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Belly pics thread

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This is my rather strange, high, veiny belly at 8 weeks:





I never popped out so early with the other 3 pregnancies, but oh well!!


Anybody else like to share?

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Cute bump!!


I don't have a belly yet. I do have to unbutton my pants because it's uncomfortable though! I'm just barely 6 weeks. Two more weeks, and I might have a bump like yours since I'm also on baby #4!

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Thanks!  Its high so I'm not having to unbutton shorts (its summer here) yet like you are, which is great.  Yeah, both baby #4 but 20 years between us, I was a late starter!

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The first one is me on my BFP day, 13 dpo (3w6d).  The next one is me today, 9w6d.  I feel huge!





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There were taken on 12/19. bigeyes.gif  I was 5/6 weeks then.  I am even bigger now.  So even though it's my fourth and all, I either think my dates are off or there is more than one in there.  Cause it's not bloat.  Even after days of little food/water thanks to m/s, it still looks the same. 




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Beautiful bellies both of you!  I agree Crazycatlady that your dates just might be off a bit, that is indeed a good size belly for 6 weeks!  Are you going to have a dating U/s or just wait and see?

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I did already!  Cause according to my LMP I should be 10/11 weeks already.  But according to two ultrasounds, no being able to hear the heartbeat yet, and a pelvic exam...I can only be six weeks max.  All very confusing for sure.

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Yes that is confusing, you look more like 11 weeks or so, but then the ultrasounds... I dunno, hope you get some answers soon.

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Heres a before picture from Halloween.  






7 weeks!  Fluff city!!  Feeling chubby, not preggo! 



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Cute belly pics! I took some at 5 and 8 wks but they don't look like anything yet.

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You guys had me all nervous cause I hadn't realized how big I was for only being 6 weeks.  I thought it was normal for a forth baby I guess.  I just took these tonight and I am 6/7 weeks.  I don't think I look much bigger than last week so maybe it's not so bad? 

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You don't look much bigger then last week to me. 




I should do belly pics, but I just feel fat right now. I think my butt is expanding at the same size as my belly, which is mostly bloat.  shy.gif Which I don't mind when there is an obvious baby belly going on, not such is not the case yet. 

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Thank you Peony.  I was starting to have nightmares about twins and triplets lol.

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LOL, I always have the fear so I totally understand. That is my reoccuring wish, only to be one in there followed, by oh yeah, please be healthy. lol.gif

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Ok, I took a picture today... I'm 6 weeks. You can't really tell, but I DO have fluff there. My abs were flat before...



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Here is my belly at 7.5 weeks or so. Definitely popping out. I was a lot closer to a flat tummy a few weeks back.

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Chemistry, yours looks a lot like mine!  It's sort of concentrated in a little bulge just below my belly button.  This is my first and I am 9.4 weeks here.  I am also wearing my favorite around-the-house sweat pants.  :)



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Chemistry & Maurine - SUCH cute bumps!! OMG!! I feel so fat compared to you skinny minnies!! 

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Maurine- Our bumps do look a lot alike! With my older kids, I was 65 lbs heavier at the start of my pregnancies, so this is my first time ever really getting to experience this cute, visible little bump thing. I am really enjoying it!


BabyCakes- This is OT, but that Halloween pic of you and your dd is freakin' adorable. Cute city!

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I feel enormous compared to most of you! I guess it's because I was pregnant so recently.

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