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OMG! tortuga I could have written that post! The 7 yo with book 4 under the covers, the frozen blueberries, the crampy foot, my snotty child that till feels god is 3 and my dh is still employed unless he got totally fed up once he got to his office and I am guesing that anything was better than thinking about our 5 yo this morning but our live are running so close today. lol.gif My apologies and I'll try to make the rest of the morning better. orngbiggrin.gif

On the book, I wanted her to give HP a rest and read the Little House series. She is a voracious reader and likes to read series. I thik it has to do with having enough to read. Her teacher and I usually come up with the same books at the same time and she resists us until she comes around. We think we have to get through HP before she will move on. I promised I wouldn't censor and then the poor choices started. I tried the wait until age? route and the obsession set in. After much negotiation and discussion I have settled for voicing why I think a choice is bad and then allowing the books. It is a way to learn about the world without living the bad choices and in the case of dd1 and bad teen lit she discovered it wasn't all that great and moved on of her own accord. This is what we want right? People that can think and make informed choices? It would be nice if she listened but really, I can be the same way. The books by Larsson kept me awake until I finished all three. They really upset me and I couldn't sleep, they gave me flashbacks to bad times. They were so compelling that as I finished one at 2:30AM I bought the next, delivered in just seconds on the kindle. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. shy.gif

On the blueberries, I buy them at Costco, 2 bags at a time. We are down to 1 cup and I want them for me. See above.
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most of my "thinking" stuff is done. Now I have to get through my day and then my friends are treating me for dinner. Well, they were taking me out for dinner (my bday is Tuesday) and then I didn't have a sitter and kaybee (mdc mama) didn't have a sitter and our dhs are collectively out of town. Our kids get along so I said, "can we do take out at my house? promise me you don't care that I didn't vacuum all week...." I'm so very touched that they are remembering my birthday.


My kids were rock stars this morning. and they got to sleep last night after I explained what work I had to do. (Erin saw a three ring binder I brought home labeled "retention/promotion/tenure" and asked me, "Mama what's tenure?" I told her it means I get to keep my job as long as I want it and explained how it might work, then told her I had a big review coming up next week and I had to put together a portfolio of all my work so far this year and I had to do it last night before I went to sleep.  Not one single peep from her. Highly unusual.


Books: If she likes sci fi: try the secrets of droon series.  Erin asked me this morning about HP and thinks she might check one out today at the school library. I'm with mommajb on this one. But I'm more likely to put something down when it is too scary. I have books on the shelf that have bookmarks halfway through. E knows this, she sees me do it. She also sees me picking up those books and returning to them when I'm ready.


We pick blueberries in summer, I asked my dh to bring in some from the freezer before he left. I didn't tell my kids that though. They are mine mine mine!


off to the salt mines for the day....

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Jo ~ I love that quote!


Welcome Widemouthedfrog!!!


Thanks for all of the congrats!  We are excited and nervous (good nervous, of course).  I thought by the time I was ready for a 2nd one I would be a pro.  HAHAHA!  


Go Ali G!!  Val uses sporadicly but won't ask to go on the potty if she's in a diaper.  I let her run around pantless when we are home a lot and then she will use it.  It saves me on washing diapers. ;)


I'm gulping down some ginger tea and then we are off to the YMCA for music and playgroup.  We may be headed to Green Bay afterwards to shop for a business computer for me and get groceries.  I am now a member of my DH's LLC and will be managing finances and doing some writing on the side.  Yay!  


Oh!  I am also planning on ordering this herbal e-course on Valentine's Day and doing it with another friend.  Is anyone else interested in it too?


I will be breaking the prenatal yoga DVD out of the cabinet today and doing that at some point.  OMmmmm! :D

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Tortuga - we just finished reading HP 7 last night.  Ds is 10 and dd1 is 7.  They both loved the entire series.  I was like you as a child and read ahead of my age.  I frequently had books taken away and I would just go find another copy or an equally inappropriate book to read.  I'm not much help, I don't censor much when it comes to books for the kids - when they run across a book that is too scary, they can and have stopped reading.

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JenLove ~ how are you feeling so far?  I have an October baby (well, he's 9, but still...!)


Jo ~ I hope the farm sells quickly.


mommajb ~ it's weird being back where I've lived before.  I've run into lots of people I knew already, which is nice.  I keep seeing people I think I recognize, and then realize they just look like someone from Bloomington LOL!  At least I don't need to learn my way around here like I usually do when we move.  So far the transition has been smooth, although I am having my usual mid-winter issues with feeling depressed.  You'd think I'd expect it by now...


tortuga ~ I have had to censor DS only once so far.  He and I both really like historical fiction and biographies which can be a little too real!  In fact, I just finished reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and had nightmares about being in a Japanese POW camp during WW2.  DS has tried to read things like HP and other sci fi/fantasy books, but just doesn't enjoy them.  I don't either to be honest.  We are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe out loud and everyone is enjoying that though.


