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Well I'm here on Waiting to O


I just take my temp whenever I wake up for the first time.  So, let's say one kid wakes up at 1 am. I take my temp then and then hopefully I get back to sleep, then I take my temp whenever I wake up next.  I usually use which ever temp makes the most sense.  I try to remember really the only point in temping is to pinpoint when/if you ovulated. 

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Hi Ladies! Wow, this thread gets so long, so fast I have trouble keeping up. I am still waiting for AF/O to return. DD is just over 6 mo, but I am ready to try again, despite some naysayers. Just checking in...

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 Updated List To Here


lactatinggirl~ You need at least 3hours of sleep before temping. With nursing a older child it seemed easier to get that much sleep before temping.




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I'm going crazy again with nipple soreness!  This happened in Nov. when I "thought" I was preggers and now it is happening again.  Agh.  It seems like when I feel like this DS pulls at my breasts more, but I know that there's milk so what is it?

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Hi Ladies!  Not technically TTC but hope my experience can help.  sraplayas-I get super sore nipples when I ovulate!  It has happened consistently with at least 7 cycles that I've charted.  I don't know where you are in your cycle or if it's even back yet but hope that helps!

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sraplayas - Mine have been hurting for the last 3-4 days too. Mine hurt for 3 days before Oing last time I O'd (back in November), the day of, and 3 days after. For me, it's the only sure sign I have that an ovaries are going to kick out an egg soon.

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ashley & greenmama--thanks for sharing :)

would it be tmi to share if your cm, cp and temp usually correspond with the sore nipples? 


still waiting for that first pp egg and my temps just look strange to me--hanging out just below 97.  for the last several days.   (my past (waaaay past before DS temps --pre-O were usually in the mid-97's....


so glad to share some of the drama with my mama sisters!    grouphug.gif

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When we conceived for the third time my temps dropped to 97.1 in correlation with sore nipples and ewcm (I don't chart cp).  That pg resulted in a miscarriage.  TTC post m/c my temps pre-O were 97.2-97.6 with sore nipples and ewcm.  All temps post-O 98.0-98.6, no sore nipples.  I was no longer bf when we conceived #3 (seemed to be the only way my cycles would regulate) and #4 I was bf round the clock and surprisingly (very little bd) we conceived after a 3 day lp and a 7 day lp.  This time around my now 1yo is bf frequently but ppaf returned at 8 months. I quit charting temps because I know my body fairly well by now...all ovulations have been with lots of ewcm and 3-5 days of sore nipples.  Hope that helps!!

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sraplayas--I have had (I believe) one PP ovulation. Happened about a month ago now and I had major nipple soreness.  And it definitely corresponded with my CM and CP, unfortunately I wasn't tempting.  But my nips started getting sore as my CM was ramping up and they were the most sore when I had my final day of EWCM and a high, soft and open cervix, then it took a good 3 days for them to go back to normal.  I am definitely not back to normal cycles though yet, although I am convinced that I Oed that one time. I had a couple days of spotting which I believe was my first PP AF and I have had some wet patches of CM since then, but no sore nipples and no real ramp up to O again.  One of the reasons I decided to wait on TTC for awhile.


I have been temping again. .. but my temps seem all over the place and I don't know how accurate they can be with the night nursing and co-cloeeping.  But they definitely seem in the pre-O range--97s.

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Well, we have miscarried again :(  I haven't started bleeding yet and DH and I decided to take a little break from TTC.  I am just very exhausted right now- all of me- my body, my heart and my soul needs a break.

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Thanks for all the responses everyone! You're all so helpful!

