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Originally Posted by Graceie View Post

Im back smileing this is what I was talking about

Originally Posted by indigoscot View Post

krista, did they test e2 to see how high it is?  that is a better indication if those are cysts or not.  i would push for that bloodwork before i made a decision on this cycle.  bcp might not be a bad idea - give your ovaries a month off and then they are raring to go next cycle when you can do injectibles?  just a thought.


afu, we are now done with poas for this cycle.  dp is pretty sure she ovulated last night.  now we patiently wait for af.  :)  and in other super exciting news, we have our civil partnership date booked!  woooooohooo!  :)  that will happen when we are in scotland on vacation in april.  yeah!




ah haaa! I get, you mean Scotland! I'm now on the same page!

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Library- Glad you are feeling better!

Escher- Good Luck with that egg! dust.gif

Massage- It seems we all have differing opinions about this. I have asked several massage therapists and they mostly seem to think it's safe if you are gentle and careful. However, in Fertility Wisdom by Angela Wu, she takes a Chinese perspective of no pressure or massage on the shoulders after ovulation. She claims it pushes your energy down and that is not what you want when trying to keep the little bean inside.


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yes and some MTs just wont touch you if you are of might be in your 1 trimester , more becuse they dont want to be blamed if something happens

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Originally Posted by AmandaHope View Post

Escher: Happy conception day!! dust.gif Sending lots of positive thoughts.  Your post reminded me of Amy's spontaneous decision (after an unexpected and clearly positive OPK) to insem--and look how that turned out! 

Amanda beat me to it! Way to follow your instincts, and I hope you have the same great luck we did :) (Same to you, Lisedea - I'm glad you guys are going for it this cycle.) Fingers crossed for you both!

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thanks everyone for weighing in on the speculum issue.  i had been anticipating a choice between plastic and metal, but the size distinction was flabbergasting.  i ended up with a metal gra.ves vaginal speculum in size medium, manufactured by kin.k industries--which made me happy.  


escher: sending lots of fertile vibes your way--any sort of chaos around insemination seems to bode well for baby-making.  


lisedea: i know a lot of folks that avoid the master cleanse during the winter since it's such an intensive cleanse--but drinking the tea hot does sound nice for the cold months.  i'm keeping away from allergen-type foods (nuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, etc) for a few weeks and then following a week or two of the organ.ic avenue "love cleanse".  and, my favorite, favorite child in the world was conceived directly following a m/c, against the advice of a doctor.  he is now a beautiful and bright nine-year-old.


seraf: thanks for the speculum offer--i had already ordered mine by the time i read your post.  a house full of kids sounds like a blast...especially if you live in the country.  i always tell my dp i either want one child or five, but since it seems we are settling long-term in the city, we're pretty certain we'll choose one.  i hope you get to add to your brood this year.


library: SO jealous of your lunch with armistead maupin!  and neil gaiman for that matter.  i used to work in the library at a liberal arts college in pdx, and we also had a large representation of queer folks in a fairly small library.  awesome work environment--an abundance of books, huge windows overlooking a forest, and an awesome benefits for domestic partners.  your sleep interruption sounds ike a good old-ashioned panic attack.  i hope you never have another.


hello everyone else wave.gif  i hope to get caught up with more personals this next week.


afm: i am settling into the rhythm of a new university term, and still unpacking from two weeks away from home.  today is cd2 and i will be able to chart my cervix with the speculum and temp for two full cycles before my next insemination month.  for the first time, my dp and i are going to insem at home rather than the re clinic--and we'll likely use iui vials for ici.  i have read brill's book, but i'd appreciate advice from folks familiar with doing at-home insems.  this is how i always imagined we'd try, but i was distracted by some stories of quick successes just by choosing iui vs. ici.  


time to drink some wine and cook some dinner.

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Escher~ Way to go following your instincts. I hope this does the trick. Everything crossed for you~ hope the wait goes smoothly with the perfect result at the end!


Max~ How much longer til your IVF?  How's your ankle? And your shark?



