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Oh, Nick.  I'm sorry about the puker!  I hate that more than anything! 


Jo - We have gone through the waiting game before.  It sucks and is SO not fun!


RR: 4ish miles on the treadmill at home today.  I say "ish" because I accidentally yanked the emergency stop out of it 3 different times! irked.gif  Frustrating, to say the least.  I tried to do a timed mile for the last mile.  I felt good and warmed up, fresh, etc.  I think I would have done around a 7:30-8:00 mile if I had been able to keep my head in the game.  I was about a 8:00 pace at around a half mile, and just lost it.  I ended up needing to walk twice.  I still ended up with a 9:25.  I think I need to do this outside, where it is easier for me to stay focused. 

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Happy Birthday Lisa!


No RR to report here.  I haven't gotten a workout in since last Tuesday or Thursday - yikes.  I was doing so well the first week of January too. 

Still lots going on with the school board thing, our house has become resistance headquarters and DH is the ring leader.  It's quite interesting and a little bit scary.  This island is getting smaller and smaller. 


Still not enough time to be fully present in the Dingo Cafe but


DrJen - I'd agree with waiting until it's a done deal unless you plan to truly give your kids a vote of some sort.  I can't imagine they'll be excited but I'm confident that the transition will be better than they might anticipate.  Moving in the summer and getting them involved in some summer program they;d enjoy might be a quick way to jump start some friendships for them before school begins.


Jo - Oy.  I mentioned to DH that you love your sheep and might be needing to sell them.  He suggested we buy them and my dad drive them out to us. It's a sweet vision albeit nuts.


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No RR here either.  I should've gone out for a run today, but there's that 'should' word.  Honestly I just didn't feel like it.  I was starting to lose my mojo before tapering for the goofy and was worried when I felt none of the intense energy that most describe. But frankly I'm still feeling that blah, I dont' feel like doing anything feeling.


Plady - that would be so cool!


Bec I consistently run much faster outside.  I don't really know time-wise what I can do now, but in the past when I used to be fast... I could do a mile outside easily close to 7 and be DYING on the treadmill trying to do an 8:30...and that is not an exaggeration!


Back to work tomorrow and school with dd.  I'm feeling pretty trepidatious about this.  She's not too keen on school and you may recall that blah feeling I've got...

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Bec, I am exactly the same as BBM... I CANNOT run on a treadmill. I overheat, get unfocused, and more and I just simply hate it. I run about a minute slower on the dreadmill.


BBM, seriously, mama, I would listen to your body and rest, Your training volume has been really amazing and post-race I know that I'd be crying out for a serious break.. maybe some other activities like swimming, biking?


Plady :lol re: jo's sheep!

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We were having a pretty nice day. I took DS to the stock show, we saw cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, bunnies, etc. The superdogs show was pretty cool, although it went on just a little too long. I'm pretty sure I've got a sinus infection coming on, and the longer the show went, the worse I was feeling. We got home and I tried to lay down for a little bit, but my phone kept ringing. SMIL is seeing spots and so she and FIL are missing their flight in the morning to make sure that she doesn't have a detached retina or anything, which just throws a wrench in all plans. BIL is still flying out on the original flight with a couple of family friends (who nobody bothered to tell me were coming, too rolleyes.gif), but can't get the rental car since it's in FIL's name. So I guess I'm doing airport pick-up now until XH can get them to drive them all up to the mountains. Which means I probably won't get a run in tomorrow. Meanwhile, while I was getting all this sorted out, DS turned into a nightmare. He truly doesn't understand that his job as a kid is to listen to and respect his mother. The child was literally yelling at me for not "listening" to him, when in fact he was upset because I wouldn't do what he wanted me to. Needless to say, there was a lot of crying on both sides, and it was not pretty. greensad.gif

I am so done right now.
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Reading along....not much time to respond to everything going on.

My youngest had his first cold. He had me pretty worried last night and I was on the verge of taking him to the ER. Today was better for him. He was much closer to the sweet little guy we all know and love. His three yo big sister has really been missing her best friend. These two are like peas and carrots.

RR: I started week three of C25K!! I am feeling good. The improvements are dramatic. Every day I feel so much closer to actually being a runner again.

