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Fast labors in this DDC

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Ok, I was just thinking about how many of us have had really fast labors.  I am wondering if it is some sort of energy or something.  Were we all doing the same thing that helped?  Because I don't think if you compared our group to the general population that we would have this high of a percentage of fast labors.  Does that make any sense?


I am very happy with how my birth happened, but was totally not expecting such a fast birth.  Was curious if others were wondering the same thing....

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I haven't posted my birth story yet but mine was also fast.  I was 41w 5d and was waiting without trying anything.  I was having contractions off and on for weeks but nothings close to labor.  I feel like all of them are useful though.  I woke up in active labor around 2:30 am on the 24th and she was born at 7:35 am-my fast by far.  I worked on having her in the right position by sitting better the whole pregnancy and I read an article on pushing before complete so I worked on helping her down.  No exams because my midwife wasn't here and I think that helped too. (well I had my dh check for her cord after my water broke but she was already almost out at that point) It was a great birth.

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I was on RRL from about 20 weeks on. Then there was that cohosh induction that I tried for 2 days prior to the actual birth that could have helped as well. Other than that, I think my body was just ready.

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Connie - would you mind sharing the article you read about pushing before complete?! I have pushed before complete with my last two births and had I not I think I would have been in labor forever! Looking back on it, I probably should have pushed SOONER with both of them... would love to research that more! :)

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From first noticeable contraction to birth I was 6 hours and this is my first.  My mom also had a 6 hour labor with her first.  At the hospital they were commenting that they have noticed women with B+ blood tend to labor fast.  I also fit one of their other stereotypes.  I'm blond haired and very fair skinned.  They said fair skinned and red heads tend to bleed more.  I had a postpartum hemorrhage. 


I would be interested in that article too.  I pushed before complete.  When I got out of the shower and felt pushy she said I was an 8-9.  Shortly after she said to go ahead and start pushing cause she could tell how pushy I was by my vocalizations.

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i was holding my babe 6.5 hours after my water broke. i figured it was fast because it was my second birth, and its common for them to get quicker. i also think that i was more relaxed about the process having been through it once before (first birth was 14 hours).


i did the breathing from hypnobirthing and was really calm until the last 2 hours (transition and pushing). i didn't have pain medications, either.

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My actual birth was 2 hours and unassisted because we didn't call the midwives early enough!  It was just 2 hours, but I prodromal-ed for a few days so I had a lot more labor activity than just the 2 hours.  It was defiantely my most difficult birth too.  My 1st was 5 hours, my 2nd was 7, so I have a history of faster than average births.  I didn't really do anything this pregnancy to attribute it to. 

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I had a very "average" first birth in that I was in active labor for 12.5 hours and had a 7 lb 6 oz baby.  But I only pushed for 45 minutes.  The only thing "special" I did, besides lots of exercise throughout my pregnancy, was to see a chiropractor from 16 weeks on; I think that this helped to line her up well for the trip down the birth canal.

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June's birth was very fast- from rushes being noticeable to holding baby, probably 5 hours. Only 2 hours of contractions I had to work through, went from 7 cm to complete in less than 10 minutes, and she was out in 3 pushes. I also felt very pushy before 10. Baby would have been born in the caul if the doc hadn't broken it at the last minute. 


I second RRL- I took it the entire pregnancy, a quart a day at towards the end. I also exercised pretty regularly.


Interestingly enough, the placenta followed immediately. Like within 5 minutes. I interpret that (as well as only 3 pushes) as evidence of how effectively my uterus was working. I also had no discernible transition period. 

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I drank a ton of RRL tea every day and my labor was anything BUT fast LOL.  I was in active labor for two days and pushed for 6 hours (and didn't begin pushing until a few hours after hitting 10cm either because of her position).

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My water broke at 1:15am and my son was born at 8:35am after about 20 min of pushing. That seemed awfully fast to me, though not compared to some of the 2 and 3 hour births in this DDC! This was my first labor (DD was born via emergency c-section at 35 weeks so I never went into labor with her) - I had pretty strong, frequent rushes from shortly after my water broke, and no noticeable transition period.


I didn't drink RRL tea at all.

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I drank some RRL tea throughout my pregnancy-but it was hit or miss. 


Lee Ann-I'll look for that article and post it if I can find it.  I feel the same way about my first 3 births-did I make them longer without realizing it?

