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January Queer Conceptions

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Let's start 2011 with some good news!  This is our year, kids!

whistling.gifWaiting to O

* 2ezforyou 

 * Graceie


* Escher12  BFPChart2.gif

* Prettyisa  BFPChart2.gif

fingersx.gifWaiting to Know... Braving the 2WW

* Starling&diesel

* AmandaMom  BFPChart2.gif

* Lisedea  BFPChart2.gif

* MaxK

* Mami2mami 

*SharriKitColorado  BFPChart2.gif



baby.gifWorking on IVF


af.gif  Waiting for AF  
 * RainbowValleyMama


Waiting to Transfer
om.gifTaking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be Ready 

* Gellybeangrl BFPChart2.gif (February 2011)

* Serepartera (February 2011)

* Miss Scarlett BFPChart2.gif
* Seraf BFPChart2.gif (February/March 2011)

* MrsPP (March 2011)
* Milletpuff
* Indigoscot & DP (May/June 2011)
* Chiquitayy BFPChart2.gif chart1.gif
* Carmen358
* Smilingsara BFPChart2.gif (June 2011)

2010 Graduates!




January * Kgulbransen    BFPChart2.gif    joy.gif   


December * FiveGrandBaby 8/27/11 

November * Mizyellow 7/25/11 * AmyPDX 7/30/11 * AmandaHope 8/3/11 * Cejae 7/4/11

September * Solejean 5/19/11 * Painefaria 6/5/11

August * Bttrflygypsy 4/10/11 * 2happymamas 4/15/11 * LibraryLady 4/15/11

July * Beastie 3/21/11 * Gumshoegirl007 4/2/11 * Wehrli 4/1/11

June * Coco & DP 2/14/11

May * Burg 2/4/11 * Korey 2/1/11

April * Calimeow * Mtnlisa * Kimlyn32

February * Mistral * Quasar & smartycat * Monarchgrrl * Erthe_mama & DP

January * Lyndzies * FtMpapa

2009 Graduates!

December* Osker * Megan sacha * Mkpgoddess

October * JJNoho * Mommies 2 Be * Megincl & Ktcl

September * Elismum1908 * KSDoulaMama * Pleasantlyfurious

August * Chicagoml * Wishin'&hopin'

July * Hbog

May * Indigoscot's dp

April * Kelmendi * KJM * Whoabethy * Carmen

March * Scalpel * Katwomyn4

February * Deny_zoo29

January * Jodybird511

2008 Graduates!

December * DM630 * Raene * Wazzmum

October * JennM1021 * Lexbeach's DP* QTRANDI

September * Ellie74

August * Heart-n-bones * Love My Family

July * Giggleblue * Pranava ** Quasar & DP Smartycat

June * Starling&diesel * PiGirl * Erica12009

April * Tigermiep * MujerMamaMismo * Tiggerkong22 * Simcon * 2happymamas

March * JenInMpls * Mahrens77

January * Cookie70

2007 Graduates!

December * Scalpel

November * Mamimapster * AngelaM * Solejean * Lmh222
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Welcome to January!  I hope we'll all get some good news here in the near future!


Does anyone need to be moved?  Max? Let me know! Also, what happened to the Waiting for AF section, and does anyone miss it?  I sort of prefer the idea that if you're no longer in the TWW you're either waiting to O or taking a break, but I'll bring it back if anyone misses it terribly. 


Scarlett--new car sounds amazing, especially if it's baby-sized!  I hope that this means that your break is having a good effect all around! 


Library--dryers are amazing.  We went without one for a few months and when the new one finally arrived I all but crawled inside and sobbed with joy.  Are you thinking of cloth diapering or anything?  Even if not, you'll need excellent laundry facilities, for sure!  Also, thanks for the heads up on the shaky-cam.  That makes it totally a rental for me--I get seasick in the theater if the camera jerks around too much. 


Gracie--glad you got the smiley!  It's much more reassuring to know where you stand, isn't it?


AFM--same, same.  Feeling pretty preggo.  I hope that I am, in fact, because in my head I've pretty much decided that that's the case.  I feel kind of sick and crampy, but not like AF is coming.  Waiting until tomorrow to test again, though, so I can start off 2011 right!  Ihopeihopeihopeihope...


