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Library—nah, you can’t keep up wii tennis for long—it’s totally exhausting. Must be tae bo…

Mrs PP—I’m a little nervous about it. My problem is that I judge everyone—if someone is too perky, blonde and wholesome looking I automatically assume that they’re going to not want to talk to me if I’m gay so I try not to bring it up—kids are totally going to blow my cover. Of course, these perky blondes are always actually cool and have no problem with the gay thing, it’s just all in my head.

Starling—your stories are hilarious! Good luck with the ultrasound!

Escher—do I smell like coconut? I bet I do! orngbiggrin.gif

AmandaMom—Well, I was almost crying (only being in the gym surrounded by jocks held it in check) so I don’t think you need extra hormones for that part. So sad. Your pictures, however, are fabulous! I love happy wedding photos! Now you just need a good maternity shoot to go with them!

Rainbowvalley—I was born in Eugene, but haven’t been back since I was little. Nice to hear that everyone likes it so much—I’ve always been a little sentimental about it. Also, what is it like to live in a yurt, which sounds ridiculously awesome?

Wehrli—DP is going to be Mama, mostly because I already refer to her that way (when I’m talking to the dogs). I’ll probably end up Mommy by default. My requests to be Mummy got shot down as affected, and none of the other ones really seem to fit well. We had talked about calling her Mamita or, better, Mamacita since she’s little (I’m 6 inches taller) but that leaves me as Big Mama and I am NOT ok with that.

AFM—picked up the swim team tonight! Now I just need a smileyface to go along with it!
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RainbowMama- No the forced break was not good for me. I think on one level I did relax a lot more but the last cycle/month I became really depressed and was way over taking a break. A forced break of a month might have been ok, but mine was three months. Good luck with your upcoming insems. I always did two frozen vials too. dust.gif

Wishin- Those sound like really great signs!

Gelly- I am so sorry this year is starting out rough for you. I hope you will be able to embrace the romance of February and create a love baby. winky.gif

Are you relaxing now more that you are home? And, thank you for the article. I am totally going to convince one of my friends to do clown tricks for me after my transfer! It sounds fun and has an article to support it.

Your time will be here very soon. Take it from me, the wait will soon be over. To answer your question, no. I welcome other people’s different opinions and I think it’s a good practice of character to vocalize who you are. If any one has a problem with it, I would just say, “I feel sorry for you”. That’s just me.

My sister is queer too! We don’t live in the same state but when we do get together we are trouble! I love her. My DP recently said he wants to spend more family vacations visiting them because it’s nice to have queer family. hug2.gif

The Estradiol level was great! I was surprised, I have been eating less soy/tofu than usual because I was worried that had raised my Estradiol in the past. If any smells make you nauseous, I have read that smelling lemons can help cure nausea. winky.gif

- Yay for the swim team! dust.gif

OMG, your wedding pictures are so cute. DP’s favorite color is purple, he’s gonna freak when I show him these picts.
I don’t know how anyone watches the news these days. DP and I gave it up a while ago. We actually do not have our tv connect to any cable so we get zero channels. We both like it that way, we feel more peaceful in general. I agree the AZ shootings are devastating. greensad.gif

QOTD and Straightness- Well, I may grow my hair out and stop cutting it during pregnancy or I may shave my head. With all those hormones flying about I have no idea what I will look like or what to expect. I do have the word HOMO tattooed on my right shoulder with a little sailor girl, so worse case scenario I wear a tank top in the summer and roll my shoulder at people.

QOTD and Names-
Well I think DP and I would both want to be called Daddy but we’ll have to arm wrestle or work that out some other way. I am sure I will end up being called Mom or Mommy but as a consolation I may convince the little one to call me Supreme Being on occasion if I’m lucky.

CD2 I started physical therapy for my leg and walking yesterday. I am doing pretty good. I think all the acupuncture last month really helped. Tonight was my first night of injectables for follicle stimulation. 300Follistem and 150Menupur was my dosage. I have to do this for about a week. After all this build up it was super easy! We went out to eat this evening in a cool little neighborhood and had a few glasses of wine with dinner. I am trying to enjoy the last days of my wine drinking and embrace the upcoming snuggly TWW in sober sanctity.




