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"I resolve to run with the Dingos in 2011" January thread

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Welcome Old Dingos!  Welcome New Dingos!


If you're interested in running, forward motion, or something approximating it, come and join the Dingos.  Wondering if it's for you?  Well, read our Wiki.


Really, dingohood is in the heart and soul, not the distance.  Hang around a little and you get the impression we all run daily marathons.  Hang around longer and you'll notice that, as is normal for human nature, those that run 1-3 miles at a time will report that they went running, and those that run 10+ miles will *always* quote the distance.   It's kinda like reading baby message boards and coming away with the impression that every baby but yours was walking and reciting poetry by 9 months.  It's just 'cuz all parents celebrate the walking.  Those with 9 month olds will say "9 mo old dinglet is walking!" whereas those of us whose kids finally get off their tushes at 15 months will say "DS is walking!  Yay!".   Note the difference?  Same goes with our distances.  Really, a lot of us are running just a few miles at a time. 


Some place below will be a race list (and maybe a refreshed results list?) to help us cheer on those who've entered a race.


Time for a reminder dingos!  Post an intro, your resolutions, and why you run.  Then get out the door (or hop on the 'mill) and get running. 




Intro:  I'm Geofizz, a geophysics prof (didja guess that?) living someplace I resent to do it.  Two kids: DD-8 in third grade and DS-5, who is working hard to be old enough for school.  DH is an enginerd currently working on figuring out if new amusement park rides will stand up.  Dingo since 2004.


Goal: 762 miles for 2011.  (That's last year's 750 + 12 more). 


Why I run:

Stress management:  I'm really not a very nice person when I'm not exercising.  I also know I *have* to take care of myself or else.

Health:  I want to see my grand kids graduate from college.  I want to be able to play with my grand kids when they're young.

Weight management:  I'm 2 pounds less than this time last year!  750 miles kept me....  in place.  But I'm healthy and almost a normal weight, and I'm gonna take it and run.

Silence:  My house can get pretty noisy.  The park is sometimes a bit noisy, but it's at least not noise I'm responsible for.

To watch the seasons change:  I love seeing the neighborhood throughout the year.

To be the biggest neighborhood busybody:  Seriously, I know what everyone's up to cuz I run past their house every day.  And for those that don't keep their blinds closed, really, you should.  I know more about you than I want to.

The challenge:  Sometimes running can be easy, sometimes challenging.  In the last year, I learned to love the challenge, working to increase my cruising speed from 10:30 min/mile to ~9:15 min/mile.  It took a lot of work, which to my surprise, I mostly loved.

To hang with the dingos.  In the real and online worlds.

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Good morning and happy new year everyone!


I'm Nickarolaberry. I am a professor of political science currently teaching middle school (!) so that I can be where my kids are. Dh is a general surgeon. I have 3 dinglets, dd1 (10); dd2 (7); and ds (5). Dingo since...hmmm. I don't remember.


I run because if I don't run, I am not a nice person to be around, not the best mommy, have little patience for myself or others, and tend to physically manifest stress by becoming ill in various ways. Running is my re-set, my re-boot, my escape from others and my re-entry into myself. I love the way I feel physically and mentally when I am in good running shape. It lets me find my power and centers me. Plus, it's fun. I love the cameraderie (online and in real life!), I love racing and going to races or volunteering at races, and the fact that most runners are much more interested in being supportive and encouraging than in putting each other down competitively.


2010 was a HUGE year for me in running. I really found my ability to improve in drastic ways. I ran over 1250 miles, did 4 half marathons and PR'ed in each of them, and got a lot faster and stronger.


For 2011 my goals are still taking shape, but mainly:

1) Exceed my 2010 mileage

2) Get serious about working on core strength and some arm strength too for overall fitness

3) Get FASTER -- primary goal is breaking a 2:00 half marathon. Not sure yet about specific other time goals

4) Do more race volunteering


That's it for now, I think....

Happy New Year!

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I agree with Geo on so many points. When I run a nice run I'll report more details, other times just that I went. I am not sure what that says about me.

Intro: I am a SAHM with 5 children ages 3-14, married since 1994. This is the first year all school age children are in school, not homeschooling. DH is a professor of classical studies.

Goals: They are still in the works. I think I want something other than a mileage goal, would like to run another marathon this year but have yet to even sign up for a half. The choice is paralyzing me with indecision.

