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Wow! Happy Birthing-day, mama! Congrats!

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happy bday to her and you mama! My son will be 20 this year so I understand. It flies by!

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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post

FL is "world", CA is "land"  :)


Heard from the dr and... I have to go back for more testing on monday.  LOL  On the very bright side, they've ruled out cancer, ovarian cysts, and other equally unpleasant things so I'm actually feeling kind of joyful!  Monday's testing will be more focused (yesterday was kind of a catch all sweep) and should give us a better picture of what to look for next.


I never remember that, probably because I have never been to any Disney parks.


Glad to hear the 'bright side' of your test!!

Originally Posted by _ktg_ View Post


Autumn did you end up getting that book?  It looked interesting from what I saw on Amazon...


I did get it, and hopefully I can find more time to sit and read *that* book soon.


Originally Posted by Valerie.Qc View Post

Hum... today, I've been a mother for 20 years! Yep! 20 years!!! Almost unbelievable! lol.gif



Happy Birthday!! To you both!!!


Originally Posted by _ktg_ View Post

Autumn - love that greek mythology!

Me too! I'm disappointed that it was such a short unit. But after seeing his obvious love for it all (between the unit and reading the Percy Jackson books) I am getting ready to find some more 'kid mythology' books.


I hope your mouth is feeling better and you were able to get some coffee in you! That was what I missed most right after a dental procedure...I'm preparing to go in for more too...but I don't know what's next.

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Happy mama-decade day!  Wow!  :)


nature table/altar- Hmmm... we had a family nature table on the piano, a smaller altar in the living room, and then my personal altar in the bedroom.  DH has his personal altar outside and there is the well, firepit, and offering table (a really nifty stump just inside the woods) outside as well. 


Right now the various altars are a bit bare.  The family nature table has a bunch of stones (some from our property, some from previous homes, some gathered over the years from gem shops), candles (including hand dipped ones the kiddos made), a ceramic tile that depicts a leaping stag, a blue ceramic bowl ("the well") and a copper incence burner (there year round), eggshells from our chickens, a few feathers, and handprints.  And our family holy day bowl.


The living room altar has a blue ceramic bowl, a candle (led so I can leave it "burning" unattended), a celtic knot painted candle surround filled with the melted crayon handprints the kids made poking out (looks like flames), a metal owl statue, a mother carrying a child on her back carved from 'legal ivory' (a gift from alaska), a copper knotwork wrist cuff, a small pitcher and covered bowl (the only survivors from a gorgeous antique tea set), and a stack of books.


Hmmmm... it sounds like a lot but really isn't!

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We had a good foot of snowfall last night and still falling. I have to get out and shovel some more , at minus 22 C, but = maybe  one more cup of hot tea first....

Originally Posted by mamaofthree View Post

have a quick question: what have you used in the past to help with acne? i was toying with getting dd proactive, but i have read it is really drying and expensive. i never had real acne problems as a teen because i was on birth control pretty early. she wants something to help with the "T" zone issues and won't be too drying. thanks




My dd has acne - she never wears make up and it seems to fluctuate with her cycle and gets worse when she isn't eating well or when she showers less.  It improved when she started wearing her hair off her face.  It was pretty bad earlier this week for hormonal and Chrismas junk food reasons, I think - red, angry, inflamed bumps and whiteheads on her face chest and shoulders, After reading bluets' suggestions, I gave her some bioplasma (as I'm taking it myself, anyway) and after a few doses her acne is *gone* - well, you can see it drying up where it was really bad but an amazing improvement!  I was not expecting anything so dramatic! Much cheaper/healther than proactive!  My own skin is much improved too, but my adult acne mostly cleared up by my thirties and I'm on some other stuff so not as dramatic.



I hope the wii wars are going well, redveg.

Balance is a great word.  So is Power(ful).  I am oddly attracted to the idea of Random, now, but that is not a word for a mother of young children, or anyone with responsibilities. What an interesting year it would be, though!


Originally Posted by bluets View Post


bummer!  all the outlets in my office are along one wall.  the space where i could put something and see it while i work is on the wall without outlets.  hrm.  it's a really awkward space - long and narrow and i'm closest to the door (facing the door - so people coming in think i'm a receptionist or something; that assumption makes me really cranky).



An extension cord  in an unobtrusive color clipped or taped around the wall along the baseboard?  I would hate to be thought the receptionist, too.  Facing the door is a good feng shui position, but can you turn the desk around to prevent being seen as receptive?  


I love blue jays too - they make me think of my dad.


 So, where do you start when working on gut health?  I just finished 7 weeks of antibiotics (hope I'm done) and have been chugging yogurt, kefir and taking the strongest probiotic my hfs could sell me.  And eating gf, which seems to be good for me overall.  Do you have any links/ suggestions for where I can go to research what else I can be doing to heal my gut/promote gut health?  More fermented foods, maybe.  But all I'm interested in is fermented dairy.  Maybe some blue cheese.  Mmmmmm.



