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So me and my SO finally found this thread. We are new to this site and are still trying to figure it all out. We are currently ttc #1 after about 4 months of charting. I can honestly say that it is a really good feeling when things we have predicted from our charts actually start happening. We must be doing something right. We are definitely hoping for the best while trying to stay realistic. The advice and support on these threads are great and we are glad to be able to surround ourselves with so many of you that understand what we are feeling at this point. First IUI attempt will be around the 24th of this month. We will definitely keep every one posted as we embark on this hectic journey.

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Isa - You would be surprised at how many people I saw climb all the way up there only to refuse to bend over backwards. One woman made an honest attempt, but when she was mere inches from the stone, she started yelling at the guy to "pull me back up! Pull me up!!" orngbiggrin.gif Fingers crossed for you! fingersx.gif I could really use an indoor water park at this point. Enjoy yourself!

Library - Ooooh, I like the magic OPK's. I have a pregnancy test someone from the "TTC #1 in our 30's" thread sent me that she got while in France. I'm pretty sure it's expired now. She got her BFP while in France, so I'm certain it's loaded with baby dust. I'll still use it... when I'm certain it will say "enciente". wink1.gif

AFM, today was kind of a crappy day, and to top it all off, Brian had the night off. Lester Holt just isn't the same.




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We'll call it a BFP!  The second beta was 110 with a doubling time of 25 hours joy.gif


Still in shock!  Hopefully this sticky bean will stick around until nearsaround September 19th!  


QOTD we are mama and mommy.  I encouraged DW (mommy) to pick the name she wanted first because I knew that as the gestational parent I would get some automatic recognition that she does not.  It worked out well for us and as baby gets bigger it is LESS clear to the outside world (as in anyone who doesn't see me nursing) who the gestational parent is (and folks tend to assume it's my wife b/c the baby has coloring similar to hers).  The thing tho' is that b/c people assume that mama and mommy are interchangeable I can already see a bit of confusion when I'm with my guy and someone says something along the lines of "oh, there's your mommy" or "go to mommy".  He looks at them like they are crazy (which is kind of funny!).

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Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Congratulations, Wishin'&hopin'! joy.gif

AmandaMom: I'm sorry you had a crappy day. How cool that you have a magic French pregnancy test. I hope you get to use it soon! Once I'm pregnant with a sticky baby, I'm going to have to find a way to pass on the magic...

Isa: Hooray for your smiley! Good luck with your insems today and tomorrow. And have fun at the waterpark! goldfish.gif

Krista: Yay for no cysts! Boo for stupid doctors. It's so exciting that you get to do five insems this cycle. I'm envious! I have my fingers crossed that this is the month for you! fingersx.gif

MrsPP: Hooray for a third interview! How did it go? fingersx.gif

Gumshoegirl007: I like the "mom" and "other mom." orngbiggrin.gif We're planning to go with mommy and mama, but I can definitely see that evolving into a system like yours!

Seraf: Your kids "drive and sleep in their own beds"? What does that mean? I'm imagining them pretending to drive their very own bed. orngtongue.gif

Starling: I'm SO glad that your lining looks good. Hooray! How stupid that your doc hadn't read your file. Will you not find out until Tuesday morning how the embies did? I'm sending them lots of "strong embryo" wishes! baby.giffingersx.gif

AFM: 6dpo. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. I'm not sure I've ever had a pregnant dream before. But I didn't have the same temp jump today that I had at 6dpo on my pregnant cycle in May. Anyway, I'm feeling good right now about getting pregnant soon, whether or not I'm pregnant this cycle.


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Library, if it took that long, maybe Darren took your partners transvaginal wand as well?


Wishin', congrats!  Start a string for us!  Pick any names yet?


Escher, Those are seperate.  Osha has slept in his own bed for almost 2 years.  Ari is now moving into her own bed (ok, her own bed in the other room).  They love to drive, but I was mostly joking.   She can only steer, but he can reach the pedals and shift, but has never driven fast enough to get to second.


I just bought a new pack of OPKs, I'm going to get another pack for another Sara for a late Christmas present. 

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mami2mami - greet.gif Isn't it amazing what you can learn by charting? I've always had long, irregular cycles, and when I learned how to detect ovulation and discovered my luteal phase (LP) was consistently 13 days, I was amazed. Once I detected ovulation, I knew exactly when I would start my period instead of being surprised every time. I wish you both the best of luck!

