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The goddess is on the move...! I sent her to Kristen0105 today with a small token. Sign up if you want to play and add to the power of our fertility goddess. PM me and I'll put you on our list!


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Kristin, I've tended to get strong ovulation pains on cycles when I get pregnant (last one was an exception). Fingers crossed that you're popping out a super healthy egg soon.

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But do your o pains actually kind of hurt? This is not like I usually have it comes and goes but actually kind of hurts at times. Weird. And I think I am getting a yeast infection! Really, now? Why now why not next week or two weeks from now but now while I am waiting to o. Hmmm I drank some ACV this am but don't want to over do it and make things too acidic. I usually take it 2x's a day when I feel one starting. I also doubled my probiotic. 


Here is hoping Waturmama is right and it's a good egg and that nothing interferes with the work of the goddess! Thanks buzzerbeater I'll be looking out for her.


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Many moons ago I was a regular on Mothering. I signed back up when I got preggo in October.  Then unsubscribed 5 weeks in.  


I would love to be added here.

I will be 40 in 2 & a half weeks.

I am married to my high school sweat heart. 

We have a DS 12/01 & DD 5/06, & two angel babies 5/05 & 11/10.

November was hard on me.  I did not know I could cry so much.

Feeling more like myself since New Years..a combo of acupuncture, chiropractic & meditation.

Exercising and vitamins.

Somebody mentioned Ester Hicks a few posts ago & I have been reading that too!








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welcome back and welcome to our thread.

I am so sorry for your losses. 

It sounds like you do have new hope...

I am adding you to our list.


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I am mostly a lurked... Not much of a conversationalist:(

My cycles have been getting longer then today BAM shorter...25 days...I am going back to bed and try to let go of ttc...I don't even know why I try...I would be overwhelmed with more kids and NO sleep... Maybe it is me having a womans version of a midlife crisis wink1.gif
Good luck ladies I hope you all get both what you want and what you need smile.gif
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The one cycle in the past year where I am 99% I got pregnant (miscarried about 4 days after AF would be due) I had ovulation pain so bad it actually woke me up in the middle of the night.  I remember thinking "Wow, this must be a BIG one!" : ) 

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HI all- I just wanted to say hi to Skeemama.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I have cried more than I thought possible too over my m/c right before Xmas.  May our tears  cleanse us and heal us so we can move forward with our dreams, keeping our little angels forever close to our hearts.

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Originally Posted by Karalina View Post

HI all- I just wanted to say hi to Skeemama.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I have cried more than I thought possible too over my m/c right before Xmas.  May our tears  cleanse us and heal us so we can move forward with our dreams, keeping our little nagels forever close to our hearts.

*nods head*

I have my appt this Wednesday with my NP for my annual, and I will talk to her about my weird cycle last month. I am doing well emotionally now, but I am in the stage of my cycle where I am gearing up to O, and am strategically waiting to BD until closer to the time so DH will want to do it a lot lol.gif (not that he doesn't usually blush.gif ) I don't know why, but I feel hopeful.

wave.gif to all of you. Sorry no personals,m this is another characteristic drive b posting smile.gif
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Hi, everyone! wave.gif


joy.gifHalifax, congratulations!!! Woo hoo!!! I know it must be hard to relax and enjoy, but I hope you're able to begin to do that. It does sound like you are very fertile, and you've done it again! I'm praying for a very sticky bean for you! 



orngbiggrin.gif Stealthee, wow, thank you SO much for the great info! It's so valuable to hear what worked for someone on the other side of this journey (and now circling back again!). I have and love most of the books you mentioned... although the Law of Attaction book I hadn't heard of. It certainly makes sense that we should open ourselves up to the positive forces in the universe -- I will check it out! Thanks for the referral. I love yoga, too. It helped me heal and kept me strong and grounded through my divorce several years ago, and I've missed having a regular practice since then. I just got my DVD a few days ago, called Fertility Practices for Yoga, from Pulling Down the Moon founders Tami Quinn and Beth Heller (I'll check out Monica Morell's work, too, thanks!). It's not perfect, but I think it will work. It's very practical, with less of a focus on spirit than I would like, but the breath-work and asanas still feel soooo good! I like too that the poses are geared toward opening up and increasing blood flow to the pelvic region. The meditation section with visualizations is really helpful to me, too. 



