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Wishin' and Hopin'!!!! WAY TO GO!!!! Well done! That totally looks like a line, congratulations!!!!  Wooohoo!!  Can't wait to hear more stories as they progress!

Escher~ Glad your temp went up just the way you hoped. Everything's crossed for you for sure.



Sorry I haven't but a moment to do more personals, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone for your kind words about my panic attack--Starling, you're right, it was probably delayed reaction to the flight-- and to give you  more exciting book news!  We have winners!!!  The C/YA award press conference was this morning and I"ve never been in a rowdier bunch of librarians in my life (and that includes the Saturday Night cocktail social!!)    Our own winners are, for Young Adult:  Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher, about a young man who falls for the new girl in school, and has to re-evaluate everything he knows when he finds out she was born male.  Fiction winner:  More of This World or Maybe Another, by Barb Johnson, a collection of short stories set in New Orleans about a tight-knit community and the lesbian couple who holds them all together. Non Fiction winner:  Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature by Emma Donoghue, which is what it says, but don't be afraid it's some dry academic work. VERY readable and entertaining, and keep paper and pencil handy to write down the million new books you'll want to read once you've read this one!  We had honor books as well, but these are our winners and we're very proud of them.



Home in the morning and can't wait. DP did a brilliant job running both the half and full marathons at Disney world~ I can't wait to see her medals!!


You ladies are the best!   More later xoxo

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Congrats, wishin'!!!  Looks positive to me!!  joy.gif

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Escher- Be difficult! Don't do the pap! fingersx.gif

Library- When I was in high school I collected Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I still have them. What do you do with comic books as an adult? I just keep mine in a box.

Wishin- Congratulations! joy.gif:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy

AFM- Counting down the days. It's Monday now and I should be getting AF by Friday and able to start my IVF cycle. fingersx.gif
The shark is doing good, and biting away.
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Escher  why ? I would just wait a week or so till you know where are and if you get a BFP hold off till your comefy


AFM Ive never been so happy to be PMSing exept Im not happy due to the you know pms but it means Im that much closer to Oing and my first and I really hope last insem !


will read trough the tread and do some more personals in a bit monday is are long day I have walk at least 4 miles up hill with the baby today

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Max~ I have a lot of my old Sandman's too, and Death (I had such a crush on her) but the biggest collection I have is of Love and Rockets comics.  Hopey Glass is my imaginary girlfriend! I loved her for an embarrassingly long time...  I have my comics on one of my bookshelves, but lying down flat in a pancake stack rather than standing up book-style.  I do not keep them in mylar bags, though perhaps I should.   Not much longer now~ so excited for you!!!


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congrats wishin' and hopin' - i see the line too!! w00t! :)


afu, we had a snow day today and another one tomorrow.  we don't usually get snow, so the 5" we got last night basically paralyzed the city, lol!  ds1 had fun in the snow, ds2 enjoyed eating it.  now it has iced over and our daycare is closed again. 



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I have a stack of Sandman's and Love and Rockets too!  They're in the bathroom, for toilet entertainment.  I also read my limited edition Jude The Obscure about three times a year and stuff it in my backpack.  Not precious about things at all.  Except for my first edition Harriet The Spy and Charlottes Web.  Those are sacred.


Congrats on the pending period, Graceie!


Escher ... I would NOT get the pap either.  Like my RE says, "During your two week wait, don't do ANYTHING that would make you question yourself or feel guilty later."  Good, solid advice from a man who knows of what he speaks. 


AFU:  Taking the pills, gearing up for the u/s this Friday.  If the lining is good and the embies flourish, then we'll do the transfer on Monday.

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If any of you Gaiman fans are around Chicago he's going to be here in April doing at least three different shows with the library--the one I'm most looking forward to is a panel with him and some other fairy tale writers. He's so dreamy...loveeyes.gif

Starling and Max--it sounds like we're all gearing up again! I'm excited for us to join Escher in the TWW! This whole preTWW thing is getting old, fast.

Escher--what did you decide about the pap?

AFM--found out that we got to use our donor again this month! Yay! Now he really has to work this time, or we'll need to switch for sure. But to be honest, I think 4 tries is probably enough with one donor, right? Today is DP's first day of grad school--she got all dressed up this morning and found a briefcase (well, I found it--it was lodged behind all of my quilt fabric) and everything! She did turn down my offer to send her with an apple for the professor, sadly. It's pretty exciting, though!
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Isa: In what field is your DP going to grad school?  We had our DD while we were both in grad school; in many ways (especially post-exams, if it is a PhD program), it is an ideal time to have a baby.  I hope her first day is great!


Starling: Hope the pills to their job and that the u/s goes well on Friday.  I'm really, really hoping that one of these embies is the one for you and your family.


Indigo: Enjoy the snow days!  Here, we just get snow, but no snow days.  I miss snow days!


Max: Getting so close!  Yay!


Gracie: 4 miles up hill? Yikes!  Is this walking for work? 


Wishin: Have you done any more tests?  So exciting!