Wishin'&hopin' - Congrats! joy.gif Stick, stick, stick!!! sticky.gif

escher - I think a pregnancy dream is a good sign, and don't worry about not seeing that temp jump you saw in May. Maybe this one is implanting later, or maybe you're pregnant but won't see a temp jump. Thinking of you with my fingers crossed tight! fingersx.gif

Sera - How old are Ari and Osha now? When you said they were driving, I pictured teenagers, but I know that's not right, because we just saw a recent pic of your little girl. I had to laugh at you buying OPK's for a friend... And your speculum christmas gift idea cracked me up. Hey, I could use a friend/coworker like you! Those things can add up! lol.gif

AFM, well, a crappy day turned into a crappy night. I had so much trouble falling asleep last night. I think I finally dozed off after 5 a.m., but my eyes popped open at 9, and I couldn't fall back asleep no matter how hard I tried. I'm going to try not to let it ruin my day!
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wishing CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodvibes.gifhealthy pregnancy goodvibes.gifhealthy baby

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Thank you flowersforyou.gif DW is a sleeping, eating machine at the moment!  For her this all feels very concrete (due to symptoms) and yet I find myself feeling like this is all still very abstract.  It's going to be interesting (and challenging) to be the non-gestational mama this go'round!

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Wishin- Congratulations to you and your DP! drum.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gif

Starling- dust.gif for Tuesday! It’s exciting that it’s so close. fingersx.gif

MrsPP- How did the interview go?

- Sorry you are having such a frustrating time with the RE but it sounds like you are really covering all the possible egg drops with those insems!

PrettyIsa- Good luck with the insems! dust.gif

- I read your laughing article you posted, I’m totally doing it.

- Welcome to the forum. hola.gif Sounds like you are doing good by charting already. I remember my first IUI. It’s exciting and nothing to worry about, so I wish you good baby luck dust as you near the 24th of this month.

AmandaMom- I also envy your magical pregnancy test. It sounds very glittery. Boo for sleepless nights. I woke at 3am last night but was pleasantly surprised DP had left me some pizza sitting on the counter. It made up for lost hours of sleep.

Escher- Pregnancy dreams are a really positive sign! fingersx.gif

- I love the idea of giving OPK’s as a gift. thumb.gif

AFM- Second night on injectables. Still 300iu of Follistem and 150iu of Menopur. So far no side effects and everything is hunky dory.


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P.S. I changed my pict so you can see the tatttoo on my right shoulder. DP's hair was REAL crazy that day.wild.gif
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Congrats, Wishin'!  Wonderful, doubling numbers! 


Welcome, welcome, mami2mami! The folks on this board have a wealth of knowledge.  Tell us more about yourself and your partner!


Escher ... You are so pregnant.  Now let's hope that it's a sticky one!  When do you poas? 


Max ... Counting the days?


AmandaMom ... Hoping that you feel better today?  I had a crap day yesterday too after a wretched sleep.  DD isn't sleeping well lately, very restless and squirmy.  She sleeps with us.  On Thursday night she was so tossy-turny that I ended up getting a scissor kick to the head! (She often sleeps with her feet near our heads, upside down.) I kept trying to make sure that she wasn't kicking DP in the head too.  Finally, I woke up DP and sent her to go sleep in the other room so, in my own words, "Someone can get some f------ sleep."  Then I had a nightmare that I was arrested for possession in an airport in the states after a misunderstanding (heroin residue in my bags from taking it from an addict friend and disposing of it) and was incarcerated forever, never being able to see DD or DP ever again.  Wretched night.  Bleh.

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mami we  will be inseming on the same day or around ! good luck


afm I am still having sperm bank issues ( this is after I received a email saying all was well months ago ! )hopefully they will be revolved and I will be ordering my spremies Monday for the 24th

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Thread Starter 
Mami—welcome! Glad to have you here! greet.gif

AMom—that’s funny! It didn’t look too scary from your video, but you didn’t show what the drop looked like, either. I don’t know if I’d be able to do it—I’m terrified of falling. I hope today was better for you than yesterday!

Wishin’—YAY!! Congratulations on your sticky bean!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Seraf—I was hoping that they had racecar beds!

