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MM- I'm running five days a week. It's just what my usual routine was, and I would like to get back to it. I hate most forms of other excersise, so it is rare that I do any type of cross training unless I consider yard work cross training.

I am sticking to the week two routine for the whole week even though it says to only run three days.
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Intro: Hi, I'm Bethany...a SAHM to two kids...Max (aka the Moose) who is 2.5 yrs old and Tallulah (aka the Tool Belt...I know I know...ask my husband), 3 months. I'm also an English major working on finishing my bachelor's degree. 


Why I run: Initially I started running with my son so I could lose the baby weight. But as time went on and I realized I could do fun things like races, I got more and more into it. In 2009, I ran my first half marathon and then my first full marathon. Now I would say that I run because it makes me a better mom and a better wife. The days I run are the days I feel the best about myself and about my life. It's gotten to the point that if I am having a bad day, my DH will actually kick me out of the house to go run, because he knows I'll come back in a much more pleasant state of mind. I swear the man knows me better than I know myself. :)


Goals: I really wanted to incorporate variety into my training this year...I burned myself out training for a 1/2 and a full in one year. I'm interested in doing the Minneapolis Duathlon this year, which is a running and biking event. I also would like to do the Twin Cities marathon again or maybe the Chicago marathon instead. I'd like to start doing triathlons but can't afford the gym membership to access the pool. Right now I'm just trying to get myself back into decent enough shape so that I can start a training plan. It's been difficult, though...Tallulah was a 9 lb baby and my pelvis doesn't seem to have quite recovered from it yet...even though it's 3 months later. Arggggh. My first race is the Get Lucky 7K in March so hopefully I'll have it together (no pun intended) by then. 

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Hi Bethany. Welcome. I'm in MN too. Although I suspect if you're calling your location the Tundra either you don't like snow or you live someplace less beautiful than the shore of Lake Superior.... be gentle with yourself getting back into the swing of it.



PO67: you've been away too long. cross training = code word in this forum for something you do with your partner. So needless to say I was laughing at your post :P


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Kerc, I knew that, and I considered my usage of the term. I figured that since I was speaking about the technical aspects of running and training it wouldn't be misconstrued. I have six kids.....I know what cross training is. LOL orngbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post

Gaye, logistics question: what did your custody agreement say? I ask because my boss was in a similar position a long time ago when his XW wanted to move out of state, so they had to go back and rework some things. It shouldn't all be on you and/or on your son. Maybe your XH should be the one to have to travel back to see his son, you know? And maybe you deserve more child support if your XH places himself where he isn't doing his share of the parenting.


Yeah, our parenting plan says that neither one of us can move out of the metro area without the agreement of the other party. So, I could really make it hard on him if I wanted to, but I won't. It's not worth the stress, the time, or the money that a legal battle would cost. At a minimum, we would have to pay the mediator for at least a few hours to modify the parenting plan. And I would certainly advocate for increased child support to at least help pay for additional childcare costs for me.

I just don't understand it. How can he want to leave his child behind? He even acknowledges that he's putting his own happiness first. Not that the welfare of his family has ever stopped him from doing that before. rolleyes.gif He's trying to play it off like it's NOT all about the GF, but I'm not stupid. Sure, he's enjoyed spending a little more time with his family lately, but he's not moving back to Ohio for them. He also says that it's partly because he doesn't have any friends out here, and he says he's envious of the life I've built for myself here. Well, you know what? That life didn't just fall in my lap. I've worked hard to build my social network by forcing myself to get out and meet people. And my social life is ok, but I don't think it's nearly as great as he thinks it is. I mean, seriously, I spend most weekend nights sitting alone on my couch, even if I don't have DS.

He says that the GF would like to live in Denver (her sister lives out here) but just can't do it now, for some reason. But it may be possible in a few years? I don't know how that works. And why if it might be possible in a few years, it's such a big rush for him to move now. For pete's sake, they've only been together for like 6 months!

Ok, anyway. Whatever will happen will happen, and I'll make it work, just like I always do. It just sucks that I'm the one who always gets screwed. Not to mention that I don't know how I could possibly ever think about doing a full Ironman in the next few years without even the small amount of parenting support I get now. Sigh.

