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I wonder how many women have stopped nursing after an appt there because they didn't know better! I wish I would have argued with her, but I knew it probably wouldn't make a difference. I'm debating calling and talking to one of the midwives about it before my next appt so I know if I'm wasting my time or not. Either way, I'm going to be delivering at the birthing center.

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I had my first appt yesterday at 13 weeks, 4 days. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat, but she did a quick u/s to confirm the dates. I thought my due date was August 2 but she changed it to August 1. I just barely get to stay in the group! I saw a nurse practitioner instead of a midwife or OB. I really hated her guts. She told me that breastfeeding during pregnancy is dangerous and that I should wean immediately. I told her that my milk supply had dropped so we had stopped daytime nursing mostly, but that my 16 month old DD still nurses every 2 hours at night. She said that "All pediatricians agree that babies should be sleeping through the night by 6 months old. If she's still waking that often, it sounds like a behavior problem." WTH?? Of course she recommended crying it out. I was planning on having my first 3-4 appts at their office and then switching to a birthing center around 30 weeks. I'm seriously reconsidering that. I'll give it one more shot and see if any of the midwives have their head on straight, otherwise I'm out of there. I'm not going to be continually harassed for breastfeeding.

I originally planned on dual care for this pregnancy, and when I went to the OB who is covered by my insurance I received the same "advice". I didn't say anything then, but a week later I did call and tell them I was choosing to continue my care elsewhere because he provided me incorrect and outdated information regarding breastfeeding, followed by a fax containing info supporting breastfeeding during pregnancy. I wonder how many other women are hearing this and trusting them... sad! :(

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Had our first ultrasound on the 25th at almost 11 weeks... it was incredible! The baby was moving a lot - turning over and kicking biggrinbounce.gif it was so cute! It feels so real now. Here's a pic:


First Ultrasound! 01/25/11


Ah! We are so excited!!

Oh, so sweet! Same place I went, hopefully you got the same lady I did - she was wonderful!

Congratulations! :D

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We had our initial consultation with the hb midwife on Friday. She was awesome. She has an office at the side of her house and it even has a play area for little ones you take to your appointments. She has lots of experience with VBACs and is even up to date with the birthing culture of Europe/NZ etc so she understands where I'm coming from. She believes every woman should have the right to choose how she births her babies.


Now I have to call her back and confirm with her that we want to have her as our midwife. I also have to cancel my appointment for tomorrow at the OB office. It was just supposed to be a paperwork appointment so I don't feel bad about cancelling at the last minute.


I'm so excited to be trying for a HBAC. The midwife even recommended that I start taking extra vit C & E to strengthen my amniotic sack so my waters don't break as early with this baby.

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Squeeeeee! I got a hold of my beloved HB midwife, and even though she is on vacation on and off around my due date, she is still willing to take me! Here is one time where my track history of going really late works in my favor! We all love her so much and I just can't picture going through my pregnancy without her. I am seriously over the moon with this news! Probably will have my 1st appointment sometime in the next week. I am going to get to hear my baby's heartbeat. Happy happy! Joy joy!

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I had the consultation with my HB midwife too! She is AMAZING!!! Her office is at her house, so the kids can play in her DD's room. Her DD is the same age as my oldest DD too. Only thing is she is going on vacation to England some time in July-August, and I'm due at the end of August. I met her back up too, but she is 2 hours from me. I don't know if I should just go with her and hope she is here(she is an hour from me too anyways though...) or go with the birth center. My births are kind of quick, so I'm a little nervous about it. My 2nd(a hb) was 3 hours, and my 3rd was 4 hours.

I'm probably staying with my OB until I can get my 20 week u/s though because she doesn't have any u/s place that she works with, and it's easier to get my insurance to cover it at the OBs office. I haven't even seen them yet though(first appointment is on the 22nd, 13.5 weeks!), so I won't see them too much. Maybe 2 appointments!

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Hooray, Jen!!  That's awesome!

Angie - You have time to decide what you're more comfortable with (hb or bc)!  Hooray for a great mw, though!  Tough choice though.  Idk what I would do yet either.  

Lyn - I'm excited for you, too!  


AFM - I had my first prenatal appt yesterday.  Vitals, etc looked great.  DD was so excited to hear the baby's "heart beep" but even after trying twice my mw couldn't catch it.  Baby was moving around too much - moving away from the doppler - so that was enough reassurance for me that things are going ok.  DD was a little bummed but she'll surive, lol.  Next time.  Next appt with my midwife will be Feb 27 (seems soooo far away!!) but I have my u/s on Feb 7.  At least I get a little peek at the babe before next month!!

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Thanks Carrie! "Heart beep"! That is so cute! Hopefully she'll be able to hear it next time.





My 1st appointment is this Thursday @ 1:30 PM. Can't wait! I just hope the storm is all over and done and the roads are clear by then!

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I finally have a date for my first appointment, Valentine's Day!  I'll be having an ultrasound in-office, followed by my first prenatal appointment. 


After filling out my paperwork today and letting them know that I don't know the date of my LMP (I had 3 incredibly light "periods" that were basically 2-3 days of spotting in Sep, Oct, and Nov., totally weird for me when my periods are always exactly the same length and flow pattern) and that I'm already feeling movement they seem to think that I am probably at least 18 weeks along.  I know it's possible, but that seems so far along!  Is it really that uncommon for a woman to feel the baby move earlier?  So many people here on the boards seem to be feeling movement and they definitely know how far along they are.  I know I'm fat, but seriously......the fat is outside of my uterus!!!  lol.gif  It may take longer to feel movement from the outside, but I don't see why it would affect feeling movement internally.  Anyway, I guess we'll know how far along I am in two weeks.  And we'll finally find out if it is indeed just one baby, or if all of these twin signs were some sort of omen!


