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Meal categories

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I am trying to come up with seven meal categories, and could really use some inspiration.


So far I have: fish, pasta, beans and rice, stew. Need 3 more.


What are your categories?

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What about things like roasts or crockpot meals or breakfast for dinner?  I can never stick to my categories so I have kind of stopped trying to follow them and just plan out my month making sure not to have too many of the same protein sources in a row. 

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These are mine:


Su-Large family meal....make enough for 2 days
M-Stretch Sunday's meal & add salad
T-vegetarian or egg dish
W-Low budget meal (pasta)
H-Soup, bread & salad day
F-"fun" food - burgers, hot dogs, tacos, pizza
S-Grill out (summer) or "real meal"

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I am trying to do the same thing except I want 12 categories. Maybe some of mine will help you (if you haven't figured this out yet - it has been a few weeks since you asked) and maybe the bump will get a few more replies that might help me.


Here are mine - I'm pescetarian.





Entree Salad (spring/summer only)





Pot pie/quiche or pizza

stuffed baked potato or squash

veggie casserole or hash


I am almost there but I got stuck! So far I have just been making weekly plans by just randomly thinking of what sounds good but I often sit there stumped for a long time. I want to have an outline so that I can make lists of what I like to make that fit in the different categories and then have a bi-weekly menu sketch that I can just plug things into from my lists. Sounds way easier.

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I do 5.






Vegetarian--beans, eggs, cheese


Then add 2 or more leftover meals for the week.  And I keep the meal lists for a couple of weeks so I don't repeat them exactly too often.  I might do a roast (beef, chicken, or pork) in the crock pot for one meal.  Then use the leftovers for another meal (hash, casserole, ethnic, soup) later in the week as well as for 1-2 lunches.

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breakfast for supper

kid or fun food--burgers, pizza, tacos, etc

fancy meal

new recipe

"grandma"/comfort food

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