Rainbow~ Neil Gaiman was an excellent speaker today, very funny and insightful, talked a lot about his process, which I enjoyed. AND I was voted chair of the book award committee! I'm very excited for the upcoming year. More books!!!  The library where you worked sounds really nice~ libraries so often are. 


Sleepy now~ ready to be home. Just one more day...

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Oh, how I love libraries!  My sanctuaries as a child, my sustenance as an adult!  


library ... Happy Homewardness!  And yes, I agree that your scary episode sounds like a panic attack.  Your body's delayed reaction to the flight, maybe?  Had it under control at the time, but let down your visceral guard within the safety of sleep?  Truly, Bach Flower's Rescue Remedy is my best friend.  They also make a sleep spray, which was my salvation when struggling with preggo insomnia. 

I would've loved to hear Neil Gaiman speak.  I adore his brain, and therefore, his books.


escher ... Go swimmers, go!  It might bot be Easter, but there is a very important egg hunt underway! 


rainbow ... Good luck with the home IUI process!  You sound very knowledgeable about it.  May I ask if you're going to DTD just before?  Ignore me if that's too frank.  I will say that DP and I do before our embryo transfers ... at home, of course, and the night before, but with the same theory in mind. 


massage ... I've stayed away from it for fear of unsettling something that might interfere with the fertility process.  Call me chicken.  And my RMT wouldn't touch me in the first trimester.  But he became the Most Important Person In My Life for the second and third trimesters. He even let me take home that funky so-pregnant-lady-can-lay-on-her-belly thing so I could sleep on my belly. 

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I was a more frequent poster here when we were trying to conceive our now 8 1/2 month old.  But, since we have IRL friends who hang out on MDC we haven't posted about TTC #2!  So, we are using the same donor as #1 boy child (for whom I am the gestational parent) and now it looks like #2 will be joining us (praying hard!) around September 19th!!!!  Because, this is what we saw this am, 13 dpo. we know it's super faint, but it's early!  So, we are praying for a sticky bean and hoping that we will be THOSE crazy women with 2 kids UNDER 18 months!!!!  We did NOT anticipate getting pregnant on the first try!  And, I am thrilled that we can do this without my needing to carry again so soon!  (And, just fyi, this was not my wife's first try...we tried with her for over a year before we switched to me.)  Wowzer...still  in shockdizzy.gif  So have fun squinting at the picture!  I know that when I was a more active QTTC person I loved seeing/hearing that it CAN in fact work.  (This cycle was a monitored cycle, with clomid and trigger shot, iui.  Our first child was a monitored cycle with trigger shot iui). DSCF5881.JPG

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Oh, and can I say I LOVE libraries and I LOVE Neil Gaiman--his audio recording of the Graveyard Book is amazing!

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Wishin - Certainly looks like a positive to me! CONGRATS!!! Here's to a sticky baby!!

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wishin' & hopin', that's a line!!! joy.gif congrats!
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Wishin' n' Hopin': jumpers.gifCongratulations! jumpers.gif   How exciting!  Here's hoping for a healthy, sticky.gif little bean!  (Btw, wow are you brave with two under two, but I can see how it could be wonderful--as long as you have a nice, high tolerance for chaos wink1.gif).  See you over in Q&P!

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Wishin!  AWESOME!  So exciting!  dust.gif

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Thanks, everyone, for your advice about massage. I think that may be something I try soon.

Congratulations, Wishin'&hopin'! joy.gif I hope you and your wife have a smooth and happy pregnancy! sticky.gif

Starling&diesel: How long now for you until the transfer?

Rainbowvalleymama: I'm glad that you found a speculum that works for you. Any hints for those of us who can't seem to master the speculum?

Max: Are you planning to have massages during your TWW? Oh, and I listened to the Belleruth Naparstek affirmations yesterday and today, and I felt like they are VERY helpful for me right now in terms of staying hopeful and calm. Thanks again for sharing that idea.

