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Nausea remedies?

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Looking for some advice from you smart ladies...

Been experiencing nausea since I hit 6 weeks (just about 7 now) which is always worst starting late afternoon. Anyway I know real peppermint candies are supposed to help but I'm unsure about where to even find them? I've also read about taking b6 but don't know how much I should take? Do I need to speak to my dr first? Also, do u find the seabands help at all?

The nausea is uncomfortable but bearable for now...I am worried that it will get worse as the weeks go on -- do u guys think that's possible? Don't get me wrong...I know many of you have it much much worse. I am especially worried about going back to work on Monday...up until now I've been able to sit on the couch, nap and nurse my nausea without worrying about anything really!

Thanks in advance to you all!!
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When I was struggling at work with nausea I called the doctor, they said to take 50 mgs daily of VIT B6. It has been wonderful for me have had totally tolerable food aversions but mild nausea since starting it. A saving grace.
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I've been having late afternoon nausea, too, and I've found that eating as much protein and fat as I can helps some.  Also,  maybe ginger tea or candied ginger?  I didn't really have much "morning" sickness with my other pregnancies, so this is new for me. 

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The only thing that works for me is eating. It seems counter-intuitive, but it works almost every time. Anything with protein or fat usually does the trick the best. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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What these ladies said, ditto! Also, I have been wearing seabands, and I swear they help. Just keep moving them around or you'll get pressure sores. Ginger ale helps me, and sucking on hard candy, especially sour ones (preggie pop drops). Eating LESS at a time, but more frequently helps too. It's HARD, but I keep reminding myself it's a good sign, right?
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I haven't thrown up since I started doing the B6 regimen.  I do 25 mg in the am, 25 mid day, and then 50 before bed.  Also, keeping something to nibble throughout the night by my bedside has helped.  I was ignoring hunger pains all night b/c I was too tired to get up and get something, so this solved the problem and i have been ok.  Not nausea free, but ok.  Also, preggy pop drops are awesome and help for those rare moments when it gets to be too much.


This site has a lot of helpful info too!




I hope you start to feel better soon!  I hope we all do!


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I have been taking a B6 supplement since before I got pregnant, hoping to stave off the nausea. No luck, it hit full force about a week ago ROTFLMAO.gif I haven't found anything that makes it "better", really. Sipping on ginger ale sometimes helps, as does eating my cravings.. I try not to go too long without eating, IME that makes the nausea much worse. My OB nurse recommends sea bands, but I haven't tried them yet.

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Newman's Own makes peppermint and ginger candies...like lifesavers. You can find them at Whole Foods, health food stores and some grocery stores.

Protein and frequent eating help me. Sour stuff also helps. I got a few bottles of organic lemonade to drink when feeling yucky. I also have a bunch of oranges and tangerines in my car to snack on...citrus seems to help me.

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Thanks for all the tips! I found some organic Ginger candies at my grocery store and some of those red/white peppermint candies made with peppermint oil so we'll see how those help. I've been trying to force protein which seems to help. My hubby grilled a turkey breast so I can make turkey sandwiches! I'm so lucky...without him helping with the cooking i dont know what i would eat. I dont want to eat anything i cook of smell cooking--kind of tough in a cold climate!!

I haven't tried sour but vinegar does seem to help.

I think the main culprit is my prenatal so I am going to try to switch it up with a few samples my ob gave me a while ago.

Thanks again for all the tips...I hope this was helpful to others as well!
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I feel your pain.  I had read before getting pregnant that starting milk thistle in advance and to keep taking it would help.  So, I did that.  But, I still have nausea :(  I ate a decent amount for dinner last night and then tossed it up.  Threw up twice this morning.  I'm not sure which I dislike more-- a full stomach or an empty stomach. Ick!


As others have said, eating helps, but gosh its hard!  Sometimes NOTHING seems appealing and the last thing I want to do is eat.  DH has been great about asking me what I've eaten and trying to make sure I keep eating a few bites all day.  (We were home together for 11 days over the holidays, but back to work today.)


I recently got some Preggo Pop Drops and have liked them so far, and I also want to try the ginger.  I wasn't sure how to take the ginger, but the candy sounds good.  Thanks Mamas!

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One thing I have found in addition to suggestions already made, is that I feel the most nauseous when I am tired and need to sleep.  So I try to get as much sleep as possible, but this can be challenging for those of us who have to work and also are raising other little ones.  I just wanted to suggest sleep also, and naps.  When I am well rested I feel much, much better orngbiggrin.gif

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Eating something with fat is the best way I've found to really calm the nausea. I've had so much yogurt, walnuts, cheese, etc lately! But eating every 2 hours or so seems to really help. My stomach is never fully empty that way. I'm making a TON of extra saliva and I know that the excess is going into my stomach, but if there isn't food in there it's pretty much a guarantee that I'll feel sick.


Warm liquids have really helped, as well. Warm water with coconut oil, herbal tea, soup, etc.

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Personally the things the eases it best (no cure) is eating watermelon. Worked last time and seems to be helping this time too.

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