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SoCaliiMommy goodvibes.gif


Since I've been charting for a bit now, I decided to put my chart out there. :)


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Lifeguard--congratulations!!  What a great story! :)

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sraplayas~ thanks. I added your chart next to your name on the first page.

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lifeguard, yay!!! Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 months to you and your family! love.gif

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Haven't been posting in here anymore but I saw Lifeguard's post and had to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a fantastic surprise!!!


Socali: I am hoping this is it for you!


AFM: For those of you who remember me...I am pretty positve I have a luteal phase defect, despite no longer nursing. So I started clomid this month. Still waiting to O. Hopefully the clomid will do the trick!



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SoCali - love the temp jump today. I know you said you have a sore throat, but it's a pretty dramatic spike. FX for you....I hope this is it!


Vegan Princess - of course I remember you!! I am sorry to hear about your suspected LPD, but at least you have it figured out. I hope the Clomid does the trick. Please keep us posted!


AFM, AF arrived unceremoniously after 4 days of super light spotting. SoCali, please move me to waiting to O.

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 Updated List To Here 



Peaches'mom~ moved you to waiting to ohug.gif  Thanks, i'm holding on hope despite the not pregnant digital test from this morning..i had a glob of ewcm that was red tinged earlier today and still no sign of af. Last cycle i had a 8day lp, before that it was a 14day lp. 


Cindy~ hug.gif on the short lp's .



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I started vitex and maca this month hoping for a PPAF. Friday night I saw what *might* have been the smallest amount of spotting... as in if i held the TP just this way in the light maybe/kind of / sort of. I was trying not to get my hopes up (except I totally did)  just in case but sure enough, AF Saturday! I'm so excited. I know it doesn't mean anything yet, but somehow I just feel so much more hopeful now! At least I know I won't be waiting for PPAF at 2 years. I'll start temping tomorrow morning. 


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Stephbrownthinks - yay!!!  That's great that you got PPAF back.  Hopefully you'll quickly get your BFP!


AFM - I got my temp jump today it seems, assuming it stays up, so it looks like I O'd yesterday or day before.  BD timing was ok if I'm right about O day, could been better, but might still work out.  We can hope at least!  Of course the short LP may still be a problem anyway.  Fingers crossed!!

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February Thread Is Up

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Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy View Post


Hello and Thank you!

Actually...It appears that I am pregnant already!!!  I took a home test the other day after being a week late for my moon cycle!  Assuming everything goes well, I should be due in October 2011 :)

GOOD LUCK and baby dust to you all! 

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