wrap.  The Koxy isn't as supportive but so so simple.  Still comfy and I can easily use it with my 33 lbs 3 year old.  The woven distributes the weight better but takes some practice.



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You can find great deals on used carriers on the For Sale or Trade board on thebabywearer.com.. a good mei tai or SSC will last you a long time so it's worth the investment, as TiffanyToo said. The board is overwhelming to browse at first, there are SO many options, but you really can't go wrong with most of what you'll find there, mamas are typically very happy to answer questions and hold your hand through selecting and buying a carrier, and you can definitely find tons of bargain priced carriers. I see Ergos pretty regularly for $60-80 on FSOT. 


I would be a bit hesitant to buy from Etsy unless I had seen one of the carriers in person or could get opinions from other mamas who own one to make sure they're safe and well-made. I'm sure there are plenty of Etsy carriers that are great but there are also some that are poorly constructed and would not be safe to use. While not from Etsy, my favorite carriers, and those that come most highly recommended on TBW, are still WAHM-made carriers.


I would also not recommend a Bjorn, I know plenty of people use them with small babies but the design does not distribute weight comfortably as baby gets bigger - I can't imagine trying to wear a 28-pounder in one.

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My partner threw out her back with the Bjorn when our son was 20 lbs so I don't recommend it. We have an Ergo now and like it. But I do recommend craigslist. You can find all kinds of great, barely used baby stuff there, especially carriers.

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I really love the Mei Tei: Kozy Carrier. I can wear my 1 year old comfortably - for hours if necessary.


We used to use a ring sling, but it hurts not long after putting it on. What's great about the Kozy is that there are no metal attachments, it's all fabric and designed for comfort and support. I feel DS is very safe. He does too. When he's sleepy he just snuggles in more and the Mei Tei comfortably supports him while he's napping.


Where I live people come up to me all the time to admire the Kozy Carrier and say how comfortable DS looks. So yeah, another vote for the Kozy!

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