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(((hug))) Fuller2, very sorry you have to have surgery but yay for "childbearing years"!! I think I've heard that fallopian tube flush can make it easier to get pregnant in the next cycle. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

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Karolina, beautiful, tears.
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I am wishing you luck! When will you have it done? maybe this will make conception easier. Hugs!

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So many juicy discussions right now, and I still haven't had time to sit with this thread and catch up (DD has been sick)! Just wanted to pop in quickly though and say...


Karalina, *thank you* for sharing that beautiful poem! I shed a few tears as well, reading it. Deep recognition... it sounds like the words I've been speaking to my belly the past couple of days. I appreciate your open-heartedness with us here! love.gif


Fuller2hug2.gif I'm so sorry you have to go through this! Ugh. I do know that it's true you can be more fertile in the months following a fallopian tube flush. I had one done myself, and the woman who performed the procedure told me this was true, and that she had personally seen it happen for other mamas. Apparently it can clear small bits of debris (from scarring, etc.) that don't even show up on the screen during the procedure. Glad to hear that cysts are a sign of continued fertility -- run with that!


AFM, I don't know what's up with my chart... between life events and DD's being sick, I think I've had too little sleep to temp properly, and my jagged post-O temps are not allowing FF to pinpoint O for me. No EWCM, either, but my OPK told me I could O Saturday or Sunday and our timing was great. I felt ovarian twinges both days. Then yesterday, I felt very strong and different twinges again all day, but they were the kind I typically associate with conception... in the past, I have seemed to feel a fertilized egg as it travels toward implantation, and then again during implantation (the first time I felt this was with DD's conception). I feel discouraged by my crazy temps and no-O chart, but my spirits are lifted by yesterday's sensations (although it occurs to me now that the sensations could have been a late O). DH and I are giving my belly many words of encouragement... stay, LO, stay! I just wish I could actually sleep and rest during this time, but the main reason I can't is because I'm already blessed with a lovely DD who keeps me up (gratitude)!


Okay, I swear, I'm going to have time to catch up with you all soon!

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Karalina, that was an amazing poem. It really speaks to so many people!


Hugs and support to everyone hug.gif I haven't had time to address directly. Reading this thread and these boards has helped me tremendously during one of the worst semesters of my life (last semester before I go up for tenure).


AFM, well, let the mind f*ck begin! shake.gif I tested negative last Friday and shrugged it off. It's only the first cycle after my mc and also terrible timing in terms of work. Of course, I was disappointed anyway but already looking ahead to the next cycle. I was having symptoms of AF and just waited for my next cycle to begin. Usually I am like clockwork every 28 days, so I figured Saturday or Sunday at the latest.


Then Monday and Tuesday were so busy I forgot about it. Last night it occurred to me that I was four days late. Very unusual. Just out of morbid curiosity I pulled the test I took last Friday out of the trash.


I know, I know.


I swear there's a line on it, and not an evap line either. I showed to my husband and he thinks I'm crazy. I don't have another test in the house and he wouldn't let me drive out in the middle of the night to get one. I couldn't sleep last night, and could swear my period was starting every five seconds. It was a long night.


This morning I woke up SURE I was bleeding and went to the bathroom. Nothing. So I'm going to get a test on my way to work. I'll keep you posted. However, I have period cramps. I have no pregnancy symptoms, but many symptoms of AF. Has anyone had this and had a healthy pregnancy?


Sorry for the long post. I'm freaking out, and I'm normally such a grounded, rational person. This is what IF does to us...



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that all sounds very promising. That feeling that you are starting or bleeding is so common in early pregnancy. Hope you get that BFP.



amazing poem that just really rings true. Beautiful. 


Fuller 2. I'm so sorry that you have to undergo another surgery. I hope it goes smoothly and the prize is a BFP as soon as you are able to try again.


Litmama. I'm sorry your dd has been sick. Hope she is well soon. I hope your twinges are all good signs. There was one time where at 6 dpo, I swore I felt cramps that were similar to Braxton Hicks type of tightening deep within and sure enough I got a BFP that month. Hope this is a good sign for you.


