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That is interesting GreenMama66. Was the cream successful right away? If not, did you just use it 3dpo until AF arrived for other cycles?

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I use OTC progesterone cream on the advice of my TCM provider I use it from 3dpo until AF arrives. We did not test progesterone level. She said it can take a few months to have an effect. 

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Originally Posted by alittlesandy View Post

BFN for this cycle (at 14dpo). I'm over it.

I'm sorry hug.gif there is nothing worse than the dashed hope greensad.gif

I am pretty certain I am going through peri. I am not sure if I Od, but I feel like I did. I am having post O symptoms (sore BBs) but my chart doesn't show it, and on the day it was likely to have happened, my NP told me that my CM wasn't fertile, that I haven't Od I don't know what to think.

My coworker wasn't bad today, but I steered clear of her as much as I could. I am so immature, but I cannot wait to see how she reacts to her BFN, that is mean redface.gif
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Originally Posted by EonJourney View Post

Hello Ladies,

I would like to ask a question and join this group too. I am not much of a conversationalist but will pop in occasionally to say hi. I am 40 years old and nursing my 2.5 year old. PPAF just returned this week. I had a 10 day luteal phase this cycle. Is this too short? Has anyone just started using OTC progesterone cream without testing for their hormone levels? I really don't want to wean but would like to increase my chances of a healthy pregnancy.Thank you Beachlover for your insight. I am currently taking Maca, B vitamins, krill oil, EPO and Folic Acid. I will be 41 in 3 months. Time goes so fast.

 Welcome EonJourney, I put you on our hopefuls list! You are a young'un around here !

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Hi everyone and a big welcome to the new mamas! This is indeed a wonderful place. 


I just returned last night from a beautiful camping trip with DD's school, so am really behind, can't wait until I have a moment to catch up with you all! I just quickly scanned this past week's posts and saw that a lot of you chimed in with advice about DHEA, many many thanks! I appreciate you all sharing your wisdom, sending links, etc. 


I'm sorry some of you are struggling with feeling disheartened right now grouphug.gif


I spent much of the camping trip doing (when I wasn't chopping wood, carrying water and chasing after LOs, that is...) doing walking meditations and focusing on gratitude. One of the things that kept coming up for me was feeling grateful for this community. love.gif


Okay, must fly right now but looking forward to catching up with you all in a more individual way sometime this weekend. Hugs to all!

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Originally Posted by gumblossom View Post

Beachlover that really is interesting about nursing and pregnancy. I have been nursing my son while I was pregnant and had a loss at 10 weeks (baby died at 8 weeks). I worried that it may be due to breastfeeding, but I know I had a luteal phase of 13 days, so don't think it's down to luteal phase defect. However I did notice that since I got my AF back post partum it seemed lighter than usual. But when I got pregnant I thought it must be okay. Surely a LT defect or thin lining would mean an earlier loss?





Well I realize  I'll never be able to prove it, but given my fertility history and my case of both those times getting pregnant right after/before my cycles had resumed while still nursing/just weaned and not knowing about LP problems and then later discovering through other nursing babies that my LP is really really short when my first cycles return, yes I do think that it was related. I mean I've had LP as short as 3 days when my cycles first return after birth while still nursing. I'm sure they were obviously a little longer since the pregnancy did have time to implant, but it seems highly unlikely they would have been an adequate/normal length Leutal Phase.


In both those instances the baby was growing very slowly. With the first if I hadn't had that u/s which showed a baby with a heartbeat at 9 weeks(even though it was only measuring just over 6 weeks), then at 12 weeks when I started to bleed, the doctors would have  probably said it was a missed m/c, and would have assumed the baby died way back when I was  6 or 7 weeks. But I knew it had been alive when I was actually 9 weeks. Interestingly enough,  I saw a different doctor for my post D&C follow up(only time I ever had a D&C for a m/c) and he tried to tell me that I had a blighted ovum because they found no fetal tissue, so I had to remind him we'd seen a baby with a h/b a few weeks prior.


I could be wrong, but I personally believe it's entirely possible that a pregnancy could implant but because of improper lining or lower progesterone levels not grow properly and eventually pass on.


I really don't think doctors know everything about breastfeeding while pregnant and what effects it can have. I personally don't think it was contraction related for myself.


Anyways if you research on Kelly mom she talks about how usually once your cycles return and normalize that you can get pregnant, but she said some women for whatever reason just can't seem to conceive while nursing even though they have what seem to be totally normal cycles. I would assume that it could be high prolactin levels or lower progesterone levels.


If you would like to start progesterone cream this cycle, then I'd start it right away. They say any time after 2 or 3 days post ovulation. Good Luck!!

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Wow, it never occurred to me that breastfeeding could cause lining issues. But of course it makes sense. Just because you are ovulating, doesnt mean your lining is sufficient.....  I know i got very lucky with my bfp when i did this the first time. My lp back then was at about 7days. Obviously my lining was ok despite that. My ovulation was always late then too, at about day 20.