Escher—hoping that dream is a sign! It certainly sounds like they’re piling up!

Max—y’all are just too cute for words. love.gif

Starling—that does sound like an awful night. My best friend when I was a kid used to have dreams that she was a boxer—and would punch anyone sleeping next to her. Have you tried building a wall of pillows?

Gracie—sorry to hear that there are issues! I hope they get resolved soon!

AFM—waterpark was lurvely! Not quite as warm as I’d hoped, but we all really enjoyed the lazy river and the tube slide. Our friends’ one year old daughter loved the kiddie pool once she got out of the splashy parts, and squealed with delight whenever DP or I came into view, which was charming. The only downside was not really getting to hang out in the hot tub for fear of overheating myself. The insem this morning was a little painful, but supposedly everything looks good and we even managed to see them this time (the other times the microscope has been focused wrong or something). Pretty neat! I told a couple of them it was their job to find the egg, so I’m hoping that calling them out individually will make a difference!
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candleflicker2.gifMe and my partner met when I was about 17, she was 28 at the time. It is a funny story. I was dating someone who was cheating on me with her partner. One day I found out where she worked and I dragged my not so faithful girlfriend to her job. I introduced myself to her as the one who was dating the girl that her girl was cheating on her with. (I hope you can all follow along) We talked for a few minutes and agreed to meet again. Not long after I went for a job interview at the store she was managing. (Easiest interview by far) She hired me rather quickly and soon we began a "friendship". The stock room became our kiss and go room and cashiering was so much easier when I can look up at her and see her staring back at me. I quickly wanted more than just kisses but she was a little more skeptical about it and kept telling me I was to young. She played hard to get for a long time! A year after we met we got a little closer. We never titled ourselves as being together as much as I really wanted to. We did our own things when we were not together and when we were it was all about us. Not to long after that I could not take the fact that she did not want to be serious and I decided I was not going to talk to her any more. I always thought of her and from what she says she always thought of me. (honestly I think she was afraid to settle with me because I was raising a 2 year old when I walked away, she says I needed time to mature) 5 years later out the blue my phone rang and it was her. she had got my # from her niece. We talked all night and decided that we would take it slow. I did not want to be in a relationship at the time and neither did she. I met up with her about a month later and things went quickly from I do not want any thing serious to when are you moving in? (LOL) Me and my now 6 year old daughter moved in with her. We were renting from her Mom. The good thing was that my daughter remembered her and she became more open to the idea. My partner has no birth children. A few years later we decided to try adoption which turned into fostering. We have had 2 foster children 1 we had for almost a year before he was taken. Broke our hearts! He had brain injury caused by his mother who tried to suffocate him. He was 13 months when we met him and could not walk, talk, or eat by mouth . He ate through a J-tube. ( a tube implanted into the small intestine) He could not even hold his head up on his own. About 6 months after being placed in our home we had him eating by mouth (his tube was removed) and he was now walking with help from a gait trainer. Things became difficult with his biological mom and eventually we were forced to give him up. From what we hear now he has had a major set back and now depends on that feeding machine once again. Christmas for us has become very hard because we always are reminded that the day after is his birthday. About a month after he left we were placed with another little boy age 21 months. He also was dependant on a feeding machine but was able to sit up on his own. He is now standing next to me asking me for music in sign language. He can practically run and honestly speaking I do not see him going any where. His mom has not attempted to see him since May 2010. Courts  are pushing for adoption from us. I have tried for several years to convince my SO to have a baby with me. Finally about 4 months ago, she agreed. We are now living on our own in a townhome with our 2 kids. She is a stay at home mom now age 38 and I am a full time worker and now full time student. I will be 28 on Monday. Our daughter is going on 11 in less than a month and our lil man will be 3 in May. We are very realistic about this whole insemination and my SO continues to say that this is not going to be easy because of her age. I just wish for the best. We have now been in a committed relationship for almost 5 years. Please send lots of extra baby dust to us on or around the 24th. Set back we just heard from Joanne that the donor we chose is not good for home inseminations. Back to the drawing boards.joy.gif

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Wishin~ HOOOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Those are really good, strong numbers!!!! Now let's hope for a sticky bean!!! YAY!!!!   What's your EDD?  I know that's the first thing I looked for every 2ww.  See you soon in Q & P (but be careful...)