AFM, I'm 8 dpo today. I had a lot of hope up until yesterday, where I just sort of had that moment where I thought, Nope, not this month I just don't feel pregnant. I know it's early, but I tested with some cheapie tests that I had bought to test out my hcg after my m/c. I, actually first thought I had a line, but they ended up being negative. Silly to test so early, I know:-(  The few things that had me hopeful seem to be mostly gone, so I'm not feeling very optimistic. Oh well, I  know it's probably better to have one AF after a m/c before conceiving, so I guess I can console myself with that.


Good Luck to everybody else. Hope to see lots of +++ over the next few weeks.

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I'm so happy you all appreciated my poem. I was lying in bed one night last week wondering if I'd O'd, and thinking of all the funny abbreviations, like O, and O'd sounded like ODE so I thought I'd write a funny poem about O'ing, but it turned out it wasn't funny! I had to get up after I had composed it in my head and write it down so I wouldn't forget it by morning. The whole time I was thinking of it, I thought I'd like to share it with all of you.  I also feel a lot of gratitude for having found this forum and all of you here. I am constantly amazed at all of you and your strengths and vulnerabilities and funny senses of humor. It makes me be so impressed with us women in general to get to know all of you. You are amazing in so many ways. The things we all go through and the hope we hold in our hearts every second of the day- and still carry on with life and take care of what has to be done- we are all amazing for that. blowkiss.gif


Keep us posted on the HPT's! 


Is there somehow we could have a page to refer to or a list of everyone and where they are on their cycle? It is hard to keep up with everyone and I  have to keep rereading all the posts. Like the one at the beginning- but one we could update ourselves so that it wouldn't be a burden to anyone?  Any ideas?  I would love to know who's waiting on what.


Happy day everyone- Karen

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Beachlover, sorry about the bfn.


Alittlesandy, did i see you mentioned a little red line?  As for your question, yes, you can absolutely have no preggo symtoms and af symptoms, and still be pregnant. Congratulations!!!
Thanks for the poem Karalina, what a tear jerker. Dont be afraid to post whats in you heart. Thats what this forum is for.
Fuller2, youve inspired me to go get my fallopian tubes flushed. Sorry about the cyst. (hugs)
Litmama, what happened to the ewcm? (sorry, getting mine back is just my particular obsession in the last few months, in case you didnt notice)
Sorry your dd has been sick. My ds had his first ear infection over the weekend and was howling. So unlike him.
AFM, i didnt try this cycle which has freed up my luteal phase to try all sorts of things. Im taking 1500mg of epo, 25mg dhea every other day, 25-50mg of co q10, 1000-mg of of dha, my usual prenatal.
Now here is my question-ive been taking a green tea supplement around the time of O because apparently its good for ewcm. But i wonder,  might i just as well take it every day? Apparently its very good for health in general.
Another  funny thing ive noticed lately- i drink a cup of coffee in the morning and a smaller one in the afternoon. I know, coffee is bad for conception health. Ive been trying to reduce it by only drinking a third of a cup in the morning accompanied by green tea (and plenty of water which i usually do), and a green tea substitute in the afternoon.
Funnily enough, i cant stand the taste of coffee anymore....i hope that means im getting healthier :-)
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Thanks, contactmaya, but it's not a real line. It's from a test that is days old, and therefore it's not really accurate to say there's a line. I am still hopeful, but it's been a busy day at work and I haven't had time to go buy a new test. Now that I've had time to settle down and gain some perspective, I will probably wait to see if AF shows up this week before testing again. I went crazy this morning, but I know many of us have been there.

Originally Posted by contactmaya View Post

Alittlesandy, did i see you mentioned a little red line?  As for your question, yes, you can absolutely have no preggo symtoms and af symptoms, and still be pregnant. Congratulations!!!

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Hello everyone!  hola.gif 


Even though donor embryos are not an option for me (DH isn't on-board with the idea), I spent a little time the other day on-line looking at sites.  I'll be following anyone's process with DE with great interest!


Alittlesandy:  Hoping that you'll see a nice, clear line soon.  Keep us posted!


Karalina:  Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with us.


Fuller:  Sorry that you have to go through surgery again, but at least you can see the positives of it.


Contactmaya;  I would think that green tea supplements would be beneficial through your whole cycle.  It's an ingredient in  Fertileaid, which I have taken while TTC in the past and am planning to take again. 


Beachlover:  8 DPO is very early to test.  Hopefully you'll see a line in the next couple of days.