NRR: My hubby got his new job. He starts the 27th. He is making a jump from being an outstanding electrician to a station engineer for a major radio broadcasting company. It is a huge blessing for us. My hubby works so hard. He had reached the top of the ladder doing what he is doing. Now he gets a chance to climb it all over again....something he really enjoys.

Keep on running!
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PO7 ~ I hope your LO feels better soon.  Congrats to your DH on the job and to you on week 3!!


Gaye ~ ::hugs::


Nick ~ How's the rest of the family faring?


Jo ~ Sending some speed on the whole situation so at least you'll know soon.  You are amazing, you know that eh? ;)


I did my 100s for the day and some yoga (and even a little dancing).  I am thinking of doing BeachBody coaching - anyone familiar?  They sell workout programs like P90X and TurboJam and they also sell Shakeology.  It's a protein shake with superfoods and vitamins in it, and it tastes really yummy.  I want to eat less crap (like the cookies I just inhaled) but get more protein and maybe put on a couple pounds.  


V updates of the day: She said over dinner spontaneously, "Hanukkah is 8 days.  Elmo says."  LOL!  The holiday movie did teach her something.  Later as I was doing my 100s she proceeded to put a dried blueberry up her nose.  She picks a lot, so I didn't think anything of it til she kept on digging.  She eventually got mad that the blueberry was up her nose and she wanted to eat it.  Go figure!  I taught her how to blow out while I held the other nostril and thank goodness it shot out.  


It's boring without DH.. I'm off to bed.

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Jenlove - I'm cracking up here at your daughter and the blueberry!  lol.gif  Glad she was able to blow it out!


Po7 - Congrats on the job, the running, and I hope your little one is feeling right as rain soon!


Zub and BBM  - That is interesting about the treadmill.  I have felt the same.  I lost the mental battle today. The body was fine (in retrospect), but something in my brain just told me I couldn't take another step.  I have a good course to do a timed mile outside, so I will do that soon.  We have frigid weather on the way here, though, so outside will have to wait a bit!


NRR: I got a ton of yearbook work done tonight.  I don't have the class montages done quite yet as my friend who took about 6 classrooms of pictures had a mishap.  Her child either lost the sim card, or her child erased the sim card.  In either case, we have no pictures, and she thinks it will be easier to reshoot them than to keep looking.  I'm hoping that happens tomorrow or Wednesday.  But, I got a bunch of other forms created and out.  I would like to have everything ready to go by the beginning of February, giving me a couple of weeks to fill out all the forms to the printing company.  Yikes!  I think I am going to be SO happy for March to come, because it will all be done!

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po7, congrats to your dh, and to you on continued progress! Here's to health in your household, mama.


Nick, noooooooo! uhoh3.gif (How I feel about the pukies.) I hope it's a 24-hour thing that disappears and leaves no trace and barely a memory.


Gaye, I hope things with the ILs go smoothly. You're an incredible sport with them, you know. Hoping ds was just tired past his limit.


Plady, hug your dh for me. That is truly a sweet sentiment and I feel just a liiiittle bit understood. thumb.gif You might not have told him there are 14 of them, and 12 are most likely expecting, right? winky.gif


Jennie, any speed you can send, I will take. I am actually a little thankful that dd's strep is keeping me home, because I am just useless at work. I can still turn a phrase, but I have no focus. A CD sent me a one-page part of a presentation to troubleshoot and that was fine, but beyond fixing a few lines, I am no good. I need to get back to today and here and now and just let whatever happens, happen. I am being ridiculous. And I truly appreciate the thoughts and prayers and energy of my Dingos, and the fact that somehow you all can humor me through my insanity. Dh is now slated for a work trip to Europe next month, which has me angry.gif and gloomy.gif again about lambing (I mentioned he's never been home for a whole lambing season, right? He caught a couple lambs last year and that's been it for him, and it breaks his heart) and of course has me thinking confused.gif paranoid thoughts about the new post. Ugh.


So, just for a second, not making this about whether I have to get rid of nearly everything we own, give up guardianship of the animals and navigate an around-the-world move...and not making this about dh's amazing, hard work in a really tough, sometimes hostile environment...I think it really is time for me to rethink my arrangement. Again. For the 4th time in 4 years. I know. eyesroll.gif Whether we're leaving or staying, it is not a sustainable arrangement. It's unfair to me and the kids, and probably unfair to dh in ways not immediately tangible. I have to work so hard not to drown in it, and that effort in itself is draining. So, one way or another, by end of school year, I am putting an end to it. As much as I love getting a paycheck, and as hard as it is to get by without a second income, we'll be better off with me home than working. Don't know how I'll make it happen, but it's better for everyone, I'm sure.


