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Cold sore help, please

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I have a cold sore/herpes blister/whatever you want to call it on my lower lip.  Haven't had one in years since I started a really good vitamin.  I guess holiday stress or whatever caused it.  Anyone know if Abreva is okay to use during breastfeeding?  Any natural remedies that work well?  It hurts like crazy and I know my head-butting son (9 months old) is gonna slam me over and over the next few days.  Help!

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I use tea tree oil or clove oil on cold sores.  I think tea tree oil is most effective when used as soon as I feel the cold sore coming on. I've never used Abreva, so can't help you there. 

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L-Lysine amino acid is your friend.  I would go out an get one in a topical form and put it right on the sore.

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I don't think there's a single pharmaceutical I keep on hand and use for myself - OTC or rx, except for use on my cold sores.  I've used Abreva and it has really helped them feel better and heal more quickly.  I've also gotten a Rx for a different antiviral - blanking - acyclovir, I think?  A dentist actually rx'd it for me.  Anyway, I'm so sorry :(  I tend to feel sick throughout my whole body - not just on my lip - when I have one.  Headache, sore throat sometimes, body aches - general malaise, I guess.  My best offense is a good defense, lol, but sometimes I don't get good sleep and stressors affect me more, then bam.  Probably get them at least 6x/year.  Wonder if there's a good homeopathic approach to cold sores?  I'd bet Hale's would address Abreva or a different topical antiviral - do you know a LLL leader?  hope you feel better soon!

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there are loads of remedies to address cold sores in terms of homeopathic treatment as it's very individualized.  Nat mur is perhaps one of the more common ones though.  If it seems to fit you can try it, otherwise it would be best to work with someone to personalize your care.

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