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Holzkram Castle pieces

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We just purchased some lovely Holzkram castle pieces from The Wooden Wagon. Our little ones were thrilled and we couldn't wait to add some new pieces for birthdays and so on. Only now we've found out that they will be out of stock for "the forseeable future". I think that means discontinued? So we are looking to purchase used or from any other source additional pieces. Does anyone have; any leads, pieces they want to part with, or know someone who could create similar pieces? Thanks!





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I think you should probably post this in the Trading Post subforum :)

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Thank you! I'm new I wasn't even aware of that resource. Happy New Year.

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I almost bought the same castle pieces. But I, too had a feeling like they wouldn't be getting more in....Im wondering if you could get them through a store in German directly.

If you have any luck, love to get anything you're not interested in...The castle is amazing.


Happy New Year!

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I do know if they have the pieces you want but our local good Waldorf-y toy stores carries Holzkram and I am pretty sure they carry some castle pieces. I think they are either Holzkram or Kinderkram, not sure which. Might want to call. Acorn Toys in Santa Monica, CA.

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Yes, she has the natural wood pieces at Acorn store, but there was a much fancier grey stained version which being discontinued, at least in the states. It's gorgeous, but I just couldnt shell out hundreds for it, when my son is so young and who knows what he'll be into and what I'll like a few years down the road...



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I just joined a few days ago so I am new here. 


We bought the Holtzkram castle gate from the Wooden Wagon for Christmas 2009.  When I purchased it, I too thought about adding on especially the horse stables and one or two towers.  However it went out of stock right after the Christmas 2009 holiday.  I was very disappointed since I really wanted to get the girls some extra pieces.  (We use it with the Evi Royal Family.)  It finally did come back in stock during the summer.  However, I have not added on to the original piece that I bought.  The girls did not seem to mind only the one piece.  This past Christmas we bought the Kinderkram stable instead - it had (3) stalls instead of the (2) for the castle.


Anyway, the Wooden Wagon may get them back in stock but not for many months.



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What's going on is that Nova (formerly a joint partner with nova`naturals, but this Nova is in NY and the owner produces the Waldorf Evi dolls) is no longer wholesaling a BUNCH of the toys made by European toymakers.  There are talks underway to establish Meadowview Imports in RI  as the new importer.  Meadowview imports currently imports Ostheimer and Kinderkram and Ostheimer have somewhat merged, so it will probably happen again, in March.


Until March, I am looking to import some Kinderkram items myself for the discount Waldorf supply co-op I am running but that will depend a bit on interest from members of the co-op... message me for details.



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If anyone decides to sell t heir Holzkram castle, please contact me. OR if you find any for sale anywhere, I'd really appreciate it.



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if anyone has Holzkram castle pieces they want to sell, PLEASE post here. I so regret not buying what was left at wooden wagon, before they sold out. Thanks so much.

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If you can not find an original you may want to think of finding someone to make one. When our gate piece arrived, I could not believe how simple it was. It came flat and you slide together the sides and roof pieces. Just five wooden pieces and no screws needed. The most difficult part would be making the gate.
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Wood naturally expands and contracts so I could not get the brown roof piece away from the sides without chipping the plywood some more.

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Hopefully these pictures give you an idea on how it slides together.  My husband even said at one point the we should make some of these pieces but we do not have the time nor the space to have any more.

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