Why I run: Physical and mental health - It really does help me burn off stress and anxiety. I feel so much better after a long run wears me out. The time to think is good as is the time to zone out. I wouldn't run if I thought it made me fat and worried. The feeling of accomplishment is a real high. I am much more in tune with the world around me, running gives me a chance to notice. Nothing I have to say is too coherent, I do appreciate that running lets me hang with the dingos.

I have a 10 mile run at 10am. I know others I am running with today have already signed up for races so I'll see what and when. Knowing they are available for long runs would be a bonus. Sign up starts today on a couple I have in mind. If I can get good hotel reservations I might pick a a half and full race and a training plan. Or I might continue to mull it over as we have quite a bit up in the air here.

NYE was quiet. I was getting quite a bit done all week and then it stopped yesterday and I can't even remember what I have left other than deciding on specific goals and courses of action or mini goals to get me there. I have lots of thoughts swirling in my head and so many areas I could improve.
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Intro: I'm not sure why I clicked on this thread (coming from new posts). I am not a runner and don't really have any aspirations of becoming one. I can, however, totally get behind the concept of "forward motion" and I love the spirit of your wiki. We are currently living in a big city without a car so walking is a necessity. Beyond that I usually go for a longer walk about once or twice a week. I would also like very much to get back to swimming on a regular basis. Oh, and I am not a mother yet - we have just started TTC.


Goal: I'm not sure, because I never measure how far I walk. Let's say 365 miles in 2011 (possibly adjusting up later). I guess this means I need to find a pedometer.


Why I walk: Physical health - I would like to lose some weight and exercise, more than anything else, keeps my acid reflux at bay. Plus, I really don't know how my body will handle pregnancy, but I imagine being active will only help. Mental health - I'm just happier if I get out in the fresh air and sunshine regularly.

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Intro:  I'm a 42 yo SAHM to 3 children (ages 9, 6, and 4).  In my pre-kid life I was a research associate, crunching away at those numbers!  DH is retired Air Force and works as a civilian on an Air Force Base (same job, no uniform).


Goal: This year I want to make my return to racing, road, trail and triathlon.  After more than 1 1/2 years of chronic injury, I'm finally able to run without pain again, so I'm slowly getting back to running (and biking and swimming).  My goal is to run a fall half-marathon (Indy Women's Half), and race at least 2 sprint distance and 1 Olympic distance tri.


Why I run:  I LOVE how I feel after a good run.  I love the places my brain goes while I'm running.  I can solve all my life's miniscule problems and plan for my entire future (or at least the rest of the day) during a good run.  It's very motivating.  I also run to manage my weight ~ the last 19 months of NOT running have shown me that, at my age and with my love of food, I need to do "something"!  Running, especially trail running, brings me back to nature and helps me to enjoy the natural world around me more.  I also love sharing running with friends, both real life and online.


Happy New Year Dingoes!  Heading out for 4 miles today to celebrate!

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Intro: I just started following this thread in December smile.gif I'm a mother of three children; none are school-age. DH and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary last night and we've been together for 8 years. I'll be 28 this year. I work as a veterinary technician and DH is a postman who also works extra hours managing and delivering for Pizza Hut. I want to go to medical school and have a three year plan for getting in smile.gif

Goals: This year I want to train for a marathon and hopefully run one and I want to lose a ton of weight. In high school, I achieved the 5K record for my school. Now, it takes me 39:00 to run 3 miles, so I want that to change. I'm working on increasing my speed and distance this year.

Why I run: I run because I love it. I love to get lost in my thoughts. I love the way my body feels when my muscles warm up. I love the feeling that I can take on anything and succeed. Running keeps me sane and in shape and it's been so long since I've felt that way. smile.gif
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Welcome, capretta!


Intro: I'm Penelope. I'm a religion professor living in a really conservative part of the Midwest, which goes a bit against my grain. My kids are 10 (as of tomorrow!) and 6.


Why I run: I started running in 2007 so that I would survive my last year of dissertation-writing. It stuck. I currently run about 15-20m a week when I'm feeling good, less when my IT band is giving me trouble. I feel so much better about myself, about the world, about everything in my life when I run - it's a balm to my soul. I also like feeling and looking healthy. Plus, oddly enough, it gives me something to talk about with my students, as I don't have much in common with some of my athletes otherwise. I think there's also something symbolic about the out-and-back: Mommy is running away for a while! Oh, but now Mommy is returning. orngtongue.gif


Goals: Last year I set my sights a bit high; this year I'm adjusting. wink1.gif I'd like to run 800m (up from 745 or so this year) and do two half marathons (May and September) and one full (July, with a friend.) I would love to break a 2:10 half, and to train for the marathon injury-free.


