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You ladies are all so inspiring!  I'm Ann and I really want to be a Dingo.  I am a SAHM to 4-year-old DS and 2-year-old DD.  DH is an attorney at a small general practice firm.  I started running 3 years ago when my 2008 New Years resolution was to run a 5k.  Even with getting up at 5am to get to the gym before DH went to work, running gave me so much energy for my days with DS.  I ran that 5k in April 2008 and even had a better time that a girl from my grade school class who was always way more of an athlete than me.  It was so exhilerating and DH and I started talking about running a 10k that August.  Then two days after the 5k I found out I was expecting DD.  I ran a little bit during my 1st trimester, but my poor stretched out abs just couldn't handle it. 


Since DD was born, my running has been pretty sporadic, but I am committing to it this year.  My 30th birthday is in a few days and there is heart disease on both sides of my family, so I feel like now is the time that I really need to get serious about fitness.  There are also the 10-15 extra pounds I've been carrying around that my 4'11" frame really can't handle that I want to get rid of.  DH and I bought a treadmill yesterday that will be delivered sometime in the next two weeks, so I will be starting to run once that comes.  It's just too cold for me to run outside right now.  Until then I will do some kind of on-demand exercise video everyday that the kids let me.  


My goals for the year: 1)Train for and run a 5k in the spring, but I'm not sure which one 2)Run a half-marathon in the fall.  (DH and I want to do the Cheesehead Run in WI because it is close to his hometown and he's hoping to get his family's fantasy football draft planned for that weekend too, so we'd have a couple of reasons to go and family to babysit) 3)Do more to take care of myself generally so I can be a better wife and mom.  4) Finally complete my LLL leadership certification that I started two years ago.


I did a two-mile walk from home video yesterday, but no exercise yet today besides cleaning.  The kids should be going to bed early after a bad napping day, so hopefully DH and I can do a yoga video once they are asleep.   




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Hi Everybody! I totally want to join this group of amazing women. I hope I can keep up.


I'm Carla, I live in the Canadian Prairies cold.gif with my partner, her two teenage daughters, and our nine month old son. I'm on mat leave now until the end of March. I ran one 10k in 1999 and then two more in 2009 with no running in between. Anyway, I loved how it felt to run and it made me feel so much healthier. I also think that it helped me to prepare my body to TTC and I'd like to start that again soon.


My goals include: lose 10-15 pounds, gain a little muscle in my upper body, spend more time outside, keep a clean house, plant a decent garden, run at least one 10k in the spring and maybe a half later in the year, and achieve some work-life balance once I go back to teaching high school. I am someone who has a hard time sticking to things so I really need a reason to keep going. I will try to at least hit the treadmill for 20 minutes or so today.

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Yay, so many new and returning Dingoes!!!!!


I ran 3.1 yesterday while DS rode alongside and around me on his bike.  We explored our new neighborhood and the school playground which, to my thrill, has a track!!!!  I spent the rest of the afternoon undecorating the tree, vacuuming up 10,000 pine needles, and putting my livingroom together.  Today's project ~ DD2's bedroom.  No run today since my fibula is a little sore.


We began our "church shopping" mission this morning with one recommended by our old youth pastor in Bloomington.  Church was nice, kids loved Sunday school (always a plus), but I'm going to have to get over the fact that no music program will ever match the one at our old church.  After all, IU has one of the best music schools in the country (Jacobs) and the talent pool was quite deep.  In Southwestern Illinois, not quite so much.

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JayGee ~ What church did you attend?  I worked at a Baptist church when I was there, and I loved the community.


Ann15 ~ Where's that Cheesehead run?  I'm close to WI in the UP of MI and we have a few others in WI as well.  Good luck with your goals and welcome!


My 100's are done for the day, my nap is complete, now it's time for more tea and making my chicken stew for supper. :)

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Welcome, new Dingoes!


Easy 3 this morning with my neighborhood running partner whom I don't see very much anymore because of my intensified training schedule.


Went for a mini-grocery shop, and am putting together homemade pizzas for dh to put in the oven because I'm going to a wine bar to see a friend of mine play acoustic guitar and sing. Woot! (I won't drink any wine though probably; it doesn't agree with me and the last thing I need the week of taper is to make my stomach crabby because of wine. Oh well).

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Intro~ I'm Trish, 28, currently working as a contractor in Iraq. My hubby is living in Vegas with some friends until I return. I have a 7.5 year old DD who lives with her dad (xh) and two surro kids (surro son, almost 3, and surro daughter, almost 19 months.)