AFM: 1dpo. Temp rise this morning, which was nice. Remember how my RE's nurse wanted me to do the bloodwork and pap before my insem? Well I ended up doing the bloodwork but not the pap, and the RE didn't mention anything at the IUI. But today I got an email from the nurse, and she wants me to come in sometime this week to get the pap done. She says that it won't hurt anything since it is before implantation. I feel unsure about that--frankly, I don't really want anyone touching my cervix during the TWW. But I also hate being the difficult patient who refuses to follow her RE's advice. redface.gif Thoughts? Thanks.


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Wishin and Hopin—Congratulations! Totally a line!


Two under two could be the way to go—I’ve heard lots of great things about getting through the diaper stage once and for all.

Library—glad things got better after that night so you could enjoy the rest of the conference! thumb.gif Congrats on being the chair, too-- I’m looking forward to seeing the winners!

Max—It sounds like you’ve got everything you need—unicorns included!

Escher—FX! fingersx.gif Everything sounds like your timing was perfect! Now they just need to do their job! I’d be leery of the pap during the TWW, too, but maybe they should do it before implantation? On the other hand, can’t they wait until they know for sure if this try worked?

Rainbow—glad you got the speculum issue sorted out! And I think that stepping back and doing these things on your own time and terms sounds like an excellent idea.

AFM—not much going on. Looking like we’ll do the insems sometime this weekend. I’m still waiting to hear from Joanne who our donor is going to be—NOT my idea of fun. I need to talk to DP, but I’m going to see if we can buy multiple vials again just to avoid this kind of thing.
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Escher: That's a hard one.  I had a similar situation but managed to squeeze it in in the second week of my pg cycle before the insems (because *my* office gave me some warning!).  A week later, at the insems, the nurse asked when I had done it, because there was "a lot" of blood in my urine (not that I could tell...).  Those paps really bump things around in there.  I don't think I'd do it, personally, though I'd also have trouble simply refusing to follow clinic protocol.  I *know* I wouldn't do it during the pregnancy, though, so I'm afraid that you'd be going nearly a year extra without one.  Ugh.  Have you had abnormal paps in the past?  If not, and assuming you've been monogamous and not sleeping with men since your last pap wink1.gif, I'd assume everything is fine and refuse the pap.  It also might depend on how pushy the nurse is, exactly.  Good luck!

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escher, just popping in to say that AHope says pretty much the same thing i'd say to you. i'd try and skip it...
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Thanks everyone...yup, 2 UNDER 18 months if all goes well!  We love babies and are thrilled and praying that it's a sticky bean!


Still in shock that it worked!faint.gif

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Hooray Wishin'&Hopin'!!! Very exciting! smile.gif

Escher--I also think you should try and wait...I would not want to take any chances... What are your speculum issues? Anything specific? (I am not the expert...but Danielle certainly has become one)

AFM...think I am getting sick. Everyone in the school seems to have some sort of sickness...so I suppose it is my turn. Yesterday was soup making day(thanks Max...brothy soup helped) ...today is going to be granola making. Nice cozy things for cold weather days. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by escher12 View Post

AFM: 1dpo. Temp rise this morning, which was nice. Remember how my RE's nurse wanted me to do the bloodwork and pap before my insem? Well I ended up doing the bloodwork but not the pap, and the RE didn't mention anything at the IUI. But today I got an email from the nurse, and she wants me to come in sometime this week to get the pap done. She says that it won't hurt anything since it is before implantation. I feel unsure about that--frankly, I don't really want anyone touching my cervix during the TWW. But I also hate being the difficult patient who refuses to follow her RE's advice. redface.gif Thoughts? Thanks.


My GP wanted to do a pap when I was first pregnant with DD and I politely told her I was uncomfortable with it and would rather not do it. She didn't push at all. I didn't have an internal exam until I was 9 cm dilated ;) (I had an emotionally traumatic time with my 2nd miscarriage and a doc in the ER trying to do an internal exam that was painful and very upsetting.)


I think if you have any reservations about getting it done...don't get it done! There should be no reason to do one immediately...even if there was a problem (which there very likely isn't) then waiting until you are comfortable enough to get it done isn't going to change anything or make anything any worse.


Wow! Congrats wishin&hopin! I remember when your babe was born...seems like just yesterday!! Yay for 2 under 18 months :)

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