On the bright side, I worked a couple of basketball games tonight, did absolutely zip, and DS was superbly well-behaved, so I made some really easy money! Tomorrow...10 hours of orientation for new nursing students...yeehaw... orngtongue.gif


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hbog--I wasn't very fast when I started (probably 11ish miles) but I've gotten faster with time and speedwork. Speedwork is key. Cross-training and strength-training helped too because I've had my fastest times when doing those.

Nick--so, which next marathon are you thinking of? lol.gif Tell your co-worker that no, you aren't normal: you're so much BETTER than normal! Also, you might be amused by this video:

MM--glad you have the insurance settled for now.

La4--: lol.gif about the nose plug. I hate getting water up my nose though, so my sister and I used them all the time when we were kids.

bec--sounds like great progress.

tjsmama--your XH is being a moron. My guess is that he'd be with her for two years tops and then will be tired of her and ready to find someone new (repeat every 2-3 years for the next couple of decades). Plus you're completely right that it will be very difficult with him in school. If this really happens, you could probably write the custody agreement to include that it's his responsibility to accompany him on flights. I know there's the unaccompanied minor thing, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with that either unless it was a direct flight (and maybe not even then). Also, yes, it's all about the girlfriend. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh on your behalf.

Did 3 on the TM tonight and now am hoping to cross a couple more things off my list before bed.
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Gaye, you're also right that whatever happens, you'll manage to make it a really good life for you and ds.


Also, another wise DIngo said, too, everything changes and continues to change. Once ds is in school, he will begin to make his own circle of friends, and with them might come some new mom friends, and new supportive people. And while your purpose in life is clearly not to attach yourself to another man and partner up (unlike maybe some people you know), you could well find yourself in a supportive and loving relationship in coming months/years. You're clearly open to new opportunities and people. You're not afraid to take risks and invest in learning new things (hello, nursing school!). Whatever lies ahead, you will make it amazing and not allow yourself to be screwed.


RR: Y workout in the AM, went to work and felt ill, came home. Something is settling in my throat/chest. So today I'm going in to the office because if I stay home I won't get anything done, and then my kids are home at noon, so we'll likely all hit the Y at 1230, then dd has dance and I might do yoga with my teacher-friend.


No word yet on the job wrangle. I am minute-by-minute as far as my state. We all prayed together over it last night, and it is simply an exercise in patience at this point. And trying to live in the present. I guess I have always tended to be more invested in future than present, and now the habit is causing me difficulty. At least I can see my problem for what it is (internal).


Good news: down 7 pounds from the start of the year as of yesterday. I really do un-bloat and shape up nicely when I lay off the sugar, exercise regularly and train my muscles.

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PS: Balancin, watch out for pneumonia, mama. Get seen.

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SNOW DAY SNOW DAY SNOW DAY !!!!!joy.gifbouncy.gif The mom, teacher, slacker and skier in me are all happy at the same time.  A day to get in a couple good workouts, play with my kiddos and take back my house.  So far I have 1 hr on the trainer and my hundreds, plants watered, wood done, breakfast and snuggles with the littles and now they are playing.


I did get 45 minutes on the trainer last night while holding my needy little being who is on night two of almost no sleep.  Does that make it a better or worse workout and me a good mom or a not so good mom????shy.gif


Gaye...UGHHHHH.  Clearly he is not thinking of your little boy and the burden is on you.   


Jo, you are in my thoughts in this time of unknowing...


Jen, thanks for the yoga links, maybe I will make time today.

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Gaye big kiddos to you for


Yeah, our parenting plan says that neither one of us can move out of the metro area without the agreement of the other party. So, I could really make it hard on him if I wanted to, but I won't. It's not worth the stress, the time, or the money that a legal battle would cost. At a minimum, we would have to pay the mediator for at least a few hours to modify the parenting plan. And I would certainly advocate for increased child support to at least help pay for additional childcare costs for me.
I was on a flight this xmas with a dad who had flown out to Denver, picked up his 10yo and flew back (same day). He did it every month and at christmas and the summer.They skype daily. I *think* one of the parents moved for a job. Anyhow I agree you push for more childcare $$ and he flies with kidlet every time.
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Gaye ~ ugh.... just ugh.  My sister is divorced and her XH lives in Seattle (she lives in NH).  BUT, her X never had a relationship with their son (they were only married for 4 months I think).  It's very difficult for her since she is a full-time teacher, and also does swim/bike/run for sanity.  She cobbles together childcare with my parents,  daycare, and a couple of babysitters.  I'm definitely thinking of you hug2.gif.


