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Vann- only $27 for subbing.. gosh makes me feel rich for what they are paying here... sorry.

today is resume day again... reaching out to every contact I may have... every person I could possibly know (and that circle is very small). 

IDK about sites like monster/careerbuilder etc in your places but over here they just have junk on them... no professional jobs at all... ugh... nothing that pays a livable wage   maybe im asking too much??

I can not keep subbing, I am going to have a mental breakdown and I just do not have the time nor the finances for one of those again...

Yeah....It's $55 for uncertified teachers and $65 for certified here.  It blows and some days the money isn't worth what I go through.  However, I needneedneed the money, so I do what I can. 


Subbed today.  It was one of those "almost not worth it" days.  Just all over rough...1st grade class...mostly boys.  Hoping to catch a bit of a break after I graduate, but it's a long shot.  I wish sometimes that my family lived closer (they are all in Dallas) so I had a bit of help.

Sorry! You're right, that is almost not worth it. They pay twice that here greensad.gif But it is something and at least you can keep telling yourself it is just one day!
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they pay less than that here for subbing :(

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Just thought I'd check in. I'm pretty sure we'll be dipping into the money DH set aside for while I'm on unpaid maternity leave to make rent this month. With gas prices getting so high, just gas and food seems to be breaking us...and that was with food stamps this month. We don't get any next month. This baby better come soon!

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Schedule this week:


Tonight: 4 hours lab

Sunday: 12 hours lab

Monday: 1/2 day sub, 4 hours lab

Tuesday: full day sub

Wed: 4 hours lab (still trying to pick up a sub shift that day)

Thurs:  full day sub

Fri: 6 hours lab, 2 hours class

Sat: 12 hours field work on the side of a mountain in SW OK


So a busy week.  If I can keep this up, life should be okayish in a bit.  CS is due on Tuesday so I am crossing my fingers that my ex delivers on time or I will be short on rent and daycare.  I am trying to work extra hard to make it through. 


We are out of FS, but luckily the 1st is almost here.  Oh, and I still have about 14 dollars in quarters, so I am going to try to get some laundry caught up on today.  Kids are at their dad's this weekend, so it's time to get busy! :)

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We're broke - I've got 6 cents to last until Tuesday. Hoping the check comes in Monday {sometimes the bank puts gov. checks in early}. No food stamps until I can get everything together and get to DHS to reapply which will likely be the week after the 1st due to conflicts. But we're okay on food, and have a roof over our head, even if it does have a hole in it. A friend of ours is going to try to do a temporary patch on the roof to cover the hole in it and keep anything else from getting into our attic through the hole.  February is going to be tight, as we've got to pay the repair friend, dd's selling Girl Scout cookies so I have to buy some, and our bills are up from it freezing so much and us having to leave hoses running to keep them from freezing up. I'm going to try to sell some used homeschool stuff I've got, but I haven't had much luck with that. We're having a yard sale next weekend too to help out.


I'm working on earning more Swagbucks to try to get the rest of the things dd needs for school this fall - she still needs about 6 textbooks for this coming school year, which is close to $100 on Amazon. If I can earn any extra I'd like to get her something new for her birthday and Christmas, but we'll see.


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I worked today (monday) ,  tuesday  I'm going to the resume clinic at the library and hoping to be able to sub the rest of the week.  It looks like my UE was granted another 13 weeks YEAH.  After that I think the well will be dry so to speak.  DS is really trying my nerves these past few days.  So long with no break, no get away, nothing... Its just all taking a toll on us.  But the work today was good, the kids behaved themselves and I hope the resume clinic tomorrow gives me a couple hours to get turned around with applications again.


February is a short month, thank heavens and hopefully I can get a few things caught up!

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Ugh.  Another snow day.  So no school tomorrow and possibly Wednesday.  Down one more sub shift.  Going to take the day to relax with the kids since the whole state is shut down for the little bit of snow we are getting. 


Tomorrow, I am going to sit down and file my taxes :joy

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YEAH!  February is here... time to gather the tax info.  Well I have most of it, just need the medical stuff and daycare payments then I should be all set.  I sure hope I get a refund (I had very little earned income in 2010, thanks to a horrid student teaching experience which cut my workable weeks)....  I may do my taxes this weekend or next..  A shorter month also means my foodstamps may last longer  LOL

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Ummmm excuse me.. can someone please tell me why my unemployment payment this week is approx. ten times what is should be?  Not exactly 10x but this is very odd... Ive been making payments on an 'overpayment' amount its like they've returned that whole amount back into my checking account.  UE holds back a few dollars every week to pay back THEIR error and now it looks like they returned all that $$ to me....I so hate this... ugh

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zebra, i'd hold off on using it at first.  Just give them a call and ask.  you don't want to owe them money later for their error, right?


It's coldcoldcold here.  City is shut down and will be until Thursday.  Heater crapped out, but a friend brought over two more space heaters.  Not keeping the place warm, but keeping it from dropping too low.  At least it only takes 1 small one to warm the bedroom we sleep in. 


DS has been running fevers of 102 since yesterday, so he has to stay upstairs in the "warm room" (75 degrees in there, woo!).  Hoping he feels better tomorrow. 


Kids go to their dad's place tomorrow evening.  He asked to have the kids over tomorrow during the day on their snow day.  No....we already made plans.  He never asks for them over unless his gf has the day off....I'm guessing that is the case again.


I will admit to wanting the day to go into work while no one is there (campus is closed) but I'd like to spend the day with the kids instead.

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