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Good morning! wave.gif


Thank you all for the good vibes re: Nicki's interview! I think they definitely helped. We still don't know anything but we have some pretty good feelings about how things went. Plus they had her come in on a Friday at 4 o'clock to meet with the CEO who is then going out of town...said she should know something by "early next week". The CEO kept asking her all these random questions to see how well she did under pressure - he said "I'll give you three seconds - what's the capital of Canada? Name the time zones. What's 3% of 200?" I would have cracked but she's a rock star and nailed it luxlove.gif


mami2mami - Welcome.gif and thank you for sharing your story. I am new here too! These ladies are awesome - I hope your stay is short and sweet.


wishin' - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Stick, stick, stick!!!!


Max - LOVE your tattoo! And that is a very cute picture!


Isa - I hope today's insem goes as swimmingly as yesterdays! (see what I did there? swimming. heh) Which water park did you go to? I always forget that we are so close to places like that!


rainbow - I am on CD11 right now so the OPK's are being brought out as we speak. But we are not insemming for the first time until March - just hanging out, gathering information and cheering everyone else on for now. I love that you got baby dust with your microscope - so cute!


escher - CD or no I still think your dreams are a good sign thumb.gif


Library's QOTD - The first thing that popped in my head when I read your question was the movie Bound. I LOVED that movie. Gina Gershon love.gif


I hope everyone was able to sleep better last night. There is nothing worse than tossing and turning or having your eyes pop open at 4am for no reason. DP and I call nights like that "sleeping disasters". So if one says to the other - "ugh I had a sleeping disaster" then we know to watch out for a grumpy gus and that it will be an early night.


Have a great Sunday everyone...and....GO BEARS!!!!!!


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Amandamom, they're 5 and 7, not legally driving.  Nope nope nope.


Max, nice pic, not what I pictured, but when I googled sailor girl tattoos I found this.


Mami, welcome!  I hope your stay with us is brief!


Isa, no racecar beds, loft beds!  It's really 1 unit that has them head to head, then there are big faux leather chairs below them where we sit and read stories and wait for her to fall asleep.  Eventually they will be double bunks with the lower levels for the next babies.


Library, I had a hard time with the QOTD, I don't remember a time without gay characters (shoot, I was trick or treating with drag queens).  In order of when I saw them, Simpsons(89), Friends (95), Ellen (1997), Will and Grace (98), Gia (98), Bound (96, but I didn't see it until 99), Foxfire (96/99), Boys Don't Cry (99), Rosie (2002). (Can you tell from this list that I came out in 98?)


Escher, the pregnancy dreams could still be a sign!

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rainbow vally sending babby dust your way


escher fingers crossed

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Rainbowmama~    High Art is an amazing movie, for sure. I was so excited to see Ally Sheedy break out of her 80s rut. I'm also glad that bougie is still in circulation ;)    As for living in Oklahoma, that's where I grew up (though I was born in Texas).  I worked in London for a few years and met DP, then had to go back to OK after the job ended. DP came here to be with me and is finishing up her PhD in ed psych, and then we'll move to wherever she gets work~ possibly back to the UK.  She's been very kind to live here in the Bible Belt with me, though to be fair, Norman's a blue spot in a red state and we get along all right.


Escher~ I remember being so frustrated by my immobile temps that I'd given up on the cycle by day 8.  The funny thing is, I took my temp the other morning just out of random curiosity and it's STILL 97.9!   I still have high hopes for you this time around!!



Mrs P~ Wow! I'm impressed by your DP's grace under pressure.  I couldn't give you 3% of 200 if you gave me an hour and a calculator! I guess that's why I'm the librarian, eh?   And as for Bound~ whew!!! Gina yes, and Jennifer too!  Just they way she says "I've been thinking about you all day" knocks me out!!  AND it's a great mob heist movie! Win win!!!


Seraf~ That's totally a 90s list! Now I'm tempted to get out my walker and my sweater covered in cat hair and say 'You kids, you don't know how good you got it!!"winky.gif





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Mami- That is quite a story! Thank you for sharing and I wish you two all the baby dust you need to get pregnant! dust.gif

Library- No the injections are not painful. For my laugh medicine I am planning to ask a friend to a clown for me then spend the rest of the day in bed watching Eddie Izzard’s stand up. I have all of his DVDs.