Why I run~ I ran cross country for a year in high school because I'm not coordinated enough for other sports, and then ran a lot while in the Army because I had to. I've just gotten back into running because I remember how much I actually like it-I love the feeling of accomplishment after I finish, it provides time to think, and I sleep much better when I get regular exercise.


Goals for 2011~

1. run at least 3x week;

2. do strength training (any kind) 3x week;

3. do yoga 5 morning a week (I feel so much better when I start my day with yoga!)

4. Run one half marathon (looking at the Seattle Rock n' Roll Half in June)

5. maintain my recent weight loss (last 10 lbs of pregnancy weight + an additional 15 lbs!! I weigh 10-15 lbs less than I ever have in my adult life-woohoo!!)

6. get preggo with my 3rd surro baby (sibiling for my surro son) this summer AND continue running/walking while pregnant (and hopefully not gaining 40 lbs again!)


Right now it's fairly easy to get into a good routine being over here because everyday is exactly the same (we work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day-it's kind of like that movie "Ground Hog Day", lol!) My hope is that I stick to my running routine once I return to the real world.


So excited to be part of this amazing group!


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I am loving these intros!


La, your post made me laugh with recognition and rueful agreement. Perhaps the gaudy gargoyle could make its way to school for special sharing, and even be a permanent donation to the classroom? <wishful thinking>


I had the most amazing run. 6m, a pretty solid but slowish 10m/m for the  3m out, then 9:20m/m on the way back. I rarely accomplish neg. splits so it was fun to feel so fast out in the snow and cold!


Off to shower and make dinner...

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Penelope: I like the way you thing re: gaudy gargoyle.


Welcome.gif Trish, Carla & Ann!


And welcome home, Gaye!


Arg, what am I doing on the computer? Simply avoiding the whole Christmas tree removal process. I need to get myself in there and just deal with it. sulkoff.gif

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Sitting here icing my legs from ankles to knees greensad.gif I set out to run a decent paced 3 miles today and stopped at 2. I'm not disappointed, but I do realize that I need more of a goal than run such-and-such miles per week. I'm ready for some planned speed training and some hills and maybe a little bit less miles. I think that I will look for a 5K or a 10K here in the Spring and shoot for training for that and then maybe a half/full marathon in the small. Nobody said training and losing weight was easy!

We had a couple of pitbull puppies that came into the clinic today and the owner took them home to die, basically. He had no $, didn't want to surrender them and thought they should be with their mom (sigh) One was having seizures and the other seemed to have pneumonia. Cases like that really get the best of me. This holiday weekend truly has been exhausting.

Looking forward to a better week and more productivity! Off to get my computer plug before this thing dies. (doh!)


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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post

La, your post made me laugh with recognition and rueful agreement. Perhaps the gaudy gargoyle could make its way to school for special sharing, and even be a permanent donation to the classroom? <wishful thinking>

Isn't that what Grandparent's houses are for?

Welcome new Dingos!  And welcome back Po7(8)!  Here's hoping that with some refreshed Dingo vibes coming your way you find answers to your medical mystery and back to your old self.


Trish - Are you a surrogate mom for kids you aren't raising?  And you're in Iraq?  I'm fascinated!  I'm also thinking very vaguely about the Seattle RnR (although for all I know it's already sold out.)  I'd like to do a big well-run race.  I love the mom and pop ones in some ways too but it would be fun to have crazy awesome support on the course.


Memiles - I looked at the survivor thing and the warrior dash.  I don't know, I don't think I can commit to a summer event which sounds lame even as I type it. 


Poppy - April 29 and 30 we'll be in SF and I really want to have a dinglet playdate! 


So, yesterday on my run I formulated a plan.  I'm going back to my old Higdon novice Half Mary training schedule and on the other days I'll cross train.  I also just totally splurged and bought myself an underwater iPod and headphones so I can listen to something and do endless laps (well, that's the theory, I'm sure my lack of endurance will limit my pool time).  But with that in mind I'm heading back to the pool with the masses tomorrow to start slogging away at these goals.


Okay, better get kids to bed!


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I'm Lisa, 36yo part-time music professor and mom to two girls who abhor sleeping. DD1 is 6 and in kindergarten; DD2 is 9 months. DH is a psychologist who teaches at a different university. I've been a Dingo since 2009, though I popped in once in 2006 and was impressed and terrified by the vast knowledge of the collective Dingos, and by how fast they posted. Then I fled to complete my dissertation and came back after I defended, 2-1/2 years later.