AFM: First midwife appt yesterday--TONS of paperwork and overwhelming info, but we also got to hear the little one's heartbeat, which was amazing, because it makes it feel real.  The fetus is reportedly the size of a fig this week (the weekly fruit sizes are my DD's favorite part so far).


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Amanda . no I live at the bottom of 3 hills so really to get anywhere I walk up the hill and I hate driving so we walk or bus a lot . heart beats are cool !


starling good luck !

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Hey ladies. I've been out of the loop like crazy. DS had a wrestling tourney all weekend in IL, my dad had a heart attack yesterday, we have 4" of snow, and my birthday gift last week - an ipad - was stolen! Sheesh!


I will do more personals later, but have a quick QOTD. For anyone who's done trigger, what are your thoughts on doing a double trigger? Or has anyone had a double trigger shot? I am not convinced that the Ovidrel is not working for me - 250 dosage. I haven't asked my RE yet, but was *thinking* about doing a double dose without asking her. We'll do an at home insem this month, 12 hours after the doctor performed IUI. I am really frustrated with the lack of aggression on our RE's part, thus the thought to increase the dosage myself. I want to make sure those eggies pop out. I've googled and found some info, but wanted to ask everyone here about your thoughts/experiences. I need to order the shots by tomorrow, but can't decide what to do.


I have had the craziest cycle this month EVER. AF came this month and I barely had any bleeding. If you recall, I spotted brown for three days, then never really had a ton of red bleeding. This never happens. I am typically 5 full days of heavy. On top of that, I've had the weirdest CM. Again, another reason I am convinced I have the strangest body ever.

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2ez... hmmm... double trigger... seems like it could help. have you ever had a blood test just after you "should" have O'd to check to see if you in fact did? what makes you think you haven't O'd 12-36hrs after the trigger?

oh, and so sorry to hear about your dad (and iPad). is he ok? hug.gif
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you Isa, AmandaHope, Wehrli, Lisedea, Carmen, Max, Graceie, and Starling for your encouragement to avoid the pap during the TWW. I knew I didn't want to do it, but it was VERY helpful to hear from all of you that you would avoid it too. Hopefully my RE and her nurse can handle that decision.

2ez: Yikes! You have a lot going on! I hope that your dad is ok. hug.gif That sounds like a weird cycle. Have you done another pregnancy test to make sure that's not what is up?

AmandaHope: Congratulations on hearing the heartbeat! How many weeks are you now? I've never had an abnormal pap, and I don't have any risk factors. I think the RE's office just wants to make sure everyone has an annual pap. But it still seems silly to try to do it during the TWW. shrug.gif

Isa: Hooray for getting to use your donor again! I tend to switch donors every three cycles, just because I've heard that sometimes a donor switch can make a difference. But hopefully you won't have to even consider that, because hopefully this cycle is the one for you!

Starling: I have my fingers firmly crossed for a healthy lining and flourishing embryos! fingersx.gif

Indigo: I'm envious of your snow days! I hope you're having fun with them.

Library: You're going home today, right? There is certainly no place like home...

Graceie: Not too long until your first insem! I think that everyone hopes that they will get pregnant the very first try. It happens for some people--hopefully it will happen for you!

Max: So close now! I'm excited for you. orngbiggrin.gif

Lisedea: I'm sorry you're getting sick! I hope that you feel better soon. I just can't figure out how to insert the speculum comfortably. It always hurts, and then I give up. innocent.gif

AFM: 2dpo. I'm not feeling very hopeful at the moment, but who knows. I'm tired of this cold grey weather. I think it should either snow or warm up and get sunny. If only I were in charge of the weather...
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Lisedea with the speculum issues has it gone OK when you've gotten a pap and such . Ive always needed them to use a small speculum pre baby I needed a pediatric speculum and even after giving birth they need to use a small speculum for women who haven't its annoying they never believe me and I end of screaming through exams or walk out

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I didn't fall off the face of the earth... just MDC. I made it a New Year's resolution to return to keeping up with this thread. I think I simply forgot how helpful and supportive you all can be!


I'm glad to see so many of you have gotten your BFP's while I was away. Hugs to those of you who didn't! It can be so frustrating.  I sometimes wonder if this will ever happen for me, or if I'm doomed to TTC until menopause. I'm trying to stay positive, though! That's why I'm back.


I believe my last post was shortly after our third cycle failed and my RE recommended an HSG.  That was in July.  DW and I got married in August followed by 2 weeks in Europe, which was amazing, btw.  We came back and decided to do one more cycle before going ahead with the blood tests and HSG.  We felt confident that now that we were married we'd get pregnant right away.  That obviously didn't happen!  I got the bloodwork (FSH and Prolactin levels are normal), and I finally got the VA to authorize the HSG last month.  I will not go into details, but the HSG was the most painful experience I've ever had, and the results were inconclusive.  The fluid went through my right tube no problem, but then pooled in an area instead of spreading out. The doc said this isn't normal. The fluid didn't go through my left tube at all. My RE initially wanted to do laparoscopic surgery to see what's going on in there, but he changed his mind when we met up with him a couple of weeks after the HSG. He said it was possible my body cramping up could have caused those results and didn't want to jump to surgery just yet.  He decided we should try a few cycles of clomid first. I'm on CD6, and my last dose of clomid is tomorrow. I'm really hoping this does the trick. My cycles tend to be long, so I'm hoping the clomid will move O up a few days and make it much stronger. I'm hoping for twins, actually. thumb.gif

