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Help! Stomach bug and breastfeeding!

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Ok. This is complicated as I'm pretty confused. But please try to figure this out for me.


DS, age 2, has been throwing up for 4 days. On the second day, I myself got really sick and threw up all night, plus diarrhea. But it ran it's course and now I'm fine. I figured he'd be fine too.

A friend mentioned they'd had the same thing, and that their doc said the bug was causing a temporary lactose intolerance.

It makes sense because my dh didn't catch it, probably because he's already lactose intolerant, so he already avoids dairy!

Anyways, we stopped giving DS milk and he seemed fine all day! We thought, great! He's better. Gave him a bottle of goat's milk before bed... Threw up all night. Crap! 

He doesn't have diarrhea though so it's making me wonder whether that's what he has. But it could just be because he's normally constipated and he hasn't been eating so there's nothign to "move."


So here's my problem. Cutting out HIS dairy is easy enough. But for me it's harder. I like my dairy but I'll do an elimination diet if it helps.

BUT, doesn't an elimination diet take 2 weeks to clear all dairy out of your system?

Would I be better off just avoiding nursing for a week til the bug is gone?

I could pump to keep up my supply. But what if he doens't take back to the breast after? I'm not sure I'd want to wean under negative circumstances...



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not to worry, dairy in your diet doesn't affect the lactose in your breastmilk. i would keep nursing, but have my child avoid other mammal milks for a week.

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Oh that's so good to know! Lol. That pretty much solves everything. What a relief! Because nursing is of course a huge comfort to him while he's sick.

Thank you so much!

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more info:


the dairy you eat will contribute dairy proteins to your milk, but we make lactose no matter what we eat.


breastmilk is perfect for sick little ones : http://www.kellymom.com/health/illness/baby-illness.html#vomiting


hope you both feel better soon!


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Hooray! Thank you so much!

Last night went well. I we woke in the night a time or 2 and I nursed him, even though there wasn't much milk there since I haven't been nursing much for a few days. Then dh gave him a bottle of diluted juice just to get some calories into him because we're starting to be able to count his ribs. :( And then he slept til morning. :)

Definitely not feeding DS any dairy for like 2 weeks.

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