- regain my pre-baby speed
- strength train at least once a week
- run 780 miles in 2011 (that's 15 miles/week; preferably I'll hit 800 but I'm wussing out of the resolution because J is still tiny)
- complete my first sprint triathlon
- like Plady, be race-ready for any 1/2 that comes my way

Why I run: Sanity, peace and quiet, to run errands without using the car, because it's a fun way to check out trails, because I have a lot of running apparel and would feel guilty not wearing it, because it makes hiking easier, because the baby will take a nap in the jogger when all else fails, because I'm inspired by all the people who run or bike on the trail past my backyard, because Colorado is a beautiful place to run, and because I feel stronger and more centered for having done it. Also, bragging rights.

DrJen--could you put me down for the Platte River Half on April 10?

Today's 8 was my first run of 2011 and I am loving my new insulated tights.
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Ahh....home. love.gif

The park-n-ride was a slushy, muddy disaster, which is just what you want when wrangling three suitcases, two backpacks, a car seat, and a four year old to your car. Especially when wearing your favorite boots that are NOT waterproof. rolleyes.gif Nothing like arriving home with muddy suitcase wheels and soaking wet toes!

We survived. And made a beeline for some take-out. No cooking for me until I get to the grocery store tomorrow. Miracle of all miracles, we're actually unpacked even! Of course, we have at least two boxes of books/puzzles/toys that will be shipped from grandma's house yet to arrive. High on the priority list for the next couple of weeks: cleaning out the playroom and having DS weed out toys to make room for the new ones and especially his new train set.
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OK  Happy New Year all.  I am back from a lovely week of skiing and no internet access.


Intro:  I am Aimee, 37, married to the love of my life Chris and raising our two boys Thatcher, 4, and Tristan, 1.5.  We live in rural Maine on a lake and I teach middle school.  I am a brand new dingo and know I can not keep up posting or running......


Reasons to run:  It makes me the person I know I am, kinder, gentler, more accepting and more able to let go.  I love feeling grounded in the world around me.  My family would say it keeps me from going insane.


Goals:  1.  Be more at peace the rare days I dont get to work out.

            2.  Run 1-2 times a week through the winter.  (My workout time is 4 am and my morning running partner retired.  I am too much of a wimp to run alone outside at this hour.)

            3.  BALANCE in my life

            4.  Continue strength training and yoga a few times a week. 


Fabulous to read the intros and get a peek into everyone's background.  We had a great week skiing.  The mountain got over 30 inches of snow. The lifts were on wind hold for the first day so I skinned and skied my only runs, then days of powder skiing.  Busy week there as lots of people on vacation and hubby and I volunteer ski patrol.....ran a few calls.  Thatcher remembered how to ski so after patrolling mornings, I put Tristan in the ergo on the front and skied an hour with Thatcher.  His lessons start next week!!!


NYE  was mellow.  The mountain did fireworks which were beautiful.  Then Tristan got up at 4 am.  I took him to meet a friend at 6 30 to climb the mountain and take our first tele turns of the year before the lift ran.....it was supposed to be without kids but little had a different idea.  He also just woke up and joined me for the last 5 minutes of my trainer ride.  So 45 minutes on the trainer and I am off to at least start my 100s before I get ready for work.  I miss my kids already.  The Monday after vacation is hard mentally.  Happy New Year to all and thanks for letting me join!

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Welcome new Dingos! Looks like 2011 is the year of the Dingo! thumb.gif


Today will be my first day back at the Y after 2 weeks off with travel and then post-travel insanity. My plan is to do something for 45 minutes (just what depends on what is open and how busy the place is) followed by my lifting routine. While it is not noted, journaling is a part of my plan for the year. I have a lot of anxiety-inducing details in my life and while I don't actually feel anxious about them, they could cause me to do self-destructive things if I don't stay mindful and expressive of them.


I did my first-ever yoga class yesterday. My friend is an instructor, and she taught dd ME dance for an hour, then did yoga with me for an hour. It was really awesome, and I can see why you yoga mamas love it so much. I have a little soreness, and after flying across the country and then my first real yoga session, I can see what that's about. So, a gentle start back to working out for me...