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Max, being called supreme being, that's the funniest thin I've heard in a while! I LOVE it and fully support you being called that! Or you could go with " great giver of life" or something like that!
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Did you all see the moderator action over in Q&P? We're not allowed to talk about it, so I won't say anything else.

Max: Hooray for good Estradiol levels and easy shots!

Isa: Come on, smiley face!

Rainbow: I hope you have a great trip!

AmandaMom: What great photos. It looks like you had a lot of fun. This is my seventh cycle trying. What about you?

AFM: Thanks for all your enthusiasm, but I'm pretty sure that the heightened sense of smell is just a prometrium side effect. I'll let you know, though, if I get any new exciting symptoms! orngbiggrin.gif


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Escher, just FYI, I was on prometrium for more cycles than I could count and I never had a hightened sense of smell 'till my positive cycle :).

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Good morning,


Escher, I noticed that, but I didn't see the original post.  I also noticed that SarahCecile had some news over in an IVF thread.


Sara, would you like to be called the great giver of life?  It doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but I could encourage it.


Max, I love the tat.  If you feel like posting a pic, I would not be heartbroken.


Isa, happy marinating! 


Here is the promised pic of the baby.


But it's not an unfamiliar feeling around here I guess.


And totally old pic, but I want another baby 


This was my other baby. I need another one for sure.

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No I do not wished to be called that, I was just offering max other ideas!
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Rainbow~   When she kicks me, I can see a thump, like someone hitting a drum. I'm not yet to the point where you can really see limbs and movement through my flesh, but it won't be much longer.  Also, I haven't heard the word 'bougie' in so long!  Thanks for the memories! It reminds me of hanging out at lunch with all my drama fag friends and listening to them bitch about drama fags from other schools they'd encountered at The Wreck (the underage alternative club in OKC).   So I feel like someone should be dangling a cigarette and rolling their eyes when they say it. And if they can be wearing multiple Izod shirts and sunglasses on a neon cord around their neck, so much the better.  Enjoy your excellent weekend!!! 



Isa~ YAY for the swim team!!!!! joy.gifHere's a smiley face for you. I'm keeping everything crossed!  And you're totally right about the Tae-bo, though today it feels more like gymnastics.



Max~ Yes, I'm much more relaxed at home, thank you for asking.  I'm comfortable in other places, it's just the anxious anticipation of flying that's always somewhere in the back of my mind. Like "Will I ever see my home again?"  and this time, with DP in Florida, I also kept thinking "What if I make it home and she doesn't?"  It's silly in a way, and a habit I'm trying to break, but it still makes me tense.  VERY EXCITED about your progress toward IVF. I'm eager to see if the clownin' helps!  And I think I speak for everyone on the board when I say that I'd love to see a photo of your sailor girl tattoo!!


Escher~ Symptoms? Testing? I think the smell thing is def a possibility!!  


Seraf~ Adorable pix!!!  Thanks for sharing!



AFM~ I'm a naughty, naughty girl and have had to have stern warnings.  But I'm not supposed to talk about that or I'll get warned again.

QOTD~ DP is British, so she wants to be Mummy, and I'm Southern, so I'm going to be Mama.  They're different enough, too, that it should avoid confusion for all (including me).

Best news of the day? The plumbing problem was a simple and relatively inexpensive fix. Woohoo!!


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Good afternoon, queer mamas and papas wave.gif

Library - I think that info about laughter during/after IVF transfer is good advice. I'm sure it even applies to those of us doing inseminations. I'm going to try to be happy and laugh and watch funny movies from O day until implantation. Wish me luck!

AmandaHope - Thanks for the encouragement. I'm also feeling like I will have a better chance this cycle due to the clomid... and even though my HSG wasn't perfect, I feel like I still benefited from the "power-washing" effects. This is so my cycle! My RE didn't ask me to come in for a follow up u/s, though. He just told me to take the clomid and start OPK's on CD10. I'm hoping for a multiple birth anyway, right? lol.gif If, HEAVEN FORBID, this cycle doesn't work, I plan to request an u/s after the clomid and a trigger shot next time. That will be our last vial of our #2 donor choice, and I really don't want to move on to #3.

