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diaper making questions?

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Does anyone have any diaper making questions? I am glad to help answer, and I bet a lot of people sneak a peak here, and could answer also.

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Hi, I do!! I am hoping to make some trainers for my little guy and bought the "Tinkle Time Trainers" pattern.  I am new to sewing (other than Home Economics in junior high!) but my mom used to sew all my clothes and she is going to help me.


I guess I need to know what type of fabrics I should be using (for the inner and outer)?  I thought maybe diaper flannel for the soaker?  PUL for some water-proof ones for the middle, but what about the side panels and waist/leg bands?  What about if I don't want them all to be water-proof?  Also, can you suggest some good sites for buying diaper fabrics?  Should I buy by the yard or look for someone who sells pieces (for the outer, I imagine I should just buy yardage for the soaker)?


I hope I'm not totally getting in over my head! dizzy.gif


Thanks so much!!  

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Came here looking for the same info....


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Honestly, the easiest thing to do for your first 2 or 3 dipes is to buy them precut from a place like diaperkits. That's enough to get you comfortable w the sewing process before investing in a lot of yardage/notions.

I like diaper flannel for the body, just realize that flannel doesn't absorb a whole lot. The body is there to hold the soaker and contain the poo. I like a soaker of cotton microterry (1st choice), cotton terry or hemp/cotton fleece. For a heavy soaker like my DS, he needs 6 layers, so i make a long narrow 3-layer soaker twice the length needed, fold it in half and stitch along the fold at the back of the dipe. This way you get the necessary absorbancy, but it also dries quickly and washes cleanly.

I also dont like sewing along the length of the elastic, i've found ot loses it's resiliency. I make casings and just secure each end.

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