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Nervous about tetanus and infected wound?!

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this morning we noticed my 2 year old's nuckle of his little finger looked a little pink-red. We thought it was a little scrape or something... We washed it  and left it alone. About an hour or so later we looked at it closer  and it looked like a tiny white blister? with a dot in the middle and a little pink area around it as in a little infection? We then put peroxide on it, neosporin and a bandaid. It hasn't really changed or gotten worse and it it is not very bad but I didn't see how he got it or when he got it...I don't think it was yesterday- but I am not sure.... I am not sure what it is- is it an infected blister? did he get a splinter that got infected??? Any ideas?


I am worried because he does not have the tetanus vaccine.... Do I need to worry here? IS tetanus directly related to an infected wound? Should I try to squeze it? It is tiny but I am upset I don't really know what it is...


Thanks for listening!

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Staph or strep either one can look like a little blister. The doctor can give you bactroban cream that will almost certainly get rid of either of those (or any other) infection if it doesn't get better on it's own in the next day or so. I'd treat it like staph at this point (neosporin and a bandaid, wash hands after handling it, avoid toweling off the finger and then the rest of the body with the same towel, etc.)

I would not worry about tentanus--you need a deep puncture wound for that-deep enough that air can't get to the bacteria to kill it. This doesn't sound remotely like anything that could be a tetanus risk. It does sound like an infection.
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