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Hello everyone! I have been reading the thread on my phone but haven't had a chance to get on a computer until today - my classes this quarter are killing me - Research Methods? No thanks.


First of all wishin' - I am so, so sorry. hug.gif candle.gif


Max - that is so amazing that you got to do an IUI!!! What kind of jokes did DP tell you? 


AmandaMom - Clover is an adorable name! It would be a really cute way to honor your honeymoon too smile.gif


Library - I would love a knitting lesson from your DP! Where in Chicago does your sister live? Do you get up here often? What kind of music will your new band play? winky.gif Sucktown re: bladder infection - at least you seem to have caught it early. And I am happy to hear about those iron pills perking you up! Yay!


NAMW  and KitWelcome.gif you are in the right place! Looking forward to getting to know you both!


mami - we just got a headlamp too! I can't wait to see how cute my DP looks in it :) Hope everything went well for you!!!


Isa - your quilts are beautiful! And thank you for the info on Howard Brown - they haven't called us back yet so we're going to try again. But we can talk about all of this when we meet in real life! orngtongue.gif


lisedea - I agree with Isa, what kind of island doesn't have pineapple?! I will ship you one as a congratulations for being pregnant this cycle! How did you end up on the island? Are you from MI originally? 


escher - sounds like you are in very good spirits! The diet changes sound great - have fun on your trip!


Everyone else - wave.gif hi!!! I can't believe how many folks are in the TWW right now! So amazing - there are going to be so many BFP soon - promise you won't all leave us though. 


AFM - we found out yesterday that DP did not get one of the positions. It's okay though - it was her second choice of the two plus it would have been an hour and a half commute both ways. No fun. But we also found out that she had made it to the top 3 out of 300 applicants, so, that's something! We should know about the other one by Thursday. Any extra crossed fingers and good vibes are appreciated! 


Question about pineapple - we currently have three cores in ziploc bags in our freezer since I heard the core has the most of whatever it is in pineapple that we are supposed to have. Do you think that is stupid and I should just buy a fresh one when the time comes? We were on a pineapple kick there for awhile and just thought it couldn't hurt to save them...


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wishin' and hopin' ... I am so sorry for your loss. How devastating and sad.  Mind your hearts, hon.   candle.gif 

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Thanks everyone, we are officially at the sour grapes portion of the event:

We can drink

Hot tubs will still be okay

We won't have a tiny newborn during the yucky months and if we get pregnant this summer have time to fatten up a spring baby before winter sick season

DS might not be in diapers when the next one comes along.


Still sucks tho.

We can't try again until LATE june...so we'll just keep on keeping on and enjoy watching DS grow!


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wishin'&hopin' sending you lots of love and hugs.... candle.gif

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Wishin~ I'm glad you're making the best of a bad situation, but sure am sorry you have to.  xoxoxoxox



MrsP~ I'm sure that your DP didn't get the position because she's going to get the super awesome one she really wants.   My sister lives in Ravenswood or Lincoln Square or something like that? She's told me before, but I always forget. Nothing TOO fancy, but not too scary neither.  We get up to see them every couple of years~ we were going last summer but then our house was burgled and the cost of replacing our computers and stuff ate up all our vacation money.  But we'll be going again soon, I'm sure, and we'll have to have a  get together/knitting lesson then.   As for your pineapple cores, maybe you could blend them into a smoothie and drink it all up. That'd be a good way of getting it all at once?



Ok, this is kinda TMI and gross, but it also made me laugh. My antibiotic combined with my iron pill has given me oh-so-delightful dyssentery. As I was looking at info about this, I learned that if it doesn't clear up I have to see a doctor because it could develop into a condition called TOXIC MEGACOLON.  Sounds nightmarish, but it has an awesome name.

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Starling~ Crosspost!  How are you doing? Symptoms yet?  When are you thinking you'll know one way or the other?

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Wishin' ... Why late June?  Enjoy your hot tubs and merlot in the meantime. 