Sera - We had no idea we'd have to hang upside down to kiss the Blarney stone either... And we sure didn't know we had to climb to the top of the castle to do it! There are mixed stories behind that special stone in the wall, but bending over backwards is pretty much the only way to kiss it. People have been kissing that dirty old stone for centuries, so we just had to do it. I'm pretty sure I'm no more eloquent than I was before, though. If anyone wants to learn more about it, wiki has some good info. P.S. Love the pics of your babies! So adorable!

gelly - I figured out it was you by the coyote story on your fb wall. winky.gif I enjoyed looking at your pics. You and DW look so happy together!

Isa - A maternity shoot is just what I need! Thanks. orngbiggrin.gif I had to laugh at Mamacita and Big Mama! How about this smiley for the swim team: makebabe.gif

Max - Any symptoms so far from the injectables? I know what you mean about your break from TTC not being so good. The break we took for the wedding and honeymoon was great, then we inseminated in October but not since. I've started to feel like this is NEVER going to happen to me, like getting pregnant is just a pipe dream. The holidays were especially hard because had our first try worked, I would have had our baby at the end of December. Now that we're back in the game (and I'm back here on MDC), I feel so much better... as I'm sure you do! Tell your DP purple is also my favorite color. We wanted to choose wedding "gowns" that were comfortable and fun and reflected who we are. I think we did a pretty good job. Oh, we don't have our TV hooked up to cable either. We watch movies a lot, but the only TV we really watch is the Nightly News (did I mention I luxlove.gif Brian Williams?) through our antenna.

escher - I did not see the moderator action in Q&P, but now I'm so curious to know what happened! This will be our 5th try, but it seems like way more... Amanda Power!!!

AFM, CD9 and nothing new. I'll start the OPK's tomorrow, which is much earlier in my cycle than usual, but I'm hoping to O much sooner. fingersx.gif



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Library: hug.gifhug2.gif Here's a joke to make you feel better:
What did the hat say to the scarf?
You go around and I'll go on ahead!
lol.gif (ok, I agree. It's pretty bad. orngtongue.gif)
I'm only 5dpo, so I think it is still going to be a little while (at least 5 days) until I start testing. Boring, I know. Hey, did I tell you that I used one magic opk this cycle but I still have one left to use next cycle if needed? fingersx.gif I'm glad that your plumbing problem was easy to fix!

AmandaMom: You and I have both been trying since March, and I agree that it feels like it is taking a long time. Hopefully for both of us the TTC process is almost over!

Seraf: I love the pictures. You have cute kids! Thanks for pointing out the SarahCecile news. So exciting!

SarahCecile: If you're reading this, hooray!!!!! Stick, baby, stick!

Cejae: I'll hope that my symptoms are following your pattern. But I have to say that since I started having an enhanced sense of smell at 3dpo or so, it seems pretty improbable that it has to do with any baby that may or may not be hanging out inside of me. Maybe I just have an insanely early implanter? I could start testing now (5dpo)! orngtongue.gif

Starling: How did the ultrasound go? fingersx.gif



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Library ... The cool kids always cause a stir! 

I love the throwback imagery to the drama fags.  I hearted those boys in school. 


Rainbow ... My 18 year old  shaved-head, margin-dwelling, lesbian separatist, feminist activist, poverty rights queerling self would kick my butt too, along with my long hair, mortgage and SUV and pink-wearing girl child and my jeans purchased from *gasp* walmart.  Ah well.  Live and learn.  I'd like to go back and give that 18yo a hug though.  I could've used it at that age. 


escher ... How's the symptom inventory this morning?


afm:  Lining looks good!  We're all set for the FET on Tuesday, so long as the embies survive the thaw.  I had a new doc this am doing the u/s, one who has obviously not read my file.  She went rooting in there with her transvaginal wand (hows that for an image!) to get a look at my ovaries.  As I squirmed in agony and nearly passed out, she said, "Oh, I'm just making sure that your ovaries are quiet, and that there's no follicle in there."  I said, quite emphatically, "They're not just quiet ... they're MUTE!  That's why I'm here."  She kept rooting in there, and mumbled to the tech under her breath, "The left one is hard to visualize."  I said, again, quite emphatically, "That'd be because it's tiny and has never functioned!"  Argh.  Read.  The. File.  It was like a factory in there this morning.  We had to wait nearly two hours past our appointment time, and the two waiting rooms were packed.  This whole city seems to be on the same cycle.  Lookin' good for Tuesday!  Fingers crossed that the embies do well!



