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Dr Jen, could you add the Frozen Feat 5k on February 12th, the Fargo 5K on May 20th,and the Fargo 10K on May 21st.   Thanks!

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Intro~ Hi my name is Lisa, I'm turning 38 this month and have been a runner all my life (with some breaks for pregnancy, etc.). I have 5 kids and am also a step grandma, dss 26, dsd 25, ds10, ds8 (9 in 11 days), ds6.    I've been a dingo for quite a number of years.  This past year has been some healing from nagging pain.   I have seen a sports doc about hip imbalance in the past and it's something that needs constant care and attention to keep right.  I"ve run everything from 5k's to a marathon (the year the Chicago marathon was shut down due to heat!).  I love competing against myself and trying to be better.  The last few years I've gotten into overall fitness with a great online website that uses body weight and cardio together.  I have finally gotten to the point where I can do push ups, pull ups, and get compliments on my butt (another one today from my neice!!  She thought I was wearing jeans that lift your butt!!).  I used to be called string bean arms but have received compliments on my arms from a stranger that was a fitness physiologist or something.  STill can find more to work on as I am FAR from perfect, which I love.  Always make new/more goals.  I love life and love just being alive!!   I started working outside the home in February 2010 part time as a barista at two coffee shops and found I enjoy it.  "It" being the work, the people, and having something outside the home to try to be good at.  This year I'm managing a new coffee shop at our churches fitness center.  I also co-lead a women's ministry at our church and have been asked to lead next year (co-leader is moving).  I'm thinking of going to college to get a degree in nursing or nutrition or fitness.  Yeah, that's real vague!  :)




  1.  A half time that I am stoked about (1:45 or better would be fantastic) without injury or pain. 
  2. A full marathon if the training goes well for the half (in terms of time commitment and pain issues). 
  3. Balance work, family (ds10 has ADHD and some learning issues), church commitments, plan schooling
  4. really get through the Rosetta Stone Spanish program this year!!  (hanging head as I have had it for numerous years now...)


Why I run~  I love it!  I love getting out and the feeling of everything about it!  I love the accomplishments, trying to better myself. 

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Hello All-

I am 45 years old and a nurse practitioner providing primary care to the homeless. I went back to work and my waistline expanded so I started an exercise group and a c2k5 program with the homeless. It has been a blast and some have even completed their first 5K. Before I went back to work I had run 2 marathons and a bunch of half marathons.

Why I run: for my dad. He has Alzheimers and it is a great way to raise money for the Alzheimers Association. Plus it is a great excuse to say to the hubby...be back in an hour or so and take off with the dog for awhile.

I will also be doing the Goofy Challenge next week (gulp) and I am in for NYC this year (deferral from last year). I hope to be as injury free as possible- I have recurrent pes anserine in my left knee- I will never BQ. The back of the pack is where the fun is at anyways!

Glad to be in this group!

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Originally Posted by party_of_seven View Post

Intro: I'm Christina. I'm a SAHM of six wonderful children. I was a former dingo,

a.) I will forever know you as Po6, regardless of how many dear children you have, LOL.  Nice to see you here again, beautiful photo of your sweet family!
b). this has been discussed a lot over the years but, once a dingo, always a dingo.




Reporting in: one soda thus far plus 50 minutes of skiing (I think that's like 8 km?).  Of course I came home and finished off the potato chips (thankfully there were only a handful left).

We are waiting on the arrival of our baby sitter (dh went to pick her up), she is home from college and a rockstar. Dh and I are going to a party (WOOT!).


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I stillheart.gif the intros. welcomeback.gif and wave.gif to new and returning dingos.