NYE was quiet here, too. Ds chose a Hardy Boys mystery at the used bookstore the other day and I read until the kids and I were about to fall asleep... 10pm. So we turned in early, dh fell asleep on the couch and wandered upstairs somewhere around midnight.


I'm planning to run outside today even though it's bitterly cold because the sun! is! shining! and I have a bunch of girls over for dd's birthday slumber party tonight, so I will need some of that zen on tap.

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Happy New Year!!


Intro: I'm Kristin, I teach geology at a very small state school in the way upper Midwest full time and I really want to do so ~50-70% time. I have two children (girls, 5 and 8) and I am married to Erik, who teaches history at 4 (!) colleges semi-locally. In my spare time I sew and knit a lot. I have a hard time keeping my hands still. I've been here since about 5 weeks after Geofizz....which means 2004.


Why I run?  I started running when my dd1 was about 15 months old. In the winter I cross country ski, in the summer I run because it is time-effective. I don't love running like I love being on the water in a canoe or skiing, but it gets the job done.


Goals for 2011:

  • Kick my soda habit, at least for 2011. By that I mean for January switch to 1 pop per day, by February thru December no soda, period. No seltzer, no 7-up, no diet coke (the worst of my problem).
  • 100 pushups / 100 situps per day on weekdays.
  • Ski or run 4 times per week. For june/july/august make that run more than 15 miles per week, until that time I have a hard time making a mileage goal.



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Happy New Year! carrot.gif


Intro: I am Melissa, mom of 3 kids (14, 8 and 4), living near Charleston, SC. I am a freelance translator (German > English) and I work from an office at home. My DH and I moved to SC 11 years ago from Germany, and because our family is spread all over the US and Germany, we do a fair bit of traveling. I started running (yet again) after DS was born, so about 4 years ago. When I started, I could not run a single mile, but I worked at it steadily over the years, working up to a half-marathon in 2009. thumb.gif I loved that distance! 2010 was on track to be my best year yet until I ran into some fairly serious knee injuries beginning that Easter weekend. One thing led to another, two surgeries and a new ACL later and I am cleared to slowly work my way back into running. I am currently at week 7 of the c25k program. Oh, and during this hiatus from running, I also discovered swimming and biking.  


Why Do I Run? It just makes me feel great! Better able to handle things, more in charge, even keeled, self-confident... so many reasons. 


Health Goals for 2011:

  • stay injury-free
  • work out 4x/week (run, bike, swim)
  • daily push-ups & pull-ups
  • improve diet (no refined sugar!)
  • possibly work back up to a half-marathon in the fall if my knee does well!



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Here's the race list for the January thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list


Nickarolaberry - Ringling Bridge Run - January 22
Plady - Orcas Island Fat Ass 25K - February 5

Nemesis - Frozen Feat 5K - February 12

Realrellim - Snowman Stampede 10 miles - February 19

Nickarolaberry - Scrub J 10K - February 19
modmom - Disney Princess Half Marathon - February 27
Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 13

poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon - March 27

Mel28 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K - April 2

Realrellim - Platte River Half Marathon - April 10

OceansEve - OKC Memorial Marathon - May 1

bec, Runningmommy - Indy Mini Half Marathon - May 7

tjsmama - Colfax Marathon - May 15

Nemesis - Fargo 5K - May 20

Nemesis - Fargo 10K - May 21

mommajb - Carmel Marathon - June 11

memiles - Warrior Dash - July 16

Nemesis and dh - Minnesota Warrior Dash - July 23

tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder - August 7

mommajb - Indy Women's Half Marathon - September 3

bec and bec's dh - Warrior Dash Upper Midwest - September 17

mommajb - Columbus Marathon - October 16


 Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post

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run.gif2011 Dingo Race Results  partytime.gif



babybugmama - Walt Disney World Half Marathon - January 8 (First half of Goofy challenge) - 2:21:14
babybugmama - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9 (Completion of Goofy Challenge) - 5:08:02
Nickaroloberry - Disney Marathon - January 9, 2010 - 4:59:14 (PR!)

HomeBirthMommy - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9, 2010 - 6:12:57

Realrellim - Frosty's Frozen 5 and 10, 10 miles - Jaunary 15 - 1:33:51

Tjsmama - Yeti Chase 10K - January 22 - 1:05:18



2010 Results

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Happy New Year!!!