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small vent here if i may...<sigh>  ds1 recently moved to the preschool class at his daycare - the daycare is run by bright horizons for my company.  they are really great and we love the teachers.  anyways, one of the teachers has a 5yo in the pre-k class and he is very unruly and badly behaved and has a potty mouth.  i have seen with my own eyes him pushing the other kids around and snatching toys/snacks from them.  now ds1 is picking up this kid's bad habits - spitting at us, using potty words, throwing toys at us and hitting us.  we don't spank and timeout hasn't been working in certain circumstances.  today we took out all his toys from his room and have revoked his limited tv time.  i had a chat with him and he cried the whole time - maybe he realized now how serious this is?  we plan to talk to the daycare director about the other child but since he is the son of a teacher the other teachers really are not following through with any kind of remediation.  i don't know what to do. until he moved to preschool and started spending more time with the pre-k class ds1 was much better behaved...not perfect but certainly not off the chain.



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2ez- Wow, that is a lot of crazy stuff going on in your life. Is your dad ok? My DP left his iPad in a cafe and the next day he went back and the cafe owner had it there for him. Silly luck I say! I don't know about the double trigger. There were times that I wanted to do things off the books and then I find out later it's not so smart. I always seemed to find the information I needed just a little too late, so I would say to ask. That's just me.

Escher- Keeping fingers crossed for you~! fingersx.gif

- Wow! We are going to be so close in cycles this time! Good luck at the RE's!

- Good to see you! I hope this is your magic cycle.

AFM- I started to spot brown today! I've never been so excited to get early AF signs. Technically I am supposed to wait till I have a blood red flow before calling to set up my pre-u/s for the cycle but I have tomorrow off from work and I really want to go in! HMMMM.... I'll have to ask DP what he thinks.joy.gif



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indigo so sorry : ( its hard when its a " person in charges " kid . I would meet with  the director , maybe try posting this in the parenting thread ?

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AHope—She’s doing Gerontology. She started a job when she moved to Chicago that involves a lot of seniors and found out that she LOVES them. And they love her. We get so many gifts (chocolate, cheap jewelry, weird old lady sweaters) it’s ridiculous. So we’re hoping that the degree might open up some new avenues for her to work with them more officially. So exciting about the heartbeat! I think the fruit part is my favorite, too—I always like to see what vegetable my friends’ babies are at.

2EZ—that sounds like a hell of a week! I hope your dad is ok! Your whole cycle seems so strange this time, maybe you should go get a blood test just to be sure.

Escher—if they do put you in charge I have some requests (balmy, mostly). It’s hard to be hopeful when it’s so crappy outside…

Gracie—that sounds awful! Maybe you should invest in your own and just bring it with you (ha!)

AmandaMom—Welcome back! We must have just missed each other—I think I started lurking around July. Hopefully the Clomid will do the trick!

Indigo—that sucks. Especially if they all know about it and just aren’t doing anything because it’s one of their kids. If they know it’s a problem they should be able to do something about it!

Max—Yay! So excited that you’re ready to go on this cycle! After all the healing you’ve been doing I imagine things are just about perfect for this to be your month!
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Thanks all for the replies. I am sure I'll chicken out and not do the double dose of Ovidrel. I just wanted to hear what everyone else thought on the idea. I may mention to my RE, but I doubt she'd go for it. It has been such a crazy week for me. Ugh! My dad is doing much better. He has heart disease and is in congestive heart failure, so the attacks now are much, much more seriously. They've done a heart cath and have put in another stint to free the blocked artery. He's had bypass surgery twice before and is only 63. Crazy scary. Losing the iPad sucks! I guess now I'll just wait to replace it with the 2nd generation when they come out. DP had it in her briefcase when it was stolen, but luckily, she did get all of her briefcase back with her work items, hard drive, cash, keys, etc back. There was $67 cash in there, but it was not touched. I guess there are semi-honest people in the world still.


Max - YAY for the spotting. Isn't it crazy that we love seeing things like that? We spend our whole lives dreading AF, only to be thrilled when she arrives during the TTC process. Ha! Fingers crossed for you. So exciting!


AmandaMom - Welcome back!!!


Isa - I did a test a couple days ago 'just to make sure' and it was negative. I wasn't expecting it to be anything but a BFN, but at least I double checked. I go in for an u/s next week so I am sure they'll see something during the u/s, if there's anything there. I feel certain this is my body's way of saying, 'you're going to need to do IVF or injectables, if you want a positive result.'


Hope everyone is having a great week. We had 4" of snow in Memphis Sunday night. DS has been home (making me bonkers) for 2 days from school. The city pretty much shuts down when the word 'snow' is mentioned. Crazy people.

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