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Starling~ Now *I* want a transvaginal wand!  It seems like the magical instrument you'd use to pick up girls at the bar.   I'm very excited to hear about your lining, though sorry about your agony and subjection to ignunce.  And yeah, the high school fags were the best. Of my four QBFFs, three of them were named Darren.  Good times.



Escher~ Thanks for the joke, it was terrible but wonderful and I really needed that.  I hope the opk magic works this time for sure xoxoxoxox



Have I told y'all lately how awesome you are?  An excellent group of women indeed.

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Library, you don't have a transvaginal wand?  What kind of lesbian are you?  The sweet girls at work who are constantly asking how ttc is going, who think I'm a freak at this point (you know, how we're all kind of uniquely freakish), I forgot to give them all speculums for Christmas.  They tried soo hard to help me come up with something that would work.  Well, the Other girls at work, saw my blender cup thing and said, is that a silver bullet?  I said, isn't the silver bullet a vibrator?


Thanks for the compliments on how cute the kids are.  I want another one very much.  These two are so big (and so little, Ari couldn't get up in her snow gear).  They drive and sleep in their own beds and go to the store.  I want another little one.  Just a bitty thing.  I'd say I'm pretty close to ovulating.  I want a baby so bad I can feel it today.

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Crashing for a moment to answer the QOTD - What do our kids call us?


Mom and other Mom.  How does that work?


"Mom," calls out child #1 or #2.

"Yes," I reply.

"No, not you. The other Mom," says child #1 or #2 with exasperation.


Mom and other Mom is pretty interchangeable depending on the situation.  We're flexible on which one of us is the other mother winky.gif.  We let the kids decide what to call us when we adopted them, and they wanted to call us both Mom.


With this wee one on the way, I'm hoping for Mom (me) and Mama (DW).  We'll see how it goes.

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Hello everyone! Thank you all for your responses to my question - it makes me feel a little less crazy to know that I am not the only one that sometimes gets nervous about things like that redface.gif


Wehrli - we are planning on doing mommy for me (can't help it, I've always wanted to be someones mommy!) and for DW we are still a little up in the air. It will most likely either be Mama or NiNi (NeeNee?). Her name is Nicki and one of the little guys I used to nanny for was in LOVE with her but couldn't say her name correctly and it always came out sounding like knee-knee. We thought it was adorable love.gif


AmandaMom - what wonderful pictures! and that video, oh my goodness - so amazing. Who is the awesome editor? And what kind of video camera did you use? Nicki and I backpacked Europe for 3 months the summer of '08 and I would kill for something as amazing as that to document our journey. You guys are awesome.


Isa - I totally could have written what you wrote in your response to me (does that make sense?). I totally judge people like that too - I think it's a defense mechanism. And Big Mama made me laugh out loud! Hooray for the swim team - come on smiley face!!!


Max - thank you. it will be soon. I was having a very Veruca Salt kind of day yesterday but I am much better now. And I love the "I feel sorry for you" response - I only hope I can be that strong when the time comes. I am so excited for you - won't be long now!!! 


Seraf - Cute. Baby. Overload.


Library - bad girl you are winky.gif  the thought of your baby playing Wii tennis made me giggle - maybe she's playing Just Dance 2 as well...


Starling - good luck to you!!!


escher - can't wait to hear about any new and exciting symptoms! 


wave.gif to anyone I missed!


AFM - Nicki got called in for a third interview! She is meeting with the CEO today at 4 o'clock - any extra good vibes would be greatly appreciated! This would be huge for us and I am so excited!!! 