Intro: Kathleen, child psychologist part time, home school teacher the rest of the time.  Two kids (8 and 4).  Dh is computer type person.  I'm artsy craftsty and have started a group for homeschooling and art - I'm lovin' it!


Why I run?  I started after dd was born to try and shed the weight. It wouldn't budge, wouldn't budge and somewhere along the way I quit caring because I felt soooo awesome!  And then the weight came off without me even noticing it.  Now, it's my zen time, it's when I notice the details of the world around me, the deer antlers I pick up, the birds nests that are so awesome to see, the animals, the trees, the sky.  I love the rhythm of the steps with each foot striking, one two, one two...and the air. 


Goals for 2011:


  • Do the Goofy!!!!
  • Maintain 1/2 fitness
  • Lose about 5-10 pounds that I put on after stopping adderall.  Really this just entails looking at what I'm eating more carefully and making better choices. When I hit 40 my body quit being so forgiving of the crap I fed it.
  • Find a better sense of peace, harmony and balance for my life


That said, we are leaving in about 2 1/2 hours to go to disneyworld.  I will be out of touch, no internet access (which totally bites, I would love to check in and read about everyone), and my buddy will hopefully update - but if someone is tracking us, the could too.


I did my first run of the year, easy 8 in the rain.  Kinda weird Jan 1 to run in shirt and pants instead of three layers.


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Happy New Year Dingo Sisters! 


Intro - Hi, I'm Penelope, I'm a dingo. (Hi Penelope!) I'm a SAHM of two girls, 9 and 3.  I am getting back into theatre after a long hiatus of doing totally unrelated things.  I live on the most beautiful island I could ever have imagined with an equally beautiful community and I feel incredibly blessed to be here.  DH has been parlaying our savings into something that can sustain us if we live simply and to that end we're both inveterate thrift shoppers/yard salers/do-it-ourselvesers and we're slowly turning our house into something finished from the gutted shell that it was when we bought it almost three years ago.


Why I run: Like everyone else I run for mental clarity, for physical health and fitness and for quiet escape from being on-call as a mom.  I love Penelope's out-and-back symbolism, it's so true.


Goals:  This time last year I was far fitter than I am now so first of all I want to retrain myself back into a comfortable level of fitness.   I'll be closing in on that goal when I can do 45 standard push-ups without stopping or dying.  I'd also like to be fit enough to sign up for a half marathon at the drop of a hat.  And, as I can already tell that this year is going to be at least as busy as 2010 the key goal is finding the balance between home, work (yes, I am SAH but I'm also writing another play for about 50 kids and running theatre workshops through the winter spring and summer - it just doesn't pay enough to feel like a real job) and exercise.  That is the kicker.


And, now I'm off to gear up and get out the door for that first step.

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Intro~ I'm Jennie - married to James and have 1 dd (V) is who is almost two.  I am a SAHM and DH works from home.  I have a teaching degree in early childhood education, and I plan on homeschooling dd.  I like to blog, cook, do yoga, read, hoop, and run on and off.  I'm more of a seasonal runner... doing a 5K or two a summer.


Why I run~  I love the sense of accomplishment it gives me, and I like the added boost to my health.  I also like being a healthy role model for dd.  I love it most during the summer and during a rainstorm.  Fall/Winter I peter out and resort to yoga.


Goals for 2011~

1.  Do monthly goals so I don't feel stuck or bored.  January goal - 100 situps/100 pushups each day.  Yoga+hooping 3 or more times a week.

2.  Do a few summer 5Ks.

3.  Do the river road ride with family.

4.  Better meal planning with more veggies.


Yesterday, I did yoga, hooped, and went for a walk with the family while it was warm'ish.  Today it's bitter and windy as heck!  I'm thinking yoga and 100's will be it for me.


DrJen~ I caught bits and pieces but you may be moving to Appleton???  If so, you'll be catching baby #2 (no that's not an announcement) someday!


Many blessings to you and your families on the wave of newness!  Happy New Year!

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joy.gif Shiny new thread! joy.gif

My name is Gaye. I'm a single mama to my 4.5 year old dinglet DS, who is my reason for everything. I'm in nursing school full-time, just about to enter my second clinical rotation. If all goes well, I'll graduate just before Christmas, pass my boards and become a productive member of society again. In my previous life, I was a certified athletic trainer in a high school, but I quit to stay home when DS was born. I still do some event coverage here and there (and offer my opinion on the various aches and pains of my fellow dingos), but I needed to make a change when I got divorced, since athletic training as a career does not work with being a single mom. Last week was my 3 year anniversary of finding this amazing group of women and becoming a dingo!

