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  Am I a witch?  What ever that may mean.

Hi there and welcome to the Pagan thread!  Id'ing as a witch is a tricky one for some. I've only recently felt comfortable, compelled even, to do so for myself. I've been a practicing Pagan for many years.  Definitions will vary from person to person, but for me it means that my faith practice involves witchcraft. :)


Stick around here and you'll meet many terrific people who have lots of wisdom to share. :)

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I wondered if that was a term not to use loosely.  Thank you... I appreciate that. 


I have read some of your posts elsewhere and really enjoyed your thoughts on unschooling.  Thank you again for the hello and I am looking forward to reading more!

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xantho, if you flip back a few (dozen?!) pages in this thread, you might find something about how some of us refer to ourselves.  at least, i think that conversation happened earlier this month.



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Looking back now while DS is snoozin!  My MIL is about 20 minutes away to stay for a couple days.... may have to come back when the house is ours again! 


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Ahhh.... Page 5!  I just want to sit here and read, read, read....  she is pulling in!!! 


Be in touch!  Thank you! 

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Welcome, Xantho!


Glad for you that your in-laws are moving back, aweyn.  Sorry your little one is unwell -- enjoy the cuddles, though.


Happy birthday, Lucas!


Ack, Mo3!  What awful timing for you to have to deal with this house mess from thousands of miles away when you should be just thinking about yourself and birthing your babe.  Sending peaceful, easy labour, healthy mama and baby vibes.


Sweet phone call, Maia!


Dh has been between jobs for about 6 weeks now due to unavoidable delays in paperwork/licensing/training.  He should start work again finally at the middle or end of next week.  The money issues are starting to get to me - just my income is nowhere near enough to pay the bills.  Time to work all the prosperity magicks that I can think of, that the money we hope for will be there with this job.  We're going to give it till April before he starts looking for something else.  

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Hello all,


Sorry I don't have time to catch up on all the chat. I read thru this page.


MO3~ Not exactly sure what happened, but it sounds like it was traumatic and I hope it all gets worked out quickly.


X~ Welcome to the thread! This group is awesome! I




I'm just popping in for a minute, I really need to go shower and get dressed before my bff calls to tell me to come up! After three weeks of not having our Friday night drinks and vent, we are doing it tonite, thank the goddess! This week has been pretty bad, and yesterday was almost more than I could take. I was a wreck all day. (it was the 1yr anniversary of my m/c, on top of the depression I've been in and the extreme stress of work lately) This morning I spoke briefly on the phone with the person I have arranged to go see as a counselor. Its a small freakin world! I picked her because I am familiar with her from taking my client to a dance class once a week that she teaches. I found out last week that she is not just a dance teacher, but a dance therapist and a licensed counselor, who is also a High Priestess! I found out today that my best friend has known her for years and apparently she used to be in a circle with my roommate and neighbor! Weird! Anyway, she called me back this morning and wanted to give me the option of seeing a friend of hers, since she can't see me til the 9th. I told her it took alot for me to even approach her the one time and that after months of seeing her every week. I didn't think I could even say anything to someone I don't know. She understood and said that lots of things lead her to believe this was meant to be and that the goddess arranged it. I am really glad. I think she will be a great fit for me and I am so eager to get started. It sucks that I have so long to wait and yesterday I didn't think I would make it, I was in such rough shape, but today I am better and I am prepared to wait. She did say that its fine if I call or email her in the meantime or if I am comfortable approaching her at the dance class... So, yeah. Things were so bad yesterday that my bff/boss, arranged for me not to work today. She gave me a mental health day. It was so sweet of her. I needed the break badly. I almost quit one client this week! Oy! Anyway, I'll stop blathering on now. I hope y'all are well and have a great weekend!

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hugs, aubergine!


lol, xantho, hope the visit goes well, and welcome!


~*~ possibly because ds has been in bed sick all day (and needing me, of course, with him, schnuggle), and possibly also because i am *finally* starting to feel better myself, and maybe because of a bit of a kick from a dear friend, i'm feeling something approaching normal for the first time in a while! so, given that, and i do have some ideas creeping up, but i want to just toss out my sort of laundry list o' crud, and see if anyone has any beautiful ideas for me to make sure we get a nice fresh start to february. 


quick recap of the past month-- two fairly dramatic family outbursts in december, bringing old emotional crap up to be purged away~ but before it could be dealt with, and life resume "normal"-- the shooting (involving several family connections, subsequent family emotional drama and so on, etc...) ~ and then, this week, sickies for all of us. (which, i'm sure ultimately will act as great purifiers on their own, but golly gee, did we really need that? lol) 


~so, of course, first on my list is going to be doing some "spring cleaning" (including taking the tree down, lol!)

~we made some beaded candles for the memorials for the shooting-- but since i got sick, only one's gotten out. i know once they're out of the house, and burning, i'll feel more cleansed of that, but i feel like i need something else to "let go" that emotional hold these family connections have had on us.... and sort of insulate my own family and focus my healing energies there (it's hard! i feel so... selfish... but i know it's what i need to do.)

