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or did i miss a new thread?

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or did i miss a new thread?

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No ... I think we've all just been quiet this winter. 


We've been sick off and on the last 2 1/2 weeks. Dh brought it home from work and we've all had it. Even dd has a cough. greensad.gif So, our planned week off the week after next is no longer as we've been off this entire week. 

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We got back into the groove with Spelling Workout A. DS can now work through the lesson much more quickly than at the beginning of the year, so a whole lesson gets done in one sitting. 

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We are trying to get into the groove here. We have been sick for about 2 1/2 weeks between us. Last week we eeked out one day of school before we all felt lousy enough to stop. This week we are making up for last week, and then next week, which was supposed to be our week off, will be this week. Im' not sure if we have a scheduled break in March; I think our next break is the first week of April, when dh has his spring break. So, I might take a Friday or two off between here and there just to make March not seem quite so long. LOL


Even with time off, the boys are doing well. Ds#3 is starting to read. We are using HOP and BOB books with him, and are slowly doing the first lessons of AAS level 1. He vasilated between wanting to learn to read (and be a big boy) and wanting to stay little. So, we practice when he wants and not when he doesn't. 


The older two are plugging away at school. Ds#2 seems to have a knack for language - whether that is English or a foreign language (Latin in this case). Ds#1, on the other hand, loves history (and Greek mythology). 


I'm looking ahead to next year already (we start in July). Math is pretty fluid; they will just keep moving through Singapore and Life of Fred as we get there. History will be Medieval Times (using History Odyssey). I think we might use IEW (either the TWSS DVDs or just the Medieval Times theme book) with history also. I also might get The Middle Ages to read with ds#1 and maybe to use for outlining work with him. We'll also move onto Latin for Children B. I'm not sure what to do for science. I still haven't found a program I like. I want to do life science next year (we have never formally studied it) and I want to incorporate some "I'm growing up and changing" stuff, especially for ds#1 using The Boy's Body Book. Most classical science programs have life science curriculum geared towards 1st and 2nd grade as that is when SWB recommends studying life science. So, I might need to write it myself this summer. I think this might be the last year of non-textbook science, especially for ds#1, as the following year he'll be 6th grade and eventually I want him to be comfortable using textbooks as spines and living books as supplements. 

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?? what Math did you all find useful for Kindy / first?  My son is offically Kindy age -- advanced in math but behind age level in fine motor (writeing).  He is going mental math now but still struggling to recongize written numberals? 




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Aimee - you might want to look into Miquon math; it's conceptual, using Cuisinaire rods, and really gets kids thinking outside the box. I love it and have really liked how it gets us thinking about numbers, patterns, and math in general. I also love Singapore math, but the Kindy aged math might be too young for him (ds#3 is doing it now without problem), and 1A is probably a bit too much yet (though might not be in a quick time). You can look at samples of Singapore on Rainbow Resource as well as Singapore math's website. I'm not sure where you can look at samples of Miquon, but just a warning - it looks deceptively simple. If you end up going with Miquon, I highly recommend the Lab Sheet Annotations book - it explains a lot and gives non-worksheet activities to do for the lesson. 

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RS A would be good very, very little writing, tons of mental math and manipulatives.
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does anyone have expereince, good or bad, vith http://www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk/projects/mepres/primary/default.htm  Mathematics Enhancement
Programme -- ?  I am thinking i can use it to get a good idea of his level.  his skills are all over the place, and i am jsut not sure of a starting point, but as this is free -- i can start at the beggining and let him go -- he'll cover the stuff he knows fast and the 'holes' will be filled in (I hope) as we encounter them?

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i take it i have missed another thread???  anyone?



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No. LOL But I can start one now. joy.gif
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