Greenmamma I generally get at least 5 hours before she wakes to nurse, so I'm going to try taking my temp then. I'm also going to take it again when we wake up like Xerxella suggested. Hopefully I'll get a solid reading from at least one of those! Guess I'll have to buy another BBT thermometer for Peanut's room.
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my temps are staying mostly steady. every once in awhile they dip and then come right back up. cm is always creamy.


so a question about cp....


 last week i started trying to feel cp and figure out what it means. so the first 2 days i felt it, it was easy to find and it felt like little pursed lips sticking out. 2 days later it had moved away a little and i couldnt find the pursed lips anymore, it just felt flat and i could feel the little hole. did it go from closed to open? i am not at all sure what i am feeling. it didnt really feel like what i would think open would feel like. i imagined a pinkie finger sized hole. and i dont really think this was that big. and it has stayed like that for a couple of days now. any body know? i would be grateful. i have tried searching the net for an answer and cant quite find what i am looking for....

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ms_quoted ~ Major hug.gifhug.gifhug.gifhug.gifhug.gif



I ended up with a 8day LP this monthirked.gif

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sraplayas - My cm, cp, and temp definitely correlate with the sore nipples. Although I do get patches of ewcm/wet cm throughout the follicular phase and it will seem like my cervix is opening up, but my temps won't match up and my nips aren't sore. Once that soreness starts, I know that the ewcm that accompanies it is the real deal.


ms_quoted - I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


LionessMom - When my cervix is closed it will feel kind of like the pursed lips you described and other times it will be closed flat. At that time it usually feels firm and while usually then it's lower, sometimes it's higher up and even posterior. But when my cervix is open it's middle to high and it feels very soft. I can usually slip a fingertip through the os, wish will feel very mushy.


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lactatinggirl - I rarely have 3 hours of straight sleep before temping. My "set" time for temping is 6:00 am (though if I need to go on to the next cycle, I'll switch it to 5 because that's when I get up for work now). When I wake up at night, I check the clock. If it is within 2 hours of 6:00, I will temp and then adjust by adding 0.1 degree F for every half hour before 6 or subtracting 0.1 degree for every half hour after 6. If you look at my chart this month, the temps look stable to me. You'll just have to try it and see if it works for you. What's important for me is that I temp as soon as I can after waking, and if it hasn't been 3 hours, it doesn't seem to matter.


sraplayas - my sore nipples (I call them my fire nips) coincide with my LH surge (I can tell because I also use OPKs)--and with my fertile CF, CP, etc.


ms_quoted - I am so very sorry. It's just not fair. hug2.gif


I am 14 dpo and getting very faint lines. Thursday and Friday, the lines didn't come before the time limit, but they definitely showed up. This morning, they came within the time limit but are still crazy faint. Once they leave squinter territory, I'm calling it.

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I'm not TTC...yet. But I am nursing. I do wonder how I will go about charting when everything is so off down there! lol I ALWAYS have CM. I don't seem to ever dry up. It's always kinda thick. And I don't get more than 2-3 hours of sleep before the baby wakes. So here is my question. If I temp at 4am, every day, does it matter if I woke up say at 1 or 2am, but don't get out of bed? My DH goes to the baby if he wakes before 4am, as we are trying to night wean. SO I wake up, and might be up for about 10 minutes, but I don't get out of bed till 4am. Is that still okay for temping?

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ms-quoted, thinking of you & praying for you.

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I haven't checked in this month, but wanted to hi and send up some prayers for NolliesMom, Sarah, and ms_quoted hug2.gif. Not a fun start to the year :(


I don't have any news. I'm not temping or anything. I may POAS on my birthday, just for the fun of it (but not expecting anything!), but I haven't had any cramping or CM or queasiness like I did last month. I'm just trying to go with flow for now, and let things happen as they may. I'd really like to know how Mrs. Duggar nursed and was prg all the time (I don't get cable so I've never seen the show..so maybe she didn't nurse much?). Anyways.. take care everybody!

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AF is here. I'm pretty sure this was a chemical, since I had very faint positives come up before the time limit yesterday. If you're keeping track, that's two losses in just over 2 months. mecry.gif


Please move me back to Waiting to O.

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my chart again. does it look like i might be leveling out with my temps? they look constant now. but i havent seen anything looking like ovulatory.


i am almost ready to give up with this forever waiting for something to happen. sigh. i might be going crazy.

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