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Milk allergies get progressively worse with each child? - Page 2

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ooh! Thanks Panserbjorne! I love reading material.

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1 - replenishing your body's vitamin and mineral supply, before having another child, sounds very beneficial for all. besides starting on a prenatal vitamin before pregnancy, does anyone know of a good list compiled somewhere that would be good to get a lot of these vitamins from? i'm not even sure what type of keyword would be a good way to search for a list like this would be.


2 - @changingseasons - do you know where i could see this article? perhaps it would have suggestions on foods to eat too!


3 - if anyone else has any suggestions that you're finding now that your children are older. for how to help a 2nd child avoid or lessen their allergies to milk, soy and eggs. i would love to hear them. we haven't started trying for a 2nd child yet, but anything i could do now, to help, would be great!


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There was just a study published showing a correlation with maternal levels of things like vitamin D, E, zinc, etc. and how deficiencies contributed to allergies & asthma in children.  So if you're not replenishing your own body's vitamin/mineral stores before getting pregnant again, the next child is starting out even more deficient- and may have worse allergies because of it.


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I'm not sure if this is the one I was talking about, but here's one about vitamin D:
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This is old, but I just wanted to come back and update. This turned out NOT to be true for us, thank goodness!  Baby number four does have a milk allergy, but it seems to be no worse than kid #3. I think kid #2 was the worst out of all four.

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Thanks for the update.  Glad you were able to prove the doctor wrong-- that pretty scary!


Just to add-- my first daughter has severe milk and wheat allergies (and a host of minor ones), and my second daughter seems to have no food allergies whatsoever.

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