Enjoy the snowday, to everyone who got one today!!!!


hbog ~ I started out pretty slow around 10-11 min/mi.  At my fastest (2 years ago), I ran a 1:40 half-marathon and a 21 minute 5K.  Lots of speedwork, and weighing as little as possible while still being healthy got me there.  But, alas, injury and putting on 15 pounds has me back at the 10 min/mi range!


Jo ~ congrats on the -7 pounds!  I have GOT to get off the sugar... starting today.  I know it would really help lots of things (mood, weight, speed, etc.)  I pray you get some more answers today about DH's job.  Limbo sucks.


DD2 and I are slated to visit a preschool this morning and I will run at the Y after that.  It's cold, so the treadmill it is.

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Gaye sorry to hear you have to grapple with this.  You have the right attitude about not fighting it legally, it ususally just ends up destroying anything good in the realtionship.  Would it be possible to get an increase in child support since xh will not be doing as much child care and feeding etc...   It would be important to have some extra childcare in place for you since you would not be getting any breaks through the week. 

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PO7 - OK, I think I am going to stick to the 3 days. I was doing 6 days back in December, but I think it was wearing on me a bit. I will be cross training. Yesterday, I biked for an hour and did weights and today I will be shoveling to get to the gym smile.gif then running.

Hi Bethany!

kerc: cross-training lol.gif

Gaye - It really stinks that your XH is doing this to you and that he's only been with his GF for 6 months!

Aimee - right there with you on the snow day joy.gif

AFM - I'm on my 4th glass of water. One too many glasses of wine last night (and I only had a couple eyesroll.gif) Anyway, I'm looking forward to a good run this afternoon and plan to take the kids with me over to my 'rents and do some laundry hang.gif We also are going to play out in this storm once I've washed their jackets!! jumpers.gif
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I am right with you on enjoying the snow day but... there are downsides I listed out and deleted. I do wish some effort was spent on clearing the roads so that the school year would not extend so far into June. As it is they are saying we will start Aug 1 this fall/summer.

That said I left my oldest home with the others, asked the the driveways be cleared, and went for a run. orngbiggrin.gif It was sloppy and taxed my muscles not my endurance. The snow cut my eyes when I ran into it . It was slick, sloppy, bright, and beautiful. After about 4 miles I did come back to the chaos I left but I am all ready to glitter assuming I can find glue a little less rank than yesterday's supply.

Gaye, I know you can handle this with grace and come out smelling like a rose.

Jo, answers will help. I hope you have some soon.

Where is that wagon of self control? I walked into the kitchen and fell off.
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I keep wanting to say hello.  So, hello Dingos!


I finally have a day off and I have an opportunity to run either this morning or this evening.  The catch?  It's so slippery out I am debating not going anywhere and instead spending the day reading Little House books (aloud, of course).    


We are all still shaken.  Dh is feeling the grief a lot at work, but can function normally at home.  I am not too bad, but I am mostly just not thinking about it.  MIL hasn't gone home yet, and I am wishing I could go and visit but the roads are pretty slick here. 


Gaye- that's too bad.  I hope things work out one way or another.


Jo- WooHoo!  I hope you get some news soon.  


I could use some crosstraining these days.  Both kinds! :)

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Gaye: Everything will work out the way it's supposed to. You are a great mother! It's not easy negotiating a distance like that, but the only thing constant in life is change. Take one day at a time. These things have a way of turning out. I'll keep you all in prayer.


Nemesis: I am so so so sorry for your loss. I'm thinking of you and your family during this hard time. *big hugs*


Searcher: YAY snow day!! We got an ice day here...hmph! Have fun with the white stuff!



Well, I was planning on going for a nice run after finishing this post, BUT my little sister just had another seizure (she has epilepsy that we're still learning to control) so my mother would like me to come keep them company while they wait for to hear from the doctor. I know everything is going to be fine, but it's terrifying for my mother each time it happens. (Lesson #1 - Run early, before the day sneaks up on you)

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Thread Starter 

My day:

*7:30 am: run to work to get stuff I needed to be able to teach Thursday without being at work today.  Photocopy homework, discover a copy of lawsuit documents from a faculty member on the copier.