I'm really heartened to hear that a generally healthy diet and moderate caffeine/alcohol worked for you. I was eating a pretty intense fertility diet and had cut out caffeine and alcohol, but then lost my way during the holidays and following my surgery, and was beating myself up about it. I'm eating healthfully again, but realized that if this is going to be sustainable, I need to be able to be flexible once in a while. I had a comedic moment when I was at a holiday party, swigging kombucha and eating kale salad out of a little plastic container while all my friends drank champagne and nibbled delicacies and I just felt like I was an anthropologist from another planet. There was so much internal dialogue and tension for me as I agonized over whether to have a glass of wine or not, it was just ridiculous. I finally had to laugh at myself and realized I needed to loosen up a bit in order to rejoin the circle and enjoy the company of my friends. Paul Pitchford, the author of Healing with Whole Foods, writes that it's better to eat one of grandma's cookies than to poison that relationship by saying No, because loving relationships with friends and family are so nurturing and healing to our whole systems. So, thank you for sharing that! I don't think you and your DH sound like a couple of alcoholics at all, it sounds like you value the role that your friends play in your life and in your wellness. I'm thinking that's what will work for me, too, over the long haul... moderation. And yet there's another part of me that wants to try giving up gluten and dairy just to see if that will be the magic tweak. Hmmm...


Okay, daily femoral massage, acupressure, and Qi Gong breathing... I'm going to get on that.


And, btw, I LOVE your Mark Twain quote!


Kristin, did you ever make it through that ice storm to see your favorite acupuncture person? I will add to the chorus of women who've experienced very strong O-pains (I've also been awakened at night by them) especially on cycles when I've conceived. Fingers crossed for you!


BelovedK, I'm so sorry you've had to deal with a thoughtless coworker, grrrrrr.... I hope you can think of them as the comments of a person who is still learning how to be a compassionate member of this world, and not give them any weight. hug2.gif


WaturMama, glad your AF flow is easing up a bit. Very interesting comment from your TCM practitioner about her having seen much more challenging cases than yours among her younger patients. It reminds me to be grateful for what I do have going for me... age is only one factor.


Gumblossom, so glad your DH is softening toward the idea of TTC again. Yay! I really like the idea of your gratitude journal.


Karalina, thank you so much for the Dr. Sear and Susun Weed articles! I love the image of your family making a loving birthday dinner (and cake!) for you. Hope you had a great birthday!


Skeemama, welcome! So sorry for your losses. hug2.gif



AFM, I'm CD7 and feeling very positive. I don't really know why... I suppose just because it's a new cycle, and I feel like I'm creating a nurturing, sustainable TTC plan for myself. And I'm just plain excited to see what this cycle brings... more EWCM, I hope! My one complaint is... I think my DHEA (which I've now been taking for 8+ weeks, the timeframe for it to become effective) is giving me acne! Yikes! My face is clear but super oily and my chest has broken out -- I look like a teenage boy. Any advice? Has this happened to other mamas on DHEA? I'm on 75mg/day, and am loathe to either cut back or to use anything chemical-y on my skin.


Ah, I just got Randine Lewis' latest book, The Way of the Fertile Soul. Just started reading it, will keep you all posted. Has anyone else read this?


Enjoy your weekends, all!


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Happy Monday everyone!


Gumblossom:  I've been thinking about reading Inconceivable.  Thanks for the recommendation!  I hope that your DH continues to soften towards the idea of TTC.


Contactmaya:  I agree with you 100%!  Statistics lie. 


Happy Belated Birthday Karalina!  I hope this year brings you your heart's desire.


Kristin:  I hope that O pain is a good sign, like others have said.  Perhaps the goddess is already at work for you!


Skeemama:  So sorry for your loss.  I'm glad you're starting to feel better.  Welcome!

BB:  Glad to hear that the goddess is on the move!


Saoirse:  May your transition of releasing TTC go smoothly.


BelovedK:  Have fun with the BD strategy!


Waturmama: I like your acupuncturist!  A friend of mine is a TCM practitioner who specializes in fertility and she recently poo-pooed me when I mentioned that I was worried about the age factor. 


Litmama:  LOL!  Yeah, since TTC for us 40+ women may take awhile, it's challenging to go super extreme, especially with diet.  I read a study that found that women who drank moderately tended to conceive more quickly than women who didn't drink at all.  I ran with it.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11726599?dopt=Abstract  Also looking forward your review of The Way of the Fertile Soul.


AFM:  Put me on the wacky cycle list.  I was happy that I O'd for the first time in two years, but a bit disheartened to have a super short 6 day LP.  I'm still BF, so I guess it's not so unusual for it to take some time for one's cycles to regulate. 


Hello to the lurkers and anyone I missed!


dust.gifto all!


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Saorise I hope you find the peace you need at this time. It's such a difficult decision to move forward or stay where we are. Trust your instincts as they tend to provide us with some great guidance if we listen. 


Skeemama welcome and I am sorry for your loss. It is such a difficult thing for our hearts to take.