~special seasonal decorating and crafting... keep the ideas coming, lovelies! and i have some fun things i've found online, and i know i'll find inspiration at the craft store, too! ;-) 


..... i just feel like we need *something special*.... kwim? something... beautiful.... life-affirming.... hopeful... blossoming.... something............ ????

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sweetsunshine~ hugs! "dance therapist" sounds wonderful, i hope it brings much healing! :-)

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aweyn: it is totally not selfish to spend your energy focusing on yourself and your family. that part has to feel whole and healed before you have the energy to go spreading it all around. 


put all the phone calls and faxing and crap on hold and took the boys to the park for a few hours. it was nice to get out in the beautiful sunshine. feeling better, like at least things are holding and not getting worse. the clean up people have to go out every day to check their stuff so at least over the cold snowy weekend someone will be looking at the house. then monday we will try and figure out what to do. 


SO on a happier note.. send those baby birthin' vibes! i want this kid out! lol



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Originally Posted by mamaofthree View Post

well the adjustor (sp) called and wants proof of the last three oil deliveries before he will even send someone out to look at the house. i contacted the oil company and they are going to email the docs to me, but they are so... how do i put this, old fashioned she has to go thru all the paper work. lol so it could be a bit. THEN we need to figure out about the clean up crew, how long do we keep them there drying out the house, every day is costing us lots of money. 

and i have no idea what to do if insurance doesn't cover this. i mean yes it is our agents fault... maybe? if she wasn't there when the door got left open and it was left open by the potential buyers agent.. do we go after them? or is it still in the end our agent who is responsible? she is trying to say that maybe the door doesn't close right, (which it does) but even if it didn't don't yo really pull the door closed and lock it if you are leaving. and she said maybe someone broke in... ok but they took nothing (nothing to take) and did no damage to the house except leave the door a jar. that doesn't even make since. i mean it is possible, but we have no proof that even happened because nothing is missing.

and i might have to spend another day at home fielding phone calls because no one seems to be able to get their stuff together and work in out when they call all meet up where ever it is they need to meet up. which means the kids will be pissed. we were planning on a day at the park yesterday and then i said ok we can go today, but now maybe not. dh is at work and can't leave. UGH!


ok done with the vent... off to make more phone calls.



Hell yes, you got after both of them imo.  The buyers agent entered your LOCKED and secure home, an when they left, it was clearly not left locked or secure.  For your agent to try to claim the door just didn't close properly is unprofessional and shonky... I'd fire her ass anyway.   In the end your home was left in her care & custody... she and her company should be liable.   I really hope the insurance pays out.. but the agent/s should STILL be liable for the deductible at the very least. 

Originally Posted by aweynsayl View Post

oh, hon. just an awful situation all around. sending vibes things get worked out speedily & well.


happy birthday to lucas! thinking of you and all of oz, cari. hugs!


i know there were other things to reply to, but i'm one handed, as my sweet boy is sick. *sniff* i'm not the biggest fan of january 2011, i have to say.... i need a fresh month! 


hugs and vibes to all.


Oh no... sorry the little dude is feeling unwell :(  Hope he perks up soon!  TY for the birthday wishes.  Daim had to do about 7 deliveries today (leftovers) so he surprised lucas by letting him ride shotgun in the van!  Although that did mean he saw some of the flood affected areas ... two of the homes daim was to deliver too had been seriously flooded... like midway to the roof flooded. 


But then they went to the shopping centre, and daim got him an iced chocolate and kfc for lunch (birthday boys choice) and they picked out a couple of games for him.. he got zuma for the pc for 10 bucks.. and spyro for derricks ps2.  He was very pleased.  Nana has bought him his hearts desire... a nintendo ds *sigh*  so daim sneaked him a hard case for it so at least it can be mostly protected lol.  I had work from 4-10 so daim & the boys made fried rice & yum cha, at lucas's request, and watched a movie.  They stayed up late... they only went to bed about 45mins before I got home! 


Tomorrow we're off to nanny's house for the family party & cake and such :)  He'll feel utterly spoiled I'm sure. 


Work tonight was good, it was exactly what I needed much to the other workers surprise... it was the worst possible scenario.  SO at least now I know what a really bad night is like!  Phone didn't stop ringing, poor Hawed was run off his feet, and harranged by a client because he couldn't work a miracle and create staff, and after 6hrs in the office he got to go across town to attend a client who was coming home from the ER, and then at 6am he gets to attend another whose worker is sick and we were unable to replace her.  He told me though that they are SO happy i'm on board and can't wait till the other two new staff to be come on,  because then we'll have 2 shifts a night and nobody will get hammered like he is going to.   I figure after another shift at the office, and a couple of visits to some clients I'll be ready to take over on my own :)


and now, I am off to bed :)  *hugs*  Mot and clay and anyone else that needs one!  grouphug.gif


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Originally Posted by Valerie.Qc View Post

Hi all! treehugger.gif


Label: I don't label myself IRL... I'm more incline to say "I don't do religion anymore, I have a spirituality".  I'm so ecclectic that labeling myself feels restrictive.