Mami~ Welcome! That's quite a story, I'm so glad you were there to provide what that kiddo needed. I"m sorry your current donor choice isn't working out, but I"m sure you'll find someone who meets your needs. This is a great board~ looking forward to your journey!!



Escher~ I think the dream's a great sign! And even if your temp didn't go up yet, it's no biggie. My success cycle was that nighmarish chain of 97.9 that made me so frustrated I could've screamed. I still think good things are on your horizon!


AMom~ Sorry you had such a bad day/night. Sleeplessness is the worst.  I had trouble this week readjusting to my time zone, today's sleeping in and then giant nap were a real treat. Hope tomorrow's better!!



Max~ Thanks for showing off your tattoo!  I think you and DP both look adorable in the photo.  I hope your injections aren't too painful. What are you planning to use to make yourself laugh? 



Starling~ Yikes for your nightmare! I'm glad that it was just a dream and hope it was all rosier in the morning. I had a scary dream last night that could have been a movie script. Peaceful rest tonight!



Isa~ HOORAY!!!! Welcome to your wait, hopefully it's your last! I'm sure you'll be totally symptomatic by morning.


QOTD, just for fun.   Thinking about my Darrens and our mid-80s queer drama, I wanted to ask everyone what was the movie/tv show/ whatever where they first saw someone gay or lesbian? I'm going to totally date myself with this, but I think I've established my Queer Elder Cred (ha!) but I'm curious about everyone's experience.  The first thing I ever saw where someone called themselves homosexual (the word he used in the film) was the movie Fame.  Of course it's the miserable guy who's in love with his psychoanalyst, and there's no possibility of romance, etc, but I still remember catching my breath when he says it out loud.  The first time I saw lesbians in a movie was MUCH better: The Hunger.  I stayed up late to watch it because I was such a David Bowie fan and got the most pleasant surprise of my life!!!!!!  Woohoo!!  I also became a big Bauhaus fan after watching it, and it's still one of my favorite movies.  

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mami--we base our decisions completely around who joanne tells us is good for an at home insem. our last swimmers had a 58 million sperm count and worked on the first try...unfortunately i had a miscarriage...but it worked!!! we are trying for the same donor...but are unsure if we will be able to get our first choice (we need it by wednesday).

good luck with your decision! i have all of the indepth applications of donors that are good for at home insem if you want them--just let me know!
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what is with the shi.tty sleep happening right now?  i actually checked (online) whether it's a full moon--since it's too stormy to look at the sky--nope, 4 nights away.  our first night at the coast my dp and i both slept amazingly soundly, and then last night dp flipped and turned and sighed for hours.  so, today she's an evil demon version of my love, and had an entirely out of character jealous episode about whether i am attracted to the lovely dyke owner of the inn where we often stay.  


max:  it's hard enough choosing to take a break.  i'm impressed you managed to keep from slipping into depression until the third month of your forced break.  so happy you're moving forward now. your dp's "crazy" hair looks just like my dp's normal hair.  


library:  funny "bougie" is a nostalgic word for you--it's so strongly linked to my everyday discussions amongst friends--and doesn't live anywhere in my personal past.  did you say your dp is british and you are southern?  how long have you been living in oklahoma?  how did you end up choosing your home place? 

as for your qotd, i can't remember my first media-related gay/lesbian experience--i think there were characters speckled throughout the television and movies i viewed as a child.  but the first time i really was interested in (obsessed with?) a queer representation was the movie high art.  i can still visualize every scene...it was incredibly formative for me.  plus, andro/butchy/artists are completely my type--my dp is a painter.  


isa:  early morning weekend inseminations are the best.  you should indulge and have an elaborate breakfast pastry--the perfect croissant or danish and coffee...mmm.  sounds like fertility food to me.


starling:  traumatic dreams and fitful sleep are such a drag...i hope you didn't pick a fight with your dp about imaginary flirting as a result.  i often think about what earlier incarnations of myself would think of me in the present--and about being able to go back and give little me a hug.  you are certainly not alone.  also, i love the way your canadian-ness comes through in your word choices.  my best buddy was raised in montreal and is now living in edmonton, and sometimes your wording triggers her voice for me--"wretched sleep" and such.  tiny, notable nuances.  i am an unapologetic wannabe canadian...a.k.a. oregonian.  does your child sleep between you and your dp?  any news about your embryos?  