Library ... Thanks for asking.  I'll post what I posted in my old DDC (we're still pretty close) because we're badly hankering for a nap, both DD and I, so not much time before one of us melts down:


"As for me ... We're a week into the tww.  No plans to test any time.  Of course, I'm obsessing over every little twinge and potential symptom.  I am starving all the time, I'm constipated, I'm gassy, I have heartburn, and I'm exhausted.  However, after last time, I'm tempering the inventory with the understanding that all of that could be attributed to the progesterone.  So.  Am I hopeful?  I'm not sure.  Am I feeling like all is lost?  No.  I'm content.  Oddly content.  And I can tell you why I know that I am, in fact, content rather than pretending to be ... my best mama friend, who's son is two days older than Esmé, just found out that she's pregnant.  And I'm thrilled!  If I were anything but content with whatever outcome, I'd be jealous, or sad for our family.  But I am so thrilled that she's pregnant!  First, for the possibility that our babes would be close in age again, and secondly, that I'll have tonnes of newborn yummyness even if I'm not."


Yeah, so.  No plans to test anytime soon.  This is the last ttw I'll ever experience, and now with a very final end in sight, I don't know if I want it to be over any sooner than it needs to be. 

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I have never posted on one of these sites before, but my girlfriend and I are just starting our 4th "trying to make a baby" cycle today. I did my 3rd IUI three weeks ago, and after a very disappointing negative on Sunday started my period today. Ugh


Needless to say, I am growing frustrated. We have followed the doctor's orders every month. The first month we did 50mg of Clomid and Ovidrel. For month 2, we did 150mg of Clomid and Ovidrel. After having a "Come to Jesus" meeting with our fertility doctor, we tried Femera and Gonal-F for this last round. All have ended up NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!! We have only done one insemination per cycle as our doctor doesn't feel that more than one would be beneficial. My doctor is starting to frustrate me.


I feel like we are missing it obviously. The timing has been generic for the most part.........................36 hours after our Ovidrel shot. So this month, we have decided to take matters into our own hands. We have enlisted the help of  a midwife friend, and we are now going to try to do this at home. 


I need help ladies! I am clueless................................I am a pro at taking OPK's now thanks to 3 failed IUIs, but apparently, I am still doing something wrong. I have a gay friend who is willing to be our donor, but I don't know where to start with him. I know he needs to get tested, and we need to draw up some paperwork. Anyone have any advice for the testing process? Where could I get the testing done for reasonably cheap (or inexpensive since this is fertility we are talking about)? 


And timing? Does anyone have any advice for how we should time these? 



If fresh doesn't work, then we would like to do at home with frozen, but the sperm bank we have been working with only sends out sperm if doctor signs a release. Guess which doctor won't sign a release? Mine! We asked at the beginning of the process. 


Where can I turn? I am sick of not being taken seriously. The doc keeps saying, "It just takes time." blah blah blah. But I only have so much insurance coverage! I feel like we are just tossing them down the drain. We may have to move on to IVF, but I don't want to go that route yet. 


I am sorry for venting. It's just I live in the Bible belt of the South................SC to be exact. Do you know how much fun it is to talk about lesbian conception there? I am just getting frustrated with the whole process. Every month that I get a negative, my heart breaks, and I cry. I know it's crazy, but I feel like I have suffered a loss each time. 


Well thanks for any input and/or advice! I wish good luck to any of you who are struggling with this as my girlfriend and I are. I won't give up if you won't either! 

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Wishin- I am so sorry to hear that! hug2.gif I am sending hugs to both you and your partner right now. candle.gif

Mami- Sorry you are having such a stressful insem. I would say for sure the first are the most stressful then you get the hang of it. I hope you trying to take it easy and relax. I agree with Krista, use multiple indicators of ovulation and try to insem when most line up. If you have multiple vials you can spread them out. Good Luck dust.gif

PrettyIsa- Love those quilts! Keeping fingers crossed for you. fingersx.gif

AmandaHope- I have also made similar dietary changes as you but I can’t seem to give up cheese. The closest I have come is to cutting down on it. innocent.gif Two thumbs up for you! thumb.gif

Seraf- I kinda want twins but I’m careful not to wish too hard because I know it’s harder on the the embies.

I personally would not wait, I would do it but that’s just because I hate waiting! We only didn’t insem on vacations where it was impossible to do so.

- Welcome! :welcome

LiseDea- I like red wine a lot so drinking it before insem is always fun for me. Now, not drinking the wine during the TWW will be harder. I think I will drink juice out of a wine glass just for the visual.

I think they say with cervix to monitor the position every day so you get used to the changes and you can identify what yours looks like close to ovulation. DP always looked to see how open and soft it got closer to ovulation.