*8:30 am: Back to my doc, ear infection still there, different abx, nose snorting for the next two weeks, and a referral to the ENT to drain with tubes.  Blood pressure still high.

*9:30 am: grab K from school to get her to

*10 am: Dentist for two fillings, sealed molars, and a crown.

*11:30 am: Take bravest kid on the planet out to a lunch of smoothies and a cookie

*12:30pm: Get DD back to school just in time for the one hour a week she loves (gifted pullout)

*1 pm:  Arrive at cafe after realizing I didn't have any coffee yet today, check email - find recommendation for tenure from Dean.  Next step: Provost.


Still to come:

*3 pm Phone conference

*4 pm grab K to get her to

*4:15 pm: orthodontist appt to discuss which teeth to pull next


*7:30 pm Run or Puke, whichever feels right at that time.

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Dear God, Geo!  What a day!  If you run, I'll name you Super Mom.  If you puke, I'll send a maid to clean it up. :P


Nemesis ~ ((hugs))  I've been sending love to you.  I hope you are all healing.  Enjoy your day of books and maybe some cross training this evening. ;)


Jo ~ I hope for answers for you soon too.  I can't imagine that wait.


PO7 ~ LOL @ you know what crosstraining is.  I'd say! :D


mommjb ~ Sorry you fell off the wagon, but your comment had me LMAO!


I did a few pullups last night on DH's new bar and my 100s.  I'm not sure what's in store for me today workout-wise.  I know that this evening I'm bringing laundry to my parent's to dry because we still don't have a dryer here.  Then we'll be eating dinner there, so that means wash, wash, wash while Val takes her afternoon nap.  She's having lunch with Sesame Street right now (bad mommy), so I'm hoping a full belly puts her in the mood for a nap.


Does anyone know of good cardio videos online?  Maybe kickboxing or something?

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Hi Dingos!


Geo--Holy cow, what a day.  I hope everything goes smoothly and you tend more toward run than puke.  Always my preference, especially after this week's night o' puking from DS.


Jo--I'm sorry your family is being left in limbo for so long; I sure hope you hear good news, and very soon.


mommajb--I'm glad that you managed to sneak out for a run, but sorry you're still on glitter duty.


Gaye--Oh, what awful news about XH's plans.  I hate to hear about a parent moving so far away by choice; it just seems so unfair to the kids involved, and also to the remaining parent.  I hope you'll be able to work something out that makes sense for you, and I hope he'll start thinking more clearly about what would be best for your little guy.


So, as all of you probably know, we're in the midst of a blizzard here in New England.  Ugh, tons and tons and tons of snow.  They actually cancelled school yesterday around dinnertime, before anything had even started falling, which was a nice change.  No waking up early, no waiting in suspense.  Nice.  What is not so nice is the foot of snow on the ground, and the stuff still falling from the sky.


DH managed to be able to work from home today, which is great.  Unfortunately, I'm scheduled to wait tables tonight and have not yet received a call telling me not to come in.  They cut almost the entire lunch staff, but no such luck on dinner yet.  Argh.  Luckily we bought a snowblower last week, which is without a doubt already my favorite thing I have ever owned.  Ever.  It's the most fantastic piece of machinery ever invented, and I love it more than my husband.  duck.gif


No running for me today; I can't escape to the gym because DH is supposed to be working, and it's too snowy to run on the roads.  Maybe tomorrow we'll have school again and I'll get my free time back.

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Originally Posted by LaLaLaLa View PostLuckily we bought a snowblower last week, which is without a doubt already my favorite thing I have ever owned.  Ever.  It's the most fantastic piece of machinery ever invented, and I love it more than my husband.  duck.gif

I could see that. Especially when my husband is being a putz about shoveling.




whew. I'm back from a meeting iwth my old graduate advisor during which I held my own because I am no longer beholden to her. Yay me. She in turn agreed to possibly pay me $10 additional per hour (which is the rate I'm actually worth) AND farm off the crappy work to another lab AND to wait on project 2 until summer. She might be on crack right now, but geez I feel decent about standing up for myself  -- especially since I was not doing the work anyhow.

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