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krista, sorry about the cysts.  since you have them, why is your re even suggesting a natural cycle?  cysts can cause problems with new follicles being formed because they continue to grow with the hormones being released by your body - estrogen and fsh.  i would take a month of and wait until the cysts were gone. 



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krista--i am also confused by your RE telling you this...what is the reasoning behind it??? 


max--we also found out the hard way with the speculum use during ICI too. we use it mostly to monitor fertility but attempted to use it for one insem (probably our first...). i think most of the sperm left with the speculum.... 


isa--i have been to the Bahai'i temple in Evanston! it is absolutely amazing. after visiting, i became of obsessed with the religion for a couple of years...just because of how much i loved the temple. smile.gif


afm...day 4 of fasting. i have decided to go until my lemons run out....so i have enough for one more full day. 5 days seems right this time around and i am hoping that it will help my cycle return to normal. i am also doing better mentally, emotionally, and phycially (except between the hours of 4-6 when i have the worst food cravings).

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Just popping in from work to answer the QOTD and say hello, unless my pager goes off and I have to dash. 


Number of kids ... Before I found out that I couldn't have children as I don't produce eggs, I wanted five or more.  Then I struggled for years with the thought of not birthing any.  Then I started to think about adopting one or two.  And then we were given the gift of the embryos and I birthed dd and I figured we were blessed to have one.  Now that we've decided we'd like more, it might not happen.  The last cycle was negative, and so we have just two embryos left.  Maybe we'll have one more, maybe we'll have twins, maybe it will be another bfn?  Ultimately the answer is both shmaltzy and very, very true:  We will welcome as many babies as we are blessed with. 


If this final cycle is a bfn, I doubt we will look to adoption.  It's not something DP wants to pursue as we are unlikely to be most birthmother's top pick, being super butch/femme, heavily tattoed and not rich.  But who knows, stranger things have happened.  A couple I know (dykes) have been dealing with double infertility for nearly ten years, and had given up hope of every being mothers, until one of the women's co-workers became pregnant unexpectedly.  The pregnant woman already has a toddler that was also an unwanted pregnancty and this time she was adamant about aborting the child or giving it to these two friends of mine.  The women lept at the opportunity, and they are becoming mamas in May, if all goes well.


What self-care we do with bfns ... Last cycle was our first bfn.  I don't know how you women who have had so many bfns manage!  We got our hopes up so high, had included this speculative child into our lives, and were so looking forward to another healthy, happy pregnancy and teeny tiny newborn.  What dupes we were! 

We didn't do anything specific, except turn to each other and let ourselves be sad.   And this time, we are protecting our hearts a lot better as we go into this final cycle.  What will be will be. 

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2ez hang in there and rant all you want ! its tottaly vaild hug2.gif

Krista that sucks hope it inporves and you can move onto bigger guns

librairy that sound like a fun event enjoy


AFM sorry I probley missed half of you my eyes are crossing trying to keep up DS has been nurseing every two hours all night , I really need him to eat more during the day mommy needs to complete a REM cycle . great news my midwife agreed to do two insems for 200 plus a massage ! so sometime between the 23 and 28th I will do my first inseam two 24 hours apart wish me luck ladies I cant wait

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Indigo & Lisedea: the nurse didn't suggest a natural cycle, I did. They said they weren't even sure if they were cysts but that they were at a cutoff point for what they might consider cysts. I didn't want to take birth control pills because we have two known donors lined up this month.


Do you think I'm being stupid and should not try?I have another ultrasound next week on CD12 to see what's going on. I guess at that point if they have grown significantly and pretty much prove themselves to be cysts, then I could stop and go on the BCP.


I read an intensive study that was done on woman that had cysts between the sizes of 10mm and 42mm in IVF cycles to see if that changed the pregnancy rate. It did not. Of course IVF is different than natural, but the underlying question was would it produce less quality and/or fewer follicles/eggs for IVF and apparently it did not change the outcome.


Just a thought. I really don't know what to do.

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So my RE's nurse emailed me today. Apparently my infectious disease bloodwork and my pap smear are more than a year old, and so they won't do another IUI until they have new results from all of those. Today is CD 7. I ovulate between CD 12 and CD 16, so I could ovulate as early as next Tuesday. I've scheduled the bloodwork for tomorrow. Hopefully they'll turn around the results quickly. Now I'm trying to schedule the pap. I don't know if I'll be able to do it in time. This process is ridiculous. greensad.gifangry.gif


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I think Sara pretty much said it for us! I'm so pumped about having more kids around. It was just my sister and I growing up (I'm older) and I have dreamt of a large family fr as Long as I can remember! I'm so pumped about trying in June and hope we all get to add on to our families this year!
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Krista - I totally still do it, if I were you. I had a HUGE alien at 25 two cycles ago, but still managed to produce 3 follies that cycle...on the same ovary. Granted, I didn't catch the egg, but it still happened and 2 were mature at IUI. I say go for it, especially with 2KD's. Good luck.