Today's plan: I have 2 projects to finish that really, really need to be done. So dd can watch movies nonstop and I will work on writing, breaking to plow the driveway and do barn chores. Tonight, we are supposed to do dance and yoga. My teacher wants to bump me into a more challenging class with another high-stress runner mama.


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I feel like I have been gone forever from the thread. redface.gif My daughters as usual are giving me fits. Why? 14 yo and 3 yo ds are fine but the three girls in the middle are aging me everyday. In any event, y computer died again I spent most of the day Friday working on it and getting more and more frustrated. I finally took it in ate Friday an there were so many problems, hard ware and software that the store took it back w/o question and gave wonderful customer service - HP from Staples. I should be happy and excited but setup and getting back to where I was is a process that I have been working on all weekend. I have a job offer of sorts as a LC which is the direction I was heading. It is very small, just enough to get my foot in the door and have my continung ed covered. You know there is a but: My family, including dh, is very used to having me be quite available to them. All the time. I have also gotten quite involved in a few other things. The long and the short is that it is just what I asked for (w/o having all the details) but I am not sure if I can make it work especially as I am not set up with child care and it won't pay enough to cover care I want for ds2. Dh is not excited about it but says he would support it. There are ways to make it work but I need more details, hopefully this week.

I had tons of personals but do not want to write a book.

La4, I am so impressed with how you are giving swimming a go. I tried for a few months last year and while I enjoyed it I used a snorkel so I could just do laps while my injures repaired.

Plady, community organizing can be so rewarding - I hope you feel uplifted and not taken advantage of overall.

Gracie, hang on there. I think the first year of motherhod has its own rules no mater how many children you have.

Nic, whoa! Careful as you swing back and forth between post marathon euphoria and let-down. smile.gif

BBM, you rr was marvelous and I wish you the best as you settle back into homeschooling, work, and 'real life.'

jo, drjen, Moving your family is a big deal, I am holding my breathe for both of you

RM, I've been looing at the bodyrock workouts and thinking of you. Even with time off running you have stayed so fit.

Alex, what JG said. lol.gif I think a lower weight is faster but only if you train to find the speed and stay healthy.

Gigi - !! Mostly just happy to se eyou posting here. I always learn from you.

bec, I sounds like that yearbook is coming right along.

Gaye, it is hard to complain about a weekend of skiing but I get the tired thing. :yawn

PO7, joy.gif for a good job situation and I hope your little one is healthy and happier today.


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I finally feel remotely human, so I thought I'd check in.  DH took me to urgent care yesterday because I was coughing so hard that I would vomit.  Flu test ~ Positive.  So I started Tamiflu and amazingly, I feel much better today.  Not all better, but definitely not as bad as yesterday.  Remind me to get a flu shot next year....


Anyway,  I absolutely must sing DH's praises for all he did yesterday.  Not only did he play with the kids all day (scooter races, basement soccer and wiffleball, coloring, math problems for all of them, Lego, you name it!) he also washed dried and folded all the laundry, made all the beds, and cleaned the entire kitchen too.  I think he's a better stay at home parent than I am!


Off to catch up with the 23 posts I missed!

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JG: so glad you are feeling better.

Originally Posted by JayGee View Post
Not only did he play with the kids all day (scooter races, basement soccer and wiffleball, coloring, math problems for all of them, Lego, you name it!) he also washed dried and folded all the laundry, made all the beds, and cleaned the entire kitchen too. 

bigeyes.gif & clap.gif to your DH for all that!

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What Mel said! That's awesome. thumb.gif

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Nick - glad you're feeling better (especially about the toe) and lol.gif on planning your next marathon.

JenLove - nice, about the blueberry smile.gif

zubeldia - I did take the MCAT once, 7 years ago, when I thought that I was smart enough to not study eyesroll.gif I scored average (literally, in the 51 percentile), so I imagine with lots of studying, I will actually rock it this time. I graduated summa cum laude in the biology program, so there will be no problem there. Just have to work on my letters of recommendation...