Rainbow- Did you try the saliva-scope yet? I used one for a while. It took me a while to get used to but then I adjusted it, you may have to pull your eye away from it a little bit. It was a good third sign to bounce everything off of but I woudn’t use it as my primary sign. My temperature was more reliable and we checked my cervix then finally poas OPK. Good luck with your swimmers coming Tuesday! dust.gif

I know what you mean, we have been on this board sharing our ups and downs for a while now. I am very excited for your TWW. I am glad to hear you are listening to the CD’s. I feel they put me in a real good headspace, I still think you should take your dreams as a positive sign. fingersx.gif

MrsPP- I think it’s so smart that you are charting and planning before your March start date. There are so many things we did wrong at first and started doing later as we learned more. Are you planning to do at home insems?

Seraf- I like that sailor girl but I wanted mine to be sitting on an anchor. I will take a close up and post it so you can see the details.

QOTD- Three’s Company was my first exposure to someone saying they were gay (even though he was faking it). I don’t think I really knew what a lesbian was until I was in high school (and had my first girlfriend). My first lesbian film was Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit at the LGBT Film Festival in Chicago I think in 1992.

AFM- Just finished my third night of injectables: 300iu of Follistem and 150iu of Menopur. So far no side effects and no belly bruises which is remarkable! I’ve been icing my belly before and doing a heating pad right after. Last night we watched Despicable Me; it was cute.


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Rainbow...I am not sure if there is anything else involved when determining what donors are good for at home insem. I just assumed that was the reason...well, that and they have had successes. We have a second choice that is available (I actually like him a lot because not only is he quite fertile, he sounds pretty similar to Danielle when it comes to interests and appearance.) We'll see--we will be happy either way!

Mami--I sent you a PM to send me your email address. Apparently the file was too big to send to you over this...it was taking forever so I gave up. smile.gif You will definitely want them--I forgot about how much information is included.

Max--The two of you are so cute! I love your new pic--and I would like to see the close up tat as well! I was squinting at it as much as I could...

Escher--Any updates?

So...I am on CD 10--last time I inseminated on CD 14 &15...I think we will be getting the swimmers on Tuesday or Wednesday (CD 12 &13)--depending on when we get a hold of Joanne to find out what is going on with our donors. A lot of us are inseminating soon! Whew!
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Max~ I was going to suggest Eddie Izzard! I love him so much! The concept of Evil Herbivores never fails to slay me.  And YES YES YES to Oranges are Not the Only Fruit! I read it in a college class and remember staying up til 2 a.m. to start my videotape to tape the movie off A&E.   VERY good.  I was so sad to read that the girl who played Jess later died of an asthma attack! 


Belly pic! It's sideways, but the best I can do. This was taken just after 1 am of the new year. I'm wearing my purple owl jammies that Santa brought me.


Amanda Tree.jpg

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Library—how did you know? orngbiggrin.gif Yesterday we got home from the insem and I started to say that my boobs already hurt and DP cut me off to tell me that I am to stop all of that. I can either think I am pregnant or not pregnant but I am not allowed to spend the next two weeks feeling myself up and working myself into a state about whether/how much/where they hurt. I chose ‘pregnant’. I don’t remember the first time I saw someone gay in a movie, but when I was 14 my absolute FAVORITE movie was Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! I still know virtually all of the lines. I also lived in London for several years—grad school and then a couple after. DP and I wistfully talk about moving back someday, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon.

Rainbowvalley—Interesting to use the microscope! I’ve been curious what ‘ferning’ actually looks like, but since I’m barely able to use the real microscope when the dr has it all cued up for me, I decided not to invest in one for home that I definitely won’t be able to figure out! Yay for babydust! We really all should keep some around…

Mami—that is quite a story! I can imagine that falling for a 17 year old would seem like a risky thing to do, but I’m glad that it’s all worked out for you! What are you studying?

