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absence seizure?

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My 18 month old DD does this thing where she totally spaces out for from three to twenty seconds and I don't know what it is. I somehow assumed this was just a quirk but my mother pointed out that DD won't even blink if you wave your hand in front of her face while she does this. After my mom pointed this out, I watched more closely and saw that my daughter's fingers often twitch while this is going on. I am sure this is not happening while she is peeing. When it's over, she goes instantly back to what she was doing (usually eating).


Is this just a weird toddler thing that everyone's kids are doing or should I be worried about absence seizures?

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It's hard to say for sure, but you definitely should check with you Dr. If at all possible try to get it on video so they can see what you are talking about.


I worked with a teenager and he was "spacing" out like that at various times. Took him to get checked and sure enough it was seizures, he needed medication to help control it. Not saying it to scare you, just to be aware that it is something worth checking into.


I can say my 2.5 has only "spaced" out a few times in his life that I can count. Certainly not every day or every week even, just to give my experience.


Good luck :)

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I know I read that children typically outgrow this type of seizure. I would still bring it up to the doctor though.

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It's definitely worth bringing up.  Even if its nothing, which it might be (the video idea was great!) you will feel better knowing for sure.  If its not nothing, then you can get it dealt with, which you can't do until you know whats going on!

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I'd cross post over to parenting with special needs. A lot of moms over there have experience with this.



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also not a doctor but a friend's infant had this happen and it's a totally normal yet scary seizure. something to do with how the brain is developing at such a rapid rate. he was 6 months or so and i'm not sure what age it becomes less "normal."

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One of my friends in college got absence seizures & it's exactly what you described... she would be in the middle of talking to me & just would go blank & then a few seconds or minutes later, continue talking as if nothing had happened... although she could often tell that she'd just had a seizure (sometimes she got a headache after or something). Sometimes she couldn't follow directions etc. -- I remember one time she was taking a tour or something & everyone had moved on to the next room while she was seizing so she 'came to' in an empty room & was all confused.


I would probably videotape it & show it to her doc... I don't think I've seen a toddler do anything like that, I know my DS pauses & crouches a bit when he pees but he will still blink, talk, respond.... and sometimes he'll get wrapped up in his head but again, he'll still blink, and he's clearly thinking/processing, not just 'blank'...

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The kid from next door has absent seizures. Yes they sound like what you described, even the finger thing. I don't know what he has to do about them as far as medication though. The first time he had one at my house I was very confused. I kept calling his name but he didn't respond. His sister said as casually as can be "oh it is just a seizure, just give him a second" Now that I know what it is I can wait it out. I will sometime go to hand something to him and have to wait or even one time he knocked on my door and when I opened it I had to wait it out. It is usually only about 20 seconds.

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