Noone has answered or even acknowleged my post on pveg.org asking for embryos. I guess ill be taking the advice of some on this list to ask around different clinics. But i hear the waiting list is so long....







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Yes!  I would be interested in a LOA TTC thread!


AFM~ I keep reading stories of women getting pregnant after changing their diet to Primal/Paleo.  After 3 months of eating Primally and now eating very low carb (under 30 grams/day), I am seeing some small, but significant changes in my body that give me some hope I can shift enough to conceive this year.  I feel healthier than I ever have in my life--more energy, finer skin texture, no more dry skin or eczema, and my excess belly fat is finally dropping off!


The other night I dreamed that I went to see an RE (never have IRL!) and she was really reassuring and showed me that I have 12-15 eggs left and that it would be no problem to do IUI (something I have never considered!) using my eggs and my husband's sperm.  Now I'm 48, I assume that no RE would do this in reality, but the dream gave me some hope that dh & I will finally get it together! (sperm & egg, I mean, lol!)  He's on board to continue being open to conceiving and we are moving this year; the change in locale feels really positive and expansive for both of us.

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I'm learning a lot from the BF/TTC discussion going on.  Thank you to everyone who shared her experiences and advice.  Hugs to all of you with losses, especially multiple losses.   I'm also BF an almost one year old.  I just got my first PPAF two weeks ago, but my LP before that was only 6 days (according to FF).   I'm defintely going to get some B complex and some progesterone cream.  Maybe some vitex too. 


Welcome Lovetolaugh!  I lurked for a long time too before I joined in.


BelovedK:  Sorry that you have to deal with such an irritating co-worker.  What kind of weirdo gloats about being pregnant to her clients, especially before she has even tested?  Seems kind of unprofessional as well as annoying.


Alittlesandy:  Sorry about your BFN.  Glad to hear that you're over it.


EonJouney:  I've heard that your LP should be at least 10 days in order to support a healthy pregnancy.  So yours seems okay, especially for your first PPAF.


Greenmama66:  Congratulations and continued H&H pregnancy!


Contactmaya: Good luck as you continue to look into embryo adoption.  How long are the waiting lists? 


Litmama:  How wonderful to be out in nature.  I'm sure that it must also have a positive effect on fertility! 


Lovestolearn:  What an interesting dream.  Just over the last few days I've been wondering if a medicated IUI might increase our chances, especially since DH has a history of motility problems.  I'll start an LoA/TTC thread and see what happens.


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Lovestolearn where did you get your info. for the Primal/Paleo diet? I looked into it a little and while some made sense some of it made no sense at all to me but I'd be willing to try almost anything. I am sitting here trying to get up the nerve to call the fertility clinic to ask about donor embryos but don't know what to ask. I know I need to be a client or theirs so I need to figure that part out too.

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Just want to say to all of you ladies~   Thank you for being here and for sharing all of your experiences with everyone! 


Even though I am 35 and on the other end of the spectrum to this thread...... I have friends who live day to day, moment to moment, trying NOT to get their conception hopes down.  My heart aches for them each month they aren't successful.  Shared this site with my closest friend who is 42.  "New Year and New Hopes" for sure!!!


Thank you again!

Positive thoughts and prayers to all!  joy.gif

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Happy Monday to Everyone!

I got back into town late last night and was really looking forward to checking out this forum, but my LO had other plans for me.  He really needed a warm cozy mama to snuggle with last night.sleeping.gif

Beachlover, thank you so much for sharing your story.  Previously, any time I would mention the nursing/miscarriage link to my docs, midwife, etc, they dismissed it so quickly.  So, hearing your story really validates my own intuition.  When you mentioned the possibilty of a pregnancy implanting, but not growing because of progesterone or lining issues, that really struck a chord with me.  You put into words what I had been getting at, but was not able to say because it wasn't totally clear for me.  I will definitely be trying some OTC progesterone cream...anyone have any brand that they really like? 

I'm about 11 dpo now, so it's probably too late for this cycle, but our timing wasn't great this month anyway.  A pregnancy this month would be a huge shocker!

BuzzerBeater, thanks for putting me on the ttc list!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone here for your support and info!grouphug.gif   

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I wanted to chime in with my breastfeed/pregnancy story. I got pg when ds was 21 mos, nursing like a champ. At 11 weeks I found out there was only a fetal sack, which had stopped growing at 8+ weeks. I tried many things to get that m/c to happen naturally, but at 16 weeks gave up and had a dns. Last year with ds nursing much, much less, I had another early m/c. That time I did m/c naturally, but it took several weeks, despite the help of TCM. I tend to have strong early pg symptoms and good length luteal phases (usually 14 days). So my TCM provider and I have come to the conclusion that progesterone is not my problem. It is interesting to me that perhaps the nursing could cause some other kind of problem.


