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Forum for caring for elderly parents?

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Will there ever be a forum for caring for elderly parents or relatives?  MDC is about natural family living, and families include everyone, from babies to grandmas and grandpas.  At least I think so!  :)  I am 43, and moving into a stage of life where my parents and older relatives are going through a time in their lives where they need more help from us younger family members.  I would love a forum to talk with others going through the same thing.

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Hi, we're not currently adding new forums. I definitely know the importance of finding others for support! What I recommend is to consider starting a support-only tribe to find others who are going through similar circumstances. You might consider checking this ongoing thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1287245/anyone-else-live-in-a-multigenerational-household. 

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I am seeking them same help

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A social Group would be possible if there is interest. :) 

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I am a fulltime caregiver for my disabled mother (stroke in '99) my sister and i share her care. I dont feel a pressing need for "support" in this area but I'd probably post if one is created and someone lets me know it exists ( i mostly hang out on the adoption forum.)

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I understand the reluctance to add new sub-forums, and I'm used to the alternatives of tribes and social groups being mentioned when someone suggests a new sub-forum. But for this idea, I urge you to make an exception.

Elderly parents are as much a part of a family as everyone else who has a sub-forum. There are sub-forums for single-parent families, couples, LGBT, multicultural families, and families with children who are adopted, special needs, etc. Shouldn't a multi-generational situation get equal footing in the sub-forum sphere?

We of the sandwich generation are facing multiple challenges as our parents age and we struggle between the roles of caring for children and parents. Pensions are gone, and retirement isn't what it used to be. How do we define ourselves, our roles, and our responsibilities within the context of natural family living? Kudos to the OP for this excellent idea!
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I agree, that would be so useful. There are so many social/emotional/financial/logistical issues associated with this and I can imagine a host of topics that people would benefit from discussing. It can be hard to know where to begin.

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