Hope you're feeling better today, ktg.  I hate the sore spots where I had needles after having dental work done. Feel like canker sores.  And the sore jaw, yeah...ouch.


Originally Posted by _ktg_ View Post







I used to live near a lush store.  The perfumes gave me a headache, just walking by the outside of it.  The oils in their products do feel wonderful though.


Autumn, I love Greek mythology, too.  The boys were reading Winter king, Summer Queen yesterday, during the snowstorm, and so we read the myth of Persephone and after that some Hawthorne versions of Pandora and Hercules, and then a Polynesian myth about the trickster Maui and how he made all the birds visible to human sight - before, they were just song and the rustle of wings....  So nice to feel healed enough after my oral surgery for a big session of read-aloud, finally. So many stories I want to share with my kids, so little time.  And my 6 yr old read aloud a Robert Munsch book cold, too - his reading is progressing well, and he is only reading English at home (French Immersion). Good thing it seems to be happening naturally, because I feel like I have not been spending much time with him at all, certainly not reading together like I wish we had been.


Happy  Momiversaries, ladies!



Originally Posted by revolting View Post


Wombat, can you be my mommy? 


lol.gif I often have this thought while reading Clay's posts!

Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post

 a celtic knot painted candle surround filled with the melted crayon handprints the kids made poking out (looks like flames), a


I'd love to see a picture of this, sounds cool.


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Val- Happy Birthday to your DD and congrats on the 20 yrs! How is DD doing?


Altar- mine has "snow" wool stuffing/polfyill stuff with stars, a forest gnome house and stones, a wooden base for candles (need new ones) amd my spiral candle holder. I used to natural items on there but I had a cat who would play with them and make a mess, so nature items stay by the door or up on the fireplace mantle. I have been needle felting, so may add some critters or goddess figures. I change mine based on the season/wheel.


Got a bunch of snow yesterday, and more to come today. In fact, it is starting to come down right now. Glad we are and warm. Happy day to all!

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i know we're not supposed to post about news, but if anyone has any spare candles or prayers or vibes for the state of arizona, we'd really appreciate it right now.

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Yeah, just heard that on NPR. Good grief. :(

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DH just informed me about the AZ... sending what I've got.  ay ya yi.. 


Thanks for healing thoughts everyone... the jaw is still quite sore but nothing at little advil can't conquer right now. 

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mommas, hug your babies, and keep those prayers coming.

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Originally Posted by Autumn Breeze View PostOur babies are the same age lol. I can't believe he's going to be t-e-n!! EEEKS I really did think people were crazy for saying "like it was just yesterday" but it really can't have been more than 3 or 4 years since we went home from the hospital....can it?? And yes, the snark, disrespect and selfishness....only gonna intensify isn't it.

You and I can commiserate, then...sigh.

Originally Posted by redveg View PostOn my agenda, my DD invited some friends over so we are going to have wii wars!!!  A group of teens against the old folks!

That sounds like so much fun. I never play my mom's Wii, but my ds is always begging for it when we go there. He loves it. My mom and I just are not the active sorts, but maybe I'll suggest it next time we go. Family fun, whee!


Originally Posted by wombatclay View PostDid everyone have a good 12 Night? 


We didn't do anything special, but we did put shoes out for La Befana. DS got a bunch of ick candy, like a sugar daddy, a peppermint patty (well, maybe not so ick, that one eat.gif, some real licorice, and some (blech!) super sour green thingies. I got a huge apple, as I was starting Phase 2 of the Hcg diet that day.


Originally Posted by bluets View Postif ever you need ideas for altar crafts to display, follow the "Crafty Crow" blog.  she's got seasonal crafts all. the. time.  i do a lot of thinking "oh we should do that" and less actually doing (ds just doesn't like doing crafts at home.  except coloring "action" pictures of star wars battles.)


This is SO me. And ds.

Originally Posted by Valerie.Qc View PostHum... today, I've been a mother for 20 years! Yep! 20 years!!! Almost unbelievable! lol.gif


Wow, congrats! I can't imagine having a 20yo. But then, 10 years ago I couldn't imagine having a 10yo. Happy birth-day!


Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post  candle.gif

Yeah, I saw that, too. So, so awful. Did y'all hear a 9yo little girl died in that fray? mecry.gifMy heart is so with all those people, especially that little girl's parents.

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Returning to the thread (and MDC) after a bit of a break. Don't know who all remembers me. Maggie, mother of 5 little girls from So Cal. :)


Hey everyone! I see some familiar faces! <3

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Hey everyone! I see some familiar faces! <3

Hi there! I remember your name :) Does that count?! Good to see you.


