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Return of AF...is irregular normal?

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I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar with the return if AF...
DD is still going strong at BF, however she does also eat 3 small meals a day. My AF returned when she was 14mths old, it wasn't heavy and painful like I had read it probably would be but I always had a fairly light flow pre-pregnancy anyways. That mth was a 26 day cycle. Got my 2nd AF, that seemed normal. But this cycle is now on day 33 and no AF yet. On day 28 I tested negative for preg. I have been feeling stuff going on down there, not like menstrual cramps, more kinda like an ovulation feeling but in the mddle where uterus would be. We are hoping to conceive, but since I tested negative I'm wondering what's going on. Pre-pregnancy I always had very regular 28 +/- a day
cycles, so this is throwing me for a loop. Is it normal to have irregular cycles when AF returns but still BF'ing? And what are the funny feelings I'm having in my uterus area? TIA for any related personal experiences!
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That's pretty normal, in my understanding. I am going through similar fluctuations. (My LO is 9 months, AF returned at 3 months, she's still nursing up a storm). I was super regular pre-pregnancy, but now? Not so much. I've taken a few pregnancy tests myself in the past 6 months...negative each time. I think I've heard it can take a year+ to fully normalize. 

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Mine were fairly regular before. First period was the 1st week of Oct, 2nd was about 2.5 weeks in.. the third I conceived on December 10th. So my cycles were definitely much longer, but obviously still fertile!

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I have had AF back since 4 months PP. cycles are running between 45 and 60 days apart, so I would say that irregular is normal, for me. I think I ovulate some of the time, but not sure. DS is now 13 months, we wouldn't mind conceiving; read: not doing anything to prevent, but the irregularity makes it awfully hard to predict when we should do anything, or when one should test. saw the gyne and he chalked it up to "still" nursing. FWIW, DS nurses about 4 times a day.

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