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ok I can't find it on Midwifery Today anymore, but someone copied the whole article here http://community.babycenter.com/post/a22385075/pushing_before_full_dilation

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From first noticeable contraction (e.g. something that had a noticeable start and end, and a surge or wave-like feel to it) my labor was just under 1.5 hrs. From first menstrual-type cramp to birth was maybe about 2.5 hrs. I don't know how long I pushed because frankly it all felt like pushing, in a completely involuntary sense. Writing this reminds me that I really need to type up my birth story before I forget everything. Anyway, yes, ridiculously fast for a first birth.


I told my midwife about all the super fast labors in our DDC and she wondered if it wasn't something "in the stars" this past month. For me, in particular, I started EPO at 37 weeks (both orally and vaginally, even though my midwife only recommended it orally before 40 wks). But she thought the real factor was that I had a NASTY stomach flu the week before Jasper was born, with a full 24-36 hours of vomiting and diarrhea. She didn't say this at the time, and she doesn't do cervical checks, but after the birth she said she thought I was probably at least 3-4 cm dilated after that bout of illness.

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I also had a fast labour and delivery Waking up at 1:30 am with contractions 5 minutes apart and had my baby girl in my arms at 4:40 am. This was much faster than I was expecting - my first birth was 10 hours. It was also way more intense!!! And I did not believe I was about to give birth until I felt her head crowning.


I was 41 +1 and very ready to give birth already. I did not have any internal examination prior to or during the labour - so I just don't know how 'ready' I was when the contractions started. My uterus was very responsive the day before, with contractions being triggered just by touching my belly.


I drank RRL on and off through my pregnancy and was taking lots of DHA and EPA, as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc and lots of greens, good fats and protein... I think it was more that I made peace with my father the evening before I went into labour. We had not spoken in quite some time and have had a very bitter relationship since my mother passed - and we were able to make peace, and lay the foundations for repairing our relationship. Anyway, I attribute this to triggering my labour - even if it did not influence how quickly it all happened. I was finally ready to receive our little girl into our family.

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I had about 12 hours of labor, on and off, but only count about 1.5 hours, because that was the only truly painful, intense part. My ob asked if she could try a 5 minute membrane stripping the day before i delivered, because another patient requested a 10 minute stripping and it worked really well. She did the same treatment to another woman an hour after me and we both delivered within hours of each other. I also saw an accupuncturist and took herbs and EPO and i did a birthing through hypnosis cd throughout the labor. i did the "Get Huge" mantra like mentioned in ina mae's guide to childbirth and i guess it worked. i pushed 5 times and he came flying out, with DH catching. didn't ,make it to the birth center.

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Just my two cents on this one....it seems the majority who had fast labors were also 'multips' or women who have had a baby before. As a L&D RN and midwife apprentice it is pretty well accepted that multips go faster than primips (first babies). Add in the exercise, good health, RRL, acupuncture, chiropratics and education and we have some fast births. I know there are nights when I just don't have it in me to take on a primip but will gladly take the women having her 4th or even 2nd.  I counted 3 responses of women who went fast with first babies. Now THAT is unusual. I would be ready to birth at home if they aren't already planning it with their next!! Good job to you all because I know fast labors suck when you are in it. With my 12 hours of being complete I napped, ate and generally had time to integrate what was happening. Those fast labors, it appears there is no 'time' for integration, pure surrender. Amazing energy to witness, I have never wanted to do it though.

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My labour was 4 hours from the time contractions got strong enough to call it active labour. My labour with dd was 42 hours from that same point until she was born...what a world of difference. 


My personal experiences though attribute my fast labour not only to the fact that it was my second birth but also to the fact that I wasn't in my head at all during his birth. I was completely 100% inside of my body and the experience as it was unfolding. There was no time to worry, to dwell or to be fearful. Even with a 40 minute pushing phase...I still felt like his birth was a whirlwind and it unfolded so quickly because we were at home where I was totally comfortable, I had the world's most amazing midwife who knew exactly what to do and say and when to do so, and because the birth team that was with me was so incredibly supportive of everything I wanted for this birth. 


I never for a moment expected that after a first labour that was so long and intense that I would ever, ever have a birth that was so quick. There were a lot of things that I didn't get to have happen because it was so fast, but I could never even dream of anything more perfect!

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Love hearing your chats about fast labors - very encouraging!  Does it seem like the ones with lots of prodromal labor or practice runs had the quickest births?  Do you think the odd alcoholic drink helped? 


Although I am a first timer, I have been eating well, exercising, doing hypnobabies and concentrating on being relaxed and thinking positively.  Hope I can join your crowd, if, no sorry, when, the baby finally turns up! 


Keep, chatting, I love listening!

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