 Gotta tell you mamas... after the day I've had I am having a rum and coke or two. Happily. Phew.

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UnschoolnMa- You need to update us on stuff- we have missed you! I was brendon before I changed my name. *hi* Glad to see you back!


Mag- Good to see you as well! 5 girls, how fun! How is So Cal this time of year?


I reintroduced dairy into my diet again, so far nothing major has changed. I am going for a Celiac test in a few weeks, just to rule it out and see a Gastro since I never actually saw one when I was diagnosed IBS in college.  It was nice to have cheese on my pizza- homemade from french bread made by me. I am reading Wintersmith, which has been very enjoyable so far.

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i posted some details on my fb, but it was a rough day yesterday. spent much of the afternoon and evening at my mom's. she'd started the day, as usual on a saturday, doing chores. she'd gotten the sheets off the bed and to the laundry room when i called her to tell her what i'd just heard. she has close connections to people involved, so the sheets got left there while she went to be with people waiting to hear. so, we went to her place and did the sheets and made the bed. it felt so so good to put a load of laundry in. i know now what people mean about that stuff. it at least took the edge off the shock. but boy does it hit full force again in the morning. please keep candles lit and positive vibes coming towards southern arizona. blessings and hugs to you all, as you hold your loved ones close.


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~*~*~*~*~*~ and now, on a different note, because i need some balance! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~


bluets, thank you for passing on your assignments!! ;-) i will add that book to my list. :-)

as for office energy..... i adore my salt lamps. absolutely adore them. 

and, your ds sounds so like mine. :-) maybe we should get them together and they can color star wars pictures (is your ds up for some lightsaber battles?) and you and i can do some crafting. ;-)


aubergine, you know i already have make-your-own-tarot on my list..... if people wanted, we could do a mini-spring-camp. i'd want to do it before TM time, because i'm going to really push myself to do my "map" as cards this year. :-)


as for mimulus, well, i might go thru my whole stock bottle with the horrific events of yesterday, but it has really helped me with my life-long fear of the dark and things that lurk therein. i've loved almost all the flowers i've worked with so far, but to me, mimulus has been the most powerful. 


acne~ one of the 7 herbs he mentions for acne. but i dont remember which one..... ?? i can look it up. just have to get up out of bed.... yeah, i'll look later. ;-)

if gut cells and skin cells are made of the same stuff, and my skin is in amazing shape, but my gut is not................. what does this tell us??? (other than that which we already know, that i hold all my emotions in my belly................)


re: gut healing~ aubergine, i've been making this amazing tea. i can find the list of what's in it and post. chamomile, peppermint, calendula, and something else..... and there's something else that's supposed to be in it, but i cant find.... hmmm. i need a hfs outting. maybe today. i need some extra FE help to calm the... whatever this is i'm feeling. <dizzy>


seasonal nature things~ i've been focusing on (you will all gasp with surprise) botanicals. so right now we have paperwhites and cuttings from a green shrub in the garden. of course i will now want to sew some blue birds to add.... though they wont stay on a shelf, they will get played with, on the floor.... lol. 


val~ hope you had a wonderful celebration! xoxoxox


and, now on a more..... serious note.... i'm not going to freak, and i know this is normal, i'm sure... but in the aftermath of yesterday, ds developed a somewhat frenetic need to play with "guns". he took one of his toy power tool drills and said "this is a gun"... and started running around the house yelling the bad guys are coming, run! dh and i were really open, and yet trying not to overreact, with everything that happened yesterday, but it's hard not to freak when you get text messages about someone you know having been shot, and well, the kid hears, and wants to know "what happens when you get shot?" some amazing conversations happened yesterday, many i didnt have answers for. i'm trying, but i feel like i need some back up. i'm also remembering that when i was his age, i was at an event that was open fired on. no one was hurt, but yesterday did trigger something in me. any advice? 

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aweyn~ When I was growing up, my dad (hunter safety teacher) taught us about guns and that they are not toys. We were allowed to have toy guns, but the moment we pointed them at a person, it was taken away. He taught us to treat guns with respect, to act as if even a toy gun is real and keep it pointed in a safe direction, to never point it at anything you don't want to shoot and kill. I don't know how old your ds is, but maybe explaining to him what guns are for, and that they need to be respected or people can get really hurt, would help? I know that I grew up in a house with LOTS of guns, of many shapes and sizes, but my sisters and I would NEVER play with them or touch them without my dad right there. We have great respect for them. Just my little 2 cents! ;)

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Have been, aweyn. What a horrible tragedy, and I know how it is to have it close to home. Been thinking about all of you in AZ. And yes, about keeping up the mundane chores. There's a lot to be said for routine, especially during a crisis. What is the latest news?  




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