I run because I can. And because I never thought I could/would. And just to be perverse and prove people wrong. And because I love the looks and comments I get when people find out that I do triathlons and run marathons. orngbiggrin.gif Most of all, I started running when my marriage was falling apart and I found that it was a sanity saver and stress reliever. It got me through my divorce without losing ALL my marbles, which is no small feat. It also helped me lose a LOT of weight, so that I can say that I look far better now than I ever did when I was married!

I don't know about goals for this year. With school really picking up, I hate committing to anything when I might not be able to follow through! I'm signed up for a marathon in May that I'm somewhat skeptical of my ability to actually run, and I think I'm going to sign up for another half-ironman this summer. Other than that, I would say that my goal is just to NOT get fat, between reduced mileage and stress eating. bag.gif

I got my last 3+ miles in yesterday to go over 900 miles running for the year. Which was actually only down about 40 miles from 2009, shockingly. I ended up at 1673 and change, with bike and swim miles, which is pretty far down from last year. Probably because I have neither biked nor swum in the past three months. bag.gif I was actually kind of impressed with myself...I decided to make it a tempo run, and ended up under 9 min pace. Who knew I could still run that fast? redface.gif

We had a pretty mellow NYE. We took DS to Toledo to see the lights at the zoo, then came home and hung out in front of the tv. I had told DS he could stay up as late as he wanted, thinking he *might* make it to 10:30. Nope, the little booger ended up seeing in the new year! I'm probably going to regret that, given that we're having a family gathering today, so there will be no down time, and then we fly home tomorrow morning. Little man is going to be exhausted by that point. I was woken up at 3 am by a text from the dogsitter...she was locked out of the house (she doesn't have a key, just uses the garage door opener, and it wasn't working). Yikes. She felt awful, not that there was anything she could have done. The dog was inside, warm, and safe, with food and water, so the worst that was going to happen was that he might make a mess. I called the downstairs neighbors first thing this morning. They were at their place in the mountains, but fortunately, they have a spare key to my place that the dogsitter was able to get to, so disaster was averted. I was *really* hoping not to have to pay for a locksmith! Turns out, the battery in the opener was dead. Great timing, huh? rolleyes.gif


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Ok, quick question for you all:  I should probably start the results list all over again, right?  And I'll leave the one on the December thread alone, so it can still be looked at, or printed if anyone wants it?


I'm Jen, a family doc practicing in the midwest (for now, at least) with 4 children.  One of my kids is grown - he's 22, graduated college this past year, and is now living in another state with his fiancee and working full time for a living (thankfully, he found a job in his field within about a month of graduating.)  He's getting married in June.  My 3 still at home are 15,13, and 7.  I'm turning 40 in February.  I had a dear friend who was a runner who died from cancer at age 39, and she made her friends promise to enjoy being 40, so I'm trying to be deliberate about making this a great year!   I've been hanging around here since June of 2004, but I've been running for 30 years, mostly for fitness and fun.


Why I run?:  Because it's cheaper than therapy!  Seriously, running works well for my anxiousness, and makes me feel good about myself.  My life is always crazy busy, and getting in a run always makes me feel more centered.  It also helps me feel good about my body and helps with weight maintenance. 


Goals for 2011:  1000 miles.  This is 144 miles more in a year than I've ever run (this year was my record high of 866) so 12 miles more a month.  I also want to do a fall full marathon this year.  I want to maintain the strength and core fitness I developed in 2010, and maintain my current weight with a bonus goal of dropping 5 more pounds (I lost 10 in 2010)


NYE was calm here - we had the our family tradition cheese fondue for supper, and then everyone was too stuffed to eat chocolate fondue later, so we'll do that today.  Watched some movies with the kids (I dozed for most of the last one and my 15 yr old kept yelling at me to quit snoring!)  We were in bed by 12:05, I think, after watching the countdown.  I'd run 6 days in a run including yesterday, so today is a planned off day, and hopefully tomorrow I'll go long.

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RR: 4m in 10* weather (not counting windchill.) It was *gorgeous* out there, sunny and brisk. I was cold for the first .75m or so and then totally sweaty until I turned around into the wind, and then I was fine but slow for the 2m home. (My gear, ftr: fleece hat, fleece scarf, merino baselayer, tech turtleneck, cheapo fleece top, crappy gloves, and my awesome fleece running pants.)