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escher ... Hugs to you.  Sorry that this wasn't your month.  Here's to New Year's luck!


isa ... and some threadkeeper sticky-baby-vibes-bfn-juju to you, my dear!  Thanks for starting the thread. 


scarlett ...  Holy toledo!  A CAR?  Am I the only one who's completely and utterly gobsmacked that you got a CAR as a gift?  I thought that just happened in the movies!  I wouldn't even know what to do if I was given a car.  Do you like it?  Is it your dream car?  Are there massive strings attached, or is this a genuinely awesome gift?  If it were my partner, I think I'd make her take it back.  I'm weird like that though. 


graceie ... congrats on the happy face! 


library ... how very responsible of you for getting a paint tester!  I wish I had the patience for that.  When I decide to paint, I have to do the whole room, and then if I have regrets, I paint it all over again.  Your way is much smarter.  I think we'll finally get around to painting dd's room in this place.  She's lived in three different homes (four, if you count when I was pregnant) and has had a room in every one, and has never slept a night or a nap in any of them.  She still sleeps with us, but is starting to show some interest in her bed, which is a double, very low to the floor.  I think we'll go apple green or so.  All of our rellies have made lovelie quilts and bunting and stuffies that are green and pink, so green would bring it all together.  I love decorating!  Have you visited ohdeedoh.com?  You will love it!  The most delicious nursery tours ever! 


I can't remember enough from the last thread to do more personals.  So sorry! 

AFM:  CD2.  Isa, can you move me to waiting to transfer if there is such a category?  We've got the ultrasound booked for January 14th, with a transfer (if the lining is good and the embies survive the thaw) on the Monday following (17th or so?)  AmandaHope, was it you asking if I was really all that zen about this final cycle?  I'm not sure if I truly am zen about it, or if I'm doing the 'fake it 'til you make it' thing.  I think  I am okay about it.  But I don't think I'll know until or if there is a final bfn.  My DP is turning 40 in April, so if we are not pregnant, we're going to treat ourselves to a very special trip.  If we are pregnant, we'll be saving up for a new glider chair!  That's the one thing I wish I'd had last time.  A beautiful living-room worthy glider chair. 

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Happy New Year Everyone! partytime.gifchampagne.gif

I hope you get some of that threadkeeper's luck dust.gif

Starling- It does look like we will be cycle buddies after all!

- Will you join us as a cycle buddy or still wanting to take some time off?

AFM- I'm mid-cycle, just ovulated the other day. My cycles have been a little longer lately so I am not sure when AF will come. I am excited to get my injectable regimen back up! I still have most of it. I will have to order a little more. I'm guessing somewhere in the next two weeks it will start happening.
Crazy alert: We went to the spca and came home with a one-eyed pug baby. We really need to get pregnant so we'll stop taking in baby animals!


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Happy New Year everyone!  I'll write personals later, but I just wanted to wish you all the best.  


Though I have to say to Max:  ONE EYED BABY PUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Post pix please!!!

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Happy new year!


Max, puppy pic please?  My SIL brought home another puppy, and I asked my brother if they were going to get pregnant before she has a zoo.  Why, oh why, is a pet what we get when we want a baby?


2ez, sorry I missed you!  We were in all kinds of trouble being early that day.  Messed everything up.  Then, on the way home, we were planning to pass through Memphis at 2 AM, but we got stuck behind a car accident and spent 3 hours parked on the freeway.  Still, 6 was too early. 


Starling, I think it must be harder with a negative after IVF.  You seem to be pulling off the zen thing really well, tho. 


We had a good visit.  We all got to learn to weld.  I discovered that I'm much more like my dad that I ever knew and I found out that Osha's straight hair came from him.


Our bank is having a 2 for 1 sale on their donor of the month this month.  So I'm going to read about him and, barring anything really bad I'm going to get a couple of vials for a February insem.  Then I'll do triple IUI in March and if that doesn't work I will focus my energy toward getting Sara pregnant and adopting.  March is my last planned try.  I feel good about setting a deadline.  I also feel good about Sara getting pregnant.  I still feel pretty good about me getting pregnant if I could ever figure out the timing.  I decided I would start the fertility wisdom plan today, but I lost the book before the plan cemented in my head, so I'm simply off wheat, dairy, processed, cold and raw foods.  Parts of it make sense and parts don't, but I also have a nasty cold and don't need any mucinogenic foods now anyway.  I think cleaning up my diet will help me read the signs of my body more clearly, so I feel good about it.

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We have over the course of trying and having our little guy ended up with--two dogs (one of which had MAJOR aggression issues and had to be put down greensad.gif) and an additional cat.  Now, we realize that when we start longing for another pet it's really because we want a baby ;)  We got our kitten (who is the same age as our baby) when the baby hit 6 months...just sayin'  blush.gif )  I call it the "kitten sign"!