- OW! Sorry about your infection and the dysentery. Can you stop the antibotics?

- Good Luck! I hope you catch that egg! dust.gif

- I am finishing up my doctorate in education. What you are studying? Keeping fingers crossed for your DP and I would try to get fresh pineapple if you can. I would make a smoothie out of the frozen ones and eat all of it!

Starling- I’m gonna take all of that as good signs for you! fingersx.gif

Welcome and I think most people here would recommend Stephanie Brills book to help with timing, etc. Track more than three signs if you can: temp, cervix, opk, and saliva microscope. Chart your cycle with these every month to really get to know it. Brill’s book also covers what should be in a contract and how to handle them. Many of us this board have been doing these things and have been trying over a year. We all know how heartbreaking the process is but it is far more difficult when you aren’t doing it “naturally”. Frozen sperm itself has fewer chances of surviving. I don’t mean to sound rough about it but it does take time and it can be a very difficult road.

Progesterone Question-
I am taking Endometrin (100mg of progesterone) twice a day. Now, when I was taking the Prometrium it was 200mg twice a day. Anyone else out there taking Endometrin? Prometrium really makes me sore, that’s why I was given this alternative, I’m just not sure about this dosage.

A joke DP told me after the IUI with my comments in parenthesis-
A frog needs a loan for his new house but all he has as collateral is a little tchotchke. (You mean he needs a new lily pad?) He goes to bank and the loan officer, Patty Black, informs him he needs more collateral. (She’s mean) Patty says she will go ask her supervisor if he can work out a deal for the frong. (What’s the frog’s name?) Patty shows the supervisor the frog’s collateral and says she doesn’t even know what this frog brought in as collateral. The supervisor says, “Why, that’s a knick-knack Patty Black, give the frog a loan!” The End. I only remembered this one because of the rhyme at the end.
DP has now subscribed to a joke a day so he can tell me jokes whenever he thinks I need them.

AFM- I am on my second day of progesterone after the IUI on Sunday. So far no side effects. I was really lucky that the only side effect I had from my meds were bloating and weight gain. I was very emotional the day after the trigger shot though.



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Tea: In answer to some of your questions....and to give a squeeze of support. I know it's hard. It's really hard when you see those BFPs. Unfortunately, as many of us have learned, conception is really MUCH HARDER than society makes it out to be. Human beings are the most difficult beings to get pregnant. Our chances each month are so slim. This is said not to depress you, but to help brace you and more importantly, to educate you quickly so you're sure to be doing the best you can each month!


1. Inseminating: there are many arguments as to whether double insemming is worth it. No studies have shown back-to-back IUIs increase success where some have said that it can increase it up to 11%. Ultimately, my opinion is that it's up to you guys. If you want two IUIs then you get them scheduled regardless of what your doc says.


2. Fresh vs. frozen: we moved to fresh about 4 months ago. It hasn't gotten me pregnant but a lot in Stephanie Brill's book made me think it was worth trying. Your guy can get tested at a city clinic at a low cost. You can look online for recommended tests. One of the positives with fresh is that you can "afford" to do more because the sperm is free. In working with my IVF doc, he said I'd have a better chance going back to IUIs with frozen but I didn't concur. I don't recommend using frozen for an at home insem (called an ICI). If you read Brill's book, it notes that if you do at home, you should request ICI ready sperm, not frozen. IUI's DO give higher results so if you're paying to get sperm from the sperm bank and then doing it at home (which provides you with a lesser chance) I wouldn't recommend it. Especially if you can get a free sperm donor and get fresh.


3. Testing: I don't think you noted where YOU have gotten tested. Have you had all the standard blood work plus an HSG? Are you working with an RE or an OB/GYN? If you aren't working with an RE, I recommend finding one. My doc (although an RE) is the same as yours saying, "It takes time." That very well may be true but you may have things pressing on you that don't allow for time (i.e. your age or finances). It's up to you to decide what step comes next based on timing. You did get moved VERY quickly to injectables so there is some positive argument to moving right to IVF if you can. Did you respond well to the injectables? But all of this is a moot point if you haven't done testing. Do you know for sure you don't have something like PCOS?