DH has a day off today (he works an extra hour every day during the week and gets every other Friday off) so he's taken DD2 to gymnastics and then out running errands all morning.  I'm having a leisurely cup of coffee and then heading to the Y for a run and a swim!

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re book censoring-  I was never censored as a child and I read whatever I wanted.  I started picking up Stephen King novels around 9 years old or so and I read almost exclusively horror for about 10 years. redface.gif    Now I read a lot of different genres.  I would probably encourage more appropriate choices, but not take it as an issue to stand on- as a parent.


I am going to run today, my friend is watching the girls for me.  Then we are grinding grain and making pasta from scratch!  I am pretty excited.  


Yesterday I learned to ice skate.  I am not too sore, but I will need to work up some ankle strength.  It was fun.  Of course, the girls were both better than me in a matter of minutes.  Oh, youth! ROTFLMAO.gif


I am dealing with day 2 of serious exhaustion.  I am not sure why, I don't feel like I'm getting sick.  I slept ok.  I am not any more stressed than I have been the past few months.  Oh, well.



JG- have a great swim! 


Jen- I just got the YogaJournal's "Yoga Step by Step" series.  I borrowed them once, and loved it!  These are my favorite videos by far.  I would love to loan them to you sometime if you are interested.  I promise I will actually mail them off.  whistling.gif


kerc- I hope you have a great birthday!

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Swim report ~ none.  It would help if I packed my swimsuit in the bag, wouldn't it?  Doh!  Instead I had a fantastic 4.5 mile walk/run with only 1 mile of that walking and the rest running.  And half of that running was intervals at 5K pace.  I really feel my running legs returning.  I also saw a running/triathlon friend at the Y and it was nice to catch up with her a little bit.  Why is it that that when I'm running, I am invincible!?  Nothing can stop me.  I have plans and dreams and everything seems possible and wonderful and I'm prepared to conquer the world.  But then the endorphins wear off and I'm slogging through life again.  I wish I could make that "runners high" last all day.

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Ugh! Had a whole post written and my computer evaporated it!!!


Anyway...condensed version...I deal with the censoring/filtering lit issue also with my oldest dd who is 10 and a voracious and precocious reader. However she does not like the HP or fantasy sci-fi things. She will read the Little House books, although not as avidly as I did when I was her age. Hasn't yet gotten into the (vintage -- only good ones) Nancy Drew or the like. She does like the Narnia series and unfortunately loves the Dear Dumb Diary as well as Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. sigh. Doesn't always read to her reading level but we usually have about 20 books coming home from the library. At her age I read anything and everything I could get my hands on -- the more my mom didn't want me to, the more I wanted to read it. I read a lot of books while babysitting at others' houses. LOL. I am not sure how I feel about this as dd is a) sensitive; and b) I don't want her getting into adult themes before she is really ready to handle them. She self-filters pretty well if I tell her something is very scary or intense, so far.


FM: none today and i need it, but doubt I will get it. Dh is away for 5 days on business. I have a babysitter coming at 5 a.m. tomorrow so I can go to my group run (!) and will have to find ways of getting out the other days. Do people think 10 is old enough to watch her siblings if I am running rings around the neighborhood (1.5 mile loop that goes by my house)? Gah. I probably won't do that but it is tempting. Only other option is hiring a sitter every day to come for an hour or so or going to the Y and using the mill, which I detest.


Back to my students. Silent reading time is over.

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Jaygee~I soooo hear you on the runners high.  :)


RR: 7 miles on the TM this morning while watching the biggest loser which is a good thing to run to.  Very motivating. 


NRR: took ds1 who is 10 to his therapy appt. after which therapist asked for a teachers number to call and talk with.  I asked ds1 what about and he said "bullies".  Poor kid. 

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tortuga~ My 5 y.o. is obsessed with Harry Potter (we're on #4 now), but she's not easily scared. I was worried about HP, and also some of the Madeleine L'Engle stuff that she chose, but she remains adamant that she's only afraid of three things in the world: cancer, earthquakes and Dzunukwa. So we avoid books with any of those...


Nick, do you have a park or track where you could run and keep an eye on the kids with the 10 year old "in charge"? I've done some (admittedly very short) runs with the kids playing at the school playground while I run the field.


I did a slow 5K run this morning, and seem to still be working on something funny I did at bootcamp on Tuesday evening. It's really localized, but still a bit achy at the base of my quad, especially when I'm going down stairs. I'm blaming the squats. Don't think I'll be doing bootcamp tonight, though... I think the run and a bit of stretching after may have helped, though.

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JayGee ~ Well it's still REALLY early in my pregnancy, so I feel fine.  Minus my headcold.  


Nemesis ~ Oh I would love to borrow those!  Do you have a way to burn them?  Or if you mail them here, I can burn them and mail them right back.  That would be lovely!  Thanks so much for thinking of me.