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Seraf~ That's a pretty zen attitude for sure.  I completely support this idea and am so proud of you for really thinking about and knowing what you want to do. You'll have plenty of little feet pattering around before too long. Your diet regime sounds pretty strict, but if it yields good things, it's worth it. I also love the sperm bank having a 2 for 1 sale. Ha!  Do they have a clearance rack? 



We had a quiet evening with friends, eating and playing games. I got sleepy around 11 but had a root beer and rallied. Low key fun, then back in our own bed. Perfect. Now we've slept late and are lazy. Happy New Year!!!

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PrettyIsa: I'm Waiting to Know although I should know by Tuesday so I don't know if you want to move me for (possibly) such a short stay. My temp did a huge dip this morning at 10DPO so it's either implantation (doubtful) or heading towards AF.


Esher: I know not the happiest way to spend the new year but glad you're moving on to another cycle.


Scarlett: Wow! What a gift. I "gave" myself a Hyundai Sonata (same manufacturer as your Kia) in December so I know how much fun it is to have new wheels.


Happy new year to everyone on this board! May 2011 rain BFPs...

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Happy New Year, Everyone! orngbiggrin.gif

Isa: Thanks for the new thread! I agree--2011 is the year for us! What was the news from your test today? fingersx.gif

Starling: A beautiful glider sounds like a great thing to have. I hope you need one soon!

Max: Not too long now until your IVF cycle! A new pug--what fun!

Seraf: That sounds like a smart plan for where to go next. I hope the 2 for 1 donor sounds great (or at least ok!).

Library: That does sound like a perfect New Year's Eve. orngbiggrin.gif

Kgulbransen: I have everything crossed that it was an implantation dip!

Lisedea: How are you doing? hug.gif

Chiquitayy: Any news on your new love? orngbiggrin.gif

AFM: CD2, and I'm feeling a bit gloomy. I know I'll feel better in a few days, but right now it all just seems so discouraging. We had our first consultation with our RE last January, so we've been actively working on this for a year now (and planning for it for longer). Why is it taking us so long?
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Escher- Big hugs to you! grouphug.gif

seraf- I am trying to do the same diet as you and it is really hard. I love cheese, so instead she recommends cottage cheese lightly warm or in a rice crepe. Being gluten free is easy because of my partner but not eating raw salads is difficult. I've been half way doing it and tend to start being more diligent now.

AFM- For NYE we had people over for games and fondue, gluten free style. I had champagne with a hibiscus flower in it. It was so pretty. I added a little energy drink to it to keep me up! I'm over half way through my cycle now, looking forward to CD1! champagne.gif


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I'm totally not doing the real diet because I misplaced the book.  If Sara were home she would hand it to me in a second, but it's not the case.  I don't think I could really do the whole thing anyway, nothing that's been in the freezer?  Avoid garlic and ginger?  and chicken before O?  I guess I didn't get to the part about what I can eat.  So I'm going to go with minimally processed and avoid wheat and dairy because I know I do better without them anyway.  


The donor of the month, seems OK.  No allergies, mild astigmatism, hardly anything wrong in the family history, really.  His handwritten message made me cry.  So I think we are go.  I'm going to order after the 21st, so I have a vague idea of when to have it delivered.  I think a February conception would give me a November baby.  11-11-11 would be a fun birthday.  Or it could be born on my birthday. 


Anyone pregnant yet?  Its so hard obsessing from the sidelines!

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OMG Seraf, you should TOTALLY have your baby on 11-11-11. And then you should name him Nigel Tufnel.  Go for it!!!


Max~ Hooray for CD1!!  And that's a totally cute pup. What are you calling him/her?

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Happy New Year everyone!!!   jumpers.gif




Max5~ That is such a cute puppy. Last week my DW was thinking about getting me a puppy a miniature schnauzer...he was so cute, but I really want a baby...if we find out that we can't have babies...then maybe I'll go for the puppy. Or if I just fall in love with one (a puppy). joy.gif


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Max--your new puppy is ADORABLE! luxlove.gif  I wouldn't have been able to leave without hir, either! What are you going to name hir? Are you in the 'animal names are different than people names' camp, or are you going to use your top baby name to get it out of  the way?

Seraf--it sounds like you have a good plan there! It is funny that they do a sale--do you know how they choose who it's going to be? Nice that he seems like a good choice, though.  And you're right--11-11-11 would be an excellent birthday!  I keep trying to find reasons that a late fall/winter birthday wouldn't suck.  Being a July baby myself, I always lorded it over my late November little sister.  Might have to revise that way of thinking, though.

Escher--i hear you!  It's kind of a gloomy time of year anyway, and then a letdown so close to New Years really blows. hug2.gif  It'll happen for you, though!