No RR last night, not even BR (biking-related). I'm waiting for DH to get home today so I can actually go to the gym.

I scheduled my son to see the doctor today. He is getting grossly thin due to his extreme pickiness and unwillingness to eat. And, although unrelated, I think he might have undescended testes, although you think they would have noticed that before now seeing as he has only one kidney. Seriously though, if they did miss it, I think I'm going to find a new pediatrician. Missing Rayne's coarctation was bad enough. I forgave my pediatrician though because I heard nothing but praise for him and figured he's just human.

My husky had a grand mal seizure last night. I think I'm going to take him in tonight to have a huge lipoma (canteloupe-sized) removed from his armpit and maybe take some more rads to see if he has bone cancer. He has had seizures before, but they're always single events and not very often.

I'm going to put in my resume today for a Community Health Promotion Specialist. Wish me luck!
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Jenlove Ive been making this protein shake my Doc recommended its really good , I'm also trying to eat better ( mostly more ) to gain some weight and muscle

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MM: Oh, wow, that must have been scary to see your dog have a grand mal seizure. I have only ever seen the petit mal ones, and I find them scary. hug2.gif I hope you get some answers from the vet, and hopefully no bone cancer. And also - answers from the ped about your DS! It does seem unlikely that they would have missed that esp. with other UT-type issues. But you are right, doctors are human and things can get overlooked. Good thing you are watching out for them.


FM: I just took my first ride on an honest-to-goodness road bike! Yikes!!! Scary, especially those first few attempts to get going with my feet in the pedals. The pedals aren't clip-in types, but they have a toe-thingy and a strap. I can't forget that and just stop, or I will fall over. The bike that was stolen on Christmas was a hybrid. It had thin (not super-skinny) tires but straight handlebars. It seemed to have a fairly short wheel base, or whatever the distance between front and back wheel is called. So this one (bought used off of Craigslist) is a 50 cm bike, with very skinny road tires and the traditional drop bars. It feels extremely short, like the front wheel is right under me, but I guess that is also just the position I have to ride in since the handlebars are lower. Anyway, just a short 4 miles through the neighborhood - it was fun! Thrilling, really, because it just goes waaaay faster than a regular bike, and I think faster than my stolen bike did, although I only got to ride that one with the kids (so, slowly). bikenew.gif

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Sooooo want a road bike!  Enjoy it!


Not much time, but wanted to report 2000 yards in the pool today of drills, endurance and speedwork.  It was a really nice swim.

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Forgot the personals I wanted to add, so sorry,  Know that I am thinking of you all though and draw strength from you.


RR: 5 miles total, 1mile warm up, 1mile cool down and middle three at 7:30pace.  first 2.6 were more challenging than normal until I realized that the inclne was stuck up again.  Stopped for half minute to fix it then it was good to go.    

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There sure are some exciting goings-on in the Dingo Cafe!


jo~Waiting is the worst. The worst! The feeling of powerlessness and the obsessive anxiety that accompanies it, ugh. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


drjen~What an amazing opportunity! You've been needing a change for so long. I'm really happy for you. As for when to tell the kids, listen to your gut. You'll know when it's right.


bbm~Could you get any cuter with your pigtails?!?! Rock on with your Goofy self!


weight and speed: I'm curious to see if I'd run faster if I lost weight, but that's dangerous territory for me. I've always had a terrible body image and can easily fall into unhealthy eating practices. Best to just leave that alone...


My TM DIED! The horror!!! And, just in time for an ice storm! I'm trying very hard to not let this spin me out. It was on its last legs, but I thought it would at least last the winter. Schools are closed today so my dad came over to stay with my kids so I could go to the Y and get my run in. Too icy/slushy to go outside right now. I'm seriously thinking about just buying a new TM and not (over)analyzing it. They're so expensive, but I really think I need one to keep sane. 

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Sinus crud still going strong. I made myself go to bed early for once last night and slept for a solid 10 hours! I can't remember the last time I slept anywhere close to that long. BIL and family friends were able to get the rental car, so I didn't have to do airport duty after all, but still met them for lunch. And then forced myself out for my 4 mile loop around the neighborhood. The run itself was pretty good. Of course, I feel crappy again now that we're back. And I have girls night out tonight. Although there's only going to be 3 of us now...two had meetings and one's DD came down with croup this morning.
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