I have made progress on goals.
1. 10 miles done; the rain let up as we left and one rp's dh even set up a water stop for us half way through just in case the puddles weren't enough.
2. I have picked three races: Carmel Marathon on June 11, Indy Women's Half on Sept 3, and Colunbus OH Marathon on Oct 16. So far I have hotel arrangements but haven't registered. There are scheduling conflicts (my boys' birthdays are Sept 2 and Oct 15 and dh will be out of town June 11) I think I'd like to do a half in the Spring if I can find the money in the budget. Flying Pig again? Derby? Indy Mini is probably full... REGISTRATION and TRAINING PLANS
3. I've been a consistent weight lifter but I am much more excited about running so maybe more yoga instead with pushups and a something more instead? That said nobody thinks I am wearing jeans that lift my butt a la RunningMommy. orngbiggrin.gif
4. I am always working on diet and I don't have a concrete goal I can measure yet. Count my produce each day? Try more new/irregular produce? More consistently hit the farmer's market? The CSA is a pain because of pickup. Fewer procesed products? I will eat almost anything by Clif and figure it is better than candy and still tastes sweet. bag.gif Along those lines I need to get a better grip on our grocery budget.
5. I need to be more intentional in my parenting. I need to do something with the IBCLC. I need to decide if and at what level I am going to coach GOTR. Swim board elections are in Feb and my term is up but nobody else has volunteered. I may be secretary again but I will not be president. My house could be cleaner. I could be nicer. I should write more thank you notes. I could respond faster to mil's emails and go to bed at more reasonable hours. redface.gif





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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

a.) I will forever know you as Po6, regardless of how many dear children you have, LOL.  Nice to see you here again, beautiful photo of your sweet family!
b). this has been discussed a lot over the years but, once a dingo, always a dingo.




Reporting in: one soda thus far plus 50 minutes of skiing (I think that's like 8 km?).  Of course I came home and finished off the potato chips (thankfully there were only a handful left).

We are waiting on the arrival of our baby sitter (dh went to pick her up), she is home from college and a rockstar. Dh and I are going to a party (WOOT!).



I guess I need to change my user name yet again to Party_of_Eight!
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Originally Posted by party_of_seven View Post


I guess I need to change my user name yet again to Party_of_Eight!


You amaze! Of COURSE you are a Dingo!


Intro: I am Jo, 37yo mom to ds (9) and dd (7) and wife to dh. We live in WI on a small farm and I work part time as a writer.


I run because it keeps me healthy. I feel strong, alive and vibrant when I am running often and well. It is the much-needed break from the noise and stress, the challenge my body needs, the meditative state my mind craves, and still it's often torture to take the first steps. I have been Dingo longer than I have actually been capable of running without walk breaks. I am a formerly morbidly obese person, and running is a great part of what keeps me in a healthy state. I am a slow runner, usually logging 10-ish minute miles, but getting close to 9-minute miles when I work hard and consistently. I have finished a 10K, a half-marathon and 3 marathons, but lately I have been running for fun and fitness only. I am happy to report that I am about 15 pounds lighter than I was last year at this time, and that is solely due to working out. I am a Dingo because Dingos never cease to amaze. Every time I come to this thread, whether or not I post, I witness something lovely between women. This is the most supportive environment I have ever experienced, period.


Goals for 2011:


1. Stick to a balanced workout schedule that includes running, cycling, elliptical, lifting and core work, and measure progress in strength, speed and weight. I might see about getting my stuff all measured, fat % and whatnot, for benchmarking.


2. Be present and experience my life more, instead of stressing over peripherals that are outside my control. I want to enjoy my family, my farm, my friendships, my work, and let go of fear so that I can be grateful and unencumbered.


3. Roll with life, with joy and exhilaration rather than stress, anxiety, distrust or fear. There could be many adventures ahead for us, and I want my children to live a wondrous and thankful life. That's something I am going to have to teach them.


4. Embrace the body I have, complete with its imperfections. I am incredibly fortunate.


5. Get off the sugar roller coaster.

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Thread Starter 

Christina!   Missed you!! And wow, we miss a whole baby.  I'm with kerc, you're still po^ to me. :wink  Best wishes on continued improving health.

Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

 and Colunbus OH Marathon on Oct 16.


Mommajb might have found something to get me to sign up for another half.  If I could run it with her first half....


And no need for a hotel in C'bus.  You're welcome here.




Ya'll have really lofty goals....

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I love reading all the intros - very inspiring!

No run for me today. Saturday's are going to be my day off because my longest workday's Saturday. Today was absolutely CRAZY at the animal e-clinic. We didn't stop for 10 hours. I was seriously eating on the fly and I had to wrestle a number of insane dogs (can you say sharpei?). So, that counts as a workout, right? I have the P90X workouts here at home and since so many of you have mentioned yoga, I think that I will try to do the yoga video once a week. I also would like to be able to do more sit-ups and push-ups. I don't want to rule out the military as a means to fund medical school just because I'm too heavy or can't pass the physical fitness test! But, for the short term, I just need to run and study for the MCAT (again) in the fall.
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Thanks for the warm welcome! I got off the couch for day one of c25k today. I'm antsy. I still have tons of endurance. My mind wants to run run run, but with the extra weight I just can't do it without getting hurt. Hoping the pounds will slide off.

As for health issues.....the liver probs were all fixed. I had a clean bill of health. Got pg in aug09. Baby boy (Hudson) was born in May. Then this august I stared having night sweats and swollen lymph nodes. I have been in and out of the doctor's office. She can't figure it out. I keep getting a mild pain in my RLQ that comes and goes. They never took my appendix out, so I'm starting to think I might have an abscess in my pelvis. I see the doc again in a few weeks unless something changes.

Cross your fingers for me. Hopefully I can get a diagnosis soon and put it behind me.
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Aw, crap.  Day one of a new year and I'm already a page behind?  This is typical of my life lately.  dizzy.gif


Hey, hi!  I'm Abbey.  I stay at home with my two kids; DD is six and DS is four.  DH does computer stuff that I will never in my life understand.  I married him so I'd never have to learn.


Back when I was in high school I was a runner.  A terribly slow one, but I was stubborn--four years of cross-country and winter track.  The end results of those crazy years were an absolute loathing of running and a pair of knees with all of the cartilage worn off the underside.  Ouch.  Over the years I've gone back to running from time to time, and a couple of years ago finally decided to get serious about it again.  I bought a knee brace and started actually doing the exercises the physical therapist assigned, and I started following the dingos to keep motivated.  It mostly works.


These days when I run I feel much more centered and am somehow able over the course of the day to tap into an additional reservoir of patience.  I also find that I make better food choices on days when I've run, maybe because I'm reluctant to screw up the results of a good workout?  I just feel better in general on days when I'm able to run.


I stink at goals, so I try not to make any.  winky.gif  I just want to run as much as possible this year, since DD is in first grade and DS is in half-day preschool and I have time to myself for the first time in six years.  I'm also trying to figure out how to swim without drowning, as the ladies here have made triathlons seem like the next logical step.  I don't know how I managed to convince myself to agree with that, but I've joined a gym and ordered a swim cap online, so I'm well on my way.


This week I hope to run and swim some.  This past week my kids were on vacation but DH was not, so everything was completely chaotic.  Today we did manage to fulfill our first family resolution, to hike more this year.  We hiked for an hour or so, as it was unseasonably warm (fifty degrees!  In January!  In Massachusetts!).  Actually, we fulfilled our second family resolution, too, to be more organized.  We spent a couple of hours cleaning out and reorganizing stuff this evening.  Third family resolution, to make better food choices..... well, not so much.  We went to IHOP for dinner and ate the gooeyist, most sugary and fat-filled junk imaginable.  We'll have to start that resolution tomorrow.


From now on I'm keeping up!  I'm keeping up!  I'm with you!

