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LionnessMom~ hug.gifhug.gif


GreenMamma~ fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif



stephbrownthinks~ Welcome to the group. I put you under waiting to catch first pp egg.



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LionessMom - I hope your time away is brief & you can be back in the saddle :) , so to speak, soon. Sending lots of O vibes your way!


Stephbrownthinks - I agree with GreenMamma about the nightweaning (and Puerto Rico sounds fantastic, too!!). I wasn't lucky enough to get the vacation, but, like GreenMamma, 2 wks after nightweaning my ppaf returned. My DD2 was about 19 months, too. Best of luck to you!


SoCali - any news from you? Hope you're well and your LP is >10 days this cycle.


AFM, I'm thrilled to say that I am finally back! It has been so hard to TTA all of those months while my TSH (thyroid) levels were off. Last check (as of mid Dec) I was high normal. They upped my dose so my #s are probably even better now. I believe I O'd today (tomorrow's temp should confirm) and our timing was definitely great. I am keeping my FX that it was my thyroid levels, and only that, keeping us from pregnancy before. Time will tell, and it's going to be a looooooooooong 2 weeks!  

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And at long last I have a siggy. Only took me 2 years!!! blush.gif

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Hello ladies.

We're still waiting on the first PPAF.

DS is now 17 months and not a sign of AF. He still nurses 2-3 times per night, so we'll see what happens!

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Peaches'mom~fingersx.gif for you.  We adopted a dog on Tuesday. She's roughly 2yrs old Terrier Mix, she was already named Farrah.  her name links to a picture of her.

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Can anyone shed some light on my dilemma? I am confused. I had a +OPK on both Tues night & Wed, negative on Thurs. I had EWCM on Tues, then even more on Wed and less on Thurs. Today (Friday) it has definitely turned to creamy. All of this makes sense except that my temps have held steady at about 36.35 Celsius each of these days. Today was 36.4 which is still within my pre-O temp range.


I assumed that I O'd either Wed or Thurs, but now I'm thinking it didn't happen. Is it possible to have a thermal shift that is 2 days after O? 


Any insight is much appreciated!


SoCali - Farrah is adorable! I hope she settles in easily & you're having lots of fun with her.

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There is supposed to be a 3 day buffer for accuracy when it comes to temping. But honestly, I think it's more like you had an LH surge high enough to see a positive OPK and high enough to give you some fertile fluid, but not high enough to kick out the egg. It's not an uncommon event. Keep BDing.

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Hi all!  I wanna join, but are you continuing the same thread for Feb?  We missed Jan's opportunity, so we're starting now. =)  Hoping to conceive by summer so these babes aren't too far apart! 


I'm nursing a 14 mo old.  Got cycles back at 10 wks PP (ugh) despite EBF til 9 mos!  Nightweaned at 5 mos except he still gets a feeding at 10:30pm then none til 6:30am or so when he wakes up. 


Despite having 12 cycles PP already, I jsut went over my charts and see that my LP has been only 8 days except for 2 cycles, one was 11 and one was 12 days.  Last cycle was 8 days again.  So it looks like even tho I seem to ovulate, I couldn't sustain a preg. at this point.  *sigh*


Also getting my thyroid levels checked next week bc I'm hypo, so we'll see how that goes.  Already on b complex and prenatals.

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Kami, Farrah is soooo cute!  I love that face!  I am a softie for terriers, though! 


Please move me back to waiting to O :(  Af is here, I am on cd 1 again, and have a saline sonohystogram scheduled for Thursday to check for any c/s scarring.  I had one scheduled a couple months ago, but backed out due to nerves.  I think I am ready now.  ;)


Thanks, and good luck to everyone!!!

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mariacm - I know when my thyroid levels are off (I'm hypo too) my cycles definitely show it. I hope all you need is to be balanced out again!


marmo - *hugs*

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GreenMamma - thanks for your feedback. You are likely right, though I hope to prove you wrong with tomorrow's temp wink1.gif


BTW, I am hypothyroid too. Just wondering at what levels (i.e. TSH) that your cycles are affected? What kinds of changes do you notice first?

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peaches' mom - Anything over a 2 and I can feel it. And what do I notice first in relation to my cycles? Or in general? With my cycles, my O is weak (hardly any fertile fluid, when I usually have lots), my LP is short, and my period is very heavy for  2 weeks. And my temps are much lower than normal (most notably in the follicular phase).

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mariacm~ Welcome to the group. I put you under waiting to O.


Mary~hug.gif on AF showing up. Thanks for the compliment on Farrah, she is so much fun and such a very laid back dog compared to Charlie our mini schnauzer lol.


peaches' mom~ She is settling in pretty good, i could have done without getting up at almost 2am this morning to let her outside and then again at almost 7am.  She gets along great with our mini schnauzer.

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SoCali - thanks for adding me.  Waiting to O is right.  Haven't yet figured out how to link chart to the smilie, can't remember how to make it work!  I'll try to soon tho.


Greenmomma- thanks for the encouragement about the thryoid thing.  I'm hoping that's all it is.  Haven't had my levels checked in a year, so we'll see.  My doc only uses FT4, not TSH.  Last check it was 1.3, so mid-normal.


Peaches - there's a hypo thread in TTC that I started several days ago if you want to check it out.


I hope we all see BFP's soon!

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Mariacm - I'll definitely check out your hypo thread, I have technical questions that I'd love some input on from my hypo sisters. Thanks for letting me know!


GreenMamma - thanks for your feedback re: your hypo signs. And yes, I was referring to how it impacts your cycle.


I got my usual temp jump today, indicating I'm now in the LP. Does anyone want to take a shot at pinpointing my O date? There is a link to my chart on the first page of this thread (I'm in waiting to O) - can't figure out how to insert a link here. I am very confused given my +OPK dates, cm, etc. This was not a normal cycle for me. Think I'm just too close to it to have any perspective. I have a vested interest given our BD timing. winky.gif

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peaches' mom~ I'd say cd 18 for O. fingersx.gif


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SoCali - Thanks for your input. I hope you're right!  

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I think it's completely possible you did O on cd 18 and had a slow rise.

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if you have had PPAF, when did it come?? Were you still nursing on demand? through the night?

I know it is different for every woman, but I just want to get a 'feel' for the 'room'.

My DD is 3 days shy of 18 months and she BFs at her leisure, which is very frequently--all day and night--I have still had no PPAF and have had babyfever since she was a wee babe. We were waiting to officially TTC until this month and although we both want to be pregnant SUPERBAD, we aren't going to try any kind of altering of the BFing relationship until DD is at least 2 years (July 21). Six more months is such a long time away :( and I have this sunking feeling that I will be the 'lucky' mama who doesn't get PPAF until DD is weaned (which I won't do, that is up to her).


trying not to get discouraged at the starting gate. Any advice? words of wisdom? tricks? I do yoga, eat healthy (still trying to lose last bit of pregnancy weight), see a DOM, acupuncture, starting maca next week (both hubs and I).


So, when did PPAF return? and did it take a change in bfing relationship to bring her back?

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mamaharrison - Mine came back with babe was 4 days shy of 19 months. Two weeks earlier he nightweaned and I had began limiting his daytime nursing to 7am, 9am 11am (nap), and then not again until at least 5pm. But up until that point he was nursing like a newborn. I planned the dayweaning and letting him take the lead on nights, but he was the one who chose to nightwean (going from about 8:30/9pm until 4pm).

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