Escher—Oh, sad that soothing pregnancy tapes might be causing soothing pregnancy dreams! But I see no reason to give up on them—he’s just giving your subconscious a good starting place to tell you something…

MrsPP—um. I don’t actually know the capitol of Canada, which is really embarrassing! Oh, Ottowa. I did know, just not when put on the spot like that! We went to Mayan Adventure, which was pretty small, as water parks go. I’ve heard that Key Lime Cove in Gurnee is bigger, and the ones in the Dells are supposed to be huge! But there was a buy one get one coupon so it was cheaper to hit up the Mayan Adventure.

AFM—insem this morning sucked! It was really hard for them to get the catheter up there, and took lots of vaguely painful prodding and repositioning to get it through. The drs and DP had a very friendly chat, which made up for it. But then in the grocery store afterwards I had HORRIBLE cramping pains and thought I was going to die. I had to go lie in the car until DP could pay for the groceries (we were almost done shopping) and drive me home. So now I’m propped up on the couch with two fluffy dachshunds and a quilt, half-watching the American Ballroom Championship of 2007 on PBS.
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@ lisedea i just pm you the info...THank you 

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Library: That picture is so cute! You look great. I'm excited to keep seeing pictures as your belly gets bigger and bigger over the next few months. Not too long now until your babe arrives!

Isa: Ouch! I'm sorry that the insem hurt so much--that's no fun! Hopefully it worked perfectly! fingersx.gif

Lisedea: Not too long now until you insem!

Max: I'm so glad that the injectables continue to not give you too much trouble. Do you continue these same meds all the way up to the retrieval?

Can I ask a getting-to-know-you QOTD? I feel like we've gotten a lot of new people in the last couple of months (hooray!), and I wonder if we could review basic info. If you want, you could share things like your name, your partner's name, how old you both are, how long you have been together, how long you have been TTC, what methods (IUI, ICI, IVF, at home, at a clinic, with a midwife, whatever) you've tried, where you get your sperm, what you're planning to try next, what tests you've had, etc.

AFM: My name is Amanda. My wife and I are both 29. We've been together 10 years, married for 2 years. We've been TTC since March 2010 using frozen willing-to-be-known sperm from The Sperm Bank of California. We're doing IUIs with a reproductive endocrinologist, and we've done a total of 13 IUIs spread out over 7 cycles. I got pregnant in May but miscarried. I've had hormone level tests, ultrasounds, and an hsg. I have a luteal phase defect (low post-ovulation progesterone levels), so I take progesterone supplements. If this cycle doesn't work I think we may do two more "natural" cycles and then try clomid and trigger shots.


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Good idea Escher....I only know the bits and pieces that I have picked up on from reading everyone's entries and would like to know more about you all!

My name is Miranda. My partner, Danielle, and I have been together for 6 years, married for almost 3. We are both 28 and decided last year that we wanted to become parents (first I will carry, and than Danielle will). I began tracking my cycle during this last summer and we attempted fresh through a known donor turning the month of August (at home, ICI). During the month of November we tried using 3 vials of frozen from Midwest (still at home ICI but used IUI sperm) and got pregnant--but miscarried in December. We trying again this month using frozen from Midwest. If it doesn't work this cycle, we haven't decided what our next step will be. Since we have a known donor option, we will decide whether or not to go back to him or continue on with the frozen.
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Argh ... dd managed to erase a post with a bunch of personals.  I'll try again ... okay, here we go:


Rainbow ... Yes, we Canadians do have a certain way of speaking.  Even more so depending on which part of the country we're from!  Come on up here ... free heatlhcare and legal gay marriage, whoo hoo!  And yes, dd sleeps between us.  But as of late, we're talking about parking a twin beside our queen so that we'd have one big huge family bed and then we could sleep anywhere we wanted to.  DD is nearly two, so she's only going to get bigger!


max ... Eddie Izzard!  Brilliant idea! Have you seen the lego animation of his death star canteen skit?  I'll try embedding it here:


BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA ! Flight of the Concords is another good one to get me laughing.  I fear though that this video has nothing to do with either queers or conception, so you never know if it'll still be here in five minutes.