Litmama:  I can empathize with you about a crazy looking chart and not getting enough sleep.  Hope your DD is feeling better.  Those twinges seem like a good sign!


AFM: I'm CD 17 and still waiting to O.  It's a little frustrating.  I've got EWCM and we're BD at least every other day, so fingers crossed. 


dust.gif to all!

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Stealthee, here's hoping you O soon!


I'm going to a little fertility dance for us all!


AFM: Well, AF is here! I'm relieved to know for sure now and be able to look forward to the next cycle. Sorry for all the drama!

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(((hug))) Sandy. I'm glad you are feeling positive about the new cycle.


Stealthee, sounds like you are well prepared for a nice egg to make an appearance soon. Sounds promising!


AFM, dh and I have both been sick for several days. I am guessing I o'd in here by the change in my cf, but it is hard to tell. I am strangely okay with it. It is nice to have this little space while we are considering adoption.

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This article was interesting and helpful 



Yay for green tea! I will keep taking my capsules! (thanks Stealthee)

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This article was interesting and helpful 



Yay for green tea! I will keep taking my capsules! (thanks Stealthee)

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Thanks everybody for the nice wishes.  You are some good folks!  Will keep you posted on how things turn out.

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Well, dang it, Alittlesandy!  HPT's should just self-destruct after 5 minutes for the sanity of us TTC'ers. 


I hope you and your DH are feeling better soon, Waturmama.  If you missed your O, i wish you a peaceful LP.  Now that I think of it, the month before I got pregnant with DS was the only cycle while  TTC where we didn't BD before ovulation.  I was on vacation w/o DH and later when I was pg people kept saying it was because of the break..Those comments really annoyed me at the time, but maybe there was some truth in it.


Thanks for the link to that interesting article, Contactmaya.  I must say that as much as I want another LO, I do not want twins!  I do not know how parents of multiples manage.


Yes, please keep us posted Fuller!


AFM, still waiting to O.  Still procrastinating about being more proactive about TTC.  I did start taking Amazing Grass Super Greens (40% green tea, btw) and if don't O this weekend, I'm doing acupuncture next week for sure.  Anyone else using TCM? 


My little guy turns one on the 31st and we're having a small party for him on Sunday.  I can count the number of events I've hosted on one hand, so I'm kind of anxious about it.  Silly, I know.


Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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I's like to wish everyone a good weekend too!

I figured out the RANGE of days I could ovulate on (I don't know what my cycle will be like since this is the first since the m/c)  and I posted all the fertile (?) days on  the calendar-- with a big red heart with a line beside it to put a check on when we BD.  My husband was thrilled with the prospect of BD'ing every day or almost everyday for the first part of feb! It was funny. Now to figure out what to do with a 3 yo, 7 yo, and 10 yo while we BD every day! we co-sleep and usually we get up after the kids have gone to sleep, but now DH has to get up at 4:30 AM for his job, so that doesn't really work anymore. Hmmmm... this should be interesting!

And at the same time I am very committed to TTC, sometimes I totally shock myself by feeling like "I'm done with it! I can't go through another m/c. It's all too nerve-wracking!" But we've all decided (even the kids) that the best thing to do is try one more time so I'll stick with the plan. 

Lots of love to everyone.

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Apologies again for another it's-all-about-me post! But, I just have a second and had to share the weirdest thing ever with you all. You might recall I had a positive OPK at the usual time, indicating O at CD13 or CD14, but no EWCM. Then I had whacky temps and FF told me I had not ovulated and I figured this was an anovulatory cycle. Today I noticed more O pains and also fertile CM (not EW exactly in the stretchy sense, but slippery nonetheless). I broke out another OPK and sure enough it is super positive, darker than earlier this month. So it looks like my body geared up to ovulate and was delayed for some reason, and is now finally going to go for it! Has this happened to other mamas?? 


I don't know how we will fit more BDing in... DD is still sick, we are all sleep deprived, and we have out-of-state family arriving to stay with us tomorrow. I'm home right now doing a speed-clean while DD is reading. 


Sending you all hugs! Can't wait to have time to actually read the thread. xo

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Can I join your thread? I believe I qualify :)

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Thread Starter 

Hi Annie Mac! Tell me your age and I'll put you on our hopefuls list. Have you been TTC long?

(Vancouver is so gorgeous- I used to live in Bellingham WA) 

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