Waturmama and others thank you for your words of wisdom on painful ovulation. I am not sure what is up I have still not ovulated. Hmmm. A wait and see game for sure. 

Litmama re. DHEA yes, this happened to me on the DHEA my skin became more oily and then eventually I began breaking out in weird places. I had to back off the DHEA slowly eventually dropped to 25mg. The acne went away but when I tested my DHEA-s level it was 2X's the maximum normal level. It took months to come back down. If you are developing acne it's a good sign that your level may be too high so by backing down you are not really losing anything as you have achieved your goal of raising your DHEA-s level. I strongly recommend that you go get your level tested before you proceed with the DHEA. Too little isn't good, too much isn't good. And I LOVED being on DHEA it made me feel good. It is hard to explain but I really liked taking it and look forward to getting my level tested again because I want to try it again! I just felt soooo good on it. 


I just started taking B-50 in hopes of fixing my cycle. On the subject of sustainable diets. I had to chuckle my theory is "well I can do this as long as I need to until I get pregnant because I have a lifetime to eat these foods or drink whatever." So I am off coffee, dairy, soy, don't really drink more than a drink or two a year and this week started to eliminate wheat and sugar. The wheat and sugar is just to see if this will be the tipping point. I think I may be certifiable some days! Also considering trying to add hemp protein because I heard that might be helpful and protein is really difficult for me to get into my diet. I am not vegetarian but pretty close as I eat very little meat and without dairy find protein a real challenge. I am trying to add more fish into our diet but my daughter is mostly veg. and my husband does not like fish.


I hope everyone has a great week.

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to chime in on the dhea issue. (of which i know very little) I  started taking it this cycle. I took 25mg every other day, both because i did not want to replace my natural dhea production, and also because i wanted to see my response.  I accidentally took 50mg one day and couldnt sleep and had the jitters. ( a normal side effect, think testosterone-i suddenly have a new insight into men) But then weirdly, i got the usual O pains (like you describe Kristen) on  day 10 of my cycle!! (usually it comes on day 13) But no temp shift, so i didnt ovulate. No ewcm either. I usually O day 13.
I decided against taking dhea at all if its stops me ovulating. I have not taken any since day 13 (sat) Sure enough, this morning, day 15, i get ewcm, and plenty of it.( a near miracle for me at the moment) Ok, so maybe it delayed my O. Either way, i am not taking anymore until i see some action in the ovaries. Im also taking epo and cq10. It could be the epo that brought on the ewcm.

Litmama, beware the oily skin/pimples-thats a sign of too high testosterone. The dhea is not converting to estrogen like it should. What does your naturpath say about this?

Kristen, very interesting to hear your experiences. im also interested to know why too low a dose of dhea could be bad. I would have thought the worst it could do, would be to do nothing.


Anyway, i finally posted my bio on the donor embryo website. its so weird to put yourself out there to be judged as worthy.


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Hey everyone. Congrats Halifax, how exciting. Sticky baby thoughts headed your way. Stealthee, you are correct that when your cycle first returns while nursing your LP will be shorter. It should lengthen a little each month but you can help it along with some B6, preferably in a B complex, maybe starting with 50 mg. I used it when I was still nursing and it helped with the first cycle and by about 3 months of using it , my cycle was almost back to normal.


AFM... I'm on CD 15 if I count the day I passed the tissue from my m/c as day 1. I seem to be gearing up to ovulate. EWCM and my OPK is getting darker. It's so odd, at times it's hard to believe I just m/c or was even pregnant, and at others, I almost find myself for a moment thinking I still am.


Part of me thinks I should wait for one full cycle, but part of me thinks my chances aren't that great anyways in any given month and I just don't want to waste a whole month at my age. Some say you are more fertile immediately following a m/c, not sure if that is true or just something to make grieving women feel better, but I think we will go ahead and try. I don't know if I'm giving myself false hope, but I had just weaned ds early in the cycle that I got pregnant and find myself thinking maybe it was still my hormones being a little off and now with it being a couple of months since I nursed it will just be the boost my body needed.


 I think getting pregnant again after those 5 or 6 months of nothing has renewed my hope that with the weaning of ds I'm really going to do this. Then  I read something negative  and it crushes my spirits a bit. However I have  faith in God, and have really been leaning on that to get me through the last two weeks and I just have to believe if it is His will it will be. 


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In light of the current discussion, I should also add that the month I got pregnant was ALSO the month that I said "Screw it," and had about 3 lattes, glass of wine, ate chocolate etc after much abstinence.  It didn't stick, of course, but still....