Felt this way for a long time.  I was never raised in any religion other than what my Mother's side of the family is "supposed" to be Presbyterian when asked.  Never followed it, did find some comfort when I was 20 or so....  decided it was not my path. 


Reading past posts here I find I lean toward Earth/Nature based thoughts.  This being my first research.....  I found a website regarding Solitary Wicca that I am drawn to. 


I have nothing to hide from anyone but prefer to study on my own for what is important to me.  Maybe fear of others thoughts clouding my own...  not sure.  At least in my life thus far, I am not one to share too much with others in fear of retaliation or black male.


I am so very excited to learn.  I find that this may the missing link to how I seem to be in cycles.  Always drawn to the moon and it's phases from the people that come into my life to how I am feeling.  Really everything. 


I like reading the camaraderie you have with each other.  I am really new to the whole internet posting stuff until MDC, for which I am grateful to have found. 


sweetsunshine....  Sending good energy your way... I understand where you are as you described in your writing, good for you for reaching out.  


aweynsayl... also understand the family drama December...  urgh.


Forgive me in advance if I do not address everyone while posting.... I am kind of a spaz when able to post and forget so much!  I have a notepad ready most the time for my thoughts! 



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so, we are going to talk to a paralegal that we can talk to for free thru dh's work and see what sort of lawyer we should talk to. because the damage could be closer to $50,000-$60,000 and due to it being winter there the work could take a LOOONG time, plus we would have to keep the house warm (way warmer then we ever kept it) and with the price of heating oil (well over $3.00 a gallon) we just can't afford to heat the place. that and the fact that the short sale is sort of off due to no one wanting to buy a broken house, and so the bank will eventually start looking into foreclosure... anyway. we are going to keep trying to get the insurance to pay, and see what happens. we might have to file bankruptcy. that sounds so freaking nuts. so nuts that i am just not going to think about it for awhile. lol 


plans for today... get this baby out! taking cohosh (which is NASTY) and doing walking, lots and lots of it and then maybe a little nooky tonite, then... castor oil tomorrow if nothing happens. lol fun times. hahaha and then lots and lots of walking. 


have a good weekend everyone. :)



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Birthy goodvibes.gif and big hug2.gif, Mo3.

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Originally Posted by mamaofthree View Postcastor oil tomorrow if nothing happens.

Oh EW, I remember when my labor stalled and they had me drink the castor oil cocktail-- Castor oil, orange juice, and vanilla ice cream puke.gif

Good luck to you! I hope you have your baby today!

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Mamaofthree-Sending you "come on out" baby vibes!

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sending labor vibes as well! ~~~~~

wooo hoo for babies!! COME ON OUT LITTLE ONE!


i never tried castor oil. ewww. good luck.      i wanna see pics. lol. of the baby.. not the castor oil :lol

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Originally Posted by Maiasaura View Post

It is definitely someone else's fault and not yours--

But a lawyer, YES, you must must must investigate that.


M called me on his lunch break just to tell me he loves me luxlove.gif faint.gif(That's me, swooning lol.gif )

I agree with Maia MO3. 


How sweet of M:) I love those surprise love you phone calls.


Originally Posted by mamaofthree View Post


we are going to try and get this baby out this weekend...

Got my fingers crossed.

Originally Posted by Xantho View Post

Hello everyone!


Hello and welcome:)


Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post

Dh has been between jobs for about 6 weeks now due to unavoidable delays in paperwork/licensing/training.  He should start work again finally at the middle or end of next week.  The money issues are starting to get to me - just my income is nowhere near enough to pay the bills.  Time to work all the prosperity magicks that I can think of, that the money we hope for will be there with this job.  We're going to give it till April before he starts looking for something else.  

Hugs Aubergine to you and your family.  I hope the job picks up asap.  If you need anyone to focus/light a candle let me know!!


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I'm just popping in for a minute, I really need to go shower and get dressed before my bff calls to tell me to come up! After three weeks of not having our Friday night drinks and vent, we are doing it tonite, thank the goddess!

How wonderful to have this.  Sorry things have been so difficult lately but enjoy your time with your bff.




Originally Posted by aweynsayl View Post

~*~ possibly because ds has been in bed sick all day


Hope he feels better soon.  Hugs,  It's been such a difficult time  for you.  I am thinking about bright beautiful days ahead!



Originally Posted by sweetsunshine85 View Post

Birthy goodvibes.gif and big hug2.gif, Mo3.


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Cold nasty days ahead here:(  I think it is going to be about -16 tonight, that's just horrible!!!  I am ready for a hot sunny day on the beach in Florida!

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Dropping in for a sec. I had downloaded some podcasts but for some reason they didn't upload to my ipod. Well, shoot, I had wanted to listent to them today. Oh well, I subscribed to several pagan podcasts...can't wait to try them out.


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