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Calc carb helped my son well the other day.  He is getting alot of new teeth and crying alot about it.  I was giving him chamomilla but that was only like a bandaid.  I felt I should give his calc carb and he calmed right down.




Honestly most kids who are having issues with teething would benefit from a calcium based remedy!  It was a very good call on your part (especially since aconite, belladonna and pulsatilla are recognized acutes of a more chronic calc. carb (and silica, actually.)  When those acute remedies are helping with comfort it's really time to look at the foundation.  I had a fabulous teacher that said you can never go wrong by starting off babies on all 3 calc cell salts.  I have found this to be true.  They are the "earth" salt in esoteric thought and literally do create the basic foundations-the building blocks-of the body.


That's another reason I tend to just use salts for babies!  They help in acutes, but where remedies can help in the midst of discomfort-and they sure do-as bluebird saw-a "teething" remedy will relieve some pain, a deeper remedy will likely ensure that this bit of teething goes smoothly and a salt will actually help shift the physiology and potentially make it where a remedy is unnecessary.  Or, if it's necessary a single dose could shift the whole picture.


That's my two cents, anyway!  

So you would use the 3 calc cell salts at times of need or just on a daily basis with a baby?

I tend to say use calc phos at least for a babe routinely.  I don't generally see kids that don't have any indications.  The others you could...and some do.  I don't feel that it's overly necessary to do so.