4. Timing: do you truly feel timing is right? Do you know from charting and monitoring other signs? Keep in mind that HCG trigger shots are very much used for the convenience of the clinic/doctor's office. If they give you trigger, then they have a timeframe in which to inseminate. But not everyone ovulates 36 hours after. I discovered that I didn't and stopped letting the doc's office control when I would insem. I also don't let them control the trigger shot timing either. I do using the information I get from my ultrasound on CD13.

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Originally Posted by wishin'&hopin' View Post

DW  miscarried yesterday, so we're out (she was at 6 weeks).  Just wanted to let you all know.

Oh, Wishin.  I'm so sorry.  Whenever you are both ready again, it seems like a good sign that she was able to get pg so quickly.  Hang in there during this tough time. grouphug.gifcandle.gif

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AmandaHope- I have also made similar dietary changes as you but I can’t seem to give up cheese. The closest I have come is to cutting down on it. innocent.gif Two thumbs up for you! thumb.gif



Thanks, but that lasted a total of like 6 weeks.  A few weeks after the bfp, I started slipping, and we're having pizza for dinner.  UGH.  I can't help thinking that it did help me get the bfp, though.  So glad you don't have nasty side effects from the injectibles or progesterone.  Fingers crossed tight!

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I have gotten tested, and I am working with a RE. We have been working with him since August and have inseminated 3 times since October. I have also had an HSG. I had that before we ever did the first IUI. Everything was clear in that area. The RE says I might have mild PCOS. I have regular period, but I also am insulin resistant, but then again everyone I have talked to in the RE's office is too. I have been on metformin and some thyroid (borderline slow) medicine ( I can't remember off the top of my head how to spell it) since August. 


On Clomid, I only had one follicle. With Femera and Gonal F, I had two. I don't necessarily think that sounds very promising, but it was the 150 iu of Gonal F (300 iu total). I am sure they give you a lot more with IVF so I hope I will respond better. 


I do have the book that you are referring to, but I guess I put so much faith into the RE that I sort of laid it to the side and just let them tell me what to do. I wish I hadn't now. I should have been more proactive, but I figured that he was the doctor, and he had done this procedure a million time surely he would help me get pregnant faster than if we did it ourselves. I am not so sure of that anymore. 


And to everyone that said, "not the be harsh but it does take time." I realize that, but I only have 6 IUIs OR 3 IVF cycles on my insurance. I know I am blessed to have insurance coverage, but I don't want to waste them if IUI is not going to work. Make sense? That's my biggest thing. I feel like they are treating me as "standard protocol", and I agree with you, Kgul, I don't think I ovulate at 36 hours either. 


Here's what happened last time (Month of Jan.): 


I tested twice daily starting at day 11. Each time, I got a negative OPK. Finally on the Friday night (day 13) before scheduled IUI on Monday (day 16), I got a positive OPK (a smiley face). I almost wet myself. It was the FIRST time I had ever gotten a Smiley Face without the Ovidrel shot. Now this was around midnight so the next morning around 10ish, I tested again because I am OCD. The OPK was negative. I was in disbelief. My gf had already called the RE, and he said we would do the IUI on Sunday morning instead of Monday, but with this new development, I didn't know what to do. So my gf called him back, and he said that it was probably just a false positive because my OPK would have stayed positive for two days. He said for us to do the Ovidrel shot at 8:00 that night, and keep our IUI for Monday morning at 8:00 (exactly 36 hours later as usual). I was bummed because I just had this nagging feeling that Monday would be too late. A few hours later about 1:00, I started cramping on my left side where my ovary is. I cramped for several hours. I begged my gf to call the RE back, and see if we could do it earlier. He was kind of cocky and told her we would do whatever made me happy. If we wanted it done on Sunday then be at the office at 7:30 am. I suppose my intuition was wrong since I didn't get pregnant, but I feel like he isn't listening to me. 


What would ya'll have done if you had been in the situation? Maybe I should have insisted on Saturday? Or Maybe he was right about Monday. I will never know, but I really do think that our timing has a lot to do with the repeated failure. 


Thanks for listening. :) I should have started posting a LONG time ago. I feel so much better now. 

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And to whoever was talking about progesterone, I hate them too! They are from the devil. They made me angry, hot, bloated, sick to my stomach..........the works! The RE has been making me take them since the second IUI. I was so hard to get blood from (small veins) on my first day 7 progesterone test that he said from then on he would prescribe me progesterone so I wouldn't have to keep having the blood drawn. 