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ooooh! I'm seeing some potential BFPs over here. So exciting! Went for my CD12 ultrasound today. Guess what? No cysts! Yay and boo hiss are in order. Yay because it's not an issue but boo hiss because I could have told them that at CD3 ultrasound and WE COULD HAVE DONE INJECTIBLES. Arrrgh. I'm losing my window of opportunity for that outside of IVF and I am so frustrated. I swear. Sometimes, I can't believe these nurses and doctors work in a Fertility Clinic. It's just hard to imagine as I feel more educated then they. Even my fertility support group ladies said my cysts didn't sound like a problem and I should have been able to move on to injectibles. And these are women with tons of IVFs under their belt. Anyway, trying to breathe and get ready for insemination this month. We are moving to 2 different known donors for a total of 5 inseminations to see if anything with f-in stick! Krista






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Seraf~ Maybe my transvaginal wand got lost in the gay mail?   That must be why it took me til I was 35 to meet my true love!


Mrs P~ EVERYTHING CROSSED for your DP!  A third interview sounds really promising.


Krista~ Get those swimmers in there! Surely with five doeses something's going to stick.  xoxoxoxoxoxo

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escher - Okay, what's up with the magic OPK, and where do I get one? orngbiggrin.gif

Starling - Fingers crossed tight for your embryos! fingersx.giffingersx.gif

007 - DW and I are hoping to go with Mom and Mama as well, but I kind of like how your kids call you both Mom.

MrsPP - Thanks for watching my honeymoon video! We used an HD Sony camera bought specifically for the trip. My woman is the one with the amazing video editing skills. She's amazing in many ways. heartbeat.gif I'm so jealous of your 3-month trip around Europe. The two weeks we spent there went by so quickly! Congrats to Nicki for the interview. I'm sending out positive vibes her way!

krista - With five insems, something is bound to stick, right?! I definitely think so.

Library - I can't believe you never got your transvaginal wand. Mine arrived with my toaster. lol.gif

Got to go; it's time for Brian Williams.




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Max--that sounds like a dreamy evening--and the idea of a snuggly TWW sounds great, too! Also, please post pics of your shoulder! I wanna see!

Seraf--that falling-on-the-stairs shot is precious! I'm glad she wasn't hurt--but I'm also glad you took a picture.

Library--yay on the plumbing! I'm going to have to read up at Q&P and see what is going on around here...(also, Darren stole your wand. He told me all about it).

Amandamom--your honeymoon video is sooooo cute! I finally got to watch it this morning. And it occurred to me that one of my friends is an awesome storyteller because her parents took her to kiss the blarney stone when she was 10. That explained it all!

Starling--ugh. Maybe next time just ask up front and if they haven't read it say you'll wait until they do. What a pain.

Gumshoe--that's funny! And not unexpected. Especially if you just want attention, and either mom will do...

MrsPP--Yay! Glad to hear about the interview! I hope that that's it and then she's hired!

Krista--That totally sucks about the injectables. But. You get to go this month! Yay! And not worry about alien cysts! It sounds like you've got the cavalry over there, so I bet this will be your month!

AFM--smileys first thing in the morning! So tomorrow and Sunday we're going in--at 9 am, instead of the usual 7:30. Because none of us, doctor included, want to be there before dawn. Tomorrow DP and I are taking our friends and their baby and heading to the indoor water park. Mayan Adventure is just what I need--warm, warm, warm! and waterslides!
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AMom~ I've kissed the Blarney Stone too! The upside down part wasn't as bad as the 'hanging backwards off the edge of the turret' part, but still, that was one of the highlights of our Ireland trip. It was the most gorgeous spring morning, and the castle ground was lush and lovely. Worth the giant climb!!  And Escher's magic opks are a box that I found while I was cleaning house and she 'won' in a trivia contest I had.  I sent them to her with magical preggo dust, so we're hoping they'll work this time.



Isa~ Yay for smileys!!! Best of luck and everything crossed!! Make sure to laugh a lot tomorrow at the waterslides, I hear it helps.  As for that thief Darren, I hope he enjoyed the wand.


What a drama-filled day. So ready for my long weekend!!!



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