Nick ~ Is the gym ever open for kids' playtime?  Then you could run around the gym while they play too.  Not much better than the dreadmill but a little. :P

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Nemesis - I did the same thing with the horror as a child. I didn't start with Stephen King though. I started with Christopher Pike (The Last Vampire series), The Vampire Diaries (you know, the one they turned into a TV show now eyesroll.gif), John Saul, then Stephen King (pretty much all of them). When I was in elementary school, it was all about Sweet Valley High lol.gif But now that you all mention it, I remember reading Narnia and the like as well. I don't think that books shaped me as a person, but rather who I was influenced what I read, so I don't think that I will limit what my children can read, so long as it's not R rated.

I attempted a short run today and it ended up being VERY short, like 1 mile. I am exhausted, my shins hurt, and my body told me to quit it today and take a break. So here I am.
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Hey there, sorry for a drive-by post... but I just left our family dinner table, mad, plate untouched, and now I am in my office feeling like I need a good cry. I just feel so unappreciated by my family - well, not really the family but my husband and a 14 yo DD who just won't help out. I know it is my own shortcoming as a parent that lets this happen, but it hurts me nonetheless. And I guess I am just mad at my DH that he sits there and does ... nothing... while the plans* that I thought we had formed as a family go forgotten. I feel rotten and just wish that I could take my two little ones and cuddle and leave those two to watch tv together or whatever they deem to be a worthwhile pastime.


*I should clarify that DH and I had decided that we all spend the pre-dinner hour doing family projects (e.g. laundry, picking up, helping with dinner, NOT gameboy, television, computer games, etc.).


Vent over. Thanks for listening.

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Mel~ I'm so in the same place right now minus the teen.  I told DH it's almost easier with him gone... one less person to take care of and pick up after. greensad.gif  I cooked for an hour and cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes after while he watched videos online, read, and listened to podcasts.  All while V needed lots of attention.  Sometimes I'm just so done!

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you two are making me very happy to be single : )

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Jen, thank you so much for the commiseration! And I haven't even congratulated you yet!!! bag.gif 


Let me fix that right now...


For you: flowersforyou.gif and for big sister Val:   love.gif   This is so exciting. And a time to be pampered and treated with lots of TLC. hug2.gif How are you feeling, by the way?? I was always so tired during the first tri.


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Originally Posted by Graceie View Post

you two are making me very happy to be single : )

lol.gif Seriously. But I hate lawn work.

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Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

Originally Posted by Graceie View Post

you two are making me very happy to be single : )

lol.gif Seriously. But I hate lawn work.

that car repair  and opening jars

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Mel~ I am sorry you are delaying with that. As a mom of six kids I find myself in that same situation on occasion.

As moms we are driven to care about our families and have a desire to take care of all of the functioning of the household, and most of the time this things don't register with the kids or hubby as important. It's hard when not everyone has the same priorities.

Evenings can be hectic and difficult when not everyone is on the same page. One thing that helps me is that I prepare dinner most nights. I do everything I can to pick up after myself in the kitchen as I cook. Once dinner is served, I am off. I eat and enjoy my evening. Dish duty gets rotated between the 3 oldest. My 7yo is in charge of cleaning the table. Then just before everyone heads to bed the kids all do a sweep through the main areas of the house to pick up after themselves. Having that time each evening where the someone else is in charge of the cleaning helps me to feel appreciated and gives me time to decompress.

I hope you can find a solution to your troubles.....you aren't alone.

RR: the baby is finally better, and my mastitis cleared up. I think I got what the baby had. I have some nasty chest congestion. I have taken off from running since Wednesday to be nice to my body. Hopefully I can get a run in tomorrow. Still feeling like I am getting closer and closer to really running again!
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Mel--that's awful. I get so frustrated when I think DH and I have agreed on a plan (as in, he told me he agreed) and then when I'm expecting him to back me up in the situation, he doesn't (and when confronted later, he'll tell me he didn't really agree but didn't want to say anything during the discussion. Seriously?!? Could he be any more passive-aggressive?) irked.gif

On books: I'd be inclined to either make suggestions for some mystery series that might be more appropriate than HP or let it go. When I was young, I loved the Three Investigators Series by Robert Arthur. The first one is The Secret of Terror Castle. I don't remember reading stuff that was too scary back then (or that seemed too scary to me), but I did read the Wrinkle in Time books when I was probably 8 and didn't find those to be scary or inappropriate. Kids will likely self-censor if it gets to be too much--and while I didn't need to do it with books, I do remember realizing that I could never, ever watch Lassie movies or any movie in which a dog gets hurt.

It was sunny, beautiful and like 67 here so I took J in the jogger and ran a couple of errands before kindergarten pickup. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the 50s so I'm hoping to fit in a bike ride to the local garden center for seeds.
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