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Good music for children

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I'm looking for some suggestions for music for children...I think we're moving beyond the Backyardigans and the the Wiggles (yay).  I'm not really looking for the Justin Beeber/Miley Cyrus kind of stuff....more along the lines of the Barenaked Ladies "Snacktime". Thanks for any suggestions!



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Do you have Pandora? I've found some great stuff on there by putting in what I DID like and then seeing what else they suggested. 


I can tolerate Dan Zane and Laurie Berkner pretty well. 

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Unfortuantely, being Canada, we are unable to access Pandora. I will check Dan Zane though (I remember a song he did "All Around the Kitchen cock a doodle doodle doo") which my kids loved when they were younger. Thanks!

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We like Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Little Bird & You Are My Sunshine.


Also, Catch the Moon with Lisa Loeb.


It's A Big World is fun.


All of the Putumayo Playground CD's are fabulous.  DD especially enjoys Picnic Playground.


 Here Come the ABCs  & Here Come The 123s   from They Might Be Giants are good too.


My DD also LOVES Johnny Cash!  ROTFLMAO.gif

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Our newest fave are all the CDs by Charlotte Diamond (she has a lovely voice).  We get ours at the library for a few weeks each.


Also, you might like the group They Might Be Giants.  They have two or three CDs for kids.  

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I second Elizabeth Mitchell, we love those CDs! Jack Johnson's Curious George soundtrack is also a favorite.

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I always mention them when this topic comes up, but I love Trout Fishing in America.


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Originally Posted by SparklingGemini View Post


All of the Putumayo Playground CD's are fabulous.  DD especially enjoys Picnic Playground.


My DD also LOVES Johnny Cash!  ROTFLMAO.gif


i second the putumayo playground cds and my dd also loves johnny cash (dh is a huge fan and has been singing his songs to her since she was a baby).  there's one song that whenever it comes on she says, "papa used to sing this to me".  so sweet.  she also loves aretha franklin.


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Try Tom Chapin.  We love Some Assembly Required, Family Tree, and This Pretty Planet.

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We love They Might Be Giants Here Come the 1, 2, 3s and Here Comes Science. They also have Here Come the A,B,Cs and No, but we don't care for those as much. 

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We love Jack Johnson, Dan Zanes, putomayo anything (African Playground is a good one), the Virtues SOngs A-Z by Jennifer Russell (50+ actually really lovely songs, explaining fairly abstract concepts that my 5 and 2 yo boys love), Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve (Disney, but we all 3 have a major crush on Genevieve), and this might be just us, but my boys LOVE Mike Ness / Social Distortion and the Pogues (the 5yo calls RS&theLash 'pirate music')

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I'm not sure if they are still available, but the Classical Kids CDs are brilliant. It's a series of titles mixing storytelling and excerpts from famous composers - Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mozart's Magic Fantasy, Mr. Bach Comes to Call and a bunch of others. 



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We just got this one by Ziggy Marley called Family Time (with some others-- Elizabeth Mitchell, Laurie Berkner, Willie Nelson, Paul Simon) and it's pretty good. (Except I don't love the spoken track/story at the end.)

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I came to the thread to recommend Putumayo, but I see that's been covered. I also really like Maria Sangiolo. You can buy her CD's or MP3's from CD Baby. I like Fairy Moon a lot, and I also have the underwater themed one. My kids also like Bebe Lilly, which we watch on Youtube, but I recommend checking them out yourself first, because some people might not find them appropriate for their family. It's techno music in French, and the songs are "sung" by a character in a diaper. Another youtube fave is the Gummibear song, but again, you should probably view it yourself first. More youtube favourites include The Elephant Song, The Iguana song, The Dinosaur song and Green Anaconda. 

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My kids loved Raffi.


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The Nields have two children's albums that my husband and I enjoy too - they're called "All Together Singing in the Kitchen" and "Rock All Day, Rock All Night"


They're a lot of old American folk songs, and some original songs.  Great fun to listen to and sing along with.

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The Putumayo Playground CDs are great, and they ar a wonderful way of getting to know some of the lesser-known musicians for kids.

We absolutely LOVE Asheba here--he's a singer/story teller from Trinidad and makes really fun Caribbean music for kids (calypso, reggae, etc.).

Laurie Berkner is also very fun, as is Lunch Money.

For a great kids' music company (they produce lots of cool stuff), check out Music for Little People.

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My daughter LOVES raffi, Elizabeth Mitchell, the Johnny Cash Children's Album, Pete Seeger's kids albums,

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Pandora isn't accessible in Canada... but Jango is! I've never used pandora but it seems like it works the same way.  I use it all the time.

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"C-A-N-A-D-A"! You need RAFFI!!!!

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