I didn't get my day 7 test done until day 10 that time because they made me come back. It was a 4, and I started my period the next day (day 11). I never knew if it was low because my period was about to start or if it was low the whole time. I guess I won't ever know now. I am stuck using those suppositories 200 mg twice a day until I get a negative. I was so hoping to get a positive this month. I would have agreed to take those things for 9 months if just one of the IUIs would work! 

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MrsPP—sorry to hear about the job—I agree with Library: it’s a sign that she’ll get the one she REALLY wants!

Library—That sounds like you would be a SuperFund site!

TeaMusery—welcome to the thread! So many questions! If you’re still going to do IUIs, I’d really push hard to do more than one per cycle—it gives you more wiggle room, especially if you (and your dr) aren’t 100% sure when you’re ovulating. I’d also lean toward IVF sooner than later since you’re right that it’s no good to blow all of your insurance coverage on the cheap stuff if it means you won’t be able to afford the expensive stuff when you really need it. Are there any other RE s you could see? Yours doesn’t sound like he’s listening to you, and maybe you’d have better luck paying out of pocket for a couple tries with another doctor before moving to IVF and letting your insurance cover it.

As for the known donor, there are a lot of risks involved—there’s a thread on Queer Conceptions right now about a KD situation where the donor has decided that he wants to be a father, and legally he almost certainly will be able to take that role even though it isn’t what was intended and isn’t what the mother wants. Not that it’s impossible to use a KD or that you would end up in a bad situation, but it is something to think about. There are known donor contracts online but be aware that they aren’t legally binding, and if you end up in court, especially in a conservative area, they may not be worth the paper they’re printed on. If you do go ahead with the known donor, planned parenthood does STD/AIDS testing, probably pretty economically. Good luck sorting it all out—it’s so stressful, and I can imagine that your insurance situation isn’t making it any easier.

Max—if wishing hurts the embies I am going to have some that are seriously bruised! Although I do see what you mean about the twins hopes. My favorite joke only works in person, but in case you want to surprise your DP here it is: “knock knock” “who’s there?” “interrupting cow.” “interrupting co..” “MOOOO!!!”. The key is to cut them off by mooing before they have time to process what an interrupting cow joke might be like. Gets me every time. It’s also funnier for the person telling, so I highly recommend you use it on lots of people over the next few days.
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Wishin' & Hopin'~ I'm sorry to hear about your loss...hug2.gif



hola.gif  Shari and Tea...hope your stay is short and sweet!


Escher~ I say go for it...take your airplane trip and do the inseme. I also hate sitting out cycles. Hope that you have a fun trip planned.  superhero.gif


PrettyIsa~ I love....love...LOVE the quilts! Awesome job. I can't sew, knit, or stitch to save my life. I have much respect for those who can! I also loved the joke...I'm going to use it on DW and on the folks at work tomorrow.


MsP~ Sorry to hear about your DP and the #2 Job...I agree with everyone else...that just means that she will get the job that she #1 job! Fingers crossed to you all.


AFM~ I love that the thread is so busy...!Yeah! Nothing new here to report...still waiting to hear from the insurance company...banghead.gif  I'm starting to feel a little frustrated, but I just keep telling myself no news is good news...right?!? I am on CD 20 and I have about 10 more days before AF arrives...I would really like to know if I have coverage or not, so that I can make appointments and plans for my next cycle. I have had to sit our the last two months and I really, really, REALLY want to get back in the game.


Have a great week everyone!!!

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Max ... I started the Endometrin a few days before the transfer, at 100mg three times a day.  Yes, you read correctly.  So gross.  Blech.  I do think a lot of my signs and symptoms are due to the Endometrin. 

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Wishing- We are so sorry to hear about your loss. I can not even begin to imagine what you 2 are feeling. All the best of luck with your future insems. Take a long swig of that Merlot and put your feet up and relax in the hot tub you guys definitely deserve it.


