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I am going to brave the park district fitness center today at the gym where my daughter takes gymnastics, at least that's the plan. Workout bag is all packed. However, they are doing a free workout thing this week and it may be scary crowded. It would be *so good* if I could get into the habit of working out during that hour-long class every week though. I also need to renew at my regular gym, that was my weekend resolution but I got derailed. Therefore I am posting here for some accountability.


I am getting over a 3.5 month coughing crapola including a bruised rib. Hoping I can do a little gentle cardio today and maybe lift a few weights. Or even just stretch for a while. I am a mess.



thank goodness they at least left us the group hug smiley!

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I did manage to get a workout today, before 8pm orngbiggrin.gif Pretty much the same as yesterday, 0.25 walk, 1.25 jog, cycling 6 miles, 20 minutes strength training, and 0.25/0.25/0.25 walk/jog/walk. I'm counting calories today too and since I was up at 5 after only sleeping a few hours, I'm pretty wiped sleepytime.gif
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Today's resolution:  Must get off refined sugar!!!!  I purged the holiday goodies to aid my will power.  Anyone want to go refined sugar free for awhile.  This is definitely my weakness andI would love some accountability.

I'm off desserts and anything that could be mistaken for such.  So far so good.  We can anchor each other. :)

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It's September 11, Kristina! Website is www.vineyardwarrior.com

Oh man, I'd LOVE to do that.  I'll have to stir that around in my brain for a bit.  It could almost work if I was very very very organized,


I ran 3 and a bit today.  It was fine, nothing spectacular but I also did some squats, crunches and push-ups afterward (not enough to brag about, just enough to note).  Right now I'm supposedly working on the next play.  Am I?  I'm going to!  Now!


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I went out for what might have been the coldest ski of my life. It wasn't really that cold but my hands were freezing.FREEZING. Like cold enough I was about to cry. How does that happen? It was above zero, daylight and I had full-on gear on. Blech. I still managed to eek out a 55 minute ski and holy cow am I feeling it.


Jenlove: I'm in for the 100 challenge. Although I told myself I would build up to the pushups first and then follow with situps. I'm sitting at 2 x 25 pushups. Girl pushups, just so we're all clear.


Balancin1: Hope you got to the gym.




My friend at work (one of two people I would call a friend at work) is pregnant. Yay!  Although it gives me totally baby envy. I'm working on my dh. I'd really like to have #3 and dh, well, I'm hoping he'll budge. How sweet would it be to have a planned baby (baby 1 and 2 were both conceived on birth control -- #1 might be considered a miracle child because I was super un-wanting to be pregnant and obsessive about taking the pill. #2 was conceived on the mini pill when I was nursing dd1, who was already 2).


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Thanks Kerc, I did make it to the gym, despite so many unfunny stupid hiccups that I won't even bore people with them. And, no-one was there, except the regularly scheduled class. I was so astonished. I did 30 mins on the ellliptical, next week I will add weights and the stairmaster to round out the hour.


So the regularly scheduled class is a special recreation class for people with developmental challenges. It was so much fun to be working out with them. There are 3 instructors and maybe 10 students, and then the fitness center (which is pretty small) is also open to people not in the class. I made a buddy on the elliptical next to me, and narrowly avoided being recruited for sit-ups, which I would have put myself to shame with. It was totally not what I was expecting and perfect for convalescent out of shape me.


I totally relate to the baby lust, although I can't seem to budge DH and have more or less reconciled myself to being "done."

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O my dingos. I'm in a wierd limbo mode here - leaving in 36 hours (!) and I have a lot to do, but also nothing to do, yk?

My kids, when asked what might make them feel better while I am gone, said cookies every day. lol.gif So I am going to bake a buttload of cookies and freeze half or 2/3 for lunches. They also want notes from me to open while I am gone, and phone calls/emails.


Did I mention my 5 students and my one colleague are all sleeping over at my house tomorrow night? Um... wtf was I thinking there? I told colleague he could have the guestroom, so I'm going to haul out mattresses, etc. for the students and hope for the best. At least no one will miss the plane, or else we'll all miss the plane. (Right... that's what I was thinking!) At least the house is kinda clean. I'm making tacos for dinner and scones for breakfast and calling it good. A friend from church dropped by a suitcase of items to donate, so I'm also taking Spanish Bibles, syringes, baby items for a very young mother (who was raped; I am heartbroken thinking about it), condoms, and I'm not sure what else.