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I'm Grace I'm a sahm soon to be working again ( I hope ) LMP . mamma to 1 DS rug rat seven months .


why I run : right now I don't blahblah.gif but hope to again soon . pre pregnancy I spent hours at the gym everyday and ran then biked then swam several miles at least three days a week then I fell and really haven't been moving super well sense . running just feels like such a relief I cant think about whatever is going on in my life I don't want to deal with and close my eyes and run and it falls behind me even if I'm just going in circles on the track or mill . I'm hoping to be back to it soon


goals for 2011

get m hips to the point were they will let me run ! strength training , yoga core work etc

at least walk a 5k

gain 10 pound seriously I feel like twiggy with double Ds

have another baby ( first cycle of AI in Feb wish me luck ) OK so maybe thirty pound lol


mmiles Ill come declutter your place aparently I am still nesting wink1.gif

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Graceie ~ Good luck ttc!  We may be on that path again here soon too! :)


Hi Party of Seven (formerly known as PO6)!  It's so good to see you here!


First day of the New Year was a success - did 100's and a great yoga video too.  I'm feeling it today, and I bet tomorrow is going to feel even better. :)


V had me up at 4:15 this morning and she snoozed and nursed for an hour before crawling out of bed.  So we're up and I'm downing tea and getting my writing in before she requests too much of me.  Next I'm off to clean up around here, and hopefully get my 100's in before noon.  


Happy Sunday ladies!

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So it looks like I panicked for nothing (who me?! Sheepish.gif ) at the whole bib number/corral thing. Because there are 22,000 runners! Ack! I had no idea. This is all speculation because no one has their bib yet, but the hypothesis is that my bib number puts me in corral 4 or 5 which go off at 5:42 and 5:47 respectively. BBM also since her bib number is also in the 8 thousands. Not sure about Paige because I haven't heard from her...


I'm getting excited and somewhat freaked. Like, am I crazy? Who had this idea anyway? lol.gif


I need to get out and run some miles today or I'll go nuts. Will keep it under 5 for the sake of taper.


Tapering and going back to a job I don't love in the same week is going to be ... interesting. Hmm.

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Nic, I'm glad your corral situation is looking better!


La, I'm impressed with your family's goals. And I'm laughing thinking about the dingos as a gateway drug to swimming. (I also can't really swim - I should look around some time for adult swim classes as it really would be fun!) Keep us posted on how it goes!


Slumber Party Report: it seemed to go well. I need to wake up one girl in about 20 minutes as her mother is going to pick her up for church in about an hour. The girls enjoyed the movie and cake and the last I heard from them was someone needing a glass of water about midnight. I was struck by how varied they are in terms of sophistication and reading habits and interests. They all kept saying that dd "is never like this at school except in science debates!" when she was wildly excited, and I had to laugh, because she is often like that at home. She is apparently more studious at school.


I'm super-behind in just about everything, it turns out. But almost ready to leave for Costa Rica - I think I need a travel washcloth, and a travel alarm clock, and some ibuprofen and I'm basically set. It all fits in one backpack, which means I am packing way light. For, like, the first time in my life. lol.gif Hopefully I'll find some time to run!

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Intro:  I'm B1, a WOHM in a big city with a job-seeking academic husband.  My only daughter is 6.5 and we have two dogs and a cat. I've been a dingo for a few years but have not been spending much time at MDC for the last year or so. I have been running off and on since I was a kid but have been off track a few years thanks to a series of injuries and a series of life challenges.


Goals: #1) Lose some weight in 2011 (I have a set of dingo goals: achievable is 25+lbs, working hard is 45+lbs, stretch goal is 60lbs. 

           #2) Start C25K this spring (I need some preliminary fitness work before it would be smart to start), I'm thinking March

and      #3) Run at least one 5K this year


Why I run: Because I love it, and all other cardio exercise gets boring in comparison after a while.


I've missed you guys terribly. 

