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5 weeks today!

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I'm so excited to be 5 weeks today! :) We told most of our family last night:)

I'm feeling mentally great, and physically pretty good too!

My symptoms are mild nausea, extreme fatigue, round ligament pain, frequent urination, weepy, and growy/stretchy sensations in my uterus. No weight gain yet, and no belly expansion yet.

What about everyone else?

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Also pretty thrilled :)  5w2d today, but still not telling many people, even though I'm actually feeling pretty positive about this little one "sticking."  Sore breasts, a little nauseated most of the time, tiredness that hits me like a truck, lots of little crampy twinges and aches in my uterus...  And it's amazing - the other thing we started a year and a half ago, besides trying to get pregnant, was trying to buy our first home.  It didn't work out, and we took a break - but tomorrow we *should* get confirmation that our offer has been accepted on a cute little place!  I'm totally freaked out about trying to move in the next 30-60 days, on top of first trimester tiredness/nausea, finding a midwife, taking care of DD1, and working part-time - but I know we can do it, and wow! I'm excited.

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congrats on buying your first home!!! That is a huge blessing.

I'm sure everything will be fine, just take it one day at a time. smile.gif
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Thanks - it turns out we'll have to wait a little longer for final confirmation, but it's still looking good - and really, if I don't have to pack until February or so, I'll be grateful :)

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