Dh is transitioning from Mr. Death to Mr. Death-Warmed-Over. He did eat and shower today, a huge step up.


Ok, off to buy chocolate chips and avadacos...


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P, that limbo is where I will be living for probably months to come! nut.gif I have trip-envy.


Other P, YAY YOU for just sitting down and cranking it out! I also have creative-envy!


No run today. Instead, I worked a full day in the office, got productive with the stupid flowchart software, and did some laundry. Tomorrow, a workout looks like a challenge, too, but I will have to cram it in between ds's ortho appointment and an afternoon meeting. Will just have to look forward to an excellent Thursday workout.


OK. Also, as much as I acknowledge how I feel, be honest with myself and journal...I am eating myself into oblivion. If this whole dh-work situation takes more than a couple weeks to sort out, I am going to be in a bad, bad place. gloomy.gif


Here's to easier tomorrows...

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Wow! I have been so busy and I fell really behind already. I'll have to try to catch up!


Running is going OK here and I managed a spontaneous spin class tonight. I think I settled on the Bear Mountain race and do will do the half on the day I'm not running. I can't decide if I should do the marathon or the 50k though. 

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Penelope--Have an awesome trip!  I'm glad your DH is feeling a tiny bit better, and I'm glad that your kids came up with a reasonable request for when you are gone.  Cookies every day?  What a marvelous idea for comfort!


Jo--I'm sorry your eating is feeling out of control.  I hope that you'll be able to get back on track.


Nic--Are all of the vitamins helping at all?


I did manage to squeeze in a run today; I volunteered in DD's first grade classroom from 10 to 10:30 where DD, who hated my guts this morning when I made her wake up and eat breakfast and comb her hair, was sunny and delightful and gave me a big hug.  Ah, to be six years old and not have learned how to hold a grudge yet.


Then I had to get DS from preschool at 11:30, so I had just under an hour to run.  I did just over forty minutes, just over four miles, and felt good about that.  Tomorrow I may flail around in the water again for awhile at the gym.  Maybe lift some weights, too.  Any recommendations for triceps?


Speaking of crappy eating, DH heard that his favorite fancyish restaurant is closing down within the next week, so we trekked nearly an hour there tonight for dinner.  When I told DD where we were going, she stomped around saying "I HATE that place!"  When I told her that it was closing down and she'd never have to go there again after tonight, she gave a resounding "GOOD."  rant.gif  I bribed her with ginger ale at dinner, instead of her usual water, didn't try to make her eat anything except french fries, and I brought a bunch of stickers and a little notebook for her and DS, and things went very smoothly.  DS was delighted with his chicken fingers resting on their garnish of greenery: "They put my chicken on top of little leaves!"  Yep, buddy, that's classy for ya.  thumb.gif

Food was good, but too rich and too much.  Once again, our healthy eating resolution is put on hold.


Now I'm sitting in front of the fire, feeling bloated, reluctant to move.  I hope by tomorrow I'll have found some new motivation.

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Then I had to get DS from preschool at 11:30, so I had just under an hour to run. I did just over forty minutes, just over four miles, and felt good about that. Tomorrow I may flail around in the water again for awhile at the gym. Maybe lift some weights, too. Any recommendations for triceps?

I love.gif your swimming description. ROTFLMAO.gif That totally would be me orngbiggrin.gif As for triceps - chair squats. You can straighten your legs to make it harder or lift them or put them on another chair. Personally, I prefer to just bend my knees thumb.gif
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geo~Typically when we run 400's at track, we do either a 100 or 200 recovery. Usually 200.

penelope~Have an awesome trip! I've been dreaming about tropical vacations lately. Maybe a graduation present to myself next winter...