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Balancin1! Party of 6, now 8! Wow, what a great thread already orngbiggrin.gif

I'm Jen, age 41, mom to ds (10) and dd(7), we live in the San Fran Bay Area. I'm a WOHM as an apparel designer and occasional Dingo t-shirt provider. I also love to meet / host / try-to-run-with Dingos who visit the Bay Area.

My life goal is to one day complete a full marathon.

My annual goal is to stay injury free and running in 2011.

My race goals are: a better (faster) Oakland Half Marathon in March and to do at least one tri this summer.

I try to keep up with the thread but don't always have time to post. Welcome to the new Dingos! Hugs to the returning Dingos! Cheers to the keepers of the Dingo flame (the thread starters, and the thread engines)!

Let's make 2011 a good one, shall we ladies? joy.gif


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Yeah, these intros are awesome. luxlove.gif


FM for today was 12 miles on my rusty old bike. Next week, I'm shopping for a used road bike.


We are on our 3rd day of fever here. fever.gif And dd comes home later tonight, I hope no one is still contagious. Funny, I never came down with anything.


And now I'm off to make some bread. 

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wave.gif from the friendly skies...I stillheart.gif free wifi and portable dvd players that let me get all caught up on my internetting while DS is happily absorbed in Thomas and we are both jetting across the country! orngbiggrin.gif

LOVING the intros. So awesome to see everyone's goals and new and returning dingos, alike (Hi, PO7!).

So, we are on our way home (obviously). I am overjoyed and sad, all at once. I'm ready to be home, I think, but I'll miss my family, and especially watching DS play with his cousins. I am NOT looking forward to lugging our stuff to/from the airport bus and up the flight of stairs into our condo when we get home. Or taking down the Christmas decorations. It will be sooooo nice to sleep in my own bed tonight, though. I haven't slept well in a few days, and I'm exhausted. Not helped by having to get up at 2 to feed my nephew last night. My sister and BIL dropped the kids off with grandma yesterday for the night, and my nephew is only 8 months old and almost exclusively bf. He's used to getting a bottle occasionally at night, since my sister is a resident and has to do overnight call sometimes, but he's used to getting it from daddy and not from grandma or his aunt! He was one MAD baby last night...took me nearly 20 minutes to get him calmed down enough to finally start eating, so I was up for nearly an hour altogether, and then had to get up semi-early to finish packing and head for the airport. I'm tired! sleeping.gif

No fm today, but hopefully *something* tomorrow.


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I thought about running this morning, but slept instead.  I intended to sleep and sleep and sleep, but my kids had other ideas.  Since they insisted on me getting up and making them breakfast, I decided I might as well go to church.  No organist this morning--boo.  My minister did hand out lovely pieces of sea glass, though, that represented our hopes and wishes for the new year.  Mine represents energy and patience.  Maybe I should have selected a larger piece of glass.


This afternoon we have a birthday party for DD's friend, who is turning six.  It's at some horrific place called Plaster Fun Time, where they will encourage DD to choose some useless piece of plaster to paint and take home.  Because she's created it at a party and it's special to her, I will NEVER ever be able to throw it away.  She's certain to choose the biggest, gaudiest, most hideous sculpture, too.  Do they have gargoyles?  If so, that is what we will likely take home.  Painted bright pink.  Glitter, if that's an option.  I wonder if it's the type of plaster that smashes into a gazillion pieces if one accidentally knocks it off the kitchen counter.


I'm stressing about school starting again tomorrow.  I need to think about food for lunches, and DD is something called "Student Spotlight" so she has to bring in a bunch of stuff about her to decorate a bulletin board in her classroom, and she's choosing really unreasonable things to bring..... I need another week of vacation.


Maybe what I really need is a cup of coffee to fortify me and give me the positive energy necessary to endure Plaster Fun Time.  Seriously, I've seen pictures of other people's parties there, and one of the plaster options is a frying pan with bacon in it.  Very popular.  It will truly compliment the minimalist decoration I'm striving for in our home.


Tomorrow, I will run! 

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