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My goal today is to bike 10-15 miles on my stationary bike. DH is working lots of overtime this week, so while my two oldest are back in pre-k (half days), I still have a 2 year old and won't be able to go for runs until DH gets home (late) and I'm not sure if I want to do that. So exercise is top priority this week! Hopefully, I'll be able to log at least 10 miles running though. smile.gif
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Jo ~ glad you're back home safely and had such an enjoyable yoga experience!


searcher, MM, Alex ~ you all have me yearning for Maine!  Four years there for college was just not enough!


Lalala ~ we conveniently broke a few of those hand painted ceramic unicorns during the move blush.gif!  Hope you survived the party and your DD didn't pick anything too horrible!


tjsmama ~ glad you're home safely too!  I did a huge toy/book/game purge this weekend.  The trick is keeping my kids out of the give-away bags...


School starts for my 2 oldest on Wednesday at their new school.  I think I'm more anxious than they are!  DD1 especially seems very excited.  Today we're headed to the Y so I can take a spin class, then to get the kids eye exams and haircuts for school.  Plus, I promised them all a new "first day at new school" shirt too.  I'm still waiting to hear from the admissions director at a great Reggio preschool I found to see if they have any space for DD2.  I actually really hope they do.  Otherwise I fear I'll never get to the Y since she hates to go to child care there without her big sister!

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Ok, I just got home from NYC last night, and I can't wait until I've caught up reading to post my goals, intro, and reasons I run.


Intro: I'm Bec.  I am currently staying at home with my 3 girls (5, 7, and trying to be 10).  I am having a career crisis, in that our family goals really say that I should start some sort of gainful employment this fall, but I'm resisting.  It seems incredibly complicated, and like it will be a huge disruption to the kids' lives (not to mention my own).  But, I'm pushing on in my search for the ideal situation.  So far, my best hope is to get a part time job at my local park district gym.  It has the benefit of being close, flexible, getting my membership for free, and working with people I already know and mostly like.  I have a lot of long term goals, but most of them are at cross purposes with each other, so I need to narrow it down (I feel like my 5 year old who wants to be a rock star, astronaut, veterinarian).  As far as running, I feel like I'm still recovering from a stress fracture that I got late last March, and am trying to navigate how hard to push, how fast I can go and for how long.


Goals for 2011:

* Become gainfully employed without making me or my family insane!

* Complete a sprint and olympic distance triathlon

* Run at least 1 half marathon

* Not get another injury!!!


Why I run: I run for all the reasons these women have stated here.  I started as weight control, but it has become so much more.  It is my sanity, my me time, my challenge and my religion.  I feel spiritual and close to God when I run. 

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FM ~ 45 minute cycling class.  You know it's a tough workout when the woman in the row in front of you runs out during class to vomit.  Yikes!!!!  I think my heartrate has finally returned to normal... 40 minutes after class is done.

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Welcome New Dingos!


I finally gave up on the ear infection and went to urgent care yesterday.  I got a rx for abx which so far seem to be doing squat.  They took my blood pressure there and it was sky high (for me) which has me freaking out a bit.  The doctor blew it off and told me to take it at the pharmacy later.  It was 10 points higher there.  (Edit:  Hmmm, maybe all is normal afterall?  My "I'm in kick a$$ shape" resting pulse is 45 bpm or so, and I just measured something like 48  -- so maybe I just hate going to the doctor?  Or do those things not have to go together?)


So today is day 1 of clean living.  Reduction in caffeine, amplification of veggies, fruit, and limiting vices (sweets mostly).  Keep running.  And running.


I'm doing committee reports today (slowly and badly...), and I can't stop giggling over one of our major recommendations to one entity:  Begin Cross Training Your Staff.


My class starts tomorrow.  I'm 90% ready, but I need to be 100% ready before I go home today.  So much for breading geophysicists for the day. 


Run scheduled tonight.  Thinking of printing a workout plan for myself just to have something to follow.

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JayGee ~ Holy smokes on the puking during class bit.  


Motivated Mama ~ Did you get on the bike?


Jo ~ So glad you enjoyed yoga!  How was the Y today?


I did my 100's before going out for Girls Day with my mom and sister (and kiddos) this morning.  I just had to return a sweater from Christmas and then we had lunch together.  V is napping in her own bed right now, I paid a whole bunch of bills, and wrote for a bit.  Now I think I've had too much caffeine for yoga - maybe I'll put on some tunes and hoop for a bit before she wakes.  

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