I want to thank every one who wished us well wishes for our first insem. I know a lot of you are anxiously awaiting the outcome. Here it goes the procedure itself went off with a hitch. I got straight into her cervix without hitting any thing on the way. I can say that I didn't get really far in because for some reason I couldn't, which was fine because I didn't want to hurt her. She says she didn't feel a thing and for that I am ecstatic. We are being realistic about the whole situation though because we are almost certain we missed her ovulation. We could not get 1 positive opk. So being that the vials are not cheap we just decided to use them anyways for the practice. So here's to good practice, I guess. By the way the white canister still freaks me out and I am having lots of crazy insemination dreams. For now you can move us to the tww list. All though we can not wait for AF to make her visit so we can get another shot at it. The headlight worked wonderfully, in fact I think I should stock up on batteries.

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Wishin, I'm so sorry for your loss. 


Library, Are you doing probiotics?  They really help when you're on antibiotics.  Up the yogurt or kefier or just pop another pill to get it.  I think it mkaes more sense to take them away from the antibiotics.  You could also call the doc and tell her you're getting some ugly GI symptoms from this one, and would another be appropriate?


All the new girls, Hi! 


Regarding frozen sperm, it's not perfect, but it's not the devil.  When I was 21 I got pregnant with frozen sperm 66% of my insemination cycles.  Compared that with my fresh cycles at 24, I got pregnant 50% of the time.  Now that I'm 30, I'm hoping I get pregnant with frozen sperm at least 20-25% of the time, but I think it has more to do with my timing and stress level than the quality of frozen sperm.


So, I have been off wheat and dairy, but I want desperately to make sourdough (it's such a winter thing in my house, I can't see waiting until April to start it.  Also, If I just make it for the kids, I will eat it, too).  My cycle was beautifully clear this past month, but I am not sure if it was related to me sleeping at night near ovulation or the dietary changes.  Also, I've lost 9 pounds since christmas, with being sick and having a restricted diet (3 of the pounds were intentional, the rest are the direction I planned to go, but not the route I wanted to take).  So, I'm going to go back on wheat but stay off the dairy.  If Febuary doesn't work, I'll go whole hog again for March. 


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teamusery - sorry that you are feeling so frustrated after your third bfn.  i think krista said above that human conception is a big crap shoot and add in using frozen sperm and any kind of fertility issue and the odds go down even further.  you didn't mention how old you are?  that can also be a factor in this craziness.


all that said, my dp and i managed to get pregnant after 2 cycles (me) and 3 cycles (her) because we determined our own destiny by taking control of what the doctors were doing.  i used a local women's clinic and their "contract" obgyn to get pregnant.  it turned out that if you weren't in perfect fertility health she became increasingly clueless.  i got a second opinion from the RE we ended up using for dp and PUT MY FOOT DOWN.  i told her i wasn't going to try again until my whacked out hormone levels (high prolactin) were back in range and took 2 months off.  the very next cycle i was pregnant.  with dp we did one cycle with the same doctor and again, she proved herself to be ill-informed.  dp had worse issues than me - a polyp, pcos, hashimoto's, factor v leiden hetero and mthfr hetero.  we went to the RE and had to take 2 months off to get her tsh between 1 and 2 (the optimal range for conception) and start taking metformin and get rid of the polyp and got pregnant on our second cycle there.  fwiw, we did 2 IUIs for both pregnancies.  you can say it doesn't make a difference - for us it did and our RE is a big proponent of that.  and she has been in the business for 20+ years.


as for testing - what all have you had done?  cd3 testing?  lh, e2, fsh?  day 7 progesterone to make sure you did ovulate (>=15 is what they look for when using fertility meds) tsh, free t4?  prolactin?  dhea?  any miscarriage factor testing (this can also prevent getting pregnant)?  mthfr, factor v leiden, apa?  while on 150mg clomid is your RE checking that your lining is good and triple-striped?  clomid is known to thin out the uterine lining especially on higher doses.  sorry for all the questions - when we decided to get pregnant i researched this like crazy so i could be well informed.  our RE says i could work with her and she appreciates not having to explain everything, lol!


as to using a known donor - that is a tricky one.  we almost did and at the last minute found out he and his wife were having fertility issues and couldn't get pregnant.  it would have been awkward being pregnant with his baby if his wife couldn't conceive so we changed our mind and used frozen.  this past summer they finally adopted a little boy from ethiopia...4 years after they started trying to get pregnant.  anyways, that's just our story.


i think the bottom line for everyone here is that we want to get (and stay) pregnant.  since for us the process can cost a lot of money it is important, i think, to take control and tell the doctor what you want to do next.



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