I had a really, really good day. After thinking that I had totally struck out on recruiting any ski buddies for the day, I remembered this morning that one of my classmates who was in my clinical group has a house up there, so I texted her, and she met me after my (early) lunch. We had a great time skiing together. She's a much better skier than me, which is great for me because if I just ski by myself, I'll stick to the groomers. Which is fine, and fun, but gets a little boring. She showed me some great bump runs that I had no idea about, even though I felt like I knew this mountain really well. The snow was nice and soft. It was a little cold, but other than that, good stuff. And DS had a good lesson, and did awesome, according to his instructor. She said that one more day in ski school and he'll be ready to tackle the mountain (he's been in the beginner/"bunny hill" area) and ski some greens! I'm so excited at the idea of getting to ski with him! joy.gif

And tomorrow, I WILL run. Because I have track. And a babysitter coming. So there is no escape. lol.gif
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kerc - Awesome on the 100's!  I'm just hoping my arms don't hurt for weeks this time, which is why I quit last time.  I couldn't stand the soreness anymore.  Btw, I hear you on baby envy.  A friend came over for a playdate today to tell me she's pregnant.  I am happy for her, but I'm also jealous.  Convince your DH and we could have dinglets close together!! :)


jo - ((hugs))

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
Other P, YAY YOU for just sitting down and cranking it out! I also have creative-envy!



If this whole dh-work situation takes more than a couple weeks to sort out, I am going to be in a bad, bad place. gloomy.gif


Here's to easier tomorrows...

First of all biglaugh.gif, I got exactly 2 pages written before getting distracted or bored or something and I got up and didn't go back.  eyesroll.gif


Second, hug2.gif and put the carbs down.  They don't help as you know.  And you've done so well this last year this is no time to sabotage it.  It will be okay no matter what.  You either get lots of sun or snuggly sheep.  It's all good.

Penelope - Have a great trip!

Balancin 1 - Yay you're back! joy.gif

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JayGee--yay for the preschool opening!

RM-- bow.gif about your NRR accomplishments today.

Kerc--hope you're able to convince DH. A friend of mine had a baby on Saturday: 10 lbs 9 oz! I had been thinking that seeing the newborn would make me think how big J has grown since she was born, but at that size, I guess it will remind me of her as a 4-month-old. lol.gif

tjsmama--your descriptions make me think I want to learn to ski. Happily, I have no time or money to actually do so! lol.gif R was "snowboarding" around our backyard yesterday though (read: standing on her sled while DH pulled it around the yard), so I think we'll all learn to ski once J is big enough.

Ran 3 after dinner. I felt fine out there, but it was a slow, slow run. I'm not sure if it's the lack of sleep or other stuff. I took the girls to a (very busy, loud) children's museum yesterday and to a place with a bunch of indoor bounce houses today (not as loud or busy, but still loud) and on top of that J has been very fussy and not sleeping. I took her to the chiro today and got some ear drops at the natural food store so hopefully that will take care of the presumed ear infection.

And in awesome news, we found out that R will be in the gifted center class next year. joy.gif Our district does a couple of types of G&T education. One is to keep them in their neighborhood school and provide enrichment and differentiated instruction in the regular classroom with an ALP; the other is to send them to one of the district gifted centers where the classroom is a G&T classroom. Her school is one of the centers, so next year when she moves to first grade she'll be at the same school. There are three first grade classes, and while I'm pretty sure that a couple of other kids in her kindergarten will be in it with her, she'll still get to see her other friends at lunch and recess (read: no transition, no disruption, no stress). Her school is already a great fit for her, so this was wonderful news.
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Yay, Real! That's great.


I am so scatterbrained this morning I can't remember the personals I wanted to do.


Yesterday was a crazy day. My co-teacher's daughter was rushed to the ER for appendicitis (she's 6) so that was nuts. Then one of my (autistic) students had a total meltdown and grabbed another teacher by the shirt and yanked her. Ugh. That caused a huge disruption to everyone and was also emotionally unsettling and difficult.


There were 2 breakups in the grade (both done by 'proxy' at lunch time by the boys to the girls in the couples) so there were serious tears all afternoon and DRAMA.


I am honestly not sure about this middle school gig sometimes. Whew. I miss just, you know, TEACHING the things I love.




I am feeling somewhat better from the cold and am continuing to take the many and varied vitamins and remedies my friends suggested! lol.gif Dh thinks I am a nut.


