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Originally Posted by gagin37 View Post

I think if I can tackle one thing a week, moving won't be so awful come the end of March.  This week I am cleaning out closets and cabinets.  I've pretty much accomplished as much as I can with that, there's just a little more to go.  Next week will be Magic Eraser Madness.  It's my goal to get the walls as clean as possible in the bedrooms, hallway and bathrooms.  

Mmmm..."Magic Eraser Madness Week"...I love it. Don't think it mixes well with bedrest orders, but if someone offers to come and help me for an hour or 2, I think I will stick them to it *evil grin* (Hey! Wouldn't you rather magic Erase someone elses walls, rather than scrub their toilets?? Lol!!)
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How do you feel about using Magic Erasers around your kids, I mean, what makes them work? I have horrid marks on the walls that won't come off with Seventh Generation all purpose cleaner. I'm picky about the cleaning products I use. I've never tried a magic eraser.


I just downloaded the Motivated Moms chore charts. I really need something to help me structure my household cleaning chores, and these are simple enough not to be too scary, but thorough enough to maintain a clean home. I dusted my mantle today...oh boy. it was ugly. In the 2 1/2 years since we've moved in I think I've remembered to dust that mantle a maximum of twice. yuck.

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Wow, my list consists of getting the baby stuff out of the garage and putting it in a dresser. That is it really. It is so much easier after the first few :D

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NM, I've read some things about Magic Erasers.  I would be hesitant to let a kid actually use one w/o gloves...and I wouldn't let a kid chew on one but I wouldn't hesitate to use one in a home with kids (unless I was super into all natural cleaners, which, sadly, we aren't).   


Zen...jealous...sort of.  I wouldn't know what to do with all this nesting energy if that's all I wanted to get done.  ;-)  

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i've read some of the magic eraser stuff, too.  like you said- not gonna let my kids chew on them but I have mastiffs and they take slobber off walls.  'nuff said. 

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I don't let ds do any of the scrubbing with the Magic Erasers, but I keep them around for crayon on the wall type emergencies.  They take an amazing amount of dirt and grime off.  And somehow, we always have an amazing amount of dirt and grime irked.gif

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Originally Posted by StarCat View Post

i've read some of the magic eraser stuff, too.  like you said- not gonna let my kids chew on them but I have mastiffs and they take slobber off walls.  'nuff said. 

My parents have mastiffs.  Mastiff slobber -- eww!!   Anything you have to do to get it off stuff w/o "reconstituting" would be well worth it, imo.  

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Maybe they are worth a shot, to try to revive these horrid walls. Our apartment is of course painted with cheap flat paint in the most dull, boring beige. It shows every smudge, might as well be stark white.

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One good thing about flat paint, NM, is that you can paint over it in patches -- don't have to do the whole wall.  Is there any left over paint in some storage space?  

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I could ask maintenance...we didn't paint it. I'm going to hang lots of pictures and some select posters all over the place to distract from the beigey beige everywhere. I am not a beige person. I detest beige. I loathe it. But with only a year and a half left at this post there is no way I am investing money in paint. The next place, I'm gonna paint.

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I would think if you're renting (or are you in military housing?)...actually, either way maintenance will probably have paint and I'm sure if you offered to do some touch-up they will happily give it to you.  I keep a jar of our flat paint and touch up...well, realistically I've only done it once but I COULD touch-up pretty frequently without much effort.  

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We are renting. Right now I'm focused on trying to get the rooms rearranged. After that, maybe I will ask for paint, that's a good tip and it might save us money when we move out. There are some places that definitely need it.

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I need a list!



File taxes.

Buy Motorhome.

Move into Motorhome.

Store possessions for keeping.

Pick out 5 year old clothes/toys to send to a friend.

Estate sale (for everything else).

Pack off remainder to Goodwill.

Clean house.

Do all house repairs.

Rent house!

Find somewhere else to park Motorhome until we're ready to hit the road.

See chiropractor.



Learn to wash diapers at laundromat.

Figure out where to have homebirth.

Collect birth supplies and store at parents' house.

Make super easy meal plans and grocery lists for post partum.

Compile cookbook of easy crockpot/one pot meals.

Freeze at least a few meals and store with parents.

Hang baby hammock.

Buy and install solar panels.

See chiropractor once a week.



Have baby shower/party!

Thank you notes.

Learn to install carseat.

My birthday and DH birthday--ask for all the RV things we will have figured out that we need!

Pay RV insurance, cell phones and internet for 6 months.

Make a travel itinerary for after baby.

Sell car and van.

See chiro once a week.

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I updated my list. We're almost done moving furniture! We just need to move one bookcase, and it is one of those long, tall, double sided ones that you can use as a room divider. We have a TON of books on it and I am putting off moving it because I just got all the books sorted the way I want! lol


I also finally remembered to add that I want to SBP the shoulder of my Maya Wrap. I have the old shoulder style and it is harder to adjust than the SBP shoulders.