Another thing.  If you want to get an interesting perspective, try Googling "birth control after 40."  All of sudden there are all these messages saying "Oh yes you CAN get pregnant after 40!!!"  (and all the things we think are bad, like early ovulation, weird cycles, etc are cited as evidence of why you can get pregnant by accident)  I just talked to my primary care doc and asked if being 43 counted as birth control and she said, "Uh, no."  (I am back to being on the fence about being pregnant...sigh.  Feel like I'll just take what comes - it's OK either way.)


I also asked for an FSH test (it happened to be day 3 of my cycle) and she sort of said, "Why?  You are having regular periods, everything seems normal.  Your FSH is probably fine."  I mean, she's not a fertility doc, and I know FSH is just one part of things, but her response was kind of funny to me (in a good way) after so much reading about how almost impossible it is to get pregnant at 43 etc.  Anyway, I had never been tested before so I did it, and my FSH was 8.3.  Not bad for an old lady.  Of course all the web sites say that even normal FSH doesn't override being in your 40s, it could be a lot higher next time you test, etc.  But still.  It made me less scared of the medical opinion of all this.  (And it also looks like I may have a late menopause like my mom, who was still having periods at 55.  Which is OK by me because I really like how I feel at ovulation.)

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Hi everyone!


ContactMaya, that is so exciting that you posted on a donor embryo site. You are a pioneer among us!


Kristin, I hope that ovulation come soon. My ovulation pains can be I'd say medium painful--definitely could not go unnoticed, but never last long.


beachlover, I say follow your mama instinct on whether to try this month.


fuller2, I love the googling "birth control after 40" story! Thank you! Yay for your reassuring FSH test!


My 43 yo (almost 44 yo) friend in real life who is m0xie here is 39+ weeks pg now. I am so excited for her. All is going very well.


With her and another friend about to give birth and all my thoughts and conversations about adoption all this is on my mind so much. It is distracting me from other things I "should" be doing, and yet I feel like this is my natural path right now. Finding my way to my other baby is essential, like in my essence. I need to respect it (which I do) and find the balance.


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ContactMaya I didn't mean to imply that taking a low dose of dhea would be bad just that having a low dhea level would not be good. Sorry for the confusion. Love the birth control at 40 post, I may google it just for giggles. Waturmama, it sounds like you are on a good path to your next child. I know how you feel. I just feel like there is a baby in my future, I don't know if it's because I want one so badly or because it's just a part of me. Fuller yay for such a good FSH level, yes it's only one sign but having a good one is better than a bad one.


I still have no ovulation signs but occasional o pains not like before but still little twinges weird. I guess it's either delayed or I have a cyst. I wish I had access to a u/s I just want a peak ;) I don't want to deal with the doctor's office but would just love a little peak to see what is going on. 

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My NP just referred me to an infertility specialist, and I had to walk past (and see into) the room where they did the ultrasound telling me I was no longer pregnant mecry.gif.

She told me I was getting old, and it would be hard. For some reason, the whole experience was gutwrenching. I think it was remembering all of the pregnant women I had to walk by after I found out I was carrying nothing anymore greensad.gif I actually was frank about it in my blog (briefly) and I have decided that I have nothing to hide. If you look at my 365 blog, you can see the contrast between yestersay and today. I am a yo yo.

Sorry again no personals, I feel bad, but I have to get off of here now greensad.gif
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 Hugs to you Beloved K and anyone else who needs one!


Well...hoping to be a ray of hope ...AF was due yesterday--and she's not here!  whistling.gif


I normally have a clockwork-regular 28-29 day cycle.  Have had some super light spotting off and on since yesterday, which has now stopped.  Pink or light brown.

Have had some light painless cramping off and on--but nothing like my normal, painful AF cramps.  Uterus feels heavy.

Have a tension headache and some intermittent light nausea which is eased with food.


I decided not to use Progesterone cream this month--following my intuition.

We BD'd on CD12 when I was showing mega-ferning on my ovulation microscope (I don't temp.)  Used Pre-Seed.


Waiting to test until tomorrow, just in case AF is late... I went super low-carb 1.5 weeks ago, but that's the only change I have made recently...


Please send me some babydust, everyone--my 48th birthday is Sunday and this would be the ultimate present. love.gif


Oh, and Abraham-Hicks' teachings are the basis for my understanding of how the world works--so cool to see them mentioned here in the forum!

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Lovestolearn that's exciting. Can I ask why you decided against the progesterone cream? I think spotting can be a sign of low progesterone sometimes or it could just be implantation spotting. Whenever I've had the latter it's been closer to 9-10 dpo but I know everybody is different.


Anyways, I hope that AF stays far away and instead you see a nice big +++++  on your HPT tomorrow. What a grand birthday present that would be indeed.

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