I'm so excited to get to see this baby!


ETA ~ I forgot to say that my appt is with the new midwife that joined my OB's practice.  They only had OBs and NPs during my previous pregnancies, so this is great!

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Oh gosh, could you imagine if you're already practically half way done?  I mean, did you have ANY symptoms like morning sickness or anything during those months with super light periods?  I just couldn't imagine not thinking something was up with how crappy I've been feeling the past 2 and half months! That would just be incredibly insane!  And you have to wait til Feb 14th!?  My goodness, I would GO insane just waiting!!  

The midwife news IS great!  Awesome!

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Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

Oh gosh, could you imagine if you're already practically half way done?  I mean, did you have ANY symptoms like morning sickness or anything during those months with super light periods?  I just couldn't imagine not thinking something was up with how crappy I've been feeling the past 2 and half months! That would just be incredibly insane!  And you have to wait til Feb 14th!?  My goodness, I would GO insane just waiting!!  

The midwife news IS great!  Awesome!

My breasts were sore for a couple of months and I was exhausted, but since the bleeding was happening basically on schedule for my period I didn't even think about it being a pregnancy thing.  My mom said something to me about the exhaustion in late November, which got me thinking.  I tried to figure out when my LMP had been and grabbed the calendar.  Since I hadn't written it down for a couple of months I had to do a whole bunch of calculations.  I figured out when the absolute latest date could be that my period would be considered late, and tested on that day.  Instant +, like 3 seconds after peeing on the thing.  I didn't have any morning sickness until I started my prenatals, and I haven't had any since I quit taking them, either!  


It will certainly be interesting to see if I'm due in late August or if it is as early as June!  I'm not sure if I would rather be due sooner, or have more time to prepare.  Not being hugely pregnant in the summer would be nice, though!  And I'm definitely anxious to have my appt.  I thought I was going to be able to go Friday, but she didn't have any appointments for ultrasounds and prenatals anywhere close to each other, so she found the next closest date where she did.  She said if I'm as far along as they think I am then the ultrasound may turn out to be the long ultrasound/anatomy scan.  Eek!  How cool would it be to go from thinking I'm 12w4d (what I would be on the 14th if my edd is in Aug) to being far enough along to find out the gender!!!!!

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I made my first appointment with the midwife today. She was willing to see me this week, but I want to wait until I'm 12 wks, so my first prenatal appointment is Feb 17th. DH will come with me for this one as she has to take blood and I'm not sure I'll be fit to drive the hour back home after letting go of some of my precious blood. (I have slightly low blood pressure & low grade anemia which makes me dizzy loosing even just one vial of blood.)


I'm so excited that I'm getting another opportunity to home birth after DS long saga last June. This time I'm going to do everything I can to help this one be a successful home birth.

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I finally made an appointment to meet with my HB midwife on February 11th.  I'm so excited!!!  Although I'll have concurrent care from my OB throughout the pregnancy, I'm really looking forward to getting to know my midwife better and learning more about homebirth.  Plus, I plan to stagger my appointments with the midwife and my OB at every two weeks for a while so I can have my regular confirmation that the little bean is still growing and healthy.  Two weeks tends to be my freak out period, so this is a very good thing.

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I just got home from my 2nd midwife appointment.  It went great!  She told me my blood test results, ultrasound (which I had on 1/17) and everything looks perfect :)  I also got to hear the baby's heartbeat!  It was 154 today.  I had hoped that my iron level would be OK, because I'm vegan.  She said it was great, and to keep doing what I'm doing because I'm healthier than 90% of the women she sees!  Woohoo!  This is my first time around so I need all the reassurance I can get.  I click really well with this midwife.  It is a group practice and she's the only one I've seen so far.  I suppose at some point I should see the others in case she's not the one who's working when I go into labor.

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Woo hoo!  Another vegan!!  

I'm struggling with veganism this go round.  Still vegetarian but keep slipping into old dairy habits.  Maybe you can throw some pointers my way?


I'm glad you clicked with your midwife -- it's so important, isn't it?  And yay for a heartbeat!

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Yay vegans!  I was diagnosed lactose intolerant as a kid.  My mom gave me lactaid and tofutti ice cream and stuff for a while, but I think it was tough and expensive for her so she tried to gradually get me to eat dairy.  I grew to love the taste of dairy but suffered with stomach aches until I decided to go vegan.  I thought I would miss cheese and ice cream too much to stick with it, but I found that my stomach problems miraculously disappeared, so that has kept me vegan for about 2 years now.  I cook with Daiya vegan cheese sometimes and my favorite vegan ice creams are Coconut Bliss and Tofutti Cuties ice cream sandwiches :) 

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I love all those things too!  I just have to work on my willpower, I think.  I've always flip flopped and pg really messes with my resolve.


I cannot wait for my first u/s on Monday.  I'm srsly feeling like time is moving backwards!!  And I have to get thru the whole weekend!!!!  ARGH.

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I had an appointment on Tuesday with my midwife.  Everything was good, didn't hear the heartbeat yet, but didn't really expect to since we only use the fetescope, probably next time.  I went from 10cm at my last appointment 1 month ago to 17cm! this time.  (I am 15 weeks today).  My midwife did not say anything about being big or anything like that, I remember that I measured a little big the whole time with DD.  There is a small part of me that kind of hopes there are twins in there, but I don't really think so--I have only felt one and that would radically change our birthing plans from HB to a hospital birth.



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My midwife appointment today went great! It was so nice to see her AND we heard the heartbeat right away. Nice & strong! I am measuring ahead but I always do! It really was so exciting though. Made it seem so real!

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Yay, Jen!! joy.gif

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