Escher - If you can get the pap scheduled this week, they should have the results in 2 days. (That's what my doc says.) Your doc's office can call the lab for the results. When you schedule, I'd tell them it's urgent and explain the IUI situation. Hopefully, they'll work you in fast!


Library - Hope the flying wasn't too bad. Have fun at the conference, and enjoy the nice weather!


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Good afternoon ladies!


Isa - thank you for the tea advice! I brewed a cup this morning, let it steep for a loooong time, then reheat it in the microwave. It helped with the taste too. I also not-so-secretly want twins. My great grandmother had twins and triplets! My grandmother is one of the triplets, so, there's that. Also I went to a pretty small high school, about 250 in my graduating class, and seven girls from my class have had twins. Seven. Perhaps there is something in the water down there...


Library - I actually have a degree in theater, DW is the film girl - she was really into the business/producing side of things which I think makes sense with the whole switching careers to become an attorney thing. She would love to get into entertainment law someday but for right now we're just hoping for anything! Hope you're flight wasn't terrible and that you are enjoying yourself!


Gelly - Hi! Thank you for the welcome! I hope you are feeling better and good luck making your decision about this month.


Lisedea - what kind of cleanse are you doing? I am interested in 


escherfingersx.gif  that everything will work out!



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I have to vent one of my good freinds has picked the most anoying man to marry at least in my opiion at the moment I met them this morning and first they didnt want to to nurse in front of him but them when DS smiled and flirted with him like he does with everyone he made a stament about how DS should onley flirt with girls becuse its worng to flirt woth boys then well me and my freind were discuseing TTC and midwife chosese it chimed in with why dont you look for a nice boy to marry everyone should have a mother and a father blah blah blah we left early DS needed to eat I couldnt take anymore err hopefuly our next interaction will go better and OMG my grammer and spelling suck

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Hello from sunny Cali~ Flight went well, sat next to another pregnant woman from Denver to San Diego and we talked about how much the babies were kicking during the turbulence.  Then I got to the airport and played a fun game of 'Gay? Librarian? Both?'  We're really taking over the town, which is great.  DP made it safely to Disneyworld for her marathon, so I'm resting at the hotel text-chatting with her. Got to love the 21st century!



Lise~ Your cleanse sounds really hardcore! I've never been successful at anything like that. I just love my food too much. But bravo to you, and I hope it gives you everything you want!


Starling~ That's a sweet story about your friends and their adoptive baby. I wish every unwanted child could be so lucky. And you are NOT DUPES for getting your hopes up and speculating about the baby/babies you might have, especially during the two week wait! That's what the wait is all about. I'm sorry your hopes were dashed, and I do hope you get your wish this time, doubled!!


Krista~ You're not stupid at all. I think waiting until the next ultrasound and checking the 'progress' of the cysts is  a wise move.  If you have donors lined up, it sure won't hurt to try.  Keep us posted xoxox


Escher~ WTH!?  I hope they turn your paperwork around quickly too. This must be something unique to your RE because ours never even asked for records from anyone else. I had to see a psychologist and that was it. Best of luck! (Do you have any magic opks left?)


Mrs P~ Theatre is totally cool as well, of course.  I guess I just love stories, no matter how they're presented.  When will your DP find out about the job interview?


Graceie~ Your friend's new fella sounds like a nightmare. Get all lezbo in his face and teach him a lesson!!!


Book nerd fun begins tomorrow~ already did a bit of shopping and got a onesie with sea otters on it. Prosh!!! 

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Library ... I'm glad you're flight was tolerable. Did you guzzle the Rescue Remedy? 

Now bring on the bookish geekdom!  Cruise the word-world celebs for me, will ya?  And thanks for dashing my dupeness.  I do feel stupid, but I know there's more to it than that.  I feel way more grounded this time, but I know that the second those embies are transferred that I will dissolve into a soppy, sentimental mess and get deep into the heart hurt again should it be a bfn.


Escher ... I'm so sorry for the paperwork hassle.  Roadblocks seem SO insurmountable in the process, don't they?

You want to know something funny?  Our fertility clinic wouldn't go ahead with our IVF either time until BOTH dp and I had bloodwork showing that we were disease-free.  DP?  Really?  What the heck for?  "Policy," they said.  DP is the biggest ninniest butch when it comes to needles, even though she's tattooed from neck to knuckles.  She faints when she gets a blood draw.  Me, no biggy, I shove IV's and needles into people all the time.  DP ... has to lie down and drink juice and eat cookies and have her head stroked and get a trashy magazine and a half day off work as a reward.  


graceie ... that guy sounds like a complete and utter tool.  Meh to his ignoramusness.   


krista ... I wish I had some insight.  A hug is all I can offer.  hug2.gif

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krista, did they test e2 to see how high it is?  that is a better indication if those are cysts or not.  i would push for that bloodwork before i made a decision on this cycle.  bcp might not be a bad idea - give your ovaries a month off and then they are raring to go next cycle when you can do injectibles?  just a thought.


afu, we are now done with poas for this cycle.  dp is pretty sure she ovulated last night.  now we patiently wait for af.  :)  and in other super exciting news, we have our civil partnership date booked!  woooooohooo!  :)  that will happen when we are in scotland on vacation in april.  yeah!