Now off to lunch and buy cake and finish getting ready for dd's 10th birthday party. biggrinbounce.gif

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Me- I'm Megan.  I'm mama to 3 (dss 19, dd 12, dd7).  I'm currently finishing my 1st year of midwifery training, juggling with that doula clients, a child in a co-op school, another playing year round select soccer.  I spend the vast majority of my time in my car.  We live in the beautiful PNW.


My running- I started running a little over a year ago.  I was halfway through my weightloss journey (45 lbs lost and kept off for over a year!) and needed something to push myself.  I did C25K and was hooked.  The problem is that I also had a pretty severe knee injury 6 years ago, which has made me a very injury prone runner.  I'm currently in a bit of a running funk- have only run on the treadmill for about a month- but I'm also hip/calf/shin pain free for the first time in a long time.  I've added way more yoga and spinning to the mix, but am craving that feeling you get after a good run that I don't get from a spin class.  


My goals-

~find the balance, how to run without getting hurt.  

~60 minutes of cardio, minimum of 4x a week.  

~strength training/yoga/core work, 3x a week

~refined sugar free and mean it.  I have a dessert issue.  

~Take the 5 lbs that have crept back off, off.  For good.  See the above.  Five makes a difference when you are 5' tall.

~Focus on the books- I spent my first year of mw training in a very busy practice with an insane commute both to clinic and births.  I now have way more time and can get the academics revved up.  I'm not very good at self directed study, so it's going to mean scheduled study time on a daily basis.

~Declutter 2011 items in 2011.  We are pack rats.


Sigh.  I'm pretty darn dark right now, it's not been a good NY.  Here's to hoping the year is better than it's opening.

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Intro: I'm Christina. I'm a SAHM of six wonderful children. I was a former dingo, and I'm needing mucho support as I try to regain my fitness after baby #6. Some of you may remember that I had some serious health problems(a liver abscess that resulted from a missed case of appendicitis). That really set me back in 2008. I was pregnant in 09-10, and baby boy was born in May.

My running : I'm still struggling with health issues that hopefully I can get resolved soon. Hopefully nothing holds me back. I'm really starting from square one and I'm going to work through c25k. Maybe there might be a 5k in my future.

Goals: My primary goal is weight loss. I am hanging on to an extra 30-40lbs.
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I'm still reading these, I love the intros!  love.gif   I am a little short on time, but I can't wait to read the rest. 



I'm Nemesis.  I live in the upper Midwest with my DH and 2 daughters (5, 8), 2 cats and a dog, Myles.  orngbiggrin.gif   My DH works in admissions at a graduate school and I work part time at Target.  I make natural soaps, but I've been torn on continuing the business because I feel too busy.  We homeschool and I am usually at peace with that decision.   I started running in 2006 after I quit smoking and immediately put on 20lbs.  I was doing great for about a year and then started having issues with shin splints.  I battled those and was finally able to pick up running again without pain in the fall of 2009, barefoot.  I think that's when I started posting here.  I now wear some water shoes and Vibram Five Fingers if it's warm enough.  I am feeling good with my minimalist-running groove and will stick with this as long as it works for me.  I slacked off over the summer, but I'm training in earnest now for a big year (for me) that involves 3 races so far.  dizzy.gif  ( can you tell I don't race much?)  I have never really gotten past the 5 mile mark and kept at it regularly, so that's something I'd like to work on this year. 


Why I run?

 I have always had the urge to run, but never the ability.  Sadly, I was raised in a very smoky household and took up the habit at a tender age.  When I quit smoking and put on some weight, a friend of mine was doing the C25K and I joined her.  I don't think she finished it, but she kept coming to the gym with me and walking on the treadmill next to mine and that was motivation enough for me to keep it up.  My lung capacity goes almost immediately when I take a break, though.  My legs could go forever (injuries aside).  I love that I get time to myself, I love that I am doing a tangible thing.  I have never been a team-sport person and I am super accident prone, so running really suits me.  I can always win (or lose, depending on my outlook!) since it's just me and my own goals/expectations.  


My goals this year:

 Run the 10K in May

 Maintain a yoga/strength routine to help me avoid injuries

 Keep a running log (total motivational tool for me)

 Be ready to kick my husband's ass at the Warrior Dash!  loveeyes.gif   (He is so tall, his walking speed is my run so I need to work on this!)


Ok, I am finally feel well enough to eat again and boy am I starving!  I did take a short walk today with Myles, and hopefully I will make a plan for this week tomorrow after I find my work schedule.  

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