Gelly--schnauzers are sooo cute!  One of my coworkers has a standard one and I love him when he's just had his breed standard haircut!  Maybe you could tell yourselves it's a test run?

Kgul--how are things today?  Any news? fingersx.gif

AFM--It's been quite a little rollercoaster chez Isa.  BFN yesterday and BFN today (13 and 14 dpo, although FF has it a day later than that, which is nice of them). But no temp dip this morning.  Not sure what to think, although it seems like I'm alternating days of thinking that i'm totally pregnant with days where I think I'm not.  Today is supposed to be one that I think I am, so I might just go with it until I get a rude (red) awakening.  On the up side, it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day, I'm trucking through a quilt I'm making for some friends, and my little doxies seem much more cuddly than usual, if that's even possible.  

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Nope. Spoke too soon.  CD 1.  -sigh-

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Library, I had to look up Nigel Tufnel to see how he was related to 11.  I've never seen that movie.


Max, cute pup.  It is exciting that she'll be housebroken before you have a little human to housebreak.


Gelly, My grandma used to have lots of miniature schnauzers.  They are close to my heart.


Isa, my siblings and I all have fall birthdays.  There is nothing wrong with them!  It's a good excuse to have a party (not that I ever have, randomly, but that had more to do with changing schools all the time, but with a fall or winter birthday, you can disrupt class time to share cupcakes, summer birthdays get none of that).  Ice skating and hotel swimming pools are great places for birthday parties, too.  So sorry about AF today.  You and I can be cycle buddies. 

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Oh Isa, I'm so sorry. Still, you're in good company to be starting a new cycle. Not what you wanted, I'm sure, though. Biggest hugs.



Seraf~ You should see Spinal Tap, it's really funny and truly a classic.  Though I don't actually think Nigel Tufnel is a good name for a baby.  I hear you about fall birthdays.  Summer birthdays are fun, although it's true that many people are out of town and you can't always make a good party.  So there are good things at all times. 


Gelly~ I hear you.   I love my kitties (and am learning to love DP's dog, despite the fact that I started my morning with DP shrieking and me having to remove a dead, frozen squirrel from the back yard) but it's just not the same.  Still, Max has a mighty cute pug...



So, dead squirrel, hot coffee, and dreading going back to work tomorrow. Still, I only have to work til Wednesday and then I'm off to San Diego!

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So sorry, Isa ... dratted AF. I had my fingers crossed!


And Max ... a bundle of puggleful love!  They're great dogs for kids!  We have a few who live on our street, all of which put up with DD's utter adoration of them on a regular basis.  We have a cockapoo, which is also a great breed for kids.  DD hauls her around the house like a sack of potatoes, takes her toys constantly, and hollers for her to "COME, CHAW-WEE!" (Charlie) all the time.  That sweet dog of ours comes every time, waits patiently for the toys to be returned, endures being hauled around, and won't go anywhere without DD.  I can't even get her to go outside for a pee unless DD comes.  Charlie sleeps with DD all the time too.  They are best buds for sure. 

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Isa-- So so so so sorry. Ugh. 


Max-- Cute. Dog. Last January we got sister Samoyeds from North Dakota (because we'd been trying for a year and I needed something to nurture before I exploded) and here we are a year later with four dogs, a rabbit, and still no baby. The sisters are  65lbs of precious though and I can't imagine what we ever did without them. Hopefully we'll get pregnant soon before we end up with an alpaca or something. 


Starling-- Sounds like such a sweet combo! I'm afraid our "pack" will be extremely jealous of a new addition. It will be a sensitive situation!


Seraf-- For what it's worth, I'm proud of your attitude, and Sara's too. Hoping you are both rewarded generously for being such good sports. 


Escher-- It seems kind of ridiculous doesn't it? If someone had told me 2 plus years ago that we still wouldn't be pregnant in January of 2011 I'd have never believed it. Hoping we are having a totally different conversation this time next year. 


Krista-- Fingers still super crossed for you! Any news?


AFM-- CD 3 and officially taking another cycle off. And okay with that. I'd like to feel like a functioning human being for at least another month. As for the car. Starling, yes, I was INCREDIBLY surprised, especially since the fight that sent DP & I into the last month and a half long tailspin was regarding a "baby car". I am normally enough of a "control freak" that I would have wanted to pick it out, but she got it so totally loaded, and basically, it's exactly what we needed/I wanted, so I didn't really have room to gripe. I've never had anything anywhere *close* to a new car, so it's pretty spectacular. I'm hoping this is her way of saying "I'm trying... and I want this" and not "you're a sucker". For the time being I'm just going to take it a day at a time and enjoy my new ride. 

Brand New Automobile.jpg




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