escher:  what were you doing in your pregnant dream?  during the 2 hours of sleep my dp had last night, she dreamt she was wearing a baseball cap and our dog told her she looked like a mom. apparently it was a compliment...ooh, nice hat...you look just like a mom!  i don't know whether the talking dog or baseball cap-wearing is more surprising.  neither exist in real life.  thank you for feeling good about being pregnant soon--i try hard to keep that mindset as well.


mrs pp:  three interviews sounds promising...and tiring.  where are you in your cycle?  are you inseminating this month?


krista:  whoa...five sperm encounters in one month!!  your eggs have no hope for evasion.  


seraf:  your big babies are going to look ridiculously cute holding the new babe/s.  


amandamom:  maybe a crappy saturday means you're in for a perfect sunday.  hoping you, and everyone else, get some rest tonight.


afm:  cd8 and my vials are on their way to my house--scheduled to arrive tuesday.  in addition to my speculum, i ordered a saliva microscope online, and it arrived today along with a little package of babydust (packaged as a dime bag of confetti stars).  otherwise, i'm getting excited about the possibility of making a baby this month.  goodnight.

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lisedea: thanks for the information and yes we would love that list! Our days are also numbered I will be picking up this Friday. Our first choice was 405 but Joanne said he is not that good for in home insems.


LibraryLady: thanks for the warm welcoming. We are also hoping we are able to find another match we might like. As far as our journey climb aboard and sit tight we might be in for a long ride.


Prettyisa:Glad to be here!


Graceie:Sending you lots and lots of baby dust. Keep us posted!goodvibes.gif


Starling&diesel:hope you enjoyed our story


maxK:this definitely is exciting. My nerves come stronger as the day gets closer. Good luck with the IVF and we are sending baby dust back your way.goodvibes.gif


AmandaMom: it definitely is amazing that a chart can tell so much about our cycle and ovulation. At the same time me and my SO are so much alike that not only am I charting her I am also charting me and I really do not care to know when AF is coming to visit ME! hide.gifBolt.gif

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lisedea:  are there other qualities apart from sperm count that determine whether a sample is good for home insemination?  have you chosen a second choice donor in case your favorite is unavailable?


mami:  are you or your partner trying to carry this next baby?  i'll be inseminating sometime around this friday as well--so we'll be on a similar schedule.  good luck!

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Lots of people who will be insemming in the next couple of weeks. How exciting!

Mami2mami: Welcome! My partner and I both chart too. Occasionally it can be useful now (i.e. to check if her temp was also strangely low or high one day), but mostly we do it since we plan to have her get pregnant at some point too. Good luck with your first insem!

Rainbow: Two nights ago in my pregnant dream I was trying to calculate how many weeks along I was. Last night in my pregnant dream I was trying to get labor started. But I think these dreams are just related to what I was listening to right before I fell asleep. Your partner's dream is great. Hopefully that is a good sign! fingersx.gif

Library: It's good to remember that a non-jumping temp doesn't necessarily mean it isn't working.

Isa: How neat that you got to see the spermies under a microscope! I've never gotten to do that. I bet calling them out individually was exactly what was needed. I hope your second insem goes well today! fingersx.gif

Graceie: Good luck working out the issues with the sperm bank!

Starling: I'm only 7dpo, so I won't start testing until Wednesday (10dpo) at the earliest.

Max: Cute picture! I'm glad that the injectables aren't giving you any trouble so far. You know what's funny? I keep having in my mind that you and I are cycle buddies this cycle, and I keep having to remind myself that we're not. I think because I've been waiting for your ivf cycle, it feels like now that it is finally here we're in the same place. Silly, I know. innocent.gif

AmandaMom: I hope you were able to sleep well last night!

Seraf: Ah, I got it. It's cute that your kids like to drive already. orngbiggrin.gif

AFM: So I realized that the reason that I've been having pregnancy dreams is because I've been listening to the Belleruth Naparstek cd right before I go to sleep. So I don't really think that is a sign of anything. My temp was still uninteresting today. I'm still feeling like maybe it will happen this cycle, and if not this cycle, maybe another cycle soon. fingersx.gif


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