library ... Love the pic!  Love the belly!  Love the jammies!  As for your QOTD: Probably "Desert Hearts" in the mid eighties.  I'm a huge Jane Rule fan, and started early ... both reading her and shagging girls.  The movie version is sweetly low budget and oh-so-dated, but still hits home. 


escher ... Only three more sleeps until you can poas!  Are you a first-morning-pee kind of girl?


isa ... that sounds awful!  But you know how it goes ... the more chaotic and un-zen the insem, the more likely you are to get the elusive BFP!  Fingers crossed for you.  I'll be joining you in the tww shortly!


mami ... thanks for the intro story!  What a roller coaster!  Is your 11 yr old dd your bio-child? 


lise ... good luck on the upcoming insem! 


afm:  Started the dreaded spooge-pills today.  Gross.  I have a shift on the ambulance tomorrow, and then if we have a FET on Tuesday (depending on if the embies survive the thaw) I guess I'll cancel the rest of my shifts in the TTW, same as last time. I suppose I have to do whatever I can to feel the least amount of guilt should this be another bfn.  That means no working, no sex, no bungee-jumping, etc.  An no lifting 350 lb men onto 100 lb stretches while simultaneously doing CPR and trying to start an IV.  Ahhh, two weeks off.  Great for relaxation, but a huge kick in the a$$ when it comes to the finances.  Someone asked if we'll know in advance of the FET time if the embie survived ... the answer is not really.  Only about a half hour before.  They used to take them out a couple of days before, to make sure that they were growing as they should be, but now they take them out, do a couple of quick checks, then go ahead with the FET.  So won't know until Tues am if they don't make it.


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escher: I kinda said the same thing to sara the other day (I said it'd be fun for everyone to post pics of themselves and their DP's would be fun!).  I'm Sara, I'm 23 and my partner Sara (seraf) is 30 (yes yes, same name, makes it way fun and easy but also confusing. Everyone can call me brock if they wish, to make things easier). We have been together for nearly two years (it'll be two next month). Sara has been trying on and off for almost a year and she is going to try again next month and then again in March if necessary. If she doesn't get a BFP, she's going to move to adoption. I'm going to start trying in June and I couldn't be more excited. I wanted to try late last year but our KD had to say no and then other complications with parents have set me back some. But I'm pumped about June. We're both going to be doing IUI's at home and we're going through the European Sperm Bank in Seattle (because they have known donors). Oh, I forgot, we are hoping to have two little ones really close to each other! 


I think thats everything, I'm sure Sara will say whatever I forgot.


I'm really excited to meet all of the new girls! 

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Starling~ Flight of the Conchords is amazing too.  I think 'Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor' should be played at every lezzie bar on every continent. I remember renting Desert Hearts and really liking it.  Haven't seen it in a million years, maybe I should rent it.  I also remember watching Personal Best with some other gals from my college's GLA (we hadn't added any BTQ ness yet).  Even though she's all hetero at the end, I bought the movie for my DP, the runner.  Still, The Hunger tops my list!    I'm very excited for your upcoming transfer~ I'm hope hope hoping all is well. That's interesting about the steps you have to take regarding your work.  I guess I never thought about it, but yours is very physical work and it'd be important to avoid the possible shocks.  Hope the wait goes smoothly and successfully xo



Lise~ Yay for swimmers! This must be a tough time. Catching the egg was always the most stressful part.  Everything crossed for you xo


Isa~ It'd rock if we could both live in London someday. It's the city of my heart and I never get tired of being there. 


My story in a nutshell~ I'm another Amanda, and my DP's name is Pennie.  I call her my 'child bride' since I'm 41 and she's 30 (she was 23 when we met).  We've been together 7 years, spent over a year TTC and finally succeeded last summer (insemmed on the day of her 30th birthday party, implantation cramps on my birthday) and are expecting our little girl in April. We used a willing-to-be-known donor from the Fairfax Cryobank, one who's half-Portuguese like DP, and half Scottish so he can give me the red hair gene I need for my little testarossa baby.  