I may need to change my username. Somehow just by friending me on facebook he was able to find my posts here! And my name isn't on them! How does that work? (Not that I really care about him seeing them but sometimes I might and I don't know, I think I might need more anonymity)

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Nic ~ are you talking about your DH?  If so, that sucks.  Sorry you returned to so much drama at school.  Boy, am I NOT looking forward to those years at all.


Real ~ DH made it pretty clear to me that he really doesn't want Kirsten to go to a preschool for the rest of the year.  What he really wants is for me to homeschool (in his world, ALL the kids), but it's so not me and I'm totally terrified at the prospect to be honest.  I'm still trying to talk him into the preschool, but it may be a losing battle.  Sigh.  I really think she needs structured time each week with other children.  Her social maturity needs a little work, kwim.


Gaye ~ I WANT to ski now too, waaaaaa!  I haven't been since my honeymoon in 1999 and I miss it.  Illinois is not ski country though!


Time to get the bigs up for their first day of school in our new town!!!!  And then, to the Y for another kick-a$$ spin class!!!

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So it appears I can't change my username, which means I'd have to re-register. Does it matter that I won't have senior status anymore? What is that important for?

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Real, what a relief for dd.


Nic, I think it matters for transactional stuff...you might try PMing an admin.


You 100ers, good luck! You have my respect! Also, on babylust...yeah...drool.gif But I did see one over vacay and she cried a lot and just watching mama stuck in the rocking chair nursing for hours made my butt hurt. shy.gif


One day at a time here...and it's starting to look more like sun than sheep. The alternative looks like staying on and being assigned lots of Middle East work anyway (with lower pay and long absences), so what the heck, right? For the time being, I need to work on being in the moment, for real, and not racing ahead of myself. Today, that means not rushing into the office this am, but instead getting the house and barn in order, then doing ds's appointment, then working out and finally going in for my meeting this afternoon...which means less time at the office today, and that is OK. redface.gif I am kidding myself when I consider sustaining more than 15 hours a week at this point. Plady, 2 pages is more than no pages, and I still say good on you!


So I cleaned the kitchen, made my grocery list, and am feeling less chaotic already. thumb.gif

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Gaye - glad you had a fun ski-trip. Your LO is the same age as my oldest. I wonder if DD1 would enjoy skiing...we have a nice little hill (not really a mountain) close to home where I learned when I was 8. I'm just afraid she's going to love all of the really expensive sports. So far, out of gymnastics (11 weeks), riding horses (once), and dance (9 months), she has really enjoyed dancing and horses.

Lisa - great news about your daughter! smile.gif

nic - I imagine middle school must be crazy. How long have you been teaching that age? As far as the username, I think you can send a $2-3 paypal payment and change your username without losing your senior status. I did it once in the past, but then decided that I just wanted to start everything anew and I didn't have a whole lot of posts anyway, so I just started over redface.gif In case you're wondering, I was babyluvandkisses, then Maine Mama Doula, and now Motivated Mama. I'm past the doula phase, which I think I got so super-involved with because of my littlest one (trauma of her heart surgery and the need to do something more).

This morning, I had a Facebook request from my mother's ex-husband (divorced when I was 8; my mother and father divorce when I was 2). He's seriously crazy and creepy. My mother is in a lesbian relationship now and has been for 11 years. Her ex has been calling her and trying to find out where she lives since his wife of 17 years left him. This was the woman he left my mother for. His profile had all kinds of "likes" that were normal (gardening, etc) followed by, "and my wifes hair." Really, he's creepy. And this is written despite their break-up. Did I mention he was abusive? splat.gif

Today, I plan to bike at home since DH will be gone all day and night, working both jobs.
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So it appears I can't change my username, which means I'd have to re-register. Does it matter that I won't have senior status anymore? What is that important for?

It doesn't take much to add it a google search with dingo to pop up one of our threads here.  If the word dingo shows in your profile anywhere, a curious somebody could find it really pretty easily.  "dingo running" is the 4th hit on google, and "dingo marathon" shows up on the first page.  Honestly, a name change probably won't help much.  I'd just keep the specific, personal venting to a minimum, or purge it after a day or so.

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