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AF came!!! Whoo hoo! Never been so happy about it...:) The best part is, it has been exactly 28 days since the m/c....which is just like my very consistent 28-day cycle. I am thinking that the cleanse contributed to this...but it could be all in my head. :) I am easing back into my regular diet now--starting with raw food--because I want my cycle to be as normal as possible. Trying to decide whether or not to wait this cycle out or try since I seem to still be on my typical schedule...any suggestions?


Krista: If it is you making the decision (I was just wondering what the RE was planning on and the reasoning behind it) and if you feel is it right for your body right now, you should go for it. Since you have everything lined up, you might as well...I know I would. I am all about listening to your body! :)


Escher: I am so sorry about the inconvenience...must be frustrating. I hope the blood results come back quickly and you can move on with your plans!


MrsPP: I did the Master Cleanse (lemon, water, cayenne pepper, maple syrup) for the past 4 days. I normally juice all fruits and vegetables for 7-20 days (it all depends on what my body is telling me) but I really enjoyed this fast...I might do it again for a longer period after TTC (and breastfeeding if all works out).



On a side note, it really bothers me that my :) don't turn into smiley faces....

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Miranda ... I would totally do it.  It's either an old wives tale or fact that many women are more fertile in the cycle following a loss.  I say go for it! 

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lisedea, to have your smilies automatically turn into smilies go to My Profile (at top of page), Edit Accout Details, then at the bottom of that page under Preferred Editor Type choose BB Code Editor. HTH!

oh, and i second what Starling says... after my m/c i did a lot of reading on it and i found a lot of success stories!
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Hooray!! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif Thanks Wehrli!


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Lise~ I was right, that's a pretty hardcore fast! I've heard of it, but never known anyone who was actually doing it.  I second the notion that you should totally go for it this cycle, if it's at all feasible, sperm-wise.  


Starling~ I'll geek out for the both of us, promise! This afternoon's our meet-and-greet with Armistead Maupin and David Levithan, so there'll be plenty of geeking to do!!


Indigo~ YAY!!!!!!! For your CP!!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see cutie wedding photos!!  DP and I thought about having ours at Gretna Green because I am the aforementioned book nerd and that's where everyone went to get married, but anywhere in Scotland will be lush. Congratulations!!


Gorgeous SoCal morning~ there's a famous breakfast restaurant down the block that's a-calling my name...

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Gelly—oh, no! I’m sorry about the pneumonia—that’s a really crappy way to spend the new year! I hope the insurance company gets it together so you can try this cycle, and that you’re feeling much better! hug2.gif


AHope and other Chicagoans--yes, we should have a get together! Are there any good things coming up that would be fun to do? I’d love to meet y’all in real life…


Indigo—four boys would be So. Much. Work. Fun, I’m sure, lots of fun. But think of all the cleaning! Oh, and congrats on the partnership date!  joy.gifI can't wait to see your pics, if you post them!


Seraf—I think the idea of staying small until procreation is pretty hilarious. I was always the scrawny kid in my class (tall, but super thin) until sometime in high school, so maybe we have a common ancestor…


Gracie—Ugh. I hate when gross men are always trying to butt in on queer ttc. Who in the hell asked him? And why would he think that his opinion mattered anyway? Hopefully you don’t have to see him too often. irked.gif


Escher—Arg! I hope they can get this stuff sorted out for you! I agree that it shouldn’t be too long for the results, but why couldn’t they have told you that 2 weeks ago?


Library—sounds like you’re already having fun—I hope the rest of the conference is as pleasant!


Krista—if you have them ready to try, it can’t hurt, right? I mean, if you weren’t getting all of these tests you’d never know about the cysts, and I’m sure lots of people get pregnant with them and never have a clue. I’d go for it—why not?


Starling—I think you should be hopeful for as long as you can—if it’s positive you can be relieved and thrilled (etc etc). If by some chance it isn’t, you’ll be able to feel like you really did everything you could. DP keeps telling me that I need to be positive and stop planning for procedures that are months and months down the line because she thinks that I’m not giving our present situation a chance.


Lise—yay! Glad that you’re still on the same cycle! I have no advice—but I’m moving you just in case…


AFM—nothing, nothing. Waiting. –sigh-

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How do I create a fertility chart to put on here?
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