That said, I think most of all everyone should listen to their own intuition.

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Originally Posted by HappyMommaof3 View Post



Just want to say to all of you ladies~   Thank you for being here and for sharing all of your experiences with everyone! 


Even though I am 35 and on the other end of the spectrum to this thread...... I have friends who live day to day, moment to moment, trying NOT to get their conception hopes down.  My heart aches for them each month they aren't successful.  Shared this site with my closest friend who is 42.  "New Year and New Hopes" for sure!!!


Thank you again!

Positive thoughts and prayers to all!  joy.gif

Thanks so much! That is very dear of you to stop by and tell us that, especially in one of your early posts. I hope we are a support to your friend.

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Hi all-

Here's wishes for a good week for us all.

Progesterone --- my friend suggested this cream for me    http://www.kevalahealth.com/      she uses it and loves it- it was recommended to her by Dr. Philip Incao (he authors articles on health for Mothering sometimes).  There are 2 types you can see on the website- no idea which would be the one for us.


Also- the Susun weed article suggests:


Another important herbal ally for women over forty who desire a child is chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castii). It has been used in Africa and parts of Europe for several thousand years to discourage the male libido. In women, the effects seem to be the opposite! It may also be a fertility enhancer. Most importantly, chaste tree is a strengthening tonic for the pituitary gland, the master control gland for the endocrine system. Daily use of the tincture of the berries (1 dropperful/1 ml 2-3 times daily) had been shown to increase progesterone--the hormone of pregnancy--and luteinizing hormone--which promotes conception. Because it can lower prolactin levels, chaste tree is best discontinues during the last trimester of pregnancy.


Can we get too much progesterone by using cream and tincture?


My husband and I have been amorous and not used any precautions against getting pregnant even tho my AF has not returned since the m/c.  How long does it take?

I thought for sure I'd be pregnant but a BFN yesterday at 14dpo (at least i think).  I am anxious for the AF so i can get back on a cycle! 45 now as had my b-day last week.

I think I might get my progesterone tested when i am on cycle- has anyone?


Gotta make lunch for the LO's----- Bye everyone!


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So funny------ I have been yearning to get my AF so that i could be sure where I was in my cycle and hopefully track my O---- and I wrote  a post about it yesterday- and last night I got my AF!!! I was bummed of course that my HPT was a BFN at 14 dpo but at least now i can hopefully be on my normal cycle. I got it back about 5 weeks after the m/c.  I wrote a poem- I will post it separately next- Love to all of you-- strength too---

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I know that we are each at different places of having our babies come to us- this is just my particular path- I hope it doesn't offend or sadden anyone-- I know we all want our baby so badly- and could relate to the basic sentiment-





O'd to you


You who I've wanted to badly


You who I've hoped would implant deeply

You who I've hoped would grow bigger and bigger

      and never slip away

You who if you ever feel like you are slipping, please hold tighter

     for when you finally make it- it will be so worth it

You will know the love saved up just for you

The love that has thought of you in every stage from imagination



to development                 to birth                        to love


You will know the love that has dreamed of you

                                              and sighed for you

                                              and cried for you

                                              and longed for you

the love that has yearned to hold you      to kiss you

To finally be done with the tears

the tears of pain of wanting you and not having you

of having you and then losing you

the tears of longing  becoming the tears of sweetness,

                                                                                         of joy,

                                                                                                      of contentment

Please come to me and stay with me


My O'd to you

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Oh, Karalina!  That is so beautiful!  I have tears in my eyes right now...it has truly captured the journey and the desires of so many of us.  Thank you for that beautiful gift this afternoon.

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Dang it.  I just found out that I have ANOTHER ovarian dermoid cyst.  I was having that weird feeling again and got it checked out -- and sure enough.  This will be FOURTH time I have had surgery for these.  At the 3rd my doc said "Wow, 3?  That's very unusual!"  I guess I just have some interesting ovaries.  No idea if this is related to not getting pregnant or my not-high FSH level. 


I did all along have a weird feeling something physical was causing a problem -- after all those surgeries I am bound to have adhesions and other stuff in there.  The last surgery was more than 10 years ago and the surgeon removed a bunch of adhesions and also flushed out my fallopian tubes with dye -- so I will probably do the same again. 


I got pregnant easily after the 3rd surgery, so I am living proof that you can have repeated ovarian surgery and still have a baby.


My only consolation: these cysts are most common cysts found during women's "childearing years."  So in a weird way, this plus my FSH makes me feel quite young again. : ) 


Having some vague thoughts of trying a natural cycle IVF if the surgery is timed right -- but need to find out more about that/not sure if it's something I want to do anyway...


Anyway, these surgeries are practically old hat to me now, but it's still scary to go under.  Wish me luck.

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I love, love, love that Karolina. Thank you for posting it. It also touched my heart so much that tears came out.

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