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Originally Posted by IdentityCrisisMama View Post

Zen...jealous...sort of.  I wouldn't know what to do with all this nesting energy if that's all I wanted to get done.  ;-)  


Oh I have plenty to do around here, it is just not specifically new baby related. I have 3 children already and I do everything involved of taking care of them, the house, and everything else. I wish I had extra energy. I am not really sure what the nesting thing is that people talk about; I don't think I have ever experienced it. Jealous!

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You people are all so much more organized and industrious than I am.


My list:

Keep surviving exhaustion, never-ending morning sickness, and a 3-yr-old

Get everyone in the house recovered from this nasty cold

Figure out where to give birth :(

Get circumcision issue resolved with DH (half-way there, I think)

Get mattress for baby's room and transition to sleeping in there so DD can (hopefully) get used to sleeping next door by herself

Go through newborn diapers--probably order some new covers

Wash newborn clothes, diapers, new covers

Buy a deep freezer

Freeze a few meals

Read up on EC with a boy

Work on getting emotionally prepared for labor, birth & parenting two

Try to get the house clean enough so that it will survive a couple of months of complete neglect

Maybe buy a couple more small wetbags

Get our baby stuff together, cleaned from attic and sister's house

Install second car seat

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Updating!  Now I want some Magic Erasers, too...  ;)


Put away Christmas decorations -- ASAP
Call doula candidate and set up meeting -- ASAP
Confirm prenatal chiropractor appointment -- ASAP
Contact pediatrician top choice for appt.
Purchase birth ball
Restock prenatal vitamins -- I'm running out!
Order birth kit

Write Christmas thank-yous -- ASAP
Buy some maternity clothes -- esp. pants!! and slip-on tennis shoes -- ASAP!
Purchase new cradle mattress
Take some more photos of the belly
De-clutter main areas of apartment
Sign up for breastfeeding/CPR classes (once I've received 2011 Flex spending card)
Decide if I want to rent a birth tub (and make arrangements)
Contact cloth diaper service about setting up service

Buy cardstock and create pages for baby shower craft (ABC/123 book)

Buy tissue paper and create garland for baby shower


Buy and wrap gift for baby shower hostess
Contact HR department insurance rep about 2011 health plan (they told me homebirth is going to be included this year!) and maternity leave (6 weeks paid; 6 unpaid?)
Ramp up the RRL tea and EPO?
Gather homebirth supplies, per midwife's instructions
Finish knitting baby blanket
After shower (mid-Feb.), purchase "necessary" items that remain un-bought on baby registry
Send shower thank-yous
Find and install storage shelf on bedroom wall above door
Get a prenatal massage or two
Meet with backup midwife
Meet with pediatrician practice
Buy a more neutral bedroom rug (the one we have does not go with our new bedding)


Wash bedding and clothes for baby
Make a lasagna for the freezer (just to get us through a few days)
Clean apartment!  Maybe hire one-time cleaning service to get things really clean
Consider gift(s) for doula and midwife
Remind husband to de-clutter attic crawl space (I won't be able to climb the ladder)

Pick up birth tub (week 37)
Pack transfer bag w/transfer birth plan, etc.
Create email list for first baby photos/notice
Buy a nursing bra
Big grocery trip - include labor/post-birth foods
Set up post-partum birth control plan

April/After birth
MW and doula thank yous

Birth control

Buy another nursing bra/top or two

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Originally Posted by Stayseeliz View Post

1. Clean out pantry DONE

2. Clean out front hall closet DONE

3. Deep clean living room/Get new couch. DONE

4. Gift DS' clothes to someone else since this is another girl. DONE

5. Clean out bedroom closets. DONE

6. Clean out hall closet. DONE

7. Clean out bathroom closet.

8. Buy new dresser.

9. Buy baby supplies. Clothes, blankets and bibs are a must.

10. Get car seat out of storage and wash cover.

11. Plan meals for postpartum.

12. Buy wrap or MT.


I'm sure I'll add to the list. Right now I'm in purge mode then I'll start thinking about buying, etc.

Got some more closets cleaned out. Now just the bathroom closet and deep cleaning my kids' room. I need to get all the winter decorations down too then I'll be done with purging and cleaning and it's on to organizing and buying clothes. 

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I admit I've been avoiding this thread. I haven't wanted to think about all the things I need to do before the baby comes. However, since I am now in my third trimester, with a lot we need to do, maybe it will actually de-stress me to organize what I need to do so that I can start tackling them and crossing them off. Some of the stuff is still up in the air due to some life circumstances.



Find an apartment.


Start practicing hypnobirthing scripts.

Start getting labor music list together.



Get fully settled into new place.

Set-up baby stuff.

Finish birthing music list.

Help DH find a machinist job. (So that we have something coming in while I'm on maternity leave.)

Begin gathering birthing supplies. (A list in itself.)

Continue practicing hypnobirthing scripts.



Finish gathering birthing supplies.

Get overnight bag ready for DS in case he ends up at Grandma and Grandpa's house overnight.

Continue practicing hypnobirthing scripts.

Relax, and wait for the baby to arrive.



Have a really fun day planned on April 6th in case I am still pregnant.

Relax, and wait for baby to arrive.

Enjoy maternity leave.

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Stacey, you are doing so well--look at all your dones!

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