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Hi All!
QOTD: Let's see...I'm Emily, and my wife's name is Stephanie. I'm 29 and she's 30 and we''ve been together for about 4 years, married for 1 1/2 (although our big fluffy wedding anniversary is coming up in Feb!). We just started trying in October, so this is #4. We've been doing IUIs using sperm from Midwest. No tests, no nothin. If it doesn't work this time we'll leave our charming doctors at the local gay clinic and see an RE to see if anything is wrong/start some sort of something more serious. Since I am currently pregnant (until proven otherwise!) I am not thinking about it too much. I spent most of my thought time today deciding where to put the crib.
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QOTD: My DP and I have been together for just over 5 years. I'm 40 and my DP is 46. I carried our first DD who is 12 1/2 months old and I hope to carry a second child this year! We used a KD, at home IVI, 7 tries, 2 miscarriages and 1 successful, healthy pregnancy. I had thyroid and day 3 blood tests done by my GP before we started and I was on a rigorous acupuncture/chinese herb regiment for 3 cycles leading up to getting pregnant with DD. No medical challenges that I know of. Will do the same before we start with #2. We hope to use the same KD (a strong maybe/probably yes the last we talked) and start in April....IF my freakin' AF ever comes back! Am thinking with how much DD nurses still we may be looking at later than April to start...

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Library, it makes sense that I would have a 90s list since I was born in 80.


Mami, happy birthday.


QOTD, Sara said most of it.  We have done ICI every go.  We learned how to use the speculum yesterday, gearing up for an IUI at home.  Our sperm is ID release.  If 2 IUIs don't work this month, I will try 3.  Then Sara and adoption will be front burner if it doesn't work, but it will work.  The only test I have had beyond basic STD tests was they did an echo because the doc heard a murmur, but I must have just been thirsty, because my ticker ticks like she's supposed to.


I have always wanted to do the spoiler thing, just to see what it looks like, and since my next bit of info is TMI perhaps, read at your own peril.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
So, working only dayshift through ovulation has made my chart much easier to read. I think I ovulated a couple of days ago (was up all night, so my days are a bit confused at the moment). For you girls, does your mucus dry up right after you ovulate? I read someplace that it was supposed to. My cervix was all high and soft and my mucus eggwhite. My LH surged and my temp spiked. Great right? But my EWCM kept going for 2 days (or 1 because I haven't slept?) and my cervix is still high but not as soft.  Thoughts?


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Seraf~ You're exactly the same age as my DP! I hope you didn't think I was mocking you for having a totally 90s list, everything on it was excellent, just from a different part of my life. Still, it's all good experience. Sorry if I offended!!

Your spoiler thing was totally cool too!  My two cents is that you're still on track. My CM usually took a day or so to taper off.  

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Seraf/Sara---It is exciting that you are planning on trying IUI at home! We have been contemplating trying it...but it makes me a little bit nervous. If you end up doing it, let me know how it goes!
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Wishin: OMG! Congrats. Set us off right for the new year, girl. Keep us updated (I know you will).


Mami: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! partytime.gif


QOTD: (can't quite tell if it is but everyone's telling their story so I have to get in on it!) My name is Krista, I'm 38 (creeping up on 39). DP is 46. We met through Craig's List and actually truly fell in love on our first date. That was almost two years ago. I had been planning on trying to have a baby starting in 2010 with my last partner so it seemed only appropriate to ask her to take that on, right? LOL. When I asked her on one of the first dates if she wanted to have children, she said no but then after spending time with me she openly said I would be the greatest mother ever. Since April 2010 she has been my biggest supporter and picks the Baby Daddies. I've done pretty much everything one could do naturally. We've done about 6 IUIs and 5 home inseminations. We started out with frozen sperm but actively sought and (unknown) known donor via the Internet. We found an awesome one although he's gotten more and more popular so getting on his schedule is difficult. We just picked up a second known donor this month. No known issues but have tried Femara and Clomid with no success. Debating whether I'm going to try injectables for one cycle or just move to IVF in March/April.


AFM: drove all over the Bay Area picking up sperm last night! What a great field trip.Ha, ha. We had two inseminations last night, we hope to have one tonight and one tomorrow night. I'm struggling with my ovulation right now so who the heck knows. It all seems like a real crapshoot half the time and scheduling has proven to be difficult! We hoped for 